Activates greater tissue regeneration capabilities for the entire female reproductive system, and eases any hormonal imbalances while restoring greater virility by rejuvenating the reproductive organs.



Activates the biomagnetic, bioelectrical and biocrystalline properties in the physical body, thereby enhancing communication between the subtle bodies; amplifies the discharge of ethereal toxicity from the system by dispelling any mental or emotional toxins (negative thought-forms) into the subtle bodies and ethers, where they are ultimately transformed and disintegrated; strengthens the etheric body, and improves the alignment between the astral, mental, emotional and etheric bodies; removes any confusion from the emotional body, thereby increasing one's mental clarity; aligns the 11th chakra with the 3rd and 4th chakras, particularly in those women who are clearly devoted to a spiritual path.



Alleviates any forms of psychosomatic illnesses that are associated with unnatural fears, sexual over-sensitivity, deep disappointment, feelings of inferiority, sexual impotency or a lack of self-confidence, and eases any depression, heat flashes or nervous tension; dispels any fears, negativity, intense stress, or various other tensions associated with death or the aging process, and eases the mid-life (or menopausal) crisis in the feminine soul by relieving any psychological tension; releases any mental or emotional blockages or hidden fears that are stored in one's subconscious mind, and provides greater insight into any hidden or conscious fears or paranoias in order for them to be overcome; relieves any melancholy or excessive worry, and releases any anger, ego conflict or frustration in one's life by balancing the yin and yang qualities; removes any anxiety associated with feelings of resentment, and eases any depression associated with self-reproach that is directed towards one's sexual make-up; alleviates any excessive interests in one's sexuality issues, and increases one's access to their subconscious mind in order to liberate any old memories or sexual neuroses; removes any tendency to create emotional barriers, as well as the inability to reach out to others; focuses or concentrates energy into the heart as emotional imbalances are being confronted and resolved, and alleviates any over-stimulation of one's mental faculty while augmenting both physical and mental vitality; calms and soothes any uneasy mental states (such as mental confusion or disorientation), and develops greater mental balance or serenity.



Alleviates any ambivalence or confusion regarding one's feminine creativity, and removes the inability to fully realize one's feminine creative forces (due to inner confusion or turmoil); aids an individual in overcoming any insecurities regarding their physical appearance or the acceptance of their femininity, and generates tremendous psycho-spiritual self-confidence; increases one's self-acceptance, and provides more inner strength during those transitional periods of stress involving the acceptance or rejection of oneself; eases any form of identity crisis concerning one's sexuality, and emphasizes a change in one's point of view concerning their overall self-image; assists those individuals who often hide their emotions or resist change in their life, and provides a greater philosophical acceptance of those changes that occur in one's daily life-pattern; balances the personality structure with one's sexuality, and aligns the entire personality structure to the level of the biological (intuitive) personality; balances and integrates one's emotional nature towards increased sensitivity, while transforming an individual from their baser sexual responses to true levels of sensitivity; enhances greater insight into one's personal problems, and generates the wisdom of understanding as a basis for solving any sexual issues or conflicts; increases communication between the conscious and subconscious minds and the autonomic nervous system, thereby enabling an individual to become more closely attuned to the needs of their physical body; provides a sense of overall stability, and enhances the attainment of those hidden resources that result in greater mental or psychological well-being; develops a sense of nurturing (or a recognition of a need for nurturance), and creates a sense of dignity for those experiencing a mid-life crisis; encourages an individual towards greater social involvement, and promotes more open-hearted sharing and friendliness; energizes one's feminine qualities, and balances the female nature on higher spiritual levels; promotes more positive feminine creativity, as well as more conscious alignment with the feminine creative Self in order for an individual to more clearly perceive their true destiny and proper choices in life.