I am a middle-aged grandmother who contracted the AIDS virus 12 years ago. I only discovered that I had the virus during the past 8 years, and I am now living a fairly normal life. However, very few people know that I have this virus, not even my own two grown children.

I prefer to remain anonymous so that I may live a lifestyle I choose and not be censored by others or society. I do have a man in my life who knows about my condition and fully accepts it.

When I learned that I had the AIDS virus, I chose to heal myself through natural methods and proceeded to search out various treatments and remedies for my condition. Eight years ago, medical treatment involved a prolonging of life (maybe), but certainly not a quality one at that.

So I made my own decisions and took my healing into my own hands. Once each year, I see a regular medical doctor who deals specifically with AIDS patients only. I also work regularly with a naturopathic doctor who helps me stay in balance by assisting me in the administering of natural herbal and vibrational remedies. This allows me to remain balanced and healthy, as well as to live a fairly normal and productive life.

I discovered Joseph's herbal formulas nearly 5 years ago, and I received excellent results! However, during the last 18 months, he has provided me with his new vibrational remedies, and they are very, very powerful.

I am feeling much better personally, and have more energy than throughout the past 17 years. I can now "run rings around" people who are much younger than myself.

As many of those people know who have AIDS, cancer or any other incurable or life-threatening diseases, STRESS is our number 1 killer. I highly recommend Joseph's Vibrational Formula #217 for this problem. It's great! It will definitely take the edge off and give you back a normal perspective, as well as remove that up-tight feeling.

Along with the herbal and vibrational formulas designed for AIDS and a nutritional maintenance diet and proper exercise, you can't miss. The herbal remedies begin to clean up the physical body, and the vibrational formulas facilitate the release of any trapped or blocked emotions that are behind the cause of the physical ailment or dis-ease. It has worked for me, but remember that it doesn't happen overnight. It is an on-going process that just happens. Eventually, you start to feel like your old self and life just gets better and better. So stay with it, and work on your health daily. Thank you so much Joseph, for everything. God Bless!




To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter in the hope that more seekers of health and truth will experience Joseph's herbal and vibrational remedies. My boyfriend and I used his formulas to help a young teenage man with autism to detox his body from 17 years of dangerous prescription drugs.

Lowell had been the proverbial "Rainman". Although a savant in some areas, he mostly babbled mindless nonsense incessantly. His eyes and face constantly twitched, and his digestive tract was barely functioning. In addition, he had regular nightmares, much fear and sometimes violent episodes.

With the use of Joseph's remedies (along with a number of other healing treatments, including sound and breath therapy, massage, meditation, love and safety), Lowell pulled out of his autism in about 30 days. All of the repressed memories of sexual abuse from his parents came to the surface of his conscious mind and he remembered everything in graphic detail. Now, he can control his behavior, carry on an intelligent conversation, and attempt to tackle his own fears and problems.

Various psychiatrists and care-givers from all over the country who had previously worked with Lowell were completely flabbergasted and requested more information about Joseph's formulas.

My boyfriend and I also used several of Joseph's formulas. As an incest survivor with 20 years of recovery behind me, I can assure you that Joseph's remedies are the fastest, most profound path to health and enlightenment that I have ever experienced. I can't wait to re-stock my personal supply. Thanks, Joseph!!!

Denise Martin

Beaverton, OR



Dear Joseph,

I have used your herbal formulas for myself and many of my patients for nearly twenty four years. I had a pain in my right side for nearly a whole year. Consultations with two different doctors at a Vancouver, Washington medical clinic yielded a negative diagnosis. One of these doctors told me it was all my imagination. The second doctor told me that he thought I should try using some herbs.

Therefore, I contacted you and purchased Herbal Formula #43. It took only 30 minutes for the pain to disappear.

After I completed my studies to become a Naturopathic doctor, I realized that my pain had been caused by liver congestion. Your herbal formula removed the pain as well as the congestion. I have used this same formula over the past 24 years in many of my patients in order to prevent any unnecessary surgery for liver or gallbladder congestion. As a doctor, I feel that I am sufficiently qualified to know the difference between congestion and a problem that may require surgery.

I have used a muscle-testing procedure known as Applied Kinesiology (as well as various other methods) in order to test your herbal formulas, and I can personally stand behind your formulas as being of significant value for their intended uses.

I have degrees in Chiropractic and Naturopathic medicine, and I have numerous patients who can testify to the significant benefits that they have experienced while using your formulas.

Thank you for your dedicated service to your brothers and sisters in need of help for their medical problems.

Dr. Elwin C. Klein

Lewiston, ID



Dear Joseph,

While presently looking through my records over the last three months, you may find it of some interest that all 42 patients that I requested to take your Herbal Formulas #26 and #43 as part of their detoxification process have reported success. As you probably already know, most of them have gone back to purchase more supplies of this formula. This probably indicates that the majority of them do not wish to change their present style of living or eating, and find that taking this formula allows them to maintain their current "red-blooded American lifestyle".

If you wish to share the above information with anyone else, please feel free to do so.


Roger H. Bell, DC.

Bel Aire Chiropractic Clinic



To Whom It May Concern,

I was formerly an investigative reporter for NBC, and had to quit my job because of many serious ailment-conditions. I had been diagnosed with Chronic-Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and other life-threatening disorders. The doctors informed me that I had a certain form of multiple sclerosis that would never go into remission. The Chairman of Neurology at the hospital told me I had six months to live, and that I should put my personal affairs in order.

I began using Joseph's Herbal Formulas #5, #13 and #49 for the treatment of my multiple sclerosis two years ago. I received significant improvement with my condition, but one year ago when I began using his Vibrational Formulas #75, #82 and #122 along with the herbal formulas that I was already taking, the partial success that I had already obtained became much more dynamic and permanent.

I have now been declared to be completely free of multiple sclerosis by three different doctors! These formulas obviously perform in the manner in which they were designed to do, without any harmful side-effects! I am out of the wheel-chair and able to function normally once again.

The overall scientific design, potency and effectiveness of Joseph's herbal and vibrational formulas is a definite indication of his level of excellence and capability in formulating these incredible products. Thank you, Joseph.

Apryl Shaw

Costa Mesa, CA



Dear Joseph,

During the beginning of November, I was diagnosed with cancer of the cervix at the University of Oregon Medical School's Gynecology Clinic. They recommended surgery (either a core biopsy of the cervix or, preferably, a complete hysterectemy). They also advised me that my condition would not respond to any other form of therapy.

I was violently opposed to following their advise and therefore sought other possible methods of treatment. Shortly therafter, I discovered Joseph's herb shop and the many herbal formulas that he had prepared for specific diseases.

I began taking Herbal Formula #26 and #50, and approximately one month later a pap test of my cervical cells showed no evidence of cancer. One month later, an examination indicated that the diseased or affected area in the cervix was merely 10% of what it was initially.

I definitely attribute these changes to the herbal formulas I received from Joseph. I want to state for the record that I would endorse the sincerity of Joseph and the value of his herbal formulas to anyone.

Cheryl Glazer

Portland, OR



Dear Joseph,

The Herbal Formula #27 that I have been taking for the past five months has completely cured the glaucoma in my right eye that the doctors told me was incurable. I had previously had surgery on my left eye for glaucoma that left me with no sight in that eye, which the doctors told me was gone with no hope of restoration. The herbal formula has also restored partial vision to this left eye as well.

I am now hoping for total restoration of sight in both eyes with continued use of this formula. Thank you.

W. E. Wilson

Vancouver, WA



Dear Joseph,

When our one-year-old son started breaking out with a case of measles, we didn't know whether or not it was the three-day type. At any rate, we began using Herbal Formula #60 twice a day. The rash that completely covered his entire body were gone the second day. However, his skin was extremely dry, but that also changed back to normal in a day or so.

At first, I thought he had the 3-day measles, but I later found out that he really had Rubella. This type of measles normally lasted anywhere from 10 days to 2 weeks, and can cause blindness, deafness or even death in a child as small as Eli. Thanks to your herbal formulas, he has not suffered any of these harmful side-effects.

Charlotte Herr

Portland, OR

(P.S. Eli had been vaccinated against Rubella, and according to the medical doctors, he should never have been susceptible to this disorder.) 



Dear Joseph,

 I've been taking Herbal Formula #55 for 2 weeks now, and I am delighted with the results. That tight, binding sensation in my groin is completely gone. Instead of getting up 4 or 5 times at night, twice does it for me now and I have a better flow of urine.

Now that this problem is cleared up, I feel more wide awake than before. I used to get terribly sleepy right after dinner, but now I don't. I am very pleased with your help.

A. C. Himes

Portland, OR 



Dear Joseph,

Great, I could finally get a good night's rest from using Herbal Formula #49. When I stopped using the formula, I went back to walking the floor at night. So I intend to keep using this formula. What a relief not to have to use synthetic drugs!

Furthermore, each time I felt a migraine headache coming on, I would take Herbal Formula #47 and as a result, I have avoided the suffering associated with migraines many times after having had them for years. It's like having a new chance at life. Thank you.

Aileen V. Barnes

Portland, OR 



Dear Joseph,

I used your Herbal Formula #53 and got rid of worms in an entire litter of puppies during a two-month period. Thanks.

Gina Cervera

Portland, OR



Dear Joseph,

I purchased Herbal Formulas #20 and #63 for stomach problems two weeks ago, and have completely stopped having pains.

Also, a good friend of mine took your Herbal Formula #43 for his liver and made a speedy recovery after numerous trips to his doctor.

I highly recommend your herbal formulas for anyone desiring a healthy body.

Ron Wilson

Tigard, OR



Dear Joseph,

I have had a stomach ulcer, and Herbal Formulas #20 and #63 have helped me more than any antacid drug preparation has so far.

I am very grateful!

Al King

Portland, OR



Dear Joseph,

After having hayfever all my life, and finding no relief in the typical prescription and non-prescription drugs (antihistamines, etc.) which I stopped taking about 5 or 6 years ago, I began using Herbal Formula #31 and I have had no trouble whatsoever for the past 4 or 5 weeks.

Since I have had both hayfever and asthma for over 20 years, it's great to find a cure. Thanks, Joseph!

Shelley Hodges

Portland, OR



To Whom It May Concern,

 I would like to relate some of my experiences while using Joseph's herbal formulas.

From the age of 14 years, I have had a compulsive overating problem. I could never understand how other people could calmly refuse second helpings of food. Only embarassement kept me from consuming fourth helpings. During one part of my life, I was eating 5 to 7 times a day. I was obsessed with food to the point that it occupied most of my mental process, and I didn't have much time left over to focus my life in any other direction. At age 19, I became a vegetarian, which probably saved me from developing serious health problems, but I still continued to overeat.

Five years ago I had oral surgery. My dentist prescribed antibiotics and a very strong dose of codeine. She told me that I would be in a lot of pain for several days. I went home from the oral surgery and took Herbal Formula #38 instead of antibiotics and Herbal Formulas #1 and #52 instead of codeine. I had absolutely no discomfort or pain at all, and my gums healed very well.

About 2 years ago, I started having mild headaches and tenseness between my eyes. Joseph recommended Herbal Formula #44. I was amazed at how fast this formula worked! Within an hour, I could feel my forehead loosening up. My nose and eyes became watery and the tightness went away.

Also, once I had a stiff neck on my left side that was so painful that I had to stay home from work. Joseph recommended Herbal Formula #48, and I was able to return to work the following day. This formula also amazed me with how fast it worked. Within 2 hours, I felt the pain in my neck disappear. It was incredible. For about an hour after the toxins in my neck were released, I felt like I had a mild case of the flu, and then within another hour, I was back to normal.

Recently, my son was in an accident and had to have a root-canal. After the surgery, he was in a lot of pain. Joseph recommended Herbal Formulas #1 and #52. It worked! Within 2 hours, his tooth pain completely disappeared. I feel so much better using herbs rather than synthetic drugs. I feel like I'm putting something pure into my body. Herbs make me feel connected to the Earth. Joseph's herbal formulas are excellent! Thank you.

Aldona L. Marshall

Portland, OR



Dear Joseph,

Thanks so much for Herbal Formula #43. I had gone to a medical doctor complaining of lower back pain accompanied by a feeling of swelling or inflammation in the right kidney. Within a week, the pain has subsided and I've come back for more.

Margaret Scranton

Portland, OR

(P.S. Herbs really work!)



Dear Joseph,

Thank you for everything. The herbal formulas are so fantastic, I just tell everyone about them.

I'm wondering if we could get a seminar set up here. There are several people interested and more all the time.

Since February, I've lost about 40 pounds, and have gone from a size 44 to size 16 by taking Herbal Formulas #51 and #125. I also took Herbal Formula #65 for my thyroid. I feel great and the age spots are going away and my hair is turning black again. Don't ask me why, you can just see the difference.

I am telling everyone about the herbal formulas whenever I observe that they have something wrong with them.

Thank you for making it possible for me to lose weight. I had typhoid fever when I was 17, and it disrupted my entire glandular system. I have been overweight for over 47 years, and the herbal formulas have truly helped me.

This is such a blessing to me! Thank you.

Mary Bell Pearce

Tucson, AZ



To Whom It May Concern,

Two weeks ago, I began taking Herbal Formula #51 and #125 for weight reduction.

Without any change in my eating habits, and without any increased exercise, I have made a great improvement already in losing weight. I have lost 8 1/2 pounds, and even more noticeable, I have lost inches where they count. Today, I purchased a new pair of slacks that are a complete size smaller than those I have been wearing prior to taking these formulas.

I feel great, too. I am pleased to be taking only natural herbs and not any synthetic drugs in order to lose weight. Thank you.

Janiene McDonald

Portland, OR



To Whom It May Concern,

I wish to state that after having taking Herbal Formula #44 for only about 2 days, the congestion in my sinuses began to disappear. Various prescription drugs did not provide me with any relief.

Herbal Formula #43 also gave me relief within 2 days. I understand from what my doctor explained to me that my liver and adrenals have been bothering me for at least a year that I know of, but these symptoms have been with me since my early teens. Sincerely,

Rosemary Day

Battleground, WA 



Dear Sir,

I had a very nagging cough which seemed to hang on and was most annoying. My coughing spells were so bad that my sides ached and my throat was extremely sore.

I began using Herbal Formula #14 as directed. Although I took no other forms of medication, the coughing disappeared during the next two days. I was greatly pleased and relieved with the results I obtained. Plus I had no negative side-effects whatsoever.

M. Jeanne Card

Portland, OR



To Whom It May Concern:

I began taking Herbal Formula #51 and Vibrational Formula #125 for weight loss approximately 4 weeks ago with amazing results. I weighed in at 195 pounds when I began taking the formulas, and have been able to reduce my weight down to 165 without starving or using any unhealthy "crash" dieting techniques.

I cannot say enough for or about these results. After a lifetime of yo-yo diets and false promises, I believe I have found a permanent solution that is healthy, safe and above all, completely natural. My heartfelt thanks to Joseph, his research and his formulas.

Carol McCurdy

Portland, OR



Dear Joseph,

I would like to make a statement, and tell a little story.

In November, I was diagnosed as having tonsillitis and strep throat, and I was given penicillin. I took it for 10 days and 2 days later, my throat hurt again. I visited the doctor who took a throat culture and was once again diagnosed with having tonsillitis and strep throat. The very same thing happened a third time.

By this time, I was ready to have my tonsils removed. It just so happened that I was visiting a friend who took me to see an herbalist named Joseph, who had an herbal formula for tonsillitis (#66). It has been a month since then, and my throat and tonsils are much better. I knew nothing about herbs before this, and I had no opinion about them. All I can say is that Herbal Formula #66 definitely worked in curing my tonsillitis, and I'm really glad that these formulas exist.

Sandy Brown

Northridge, CA

(P.S. I would be very glad to send a duplicate of this letter to the FDA.)



Dear Sir,

An onset of inflamed muscles (Fibrositis) caused me chronic back pain to the point of losing sleep and productivity in my lifestyle.

I began using Herbal Formula #38 and after 3 weeks of steady use, the pain is under control and I am able to work again and SLEEP!

I also used Herbal Formula #29, and it completely removed all my fatigue and exhaustion.

I also took Herbal Formula #52 with the other formulas. Although I did not use it as regularly as the others, I did feel some relief when I did use it.

Kathryn M. Cooper

Vancouver, WA



Dear Joseph,

Herbal Formula #63 has helped me very quickly to regain my intestinal fortitude, as well as feel greater strength (mentally, physically and especially emotionally) for over 6 1/2 weeks, I could hold no food down of any kind (including liquids). I experienced constant diarrhea until my stomach and bowels were totally empty. While traveling on three different occasions, I became so sick I could barely make it to the "doctors", who could not find the cause of the problem.

I sincerely thank you Joseph.

Bob Whitney

Portland, OR



Dear Joseph,

I am extremely happy with the results I obtained from using Herbal Formulas #36 and #54. I haven't had a "normal" menstrual period for almost three years. After taking these formulas for only one month, I had my first "normal" period. I was so excited!

Sally Huntley

Portland, OR



Dear Joseph,

I have found the use of your natural herbal (non-drug) formulas to be helpful to myself and to those whom I have referred. I am happy to recommend this natural holistic approach and hope that many others may find this to be a natural path to that desirable goal: good health!

Ray Morser, Ph.D.

New York, NY



Dear Sir,

My wife and I took Herbal Formula #61 and Vibrational Formula #135, and both of us quit smoking within 3 days. It has been nearly two months so far and no cravings. We both feel much better and are saving money.

I also took Herbal Formula #9 and Vibrational Formula #79 for over three months. I am now walking over a mile a day and I'm not taking any pain pills. Before taking these formulas, I could hardly walk 75 feet. Thank God for herbs.

Art Uecker

Portland, OR



Dear Joseph,

Due to my current financial state, I was only able to use Herbal Formula #1 and Vibrational Formula #71 for two months.

Within three days, my back stopped hurting completely. I have a spinal curvature and two introverted vertebrae, due to a ruptured disc.

I used Herbal Formula #13 and Vibrational Formula #82 for the treatment of encephalitis. My headache and nausea disappeared, and both the facial and body muscle spasms completely stopped. I was able to verbalize correctly, my memory returned, and a sense of unreality disappeared. I no longer need to use these formulas.

When I used Herbal Formula #49, I did not even remember going to sleep. When I awoke, there was no drowsiness and all my senses and mental faculties were alert.

Robin M. Denton

Camas, WA



Dear Joseph,

In January, I purchased Herbal Formula #43 for chronic hepatitis and Herbal Formula #13 for encephalitis.

Within three weeks, I was finally able to get out of bed after two years of being too sick to get up. I now feel almost normal, and as there is no known prescription medication for either disease, I am more than pleased and would strongly urge and recommend anyone to use these herbal formulas for any and all illnesses.

I am a registered voter and would be willing to undergo any tests in order to prove that these products do, in fact, work.

Robin M. Denton

Camas, WA



Dear Joseph,

Having taken Herbal Formula #63 and Vibrational Formula #137 that I got from you for less than a week, my symptoms of ulcers have completely disappeared.

My body feels better and my thought processes are more balanced. Thank you.

L. Share

Portland, OR



Dear Joseph,

I am taking this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the privilege of having found you.

I want to give witness to the help that I have received from the use of your herbal formulas. I am 71 years old, and have had chronic bronchitis since I was 3 years old. I have had a chronic cough during all these years, and after taking Herbal Formula #14, I find that I can really breathe and sleep without any coughing spells.

In addition, I have been bothered with water retention for years, and your Herbal Formula #70 has helped me very much.

My bronchial asthmatic cough throughout all these years has resulted in ear trouble to the point that my hearing has been greatly impaired. After taking Herbal Formulas #22 and #44, my hearing (when tested) had improved 5 decibels in one ear and 18 decibels in the other. I guess you know that this old gal is very grateful.

I have sent several friends to you for help in the treatment of asthma and they have reported great improvement in being able to breathe normally.

Keep up the good work, Joseph, and may God bless and prosper your wonderful work. Respectfully,

Lorena W. Stockwell

Portland, OR

(P.S. I have also used Herbal Formula #27, and I find that it helps me greatly for closeup work when sewing, as well as night driving, which I do a great deal.)


To Whom It May Concern,

I personally wish to say that Herbal Formula #14 truly helped me when I had bronchitis. I was hoarse and coughing a lot, and could hardly talk. After taking your herbal formula for 48 hours, I was on the mend again. Thank you for helping me.

Mary V. Steiger

Portland, OR 



To Whom It May Concern,

I freely admit that I have been taking Joseph's herbal formulas with the following beneficial results:

I have been taking Herbal Formula #27 for the eyes, and it has cleared my vision to the extent that I have ceased to experience the bad headaches caused by eyestrain.

Herbal Formula #14 has also helped me very much, especially for getting me over the effects of the flu.

The herbal formulas for weight loss and water retention that I have taken have also been so helpful for me. I have told several of my friends and acquaintances about using the herbal formulas. I definitely feel better than I have for a long, long time.

I also had painful varicose veins as a direct result of injuries. I took Herbal Formula #67 for a couple of weeks and the pain disappeared.

I heartily recommend these herbal formulas to everyone.

Retha L. Rath

Portland, OR



Dear Joseph,

I started taking Herbal Formula #18 for colitis for two weeks, and it cleared up my condition completely. I also took Herbal Formula #15 for yeast infection during this same time, and my infection is completely gone. In addition, I also used Herbal Formula #14 for bronchitis and was completely cured.

Thank you.

Sherron M. Norlander

Greshan, OR 




I've suffered periodically with migraine headaches for several years. The prescription drugs do help me, but leave me feeling drugged and lethargic for several hours after the headache passes.

I recently decided to try Herbal Formula #47 and Vibrational Formula #120 when I recently had a migraine. This formula gave me complete relief from the headache and did not upset my stomach or make me feel drugged. Thank you.