Structure of the Gastro-Intestinal Tract (Mouth, Teeth and Mastication, Pharynx, Esophagus, Stomach, Small Intestine (Duodenum), Large Intestine (Colon), Intestinal Digestion, Salivary Glands, Liver, Gall Bladder, and Pancreatic Juice and Bile); Action and Effects of Plant Drugs Upon Nutrition, Metabolism and Heat-Control; Effects of Plant Drugs Upon Secretion and Excretion; Biosynthetic Plant Drugs that Directly Affect the Gastro-Intestinal Tract; Medical Properties (Acidulous, Acrid, Alkalizer, Alterative, Anti-bilious, Anti-diarrheal, Anti-emetic, Anti-scorbutic, and Anti-sialagogue).





Medical Properties (Aperient, Aromatic, Biocatalyst, Bitter, Carminative, Cathartic, Cholagogue, Choleretic, Choleric, Condiment, Cordial, Corrective, Dentifrice, Deobstruent, Deodorant, Digestant and Drastic).





Medical Properties (Emetic, Esculent, Farinaceous, Flavoring Agent, Germicide, Hepatic, Hydragogue, Laxative, Lithontriptic, Nutritive, Peristallic, Pungent, Purgative, Resolvent, Restorative, Salad, Sialagogue, Stomachic, Taeniacide and Tonic).





The Genito-Urinary Tract (Kidneys, Ureters, Bladder and Urethra); Medical Properties (Anhydrotic, Antihilitic, Anti-sudorific, Anti-syphilitic, Diaphoretic, Diuretic, Evacuant, Nephreticum, Nephro-Urinary (Nephritic), Renal, Sudorific and Vaginal Inhibitor).





Structure of the Circulatory System (Blood Vessels, Heart Functions, and the Circulation); Principal Bodily Fluids (Blood, Tissue and Lymph); Structure of the Respiratory System (Air Passageways, Larynx, Trachea, Bronchi, Lungs and Thoracic Cavity); Action and Effects of Plant Drugs Upon the Circulation and Respiration; Plant Drugs that Affect Components of the Circulatory System; Medical Properties (Anti-sclerotic, Anti-asthmatic, Anti-catarrhal, Anti- hemorrhagic, Anti-thrombotic, Anti-tussive, Cardiac Depressant, Cardiac Stimulant, Cardiant, Cardiotonic, Decongestant, Depurative, Detoxicant, Dilator and Expectorant).





Medical Properties (Febrifuge, Hematic, Hematinic, Hemolytic, Hemostatic, Hormonagogue, Hypertensive, Hypocholesterolemic, Hypoglycaemant, Hypoglycemiant, Hypotensive, Pectoral, Resorbent, Sternutatory, Stimulant, Vasoconstrictor and Vasodilator).





Action and Effects of Plant Drugs Upon Pathogenic (Disease-Bearing) or Other Microorganisms and Parasites that Infest the Organism; Medical Properties (Alexipharmic, Antagonist, Antidotes, Anthelmintic, Anti-parasitic, Antiperiodic, Antiseptic, Anti-toxic, Anti-venomous, Anti-zymotic, Bacteriocidal [Anti-bacterial], Bacteriostatic, Disinfectant, Fungicidal [Anti-fungal], Microbicidal [Anti-microbial], Parasiticide, Poisonous, Taeniacide, Taeniafuge, Vermifuge and Viricidal [Anti-viral]).





Action and Effects of Plant Drugs Upon Miscellaneous Therapeutic or Non-Therapeutic Conditions; Medical Properties (Adaptogenic, Adjuvant, Amylolytic, Anti-lithic, Anti-malarial, Balsam, Cerebral Depressant, Cerebral Excitant, Corrigent, Euphoriant, Fetid, Fixative, Fumigant, Hallucinogen, Harmonic, Insecticide, Lenitive, Lubricant, Metabolic, Mitogenetic, Mutagen, Mutagent, Nauseant, Oxytocic, Ornamental, Perfume, Preservative, Saccharine, Saline, Saponaceous, Vehicle and Viscid).