Behavioral Modes of Therapeutic Materials Upon the Organism; Effects of Plant Drug Action; Factors that Influence Pharmacological Activity; Selective Plant Drug Affinity; Circumstances that Modify the Effects of Plant Drug Medicines; Character, Period and Form of Disease; Medicinal Properties and Active Constituents of Plant Drugs; Factors that Influence Absorption and Elimination of Disease-Bearing Agents.





Medical Properties (Absorbent, Anti-hydrotic, Anti-dontalgic, Antiphlogistic (Anti-inflammatory), Anti-pruritic, Antipyretic, Anti-scrofulous, and Astringent).





Medical Properties (Balsamic, Bechic, Califacient, Caustic, Cosmetic, Counterirritant, Cutaneous, Cytophylactic, Demulcent, Dermatic, Dessicative, Detergent, Diluent (Attenuant), Discutient).





Medical Properties (Emollient, Exanthematous, Hepatic, Irritant, Maturative, Mucilaginous, Naturant, Necrotic, Opthalmic, Protective, Refrigerant, Revulsive, Rubifacient, Styptic, Vesicant and Vulnerary).





The Central Nervous System; The Autonomic Nervous System; The Brain; The Spinal Cord and Special Sensations; Nerve Centers and Ganglionic Systems; The Auditory Nerve (Ears); The Muscular System (Myology); Striated or Skeletal Muscles; Cardiac Muscle; Ciliary Muscle (Eyes); Heart and Circulatory System; Biosynthetic Drugs that Promote Systematic Effects upon the Muscular and Nervous Systems; Plant Drugs that Directly Affect the Nervous System.





Medical Properties (Analgesic, Anesthetic, Anodyne, Anti-arthritic, Anti-depressant, Anti-epileptic, Anti-hysteric, Anti-rheumatic, Antispasmodic, Calmative, Cell Proliferant, Cephalic, Cycloplegic, Deliriant, Depressant and Excitant).





Medical Properties (Hypnotic, Motor Depressant, Motor Excitant, Miotic, Narcotic, Nervine, Ossiferant, Relaxant, Sedative, Soporific, Spasmolytic and Stupefacient).





The Endocrine (Glandular) System; Male and Female Accessory Glands and Organs; The Female Regenerative Organs; The Male Generative Organs; Actions and Effects of Plant Drugs Upon the Reproductive Organs; Medical Properties (Abortifacients, Adenagic, Anti-abortive, Anti-aphrodisiac, Aphrodisiac, Ecbolic, Emmenagogue, Estrogenic, Galactagogue, Galactophyga, Galactostasis, Oxytocic and Parturient).