The Nature of Knowledge; Causation; The Elements; The Temperament; The Humors; Faculties and Vital Force; Conclusions.





Definition of Medicine; Subject-Matter of Medicine.





The Four Elements (Earth, Water, Air and Fire).





General Description of the Temperaments; The Temperament of Organs; The Temperament of Age and Sex.





The Nature and Variety of Humors; The Origin of Humors; The Causes of Humoral Movement.





Introduction; Classification of Organs According to Their Functions; Classification of Organs According to Their Origin.





General Description of the Various Faculties; Primary and Secondary Physical Faculties; Interrelationship Between the Processes and Qualities; The Vital Faculty; The Nervous Faculty (Cognition); The Nervous Faculty (Conation); Functions.





The Definitions of Cause, Disease and Symptom; The Bodily States and Patterns of Disease; Simple Diseases; Diseases of Structure and Continuity; Complex Diseases; The Stages of Disease; Nomenclature of Disease; Primary and Secondary Diseases; Grades of Health and Disease; Prognosis; The Transmission of Disease; Predisposition to Disease.