Revelations of Archangel Michael

(Excerpted from EARTH, THE COSMOS AND YOU)
by Orpheus Phylos & Virginia Essene

There are seven levels (or worlds) of consciousness through which humanity must travel in order to attain graduationa goal that is earned by your own spiritual growth and ethical actions. During our daily life on Earth, the term "graduation" generally means elevating ourselves higher from one form of study to another until a particular learning experience is perfected or a higher level of qualification is achieved. Within this concept of learning and achievement, heaven and Earth are not so different. However, spiritual graduation is measured by the vibratory frequency of the energy you hold or maintain, which is different than that of mere intellectual knowledge. The important point here is that graduation is not the quick act of ascension, but an ongoing awakening that you must apply each day in order to perfect yourself by releasing all negative thoughts and actions. Only by utilizing the positive inclinations of higher consciousness can you advance through multiple increments of improvement.

As you let go of old limited beliefs or mind-sets and incorporate the results of those various tests that life provides you, only then do you begin to take responsibility for your own thoughts and actions and cease to blame others for your life events and lessons. This attitude of responsibility is one certain way to know that you are graduating out of a limiting set of beliefs into a new way of thinking and living. Graduation occurs only when you are able to surmount various challenges and recognize what you have learned, while being grateful for the struggle that motivated you into another new life experience.

There are many different definitions associated with mental graduations, but the greatest involves your ability to release old beliefs that have imprisoned you in self-righteousness, judgement and violence towards others. All souls that presently exist on this planet (from the lowest to the highest) will eventually graduate from one level to another. Even if you currently have no consciousness of light whatsoever, but suddenly begin to experience brief moments of good thoughts or actions, you will have made an initial step upward from that previous imprisoned unconscious state. All humans, regardless of their stations in life, will experience some brief moments of expanded thinking that propels them forward into the greater rays of life. Within that gradual period of expansion, inspirational thoughts will usually find their way into greater actions or deeds.

Humanity must now graduate with the understanding that all breath contained within each of your physical bodies — regardless of culture, gender, age, color, race or religion — derives solely from our Creator. It is only humanity, with its many false dogmas, that keeps you from experiencing the divine and eternal love of the Creator. You have to let go of your loveless or negative thought-patterns and return to the Source as it breathes its eternal life force through each and every one of you.

So here you are, beloved ones of Earth, currently involved in various levels of the graduation process. Now you may be wondering how these graduation levels relate to ascension — a current topic of interest among many humans. Ascension occurs when you have completed the various lessons associated with love and forgiveness, and have been able to release the ties that imprison your thinking process. Then you no longer carry judgments against your fellow human beings regardless of your differences. When you are fully capable of allowing each person to exist at their own level of growth and beingness without judgmentalism, you are then perceiving them through your "spiritual eyes". Furthermore, by demonstrating your own concern for all life through your daily activities also indicates that you are aware of your divinity, and that you want to return home.

The ache for home is strong in many of you now, and the ecstasy of knowing that it is rapidly approaching may bring tears of joy. Even though others may not understand, you can still maintain the balance of love within you, knowing that, in time, everyone will arrive. By being the embodiment that holds the eternal breath, and knowing that you are its experience, experiment and expression, you will have opened the paths of light that bring forth the joys and enlightenment of the higher worlds to Earth.

There were some individuals in the ancient past who had earned their ascension because they used their mastery of will and the power of unconditional love to overcome the imprisonment of duality. Remember the great beings who have walked your Earth while holding strong to their convictions of the higher worlds or heavens. You refer to each of these persons who successfully completed their ascension process on Earth, as Ascended Masters. These Masters are currently working diligently with many of you in order to assist you in maintaining greater strength, fortitude, courage and will-force.

Earth herself is also preparing to ascend by spinning into a higher velocity and, in time, will be repositioned into a higher heavenly station. Remember that Earth and the astral realms are presently situated in the lower heaven’s vibratory rate, so these realms cannot connect to the ethereal/light realms. The astral world and its many levels of learning were created as a holding station for those humans who passed through the veil of death, and were then reborn into another physical body. Until an individual could pass the tests of Earth and ascend into the ethereal or higher worlds of light, the astral levels were the only possible placement. However, that is all changing, because of the nature of the Creator.

The main concept that you must grasp about ascension is that the Source is not a static essence with a rigid nature. It did not just birth some life forms and then quit. On the contrary, the Father/Mother God, as you know it, is forever growing into the greater part of itself. That is why ascensions are so important. Due to this ascension process, the Source is ready to rebirth itself once again whenever enormous amounts of light return to it. Although there are many singular ascensions that occur throughout the eras of time, long periods must pass before a "supreme" or large group ascension can take place. This is where life forms from all systems within your Universe and others will collectively be drawn together like a magnet into a force of light.

Soon, a supreme ascension will occur throughout your Earth, and thereby connect all souls in the Universe who have also elevated their consciousness.  You will collectively emerge as a radiant burst of light that creates a fire breath (life force pulsation) that is instantly felt by the center core of the Source. It is at this moment that the Source instantly rebirths itself by creating new universes and worlds. During a supreme ascension, many universes simultaneously uplift themselves. This event is fantastic!

The more souls who can elevate themselves in order to achieve ascension simultaneously, the greater the Source can expand beyond its moment in time in order to create greater spirals of infinity. The splendor of the Creator is that as you ascend through the multiple realms/worlds and elevate yourself to where it once was, it will already have expanded beyond those previous boundaries, leaving you with the inner urge to continue reaching for the greater part of its divine self. Therefore, while you possess the ability to attain a portion of its divine presence as it continues forward, the spiral of its breath gives you an everlasting existence of continuous desire to strive forward. Know that the Creator continues to create higher universes for you to attain, only to begin again. And then again. Consciousness is truly everlasting.

All of your angels on the other side are diligently working in order to assist you through the ascension process because they know that Earth is the hardest place from which to graduate. Know that this is the most glorious time to be present on Earth for the purpose of self-growth and earning your place in this time of supreme ascension. The Eternal One is allowing more and more angels to come through Earth’s portals so that you may receive messages of love, guidance and protection. All of this will help you to awaken and return home.

Remember that there are worlds within worlds, systems within systems, universes within universes, and omniverses within omniverses. Everything spirals from the center of the Source, and all worlds ascend in graduated order— something like a loving chain reaction.

In addition to this individual graduation process leading to ascension, it is now time for another great ascension to occur not only upon your Earth, but throughout all the universes. This is not an individual graduation earned by one soul, but instead is a collective group experience that allows many to leave the third-dimensional Earth plane in simultaneous ascension. As a result of this divine plan, excitement is growing throughout the various dimensions of the heavens. The joy is overwhelming while we await word from the Great One that the time has arrived and the wholeness of light will begin to create a multiplicity of new worlds.

This means that I, the Archangel Michael, will gather all my Legions of Light from this Universe to meet with the omniverses throughout time, and we will come to gather those souls of your Earth who will be ready to pass through the doorway of ascension. Everyone who holds the seal of light in their third eye will rise into a greater world that will only allow the vibration of peace and divine love. Those individuals who can raise their vibration by centering within will have the ability to open the sacred portals through telepathic means, and may be able to receive spiritual direction and knowledge for these greater times of change.

I have described three different levels of ascension. One of these levels will occur when the "illuminators", or those who will hold the Christ light, will overcome the darkness by awakening to the divine aspect of love, In their goodness, they will acknowledge and love all beings.

Darkness is the negative thought that produces an action such as greed, misuse of power, cruelty, hate and war, either by nations or individuals. The illuminators must remain balanced and maintain their light, not succumbing to those lower emotions. As they continue to maintain their light, they will be allowed to ascend into another vibration or plane of existence. Many doorways will be opened, and there will come a time when some can depart from this world. There will not be any warning; it will happen instantly. You will not have to be in any particular location when this event occurs because there are ways wherein the portals of each soul will open and instantly shift you into a physical-etheric being— no longer requiring you to maintain a dense physical vibration. As these doors open, the light servers will pass through immediately. Many guides will be on the other side awaiting their arrival.

Today upon your Earth, darkness/negativity is becoming much more predominant, and it is easy for one of you to submit to it out of fear or other insecurities. However, the real test is: Can you keep your light shining while walking in the midst of darkness, and not fall prey to its influence? To be negative is easy, but to uphold your integrity, remain balanced and continue to love is not an easy task. When you have truly connected to the divinity within, you will have power, inner strength, and an awakened sense of knowingness, wisdom and divine justice. You will worship only the Oneness with transcendent inner strength and joy, and you will do this with all your heart and with all you might. There will be those of lower nature thinking who will attempt to distract and deter you, but they cannot hold this position for very long, as they will recoil back from the power of your light. Continue forward, grow stronger, and always know that a sun is rising, regardless of how it may appear in the illusion. Do not fall prey to the illusion; remain strong and know that you are manifestors. Trust your unlimited Universe.

Now let me share with you what the three great doorways of ascension are so that you may have a greater understanding of how they apply to you.



There are those humans who are now choosing to leave Earth through the doorway of what you experience as physical death. Upon reaching their appropriate spiritual level, those who are awakened need not come back to the Earth plane, and instead will be taken to a beautiful place until the final ascension is birthed. They will have many assignments helping their loved ones on Earth to grow and return into the arms of the Creator in preparation for the final ascension of this Earth.



There will come a time when Earth’s many human inhabitants will fall into greater and greater degrees of darkness. Those light beings remaining on Earth who have diligently demonstrated their divine gifts of peace will NOT have to remain during the final hours of darkness. For them, the portals of time, which are the major vortex entrances, will open throughout the world and the light workers will be taken through the invisible doorways into the Earth’s Inner World cities of light. For example, two people may be standing side by side and, in an instant, one will simply disappear because of their higher vibration. Consequently, both individuals and groups will actually disappear as the higher beings allow entrance into the hidden cities of light within your Earth’s Inner Worlds. Here, in a loving environment, these dedicated light workers will be welcomed and will remain until the glorious finale.



There will eventually be a time when I, the Archangel Michael, will come to gather all beings according to their spiritual vibrations, and those of the light will be taken into their next heavenly home. These individuals will be identified by the light emanating from their auric fields, and they will be able to pass through the brilliance of the living flame. They will be taken into the new city of light in order to begin another evolutionary opportunity for growth and service. It will be a thrilling and exciting homecoming.



Those beings whose auric fields were not bright enough to pass through the filter of holy light, will be returned to the fourth world (astral plane) level in order to again be prepared for another bodily incarnation on a new Earth school. Depending upon the soul’s evolutionary level, each human will receive their appropriate coding of life as it continues its sojourn in third-dimensional experiences of duality. If the soul was close to attaining ascension, it will then return at another time on Earth in order to become a teacher of higher philosophy or to serve humanity in an obvious way. Those souls who still have yet to attain the consciousness of light will continue to advance through the astral planes of learning until they can individually ascend or participate in another future collective group ascension into the fifth world of light.

Be assured that after this glorious finale, all beings will be repositioned in their appropriate heavenly domains, and some will begin a journey on the new Earth that has already graduated in order to assume its glorious position as the twelfth planet in your solar system.

Here, a new existence will begin for those souls of the Golden Dawn, New Age, or what is known as the Millennium time of peace. Words cannot truly express what this means to you, but your sacred heart and soul are exuberant. If you listen quietly to your inner feelings of reassurance and love, you will feel the touch of hope and spiritual richness.



Come with me in your imagination to see what life will be like after the ascension process in order to amplify that touch of hope and spiritual richness for you. Let it be known that during the 21st Century, there was a time when Earth graduated to a higher position within the Cosmos, and was relocated behind the Sun in the twelfth orbital position in your solar system. Those souls who had opened their minds and hearts to the vibration of Oneness went with Earth as physical-etheric beings when she ascended. These humans who ascended had gone through many incarnations and experiences in order to learn how to awaken to their spiritual identity and overcome the ‘stepping stones’ of negativity. They had become competent in terms of using their God capabilities through the divine power of love.

History records that the greatest tests on Earth before its ascension occurred during the latter days when spiritual mastery required each human to stand strong and remain balanced and loving to everyone — even in the midst of chaos, deprivation and war. There were many temptations, but some persisted in holding onto their devotion to God which, in turn, creates peace, and always paves the way to a higher pathway of life. Many communities had been formed, which assisted the humans in maintaining their equilibrium and commitment to the light, and further sustained them through the rigors of change.

I, the Archangel Michael, had gathered my Legions of Light, and had collected everyone among the population who had a flame of light emanating from the middle of their forehead, Through their love, deeds of service, and remaining true to God, they were readily identified in order to be lifted into another dimensional vibration of the etheric world of light. When the sign was given, they entered the harmonious vibration of the shafts of light that were opened.

The elements of heaven created a vortex of wind that began whirling like a tornado, and this energy ripped open the previous force-field shield around the Earth’s canopy. When this force-field was opened, the angelic messengers came and covered every part of the planet. Earth was now in the position to ascend, and with a quickening action, the angelic forces created a higher velocity so that Earth and her light servers who were ready could arise to a higher station.

During this ascension, there were some who were allowed to remain within Earth’s Inner Worlds in order to continue their progressive soul path. There were others who ascended into an angelic city (called the New Jerusalem) where they were taken into another realm of the higher heavens. There were also those who ascended into the solar system’s twelfth position on planet Earth in order to begin the New Millennium or the Golden Dawn.

It was an extraordinary and joyous moment for the star seeds, star lights and star children because their inheritance was now realized. Their bodies were instantly rearranged from physical-dense into a physical-etheric state, which allowed them total recall of their former telepathic language. It was somewhat different for the star lights when they ascended into their physical-etheric bodies because, while they immediately awakened to telepathic abilities, they had never experienced the other worlds. Consequently, they needed to be educated in the higher efficiencies of thought language.



When the humans ascended, they were met by many of the Ascended Masters and angelic hosts in order to help them stabilize and adjust to their new heavenly place. Those who had just attained ascension-hood were given work appointments as Ascended Masters in the holding stations in order to assist some of the physical-etheric beings that were soon to take on human form. They helped them make appropriate decisions about their soul journey because the new Masters had already walked the density of the third-dimensional Earth, and had experienced various challenges in order to transcend the tests of separation. Some were assigned to certain soul groups or individuals on the new Earth in order to help them through their Earth journey. Of course, there were numerous other ways in which these new Masters served the greater light throughout the Universe.

Now in the Golden Dawn, there is no longer pain, suffering or aging because the physical-etheric bodies remain as youthful as if they were in their 30's. The physical-etheric bodies are strong, energetic and beautifully perfect. While each individual holds patterns of androgynous characteristics, through the law of Nature they choose which form they prefer, either feminine or masculine. There are some beings who choose to maintain both genders uniting as a cosmic group working together in unison.

There are no wars, cruelties, brutalities, greed or misuse of power here, only an overseeing government that is composed of a celestial council who maintain the vibration of Oneness for this ascended planet of light.

From the new Earth’s position, you gaze out into the heavens where the sky displays beautiful colors of intricate blues, lavenders and pinks. The sky now possesses two suns and two moons because both solar and lunar energies are necessary for the planet’s nurturing process. The new Earth will never experience darkness because it is transparent, like a crystal. The cities are crystal-powered and crystal-structured, and the light is far greater than any ever experienced on third-dimensional Earth.

This wondrous new planet has many beautiful hills, mountains, oceans, lakes, flowers, animals, and even foods, but they are fruits that taste like nectar. Since there is no longer any killing or eating of meat, these wonderful elixir fluids and fruit-like substances are used to maintain the body for much longer periods of time. Food is primarily used for sustaining life.



New souls who have recently ascended require a period of rest, and during this state of restfulness, they are able to create and accomplish those things which they have longed for. This joyful rest and relaxation is a reward given to them immediately, and is somewhat like taking an extended vacation anywhere you want to go. Furthermore, when it passes through the flame of ascension, the soul requires a certain amount of time in order to replenish itself and to become reoriented into its new vibrational surroundings. There are many celestial helpers assigned in order to assist in this transitional period. After this period of rest, teachers then begin to prepare the new arrivals for their necessary work appointments as servers of the infinite light at the level of their own capabilities and interests.



There are souls who join together in order to continue procreating the life of new generations of souls to be birthed into this new world. When two beings come together, they can energetically interlace telepathically within the ebb of divine union which, in turn, will generate a higher spiritual connection. Through the physical-etheric rhythms of their body, mind and soul, a light seed is produced. This seed is given to the creative producers until the infant is birthed. Then it is returned to the cosmic parents to be loved and nurtured until it must enter into a school according to its abilities and interests.



The schools of advanced learning are multiple in the Golden Dawn realms. Each being can choose various educational interests in order to further perfect their abilities. For example, the humans who were healers on Earth may choose to continue their development into higher healing knowledge and capabilities. Some may have the ability to travel to other systems of light in order to advance certain techniques or skills. In addition, specific assignments will be offered in giving guidance, delivering messages, healing, nurturing, and even making appearances to those who are in need of a spiritual awakening. The available service areas are numerous, and all beings live for the joyful opportunity to serve others with their spiritual talents.



Within this particular system of light, there is no longer a monetary system such as humans had once known. Everything is now accomplished for the pure joy of being in service and continuing to learn in the greater tabernacles of many systems. When someone is appointed to an assignment, the individual has a specified time during which the work must be completed which, in turn, earns them credits that may be used for relaxation, entertainment, travelling or developing special interests according to their own choice.



After all of the five levels of consciousness have been attained, the ongoing continuation of certain tests assists each being to persevere in its growth into a greater level of light. These beings will still possess the inner motivation that will continue to urge them forward to achieve their greater potential in order to ascend into even higher stations of life.

In a future experience, of course, the tempter will come again with negative thoughts intended to create interference that will disrupt the flow of love and peace. There will be those who will succumb to the misuse of power, who will not want to live in the law of Oneness, which will then begin another cycle of negativity. This will initiate certain challenges in order to perceive which beings will remain steadfast and devoted to the Oneness. Those advancing souls will have to rise above the negativity once again in order to ascend from the fifth ethereal world into the sixth world of spirituality.

This negativity will not be the same as humans experienced during their journey of duality on the Earth school, but instead one that functions through the law of Nature that also creates challenges in order to pass through the greater flame of light. And so the eternal life continues, beloved ones, and you continue to grow in love, wisdom and spiritual consciousness, drawing ever closer to the Great One and the higher celestial dimensions.

Struggle is a powerful energetic force that assists you in seeking your way back home. Everyone is struggling to return to the center (home), and to find joy and peace. In your world, everything has a certain vibration of struggle — be it social struggle or inner struggle. The struggle of plants, animals and humans are merely the expression of this great external force. When you begin to let go and really work harder at living and bringing positive thinking and actions into your life, then you will notice that life will afford you more joy. The struggles will then begin to lessen.

My suggestion is that you begin every morning as you awaken by thanking God for giving you another moment of breath. Continue to be grateful for your loved ones, family and friends, and for your own gifts and talents. Through meditation/prayer, say that you will awake this day in order to recognize your miracles and the experiences (positive or negative) that will confront you. Understand that this, too, is another form of miracle for your awakening process.

At night, prior to sleep, think about what has happened, and acknowledge how many miracles have been given to you this day. As you continue to do this, your miracles will increase and, in this way, you will advance and develop a more positive attitude. Your struggles can then change into miracles.

Center yourself through quiet contemplation, and seek the kingdom within. Always ask for the divine light to guide you through your daily walk of life. By this centering process, you can open the doors of higher knowledge that will provide you with the answers you seek. I am asking you to perceive yourselves as spiritual beings, because you are far greater than your human shell.

You are the souls of the living Oneness. The living breath of Oneness is ready to birth itself again (when the word is spoken), and many more worlds will be created through the finale of ascension. The most important aspect of living life, beloved ones, is to love the Creator with all your heart, soul and mind. Love each other, and know that your experiences through giving, accepting and being love are the only vibrations that harmonize with the tunnel of light that lifts you out of the earthly body for the return to your celestial home.

Remember! What is happening upon your Earth is not negative — it is simply change, and change is inevitable. As each day births itself before you, love it, and live it with compassion, fervor and joy. Living the experience with a positive attitude will bring enlightenment. It is your choice as to what you decide to create, but you do have three grand purposes in life — to love yourself — to love others — and to love what you do.

There will be many changes and many signs in the heavens. Many of the celestial beings will be appearing throughout your skies, and many of you will be seeing far more of these angelic messengers as time passes into your future. No longer can the existence of these celestials be denied by those in the seats of power, for humanity itself will be awakened, from city to city, state to state, and country to country.

My purpose in coming to the Earth plane is to teach the higher knowledge of Universal Truth, and to transmute negativity. I seek to have you build centers of learning, to gather the enlightened, and to join the kindred souls together so that each may unveil their wisdom, love and spiritual gifts. These will be the emissaries of the New Century who are learning and demonstrating inner strength in order to be able to endure the vibrational changes on Earth. These emissaries will be centered in light, and will maintain self-mastery, self-attainment and self-sovereignty in order to achieve ascension. Ask for the Father/Mother’s will to go forth before you and make your way clear, for it is not your will but the will of the Creator that is assisting you in fulfilling your destiny.

I ask that the Eternal Oneness take each of you into the depths of your being so that you may find the eternal Flower of Fire within you. May this infinite light enfold you and give you peace, wisdom and inner strength so that you can become a beacon of light transmuting negativity, demonstrating love, and bringing peace to humanity. Be assured that we will unite once again as the portals of heaven open for the finale of Earth’s ascension.

Accept that you are truly blessed and are never alone. Then, with that power and support, be about the Father/Mother’s plan on Earth. By way of the Creator, we come to serve and to unite those who will be ready to join us within the eternal light of the higher worlds.

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