The following is excerpted from The Professional's Herbal Formula Handbook No. 3, comprising 62 pages of traditional information and recent scientific data that describes the medical properties, physiological action and therapeutic uses for each of the 24 ingredients outlined in this formula.


Adaptogenic, alterative, anabolic, anti-cachexic, anti-depressant, anti-dyscratic, anti-fatigue, antioxidant, calmative, eutrophic, immuno-potentiating, immuno-stimulant, relaxant, rejuvenative, restorative, sedative, stimulant (circulatory and secretolytic), tonic and vasodilator.



Alleviates any general fluids dyscrasia (abnormal or pathological condition) within the blood vessels, tissue-systems or mucous membranes that leads to various degenerative conditions associated with any addictive tendencies towards alcohol, caffeine, chemicals, drugs or food, and eliminates any form of cachexia (state of malnourishment and general debility) within the blood vessels, tissue-systems or mucous membranes throughout the entire organism in order to provide increased protection against any nutritional deficiencies or insufficiency associated with the excessive use of synthetic chemicals, recreational drugs or alcoholic beverages; acts as a eutrophic (mood-elevating agent) by increasing and regulating the metabolism of the brain in order to counteract any form of severe depression or various depressive states, and alleviates any cognitive disorders (secondary to depression) by providing more positive and beneficial effects upon various mood-swings; displays powerful sedative and restorative activity upon the nervous system, and regulates the levels of various neuro-transmitters in the brain in order to counteract any short-term memory loss, lack of alertness, various depressive states or other neurological disorders; protects against any nerve degeneration, while preserving the functional capabilities of the various neurotransmitters; eliminates any reduced capability of the neurotransmitters to transport nerve impulses into the synapse by stimulating the release of chemical neurotransmitters known as catecholamines (namely, epinephrine and norepinephrine), thereby improving the overall functional capabilities of the entire network of catecholaminergic glandular, cardiovascular and nervous systems; inhibits any enzymatic breakdown of the neurotransmitters, and improves the synthesis and turnover rate of all cerebral neurotransmitters; increases the rate of information-processing on neuronal levels in those conditions involving deteriorating mental functions associated with the excessive use of various addictive substances, and lessens any diminished intellectual capabilities; relieves any form of dementia accompanied by forgetfulness, incoordination, failing speech, visual and auditory dysfunctions, or lack of mental acuity, due to the excessive abuse of alcohol or narcotics; re-activates the noradrenergic system in the cerebral cortex in order to prevent any premature aging effects caused by substance abuse problems, and promotes increased activity in the central adrenergic system; displays significant regression of the major symptoms associated with cerebral vascular insufficiency and impaired cerebral performance caused by the long-term effects of substance abuse, including short-term memory loss, impaired concentration or intellectual capabilities, equilibrium disorders (such as vertigo or dizziness), headaches, tinnitis, and lack of vigilence ("get up and go" capabilities); removes any cerebral insufficiency or weakness associated with a lack of mental health or vitality (accompanied by mental confusion and frequent depression), and increases the number of appropriate cholinergic receptor sites in the brain in order to revitalize any decreasingly ineffective cerebral tissue functions associated with excessive substance abuse; increases the metabolic activities throughout the brain while regulating any capillary or venous blood flows to the brain cells or tissue-systems;, thereby counteracting any severe forms of depression or various depressive states; improves the overall psychometric procedural performances, and displays anabolic and eutrophic effects in order to directly enhance the metabolic health of the cells and tissue-systems throughout the entire organism; provides protective effects against the formation of cerebral ischemia, and prevents any organ or tissue damage or dysfunction caused by environmental toxins, recreational or syntheic drugs, or lowered oxygen levels in the brain tissues; provides greater tonicity to the vein that is essential to the dynamic elimination of various toxic metabolites, especially those that accumulate during lowered oxygen levels; prevents the development of any free-radical damage or deterioration to the myelin insulating sheath that surrounds the nerves and brain cells, due to the presence of (1) heteroside flavonoids (quercetin, kaempferol and isorhamnetin), (2) coumarin esters of quercetin, kaempferol and isorhamnetin, proanthocyanidins (ionized flavonoids), and (3) catechins; stimulates the release of endogenous relaxing factors in the arterial endothelium, such as prostacyclin and EDRF; exhibits anabolic activity in order to accelerate the production of DNA and RNA (which enhances the production of proteins in the form of antibodies), while increasing protein and lipid synthesis in the bone marrow and DNA/RNA content in the adrenals and lymph nodes (along with increased body weight and enhanced re-synthesis of glycogen and high-energy phosphate compounds); demonstrates powerful adaptogenic (balancing and strengthening) activity upon the endocrine glands, immune system, and both the central and peripheral nervous systems, thereby increasing non-specific resistance towards any adverse influences or stressful conditions associated with the excessive abuse of various addictive substances (such as alcohol, caffeine, synthetic drugs, narcotics and other toxic chemicals); accelerates the rate of information-recall during any short-term memory loss by acting directly upon the central cognitive processes within the brain, and promotes increased cerebral perfusion (proper infiltration of blood through the brain tissues); re-establishes effective tissue perfusion throughout the entire organism, and increases the perfusion rate to various areas of the vascular system (e.g., arterial, arteriolar, microcirculatory, venular and venous components); protects against any damage to the walls of the blood vessels, and increases the tonicity of those capillaries that transport blood directly to the brain tissues; improves the quality and quantity of the microcirculation, thereby increasing blood flows to all the vital tissues and organs (such as the heart and brain); exhibits immuno-potentiating and immuno-stimulatory effects in order to enhance greater long-term immune potential and overall non-specific systemic immunity (or immune cell activity) and increased immune response (by activating the body's natural defense mechanisms), particularly in relation to the repair and restoration of any damaged or congested blood vessels, tissue-systems or mucous membranes throughout the entire organism; acts as a secretolytic stimulant in order to promote increased gastric, pancreatic or intestinal secretory and motor activity, and enhances greater peripheral circulation (due to its antioxidant activity); exhibits significant antioxidant effects in order to provide greater oxygen-transport capabilities throughout the bloodstream, as well as enhance the transport of additional oxygen directly into the cells and tissue-systems throughout the entire organism; acts as a circulatory stimulant by increasing the blood flows through the arteries and blood vessels in order to enhance greater nutrient transport, absorption and utilization, thereby accelerating the healing processes associated with the repair of any damaged mucous membranes or tissue-systems; demonstrates significant rejuvenative and restorative properties upon the basic plasma tissue-systems throughout the entire organism, thereby enhancing the production of vital bodily fluids while providing greater enrichment through increased assimilation of the various organic mineral salts; accelerates the recuperative processes that are essential in order to overcome any chronic debilitating or degenerative diseases or illnesses, while facilitating greater recovery response during convalescence in order to regain optimal health and well-being; displays alterative activity in order to correct any disordered bodily function, thereby activating increased alterations in both metabolic and tissue functions as a defensive measure against the onset of acute or chronic disease; exhibits restorative effects in order to regain increased vigor or vitality and greater strength, while enhancing normal tissue and metabolic functional capabilities; demonstrates alterative and restorative properties in order to re-establish healthy systemic functional capabilities, as well as to establish greater vascular tone throughout the entire organism (due to its ability to stimulate increased secretory flows); exhibits alterative effects in order to stimulate the anabolic growth processes, thereby enhancing the repair of any degenerated, deteriorated and debilitated cells or tissues (while promoting the elimination of any catabolic waste materials); displays tonifying effects in order to permanently enhance the overall energy-levels throughout the entire organism, without adversely affecting the functional capabilities of any particular organ or system.