Plant Drugs and Herbal Preparations of the Assyrians and Babylonians; Plant Drugs and Herbal Preparations of the Egyptians, Hebrews, Hindus and Chinese; Plant Drugs and Herbal Preparations of the Greeks and Romans.





The Art of Healing and the Secret Science of the Priestcraft; The Hermetic Theory Concerning the Causations of Disease and Methods of Healing; Hermetic Herbalism and Pharmacology; Ancient Hermetic Remedies.





Historic Medicinal Preparations from the 1st-10th Century; The Art of the Apothecary Among the Arabs; The Apothecary in England from the 12th-16th Century; The Art of the Apothecary in Europe during the Middle Ages.





Past and Present Methods of Administration; The Books of the EarlyApothecaries; The Story of the Herbal Pharmacopoeias.





Symbols for Apothecaries' Weights & Their Origin; The Apothecary and His Shop during the 16th Century; King Henry VIII as an Apothecary; The Society of Apothecaries and its History; Apothecaries' Bills and Physician's Fees during the 17th Century.





Doctrine of Signatures and Curious Drugs Employed by the Apothecaries; The History and Lores of Some Famous Plant Drugs.





The Mystery of the Druggist's Carboys; Apothecaries of the 18th Century; Battle of the Dispensatories; End of the Struggle.





Introduction; The Role of Mythology in Medicine; Aztec General Practitioners and Specialists; Aztec Herbs and Therapies; Legacies from Aztec Medicine.





Introduction; Native American Theories of Disease and Shamanistic Practices; Services of Native American Doctors to the White Man; Influence of Native Americans on Folk Medicine; Irregular Practitioners & Patent Medicines; Native American Therapeutic Methods.





Treatment of Internal Ailments, Injuries and External Conditions; Obstetrics, Gynecology & Pediatrics; Hygiene and Sanitary Practices.