The Urinary System; The Reproductive System; Male and Female Genitalia (Genital Organs); Outline of the Development of the Human Fetus.





Characteristics and General Properties of the Blood; The Blood Vessels of the Pulmonary Circulation; Arteries and Veins of the Systemic Circulation; Blood Vessels and Circulation in the Fetus (Placental Circulation); Blood Pressure and Pulse; The Regulation of Cardiovascular Activity; The Lymphatic System.





The Role of the Nervous System; General Information on the Structural Characteristics of the Nervous System; Primary Properties of the Nervous Tissue; Nervous Reflexes and the Reflex Arc; Changes in Excitability of the Central Nervous System (Cerebro-Spinal Center); Inhibition of the Central Nervous System; The Spinal Cord; The Brain; Nerve Tracts; Higher Nervous Activity; Characteristics of Humankind's Higher Nervous Activity; The Sleep-State; Electro-cephalography; Meninges of the Brain and Spinal Cord; Cerebro-Spinal Fluid; Spinal and Cranial Nerves; Vegetative Nervous System.





General Information; Cutaneous Sensitivity; The Organs of Taste, Smell and Vision; The Origin of Visual Sensations; The Origin of Hearing and Balance; The Origin of Auditory Sensations; The Origin of Sensations in Relation to Body Position and Movement.





The Structural Characteristics of the Skin; The Functional Capabilities of the Skin; The Mammary Glands.





General Information; Hypophysis; Epiphysis Cerebri; The Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands; The Thymus; The Islets of the Pancreas; The Adrenals; The Incretory Function of the Sex Glands.