Alleviates the early stages of all viral or bacterial inflammations, including any infectious or inflammatory conditions in the vaginal or urinary tract and in the nerve tissue-endings; relieves any infectious blood disorders, destroys any harmful bacteria and other microorganisms, neutralizes any excessive uric acid accumulations, and eliminates any autointoxication throughout the entire organism; protects against any infectious or contagious diseases, while removing any chronic suppurations, septic or fistula processes or feverish conditions; eliminates any unnecessary viruses throughout the entire organism by cleansing the intestinal tract, thereby flushing any invasive toxins or acid bacteria from the intestines; releases any extreme toxemia (chronic systemal toxicity) from the fatty (adipose) tissues or the cellular level of the body, due to the pulsation of the biocrystalline structures from a crystal to a liquid state; provides greater physical vitality, thereby strengthening the blood circulation and increasing the oxygenation of the cellular tissues; acts as a disinfectant by purifying and invigorating the blood on the cellular level, especially the red corpuscles; produces increased antibodies for any spinal column inflammation while promoting complete tissue regeneration on the cellular level, and alleviates any poor immune response with a tendency toward parasitic infection; stimulates the natural flora (alkaline bacteria) throughout the intestinal tract, thereby strengthening the body's immune system; acts as a natural antibiotic on a microbial level in order to directly affect the energetic processes that allow for the replication of the invading organism, and further enhances the body's immune system mechanisms.



Aids in increasing and improving the absorption or assimilation of essential nutrients into the cellular tissues, particularly calcium, iron, lecithin, magnesium, phosphorus, silica, silicon, and vitamins A, B-Complex, C and E.



Activates the biomagnetic, bioelectrical and biocrystalline properties in the physical body, thereby enhancing communication between the subtle bodies; amplifies the discharge of ethereal toxicity from the system by dispelling any mental or emotional toxins (negative thought-forms) into the subtle bodies and ethers, where they are ultimately transformed and disintegrated; amplifies the ethereal fluidium in the etheric body, as well as the biocrystalline properties in the physical body; accelerates the process of condensing vast amounts of energy into the etheric body in small quantities, which is then transmitted to the physical body; strengthens the etheric body, thereby increasing the ability of the life force (prana) to penetrate the pores of the skin; activates the astral and causal bodies, while aligning the emotional and etheric bodies; aligns the emotional body with the mental body, thereby alleviating any tension throughout the intestinal tract; re-establishes a proper balance between the emotional and etheric bodies, thereby eliminating various forms of inflammation (particularly during periods of stress); aligns the mental, etheric and integrated spiritual bodies, which spiritualizes the intellect; strengthens all the meridians and nadis, and improves the flow of energy throughout the entire meridian system; activates all the chakras, and eases the heavy metal and petrochemical miasms.



Alleviates various mental imbalances that lead to profound alienation, and eases those psychological states that place additional stress upon the nervous system or the subconscious mind; eliminates any feelings associated with anger, annoyance, anxiety, bitterness, fears (including hidden fears), frustration, inhibitions or irritation, and alleviates a state of apathy or resignation while easing any disorientation (or confusion) and various hostile issues; removes any fear, paranoia, or nervousness when confronting various mental or emotional issues by crystallizing greater objectivity in the mental and emotional bodies, and lessens one's vulnerability to the thoughts or negative intentions of others; protects against any negative emotional influences, including thought-forms or extreme emotionalism; eases any patterns of procrastination or resistance, and stabilizes a person undergoing any mental or emotional stress by integrating the mental and emotional bodies to function more as a single unit; integrates the mental body's influences evenly throughout the nervous system, thereby allowing the intellect to directly enter all levels of the body so that the conscious mind exerts greater control over the normal reflexive actions of the physical body; allows any previously unconscious thought-patterns or ideas from the subconscious mind to surface and be released, and promotes an easier understanding of the true purpose behind one's thought-forms; allows any hidden fears or feelings of anger (which are deeply embedded within the subconscious mind) to remain there until an individual chooses to remove them, thereby allowing one's insecurities to be gradually released; allows for deeper states of emotional release, thereby fully focusing an individual's awareness on the realization of the causes behind one's emotional blockages; enhances one's ability to "let go" of the past in relation to its emotional effect on an individual's present life-pattern, and activates the formation of more positive emotions on the etheric level.



Addresses many forms of nervous fear that arise from the overly intense activity of various elemental beings in the astral body while eliminating various forms of psychic toxicity, as well as any psychic indigestion or overwhelming nervous influences; consolidates and unifies the astral body, thereby bringing it into greater harmony with the physical and etheric bodies and the spiritual ego; removes any tendency toward stagnation, or the inability to move forward toward change; relieves the inability to contact one's inherent sense of self-dignity, and enhances the ability to contact and maintain an integrated sense of the Self (especially when severely challenged); improves one's overall self-esteem, thereby providing greater self-acceptance and self-approval; accelerates those processes that allow an individual to know themselves better, and uplifts an individual to a higher and more expanded form of consciousness in order to more objectively examine their mental or emotional difficulties; promotes greater clarity of expression and motivation, along with a sense of inner confidence; develops greater courage and will-power in order to move forward in life while enhancing greater clearsightedness, and provides clearer insight into the purpose and direction of one's life; develops more inner discipline and the ability to integrate certain aspects of the Self in order to function more effectively, and allows for a deeper acceptance of several different viewpoints; enhances the ability to allow, welcome and accept new changes, new abilities, and new forms of perception, and stimulates an energetic response in order to help overcome any apparent blocks to one's overall progress or personal transformation; activates a sense of enthusiasm and urgency, and assists the soul in centering and grounding its tremendous enthusiasm in order to regulate and harmonize the spiritual forces; stimulates and awakens the true inner Self, and enhances the ability to persist in the further development of one's true Self; develops stronger ideals and convictions that are embodied in the Self, and promotes strong forces of passionate idealism; enhances one's ability to absorb and experience the fullness of life, especially sensorial impressions; allows the soul to learn to discriminate and clarify sensory experience in order to better appreciate elegance, strength and beauty in other people, and promotes more unitive consciousness in order to enhance the manipulation and understanding of various energy-fields as feelings in themselves; provides greater clarity and focus towards the spiritual consequences behind the lessons to be learned in one's life-pattern, and enhances one's capability for initiating and sustaining both their emotional and spiritual development; enhances the processes involving interdimensional energy transmission, reception and utilization, while balancing and stabilizing the abundant light that radiates from the upper energy centers (chakras) by directing it into the lower centers so that the Self has more vitality and solidity; provides a sense of wholeness that imparts greater strength and active resistance while restoring the soul's true Self-identity and essential dignity, and promotes more compassionate awareness, inclusive sensitivity and beneficial healing forces; allows an individual to become more aware of their inability to give or receive love, and activates those principles or ideals wherein an individual needs to stimulate greater joyfulness, flexibility and lightness.