Many experiments have indicated that bacteria can alter their form or appearance by changing their medium and overall environment (i.e., a pneumococcus to a streptococcus and a streptococcus to a staphylococcus). As Florence Nightingale stated after years of studied observation and intimate experience with hospital patients, "There are no specific diseases; just specific disease-conditions".

It has been suggested that some of these disease-conditions might be created by the interactions of our mind and emotions. Some medical researchers theorize that chronic negative thought-patterns causes the separation of micro-organismal genetic material from normal cells, and this then replicates independently in the environment of toxic tissue. An overgrowth of microbes are perceived as the actual result of disease (rather than the cause), with both disease and health occurring in humans partially because of how they think.

Recent evidence obtained from brain and consciousness research, anthropology, microbiology, neurophysiology and elemental physics conflicts with current orthodox medical science. The various research disciplines reveal that body, mind and consciousness are inseparably linked to an indivisible whole --- a dynamic continuum. Once thought to have consisted of innumerable separate parts, the universe now appears as an unbroken wholeness at its primary level --- a single dimension independent of Time and Space in which (at least to the senses) the apparent separate parts are not separated, but are intimately (Divinely) connected.

The evidence that clearly challenges the Cartesian theory of mind-body separation comes primarily from investigation of the structure, chemistry and function of the human brain and nervous system, as well as from studies of the neurophysiology of stress, of split-brain patients, biofeedback, meditation, and the vast new awareness provided by the evolving insights of quantum physics. Our universe is now being perceived and experienced as four-dimensional, with Time as the fourth dimension. An unbroken wholeness is provided by the newly-evolved understanding of the order of reality --- an order in which all things (space, time, matter and energy) are immediately and intimately connected at the most fundamental level of reality. These forms of data represent strong supportive evidence for the holistic assumption about the nature of humankind and its interaction with the world in relation to health and well-being. Health is equated with an individual's experience of this harmony of the oneness of humanity and the cosmos, for the life-sustaining power of harmony within humankind provides us with the blessings of health in our relationship with the forces of Nature. Nature is not a force over which we must triumph, but instead becomes the ultimate compassionate medium for our transformation, and illness is then perceived as a profound guide or teacher. The symptoms of our condition are dynamic attention-getters that contain clear metaphors for what is missing, what is excessive or what is otherwise out-of-balance in our lives. Once we learn to make sense of (rather than merely suppress or palliate) our symptoms and begin to more clearly perceive their immediate appropriateness in our life, then the next step in our healing process becomes more obvious. Consequently, we come to know and understand ourselves better. As a result, humankind returns to Nature that virtue by which power is consecrated to protect and preserve all living things. It is only due to inharmony within humanity that illness originally came into being.

Unfortunately, many practitioners of "modern" medicine and the general consciousness of the lay public have not joined this culture's scientific/spiritual revolution, which is replacing the mechanistic Newtonian perception of the world with the newly evolving quantum physics by recognizing and marvelling at the magnificent interrelatedness of all things.

Quantum mechanics strongly recognizes that the conscious observation of the patient by the therapist (as well as the laying of hands on the patient) significantly alters the state of the patient faster than the speed of light. There is a mysterious and wonderful power that one human being can have upon another through the simple act of caring. This discovery was further clarified by Albert Einstein and his contemporary visionaries who proved that an "observer effect" occurs instantaneously when the human mind is applied or directed to a physical experiment or to another living being. This is one of the most profoundly significant discoveries in the history of medicine and healing, and it serves as a foundation upon which herbalism, homeopathy, electro-medicine (vibrational), chiropractics, shamanic and various other forms of bio-cybernetic medicines can further develop their health-care sciences. Unfortunately, modern-day medical techniques are often merely variations of old, outdated ones. It is hoped that conventional medicine will no longer continue to look the other way while the non-medical sciences persistently confirm the validity of the alternative therapies that Western mainstream medical science has continually denied. It is apparent that these alternative forms of therapy do not support orthodox medicine's obsolete social prestige and profit motivation, but it is obvious that the consciousness of allopathic medicine is being forcibly uplifted (rather than allowing itself to be abandoned by its progressively more enlightened patients) by the younger generation of bright, sincere and inspired allopathic physicians who refuse to continue looking the other way.




An understanding of the latest concepts of human immunity has become essential in order to better comprehend the nature of reality in our world, as well as in the proper selection of personal choices. This is due in part to the AIDS epidemic, as well as from the statistical explosion of an entire range of auto-immune disorders. As with the dynamic function of disease and tragedy in each of our personal lives, the highly visible ARC/AIDS epidemic is functioning in our culture as a crisis, thereby producing cataclysmic (although ultimately positive) change and a revolutionary alteration of stagnant beliefs. The ARC/AIDS disease process is spotlighting a sizable (although not yet popularly perceived) crack in the teachings of the sacrosanct Doctrine of Specificity. The continual inability to ignore this fissure arises from the layperson's deeply conditioned attempt to place ARC/AIDS into the one-disease/one-cause construct. Nevertheless, its only a matter of time before the lay public realizes the implications behind this new form of disease process, namely that:


1. The onset of various disease-processes is not a matter of luck or chance, the attack of a germ, or a simple matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

2. There is no single cause for disease; rather, it is the culmination of several different factors that are unique to each person's life.

3. These factors are within the range of choices that are made by the person who develops the disease.

4. The patient is not a victim, and the doctor (or any other health practitioner) is not the savior.

5. There is no "magic bullet" system of health care, be it allopathic, homeopathic, chiropractic, naturopathic or herbal.

6. Disease is ultimately under the control of the patient (not the doctor), and the state of one's health does not depend upon the state of the medicine.

7. What we choose to do in our life is what makes the difference.

Unfortunately, the lay public has come to fear and blame germs as the cause of disease, and therefore have willingly transferred responsibility for their health from themselves to the doctors or any other practitioner who offers them a "magic bullet" cure.

In order to fully comprehend the possibilities of holistic approaches, it is important to understand the biological basis of immunity, as well as the significant role it plays in everyday life. Some important insights arise when our immunity is placed in an ecological perspective (and not simply a medical one). From such a perspective, it becomes evident that human immunity is a vital component of the interface between individuals and their external environment. Human activity becomes a complex and beautiful form of flowing receptivity to life instead of an active resistance to an 'evil and dangerous' environment. The entire complex surrounding human immunity is characterized by harmony (instead of resistance) and a dynamic flow (rather than barriers) which leads to certain concepts and interpretations that raise some exciting possibilities for the practitioners of holistic medicine:


Human immunity is ecology in action.

In other words, it involves a complex relationship of multi-factorial phenomena that can rarely be taken at face value.


Human immunity is an ecological interface between the inner and outer environments.

Such an interface involves the occurrence of much ecological interaction and integration, and these transition zones facilitate the fine-tuning of the health of the biosphere. Similarly, in human ecology, the immune system becomes the interface whereby a complex of procedures and processes allows flow (both inward and outward), resistance and embrace to occur simultaneously. By focusing on only one perspective of this profound dialogue allows us to miss the point and thereby compromise the entire process.


Human immunity is an expression of homeostasis.

This describes the human body's fantastic physiological processes that consistently maintain a stable internal environment. This inner homeostasis is a reflection of the planetary homeostasis that characterizes Gaia (the Earth).


Human immunity is an expression of relationship.

This provides the implication that the very nature of relationship plays a role in the well-being of the immune system. Therefore, the practitioner must explore the patient's relationship with their environment on all levels --- from the food they eat, the people they love (or hate), or the manner in which they relate to Nature.


As with all other aspects of holistic healing, this further emphasizes that the approach to whole-body immunity must address all aspects of human life, namely:


1. Bodily health and wholeness, in order to ensure that the physical body is provided with proper nutrition and the appropriate supportive healing measures for any illnesses it may be currently experiencing.

2. Emotional well-being, in order to ensure a well-rounded and nurturing feeling-life through both the joy and pain of human emotions.

3. Mental vision and perspective, in order to help create the mind-set within which individuals can discover their center, and thereby make choices from that position without repeatedly playing the role of the victim.

4. Spiritual openness and vitality, in whatever form that provides for the particular individual involved.




History has consistently proven that the fates of the greatest empires have been decided by the health and well-being of their populace, and there is no longer any doubt that the history of epidemic disease must form an inseparable part of the cultural history of humankind. The nervous and immune systems of our bodies are systematically depleting themselves as they respond to the necessity of continually detoxifying the body's intake of excessive synthetic chemicals and environmental pollutants. By living in a society that allows for pollution of the earth, air and water on such a massive scale, we have gradually undermined the health and life-sustaining capabilities of our environment, and we have become unable as individuals to defend ourselves against the levels of toxicity that we have created.

Unfortunately, the best that most of us can hope for is an immune system that is sufficiently effective in eliminating adequate amounts of the daily chemicals and pollutants that we are exposed to, so that an intolerable level of toxicity does not accumulate in our bodies and cause disease. If this accumulation of toxins in our system does become too great, then we will be unable to continue to maintain a balance of health and well-being, our immune system will lose its ability to cope, and illness or death will result.


The choice is ours!