Over a century ago, our present allopathic medical system began its journey to provide all of us with a form of professional health care that would hopefully eradicate disease throughout the world, thereby enriching our lives and those of our children. Although there has been much progress in terms of providing us with a greater understanding of disease and all its ramifications, the overall results have left much to be desired in terms of offering inexpensive natural remedies that produce permanent and lasting effects without any contraindications or harmful side-effects.

   During the late 1880's, a scientist named Louis Pasteur publicly stated that "germs" were the primary cause of disease. At that time, our medical doctors did not possess a sufficient foundation with which to establish a basic philosophy or system of medicine. Since there was so much competition between the existing practitioners of natural medicine (naturopathic doctors and eclectic physicians) and the "new" medical doctors graduating from the newly-established medical schools (many of whom began the practice of medicine with only one month of training), these new doctors were desperate to discover some form of philosophy that would set them apart from the traditional doctors who had been practicing a system of medicine that pre-dates back into the ancient origins of every culture that has ever existed on this planet.

  Therefore, when Louis Pasteur made his public statement, the new medical doctors decided to accept this "germ" theory of disease as the basis for their medical system, which became known as allopathic medicine. Nearly one year later, Louis Pasteur came forth once again and publicly stated that, due to additional research, he had made a mistake! He then proclaimed that "germs" were not the primary cause of disease, but rather a secondary cause. In fact, he then stated that the true primary cause of disease was the "terrain" of the body. By this, he meant that the overall accumulation of toxins or metabolic waste materials throughout the entire organism leads to the onset of extreme toxemia or chronic systemal toxicity. He discovered that each and every one of us breathe in so-called "harmful" bacteria every day throughout our lifetime, but that only when the body becomes burdened by excessive accumulations of toxic debris or metabolic waste materials do these "germs" then begin to "attack" the body in force. In reality, Louis Pasteur observed that these bacteria are merely Nature's "scavengers" on a mission to cleanse the bodily terrain in order to avoid the development of more serious disorders.

  Our body is fully capable of protecting us by utilizing numerous safeguards in order to prevent the onset of more dangerous and life-threatening conditions, even when we ignore our body's demands over an extended period of time. For example, a fever is an attempt by the body to elevate the internal temperature in order to destroy any excessive accumulations of toxins that might otherwise cause irreparable damage to various organs or tissue-systems (especially the organs of elimination, such as the kidneys and bowels). Furthermore, a "cold" is merely an excessive accumulation of catarrh (mucus), due to the frequent consumption of mucus-forming foods (such as milk, cheese, breads, pasta, and legumes). If this build-up of mucus were to continue beyond a certain level without these safeguards, we would eventually suffocate internally (which is a condition that most asthmatics are certainly familiar with). Therefore, when these mucus accumulations become critical, the body utilizes a safeguard to quickly expel this mucus or phlegm through the nasal passages. Nevertheless, in the case of both fevers and colds, the so-called "harmful" bacteria are not the actual cause, but merely facilitators in the removal of these toxic substances that always produce an adverse effect upon the bodily terrain.

  I once read a statistic that, at the beginning of this century, the United States was in 4th position throughout the world in terms of the health of its populace, and that our nation is currently 120th in relation to other countries. It is an interesting observation that this decline in our nation's health directly coincides with the advent of the synthetic drug trust. Years ago, I discovered an old 1893 edition of the laboratory products of Parke-Davis and Co., which I still have in my possession. Specific recommendations were provided in this catalog for the treatment of various life-threatening diseases, and the suggested treatment for cancer by this drug company was none other than herbs (specifically Poke Root and Red Clover Blossoms, both of which are included in my Professional Herbal Formula No. 26). Most of their medicinal remedies at that time consisted of 1 and 2 ounce fluid extracts of herbs or herbal formulas, and sold for a mere $1.25 each.

   My purpose here is not to place any blame or attempt to belittle any particular organization or institution, but merely to point out where we may have gone astray. As medical doctors and alternative health care professionals, we must put away our differences and begin to "bridge the gap" in terms of accepting one another's opinions and methodologies. We need to come together with all of our talents, knowledge, specialties and inspiration for the purpose of sharing our abilities with those who require our help the most --- our clients. Let us also share our wisdom and experience with one another, for each of us has much to learn from the other. Let us also treat our clients and patients as our teachers, for how else can we ever come to realize the true parameters of our various forms of healing modalities or methodologies.

   Herbal medicine is THE oldest form of traditional medicine throughout the world, and certainly deserves to be considered a true science in its own right. Although few scientific studies have been made available to the public, the consistent "cause and effect" relationship that continually leads to marked improvement when using herbal remedies is a definite testimonial to their overall effectiveness against many forms of disease.

   I occasionally refer to herbs or botanicals as "God's medicine", and I have been diligently working for the past 24 years in order to re-introduce these remedial agents on a more sophisticated and professional level of understanding and acceptance. It is important to remember that the same Creator who designed the human body also produced these plants and gave them to all of us as our natural birthright, which fully supports our individual right to choose and have access to this form of medicine.


Since ancient times, herbs have been extremely successful for healing various ailments or disease-conditions, and are considered to be an integral part of Natural Law. Millions of people over countless thousands of years have transferred their collective experience and knowledge of herbs from one generation to another. This accumulation of knowledge ultimately became a long-standing, well-established and generally-accepted custom or procedure in relation to the prevention and treatment of disease. 

The American Indians were formerly recognized as master herbalists by the early pioneers that arrived in America, and much of our present knowledge of herbs is derived from them. These Native Americans helped save the lives of countless starving Pilgrims during their first winter in this country by supplying them with several highly nutritious herbs (such as Slippery Elm Bark). 

At the turn of this century, many active medicinal substances (such as alkaloids, glycosides, flavonoids, phenols, etc.) were isolated from herbs, and these natural chemical constituents were ultimately synthesized in pharmaceutical labratories. Meanwhile, these same principles were largely ignored in their natural form, due to the increased profits generated from the sale of imitations (synthetic drugs). Due to their proliferance and availability throughout the forests and woodlands of the United States and the world, herbs cannot be easily controlled or patented by anyone. 

  Natural remedies consist of only those that Nature produces, and botanical remedies are the oldest traditional branch of medicine dating back to Hippocrates (who utilized herbs and herbal combinations in his practice of medicine). From an instinctual point of view, herbs undoubtedly suggested themselves to the human race, and there is nothing mysterious about medicinal plants.  

  An herbal "formula" consists of a selective combination of individual herbal ingredients that are formulated for a specific ailment or group of disease-conditions. When herbs are combined together, they become more potent and effective within the body than single herbs, due to their activating or catalyzing influence upon one another. Herbs possess an innate ability to know exactly where to go and how to function. These combinations act as powerful catalysts (with synergistic effects) in order to activate our own individual healing energies (or Vital Force) which permeate the entire organism and reside in each and every cell in our bodies. Chinese herbalists refer to this healing force as Ch'i.  

  The unique design and composition of my Herbal Formulas allows them to display extremely beneficial effects upon the entire organism (as well as assisting in the prevention of a specific ailment or group of disease-conditions) by:


Regulating the activities of the heart, liver and kidneys;

Cleansing, balancing, equalizing and restoring the cardiovascular, circulatory and nervous systems.

Decongesting and stimulating the gastro-intestinal and genito-urinary tracts.

When intelligently and correctly used, herbs and herbal formulas fully support Nature in her efforts to remove disease. On the other hand, synthetic drug residues merely add to the accumulation of toxic debris. In addition, they only simulate improvement by suppressing the symptoms. Furthermore, they are not readily assimilated or accepted by our bodies (an organic system), due to their inorganic nature. When a person ceases the intake of such medication, the symptoms usually return in full force until the underlying cause is removed. 

  Herbs and herbal combinations have a natural ability to nourish the body in such a manner that the physical structure and organic functions may be thoroughly cleansed, strengthened, invigorated and revitalized. No claims or guarantees are possible beyond the fact that centuries of human experience has demonstrated that these natural products act in concert with the human system. 

  All of our herbal formulas have been thoroughly tested upon thousands of individuals during the past 46 years, and they have consistently proven themselves in terms of their overall effectiveness and reliability (see the Statistical Data Analysis Report). These formulas encompass many forms of disease, and are based entirely upon three basic principles of herbalism, namely: 


Balancing and strengthening the central nervous system.

Stimulating and equalizing the circulatory system.

Cleansing and purifiying the bloodstream and tissue-systems. 

  When these three basic principles are accomplished, this will effectively remove the underlying causes for most diseases or ailment-conditions, especially when vibrational formulas and a proper diet are included.

  All of my formulas interact with one another in a harmonious manner, and several may be employed at the same time without any adverse or harmful effects.

  The information on this Web site is not presented with the intention of diagnosing or prescribing, but is only intended to assist each individual towards cooperating with their own doctor or practitioner in a mutual desire to rebuild and maintain their overall health and well-being. Due to the complexity and seriousness of many ailments, it is strongly recommended that laypersons consult their doctor or health care professional, who may be better able to assist them in deciding which of these herbal formulas will best fit their body's specific needs. In the event that someone uses the information displayed on this Web site without their doctor's approval, then they are prescribing for themselves. This is their right, but no responsibility is assumed by us. It is not the purpose of this Web site to replace the services of a physician. Neither do we promote the sale of any patent medicines, endorse the sale or consumption of any medicinal preparation, nor guarantee the effectiveness of any recipe. Under the Food and Drug Administration Act of 1992, our herbal and vibrational formulas are offered only as food supplements.

  As a final note, I have observed thousands of people passing through the doors of my healing center during the past 46 years. The majority of them have lost faith and confidence (as well as hope). They have appeared before me with sick and painful bodies seeking yet another opportunity to regain their health. When they leave with a supply of herbal formulas (God's medicine) and a little confidence instilled in them by me, they often walk somewhat lighter and a faint gleam of light begins to shine in their eyes. Upon their return, that glimmer of light has spread throughout their entire body and shines forth from their eyes in the form of a knowing smile. It is at this moment that I fully understand and appreciate the words and deeds of the great physician, Hippocrates. Such a healer was never more greatly misunderstood than by the very profession which seeks his oath as part of their fulfillment towards the practice of medicine. It is to this profession and the new age of medicine on the horizon that I dedicate this Web site in the hope that it may better assist them in obtaining a greater understanding of Nature and all of her remarkable accomplishments.

Yours in good health,



Quantum Research Institute