The Founder and Executive Director of Quantum Research Institute is a man with a mission. As a reputable herbalist over the past 46 years, Joseph has been instrumental in helping many thousands of people to regain their health and well-being.

  As a private researcher, Joseph established Quantum Research Institute as a professional research and educational organization in order to discover safe and effective natural herbal remedies. In addition, he has compiled comprehensive scientific and traditional educational data for the treatment of many life-threatening disorders (including AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis, allergies, arthritis, diabetes, infections, to name a few).

   Joseph has researched, developed and tested over 360 different herbal and vibrational formulas on thousands of willing clients over the years, and is now prepared to make these formulations available to the entire world through a project that he initiated this year - the Global Health Crusade! (Refer to About Our Health Crusade.)

  Joseph is also currently writing and publishing comprehensive educational support data that is designed to provide greater insight and awareness regarding the true nature and origins behind each individual's personal health issues, as well as pertinent scientific and traditional information in order to permanently resolve these issues. These reference texts are outlined below:



  Joseph has spent over 20 years compiling a substantial database in order to write this comprehensive Desk Reference, which provides significant data for both practitioners and laypersons alike. All of the 70 Professional Herbal Formulas are thoroughly described in this text, particularly in terms of their medical properties, physiological actions and therapeutic uses. The database was derived from traditional information published in older versions of the United States Pharmacopoeia, the National Formulary and the United States Dispensatory that were formerly employed by the major pharmaceutical companies in order to manufacture various herbal formulas and related preparations during the early part of this century. In addition, recently published scientific research has been compiled and included as well in order to unify the traditional and experiential knowledge of the past with the modern-day scientific approach.

  There are approximately anywhere from 70 to 125 pages of data for each of the 70 Professional Herbal Formulas describing in detail how each of the 24 ingredients in these formulas will affect the human body. There is a substantial bibliography that supports the significant documentation outlined in these texts. It is certainly an important resource tool for those practitioners who desire to make Joseph's Professional Herbal Formulas an important part of their practice, as well as a great reference for those laypersons who wish to become more informed and educated about the true nature and effectiveness of various herbal preparations.

Hardbound Volume 1 -- 2,000+ pages
Includes Professional Herbal Formulas No.'s 1-25

Hardbound Volume 2 -- 2,000+ pages
Includes Professional Herbal Formulas No.'s 26-50

Hardbound Volume 3 -- 2,000+ pages
Includes Professional Herbal Formulas No.'s 51-70
plus a 108-page Ailment Index



  Over 6000 hours of research and writing were required in order to complete both volume 1 and 2 in this series of Desk References, which are formatted in such a manner as to provide easy access to the 74 Professional Vibrational Formulas (for the treatment of various physical disorders) and the 76 Professional Vibrational Formulas (for the treatment of various mental/emotional imbalances). In addition, volumes 3 and 4 will describe the 64 Professional Vibrational Formulas (for various psychological conditions and psycho-spiritual development) as well as the 76 Professional Vibrational Formulas (for various forms of spiritual development).

  The various groupings of vibrational formulations that are outlined in each Desk Reference provide an extremely comprehensive description of their overall effects in terms of various levels of specific activity, namely physiological (physical), biochemical (nutritional), subtle/energetic (vibrational), psychological (mental/emotional) and psycho-spiritual (spiritual psyche).

  Each vibrational formula also contains a complete description of the associated mental or emotional causes behind each physical disorder or ailment-condition, along with suggested healing affirmations. Many compatible combinations are also included in order to provide more comprehensive and overall permanent results.

  Joseph's pioneering efforts have led to the creation of the first comprehensive and Professional Vibrational Formula textbook series.

Hardbound Volume 1 - 543 pages

Hardbound Volume 2 - 459 pages

Hardbound Volume 3 - Not Yet Available

Hardbound Volume 4 - Not Yet Available



  Since its original publication over 15 years ago, the Herbal Desk Reference has met with huge success and acclaim among practitioners, healers, students and laypersons in search of more comprehensive knowledge of herbal medicine.

  This 3-volume text is designed for both practitioner and layperson as a basic everyday reference in the field of natural healing. It is the most complete herbal encyclopedia ever published, and includes data from hundreds of traditional sources.

Outstanding features include:


70 Professional Herbal Formulas

Complete Ailment Index,
including etiology (causes), major symptoms and holistic treatment

Ailment Cross-Reference

Book of Doses (Materia Medica)

Botanical Cross-Reference

Herbal Terminology

Complete Botanical Reference, including English and German common names, botanical names, and pharmacopoeial names

Large Appendix, including symptomatology, medical properties, adjusted dosages, medicinal preparations, collection and preservation of plants, apothecary weights and measures, axioms for remembrance, and an ailment index.

  Each section of this text contains a simple and easy-to-use alphabetical arrangement that requires no separate index.

 Vol. 1 - Hardbound - 1,250 pages

 Vol. 2 - Hardbound - 1,250 pages

 Vol. 3 - Hardbound - 1,250 pages


(P.S. Joseph will be revising the Herbal Desk Reference in the near future. When completed, it will consist of five (5) volumes (5000+ pages) of data that will outline the therapeutic treatments for over 180 different ailment-conditions.)



  Both physicians and health care professionals are currently recognizing the need for a comprehensive and authoritative reference text that outlines the utilization, manufacture and dispensation of the numerous botanicals that are available today. In order to attain the highest degree of professionalism, safety and consistently regarding the effective usage of herbal remedies, a compilation of authoritative botanical monographs is required. The United States Pharmacopoeia formerly served this purpose, but the advent of synthetic drug companies has caused it to become only a resource tool for various synthetic drug preparations.

  The Universal Herbal Pharmacopoeia will consist of 10 volumes (approx. 15,000 pages) of comprehensive data describing over 1,000 botanical monographs. Each monograph will provide significant subject topics about each particular herb, including:  


Natural Order, Plant Family, Genus/Species, Tribe, Etymology, Botanical Origin, Sexual System, English Common Names, Synonyms, Botanical & Histological Characteristics, History & Folklore, Habitat, Production & Commerce, Part Used, Chemical Constituents, Nutritional Components, Medical Properties, Physiological Action, Therapeutic Uses (Including Flower Essence & Gemstone Therapy), Dosage & Administration, Toxicology & Contraindications, Adulterants, Compatible & Incompatible Combinations, Synergists, Grade of Temperament, Astrological Affinity, Related Species & Products, Tests, Photographs or Line Drawings, and Official Pharmaceutical Preparations.

  This undertaking by Joseph and his staff of technical writers will produce THE most comprehensive encyclopedic text on botanical medicine, and will become a reference standard throughout the world.

Hardbound - 10 Volumes

Available -- Not Yet Available