Ingredients Traditionally Used to Alleviate



Bayberry Root-Bark
(Myrica cerifera)
Bee Pollen
(Capsicum frutescens)
Cranesbill Root
(Geranium maculatum)
Echinacea Root
(Echinacea angustifolia)
(Allium sativum)
Golden Seal Root
(Hydrastis canadensis)
Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza glabra)
Linden Flowers (Tilia europaea)
Saint John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum)
Saw Palmetto Berries (Serenoa serrulata)
White Willow Bark (Salix alba)
Wild Cherry Bark (Prunus virginiana)
Yarrow Flowers (Achillea millefolium)


Angelica Root
(Angelica archangelica)
Black Walnut Bark
(Juglans nigra)
(Nepeta cataria)
Dandelion Root
(Taraxacum officinale)
(Hyssopus officinalis)
Myrrh Gum (Balsamodendron myrrha)
Pau D'Arco Bark (Tabebuia heptaphylla)
Pleurisy Root (Asclepias tuberosa)
Red Raspberry Leaves (Rubus idaeus)
Witch Hazel Bark (Hamamelis virginiana)



(Adenoids) Family friction; arguments; child feeling unwelcome or in the way; self-pity; going over information in one's thoughts about what can be productive without any intention to change, which is a misuse of the will.
(Canker Sores) Festering words held back by one's lips; blame; insecurity in expressing one's thoughts.
(Esophagus Problems) Difficulty in receiving information.
(Laryngitis) So mad that one cannot speak; fear of speaking up; resentment of authority; holding back on what is desired to be said.
(Lump in Throat) Fear; not trusting the process of life; refusal to use the will in order to express one's thoughts.
(Mononucleosis or Glandular Fever) Anger at not receiving love and appreciation; no longer caring for the Self; indecision that is practiced over an extended period of time regarding a particular issue or experience that is never resolved; desiring to remove one's Self from situations, due to a lack of purpose in the Self; being angry about not fulfilling one's true desires, and blaming the environment.
(Mouth) Represents the taking in of new ideas and nourishment.
(Mouth Disorders) Set opinions; closed mind; incapacity to take in new ideas; difficulty with expressing one's thoughts.
(Periodonitis or Pyorrhea) Anger at one's inability to make decisions; wishy-washy attitude; neglect of nurturing one's Self; neglect of the Self.
(Quinsy) Strong belief that one cannot speak up for oneself and ask for their needs to be fulfilled.
(Sore Throat) Holding in angry words; feeling unable to express the Self; indecision or hesitation to take action.
(Strep Throat) Inability to speak up for one's Self; swallowed anger; stifled creativity; refusal to change; manipulating with the emotions as a misuse of one's will.
(Stuttering) Insecurity; lack of self-expression; not being allowed to cry; insecurity in communicating one's thoughts; doubt in one's ability to communicate.
(Throat) Represents the avenue of expression and the channel of one's creativity.
(Throat Disorders) Inability to express one's Self; misuse of the understanding of the use of one's will.
(Tongue) Represents the ability to taste the pleasures of life with joy.
(Tonsilitis) Fear; repressed emotions; stifled creativity; passivity in the use of one's will; anger caused by indecisiveness towards fulfilling one's desires.


(Adenoids) I am welcomed and wanted and deeply loved. I make five decisions each day, and produce action on them by exercising my will. I imagine my Self doing whatever activity I want to do, and being the person I want to be.
(Canker Sores) I create only joyful experiences in my loving world. The only person that can really approve of me is myself. At the end of each day, I examine and review that day in order to discover any opportunities that I could have used to communicate better with others.
(Esophagus Problems) I observe how my senses function as receiving stations. No learning occurs without receiving.
(Laryngitis) I am free to ask for what I want. It is safe to express myself. I am at peace. I am not afraid of being hurt by expressing what I honestly think and see. I maintain the other person's best interests in mind so that communicating will become easier.
(Lump in Throat) I am safe. I trust that Life is here for me. I express myself freely and joyously. I do something to complete that which has been imagined.
(Mononucleosis or Glandular Fever) I love, appreciate and take care of myself. I am enough. I activate greater purpose in my life. I perceive how each activity towards a specific goal will add to my Self.
(Mouth) I nourish myself with love.
(Mouth Disorders) I welcome new ideas and new concepts, and prepare them for digestion and assimilation. I go ahead and say what is on my mind, for it is not worth getting sick by suppressing what I think and feel.
(Periodonitis or Pyorrhea) I approve of myself. My decisions are always perfect for me. I find ways to prove to my Self that I am a valuable person. I love my Self into a greater existence.
(Quinsy) It is my birthright to have my needs met. I now ask for what I want with love and with ease.
(Sore Throat) I release all restrictions, and I am free to be me. I make determination a part of my life. I do not take no for an answer.
(Strep Throat) I express myself freely and joyously. I speak up for myself with ease. I express my creativity. I am willing to change. I stop trying to get others to fulfill my desires, and start action on my Self towards my desires so that others may wish to share in my fulfillment.
(Stuttering) I am free to speak up for myself. I am now secure in my own expression. I communicate only with love. Security comes from repeated success, and success begins with having a clear mental picture of that which is desired to occur.
(Throat) I open my heart and sing the joys of love.
(Throat Disorders) I express myself freely and joyously. I make ten decisions each day that are different from the previous day, and act upon them immediately.
I rejoice in all of my life's bountiful givingness.
(Tonsilitis) My good now flows freely. Divine ideas express themselves through me. I am at peace. I am no longer angry at myself or others for not doing anything about my desires. I now initiate the activity that I have been procrastinating upon.



Base ingredients consist of natural herbal botanicals that assist in alleviating any tonsillitis and various other throat disorders, including adenoids, canker sores, laryngitis, mononucleosis, mumps, periodonitis, quinsy, sore throat, stomatitis, strep throat or stuttering.

The specific medical properties, physiological action and therapeutic uses for each of the primary and secondary ingredients in this formula (as described in The Professional's Herbal Formula Handbook No. 66) will be forthcoming.



Herbal Formulas


Adults and Teenagers

15 to 30 drops every 4 hours (acute conditions), or
15 to 30 drops every 2 hours (chronic conditions), or 15 to 30 drops every hour (terminal conditions), or
as directed by your doctor.


Children (1 to 12 years)

5 to 10 drops every 4 hours (acute conditions), or
5 to 10 drops every 2 hours (chronic conditions), or
5 to 10 drops every hour (terminal conditions), or
as directed by your doctor.


Children (under 1 year)

3 to 5 drops every 4 hours (acute conditions), or
3 to 5 drops every 2 hours (chronic conditions), or
3 to 5 drops every hour (terminal conditions), or
as directed by your doctor.


(Note: 15 drops is equivalent to 1/2 dropperful)


The best times to ingest these formulas each day (acute conditions only): (1) Upon awakening, (2) around noon, (3) late afternoon or before the evening meal, and (4) before bedtime.



 All of our herbal formulas are consistently manufactured under strict laboratory supervision, using only the freshest and finest ingredients possible. All alcohol employed during the manufacture of the 70 Professional Herbal Formulas has been removed by the laboratory, and natural vegetable glycerin has been added as a preservative. Each of the 1-ounce bottles of the herbal formulas will provide an approximate 12-day supply, while the 2-ounce bottles will usually last 24 days when using the recommended dosage for acute conditions.