Alleviates any imbalances in the kidneys, lungs or spleen, and regenerates the skin tissues, skeletal structure and liver (including all of its activities); dissolves any fatty tissues while discharging viruses, and stimulates the connective tissues throughout the entire physical body on the cellular level; enhances all biomolecular functions (including cellular mitosis) while activating general tissue regeneration, and strengthens the blood cells and plasma in relation to tissue regeneration; stimulates the endocrine system while strengthening the adrenals, and enhances the lymphatic system while augmenting the activities of the pancreas, pituitary, thymus and thyroid glands; regenerates the body's immune system, and repairs any chromosomal damage; strengthens the entire circulatory system, and provides greater elasticity to the blood vessels and all other cellular tissues; alleviates any blood disorders, including any difficulties with the production of white blood cells (leukocytes); enhances the formation of hemoglobin and plasma, and aids the chlorophyll in the blood; improves overall capillary activity, and increases the production of red blood corpuscles; activates the entire circulatory system in order to better transport oxygen and nutrients to various parts of the body, particularly the pancreas; increases the oxygenation of the cells on a cellular level, while strengthening and cleansing both iron and hemoglobin so that those portions of the physical body that are lacking in sufficient oxygen are replenished; eliminates any excessive acidity or ulcerous conditions in the stomach, as well as any deterioration of muscular tissue (due to toxemia not being properly eliminated from the cellular tissues of the musculature); balances the entire cardiovascular system on both the physical and cellular levels, and strengthens the heart in order to deal with the additional toxins that flow into the system during the cleansing process (particularly from a discharge of toxicity in the musculature); strengthens the entire respiratory system while easing those disorders that are directly associated with excessive mucus accumulation, and regulates the amount of mucus accumulation in the system by clearing the throat, lungs, sinuses and nasal passages; regenerates the entire nervous system, and coordinates the activities of the brain with the central nervous system; prevents any blockages or the accumulation of unnecessary electrical capabilities within the neuron structures and cellular tissues of the brain, and provides greater strength during periods of increased activity; regenerates neurological tissues on the cellular level that extend forth from the vertebrae, which aids in the proper assimilation of essential nutrients; activates the physical body's natural forces, as well as the visionary capabilities in the physical body on the cellular level.



Allows the cellular tissues to adapt to the minimal properties of any available minerals, and therefore aids in the much more efficient absorption of these essential nutrients; balances the metabolism, activates the chelation process, and allows all the glandular forces in the physical body to release and recycle those nutrients that are stored in the fatty (adipose) tissue; improves the assimilation of all nutrients in the cells, and increases the nutrient absorption properties throughout the intestinal tract; assimilates the entire spectrum of vitamins and minerals, particularly throughout the musculature and nervous system; enhances one's ability to assimilate nutrient values, which is the key to the components of many aspects of one's physical health; increases and enhances the assimilation of calcium, copper, cobalt, gold, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, silver and zinc, as well as vitamins A, B-Complex, D and E; strengthens the colon, thyroid, parasympathetic nervous system, and lower intestinal tract (especially the villi) for the increased assimilation of nutrients, and alleviates any indigestion; improves the digestive capabilities by stimulating the digestive juices, while strengthening the villi located in the small intestine; energizes the digestive juices throughout the abdominal region, thereby allowing the intestinal tract to better assimilate the proper nutrient values (as well as alleviate any physical body cravings that may exist); balances the physical body cravings so that an individual can develop greater intuitive capabilities for proper food absorption, and stimulates various enzymes associated with the proper assimilation of food (particularly an increased production of pancreatic enzymes on the cellular level); alleviates any difficulties associated with the assimilation of certain forms of protein, as well as any disorders caused by protein deficiencies (such as an inability to assimilate protein); enhances the absorption and utilization of protein, especially when making the transition to vegetarianism; assists the physical body in assimilating those mineral properties that are necessary in order to maintain a good state of health during the fasting process, and eliminates any excessive lactic acid that usually accumulates during strenuous exercise; removes any stored toxins from the digestive tract, particularly throughout the colon; increases one's ability to quickly assimilate through the skin those nutrients that are employed during the aromatherapy process while allowing the skin tissues to act as a collecting agent by feeding the body intracutaneously (through the pores of the skin) with the various microbes that inhabit the atmosphere, as well as allowing the white corpuscles to assist in this assimilation process while the spleen and colon become a focal point for the re-assimilation of these essential nutrients.



Amplifies the biomagnetic, bioelectrical and biocrystalline properties in the physical body, thereby enhancing communication between the subtle bodies; amplifies the discharge of ethereal toxicity from the system by dispelling any mental or emotional toxins (negative thought-forms) into the subtle bodies and ethers, where they are ultimately transformed and disintegrated; stabilizes the distribution of the ethereal fluidium throughout the physical body while acting as a conveyer of certain properties in the ethereal fluidium, as well as a bonding agent that connects the various subtle bodies to the ethereal fluidium in the etheric body; augments the ethereal fluidium in the cellular walls in order to more effectively eliminate waste products, thereby aiding in the general assimilation of various nutrients into the system; alleviates those degenerative diseases caused by a misalignment of the ethereal fluidium that surrounds the cellular walls, while increasing or decreasing any neurological activity in various parts of the body by strengthening that portion of the etheric body which surrounds the neurological tissues; activates the etheric esophagus, and enhances the ability of the etheric body to absorb and interact with vibrational levels from all the other subtle bodies; strengthens the etheric body, which makes it easier for the life force (prana) to enter the physical body; energizes the connection between the physical and etheric bodies, and activates the mental body in order to increase one's sensitivity; stabilizes the astral body, and strengthens the thermal body (a combination of the etheric body and the heat of the physical body); improves the alignment between the physical and etheric bodies in order to enhance the attunement of the ethereal fluidium around the cellular tissues, and aligns the mental, emotional and integrated spiritual bodies in order for them to function more as a single unit; aligns the emotional and etheric bodies, which creates more emotional stability; aligns the mental, emotional and etheric bodies, thereby creating a more balanced emotional state while improving protein assimilation and energizing the biological (intuitive) personality; aligns the astral, emotional and etheric bodies, thereby stabilizing the personality structure; aligns all the subtle bodies in a specific manner in order to stimulate tissue regeneration of the skin and all the internal organs, with the exception of the glandular system; activates the brow, heart and solar plexus chakras, as well as the balancing capabilities of the heart chakra; activates the crown chakra, which temporarily cleanses the subconscious mind; releases additional energy into the 5th chakra, which can then extend into the physical body, throat region and the digestive system by means of the saliva (and even the stomach acid); strengthens and energizes all the meridians, nadis, and individual acupressure points, and alleviates all the miasms; amplifies the yin and qualities, and balances the yin and yang energies throughout the entire meridian system.



Alleviates all emotional imbalances or hidden fears, and eases any nervous tension; removes any unnecessary stress that is stored in the personality structure, and eases any emotional stress that directly affects the abdomen, musculature or skeletal structure; re-channels any stress or anxiety through the meridian system, thereby removing any strain upon the neurological tissues; develops greater flexibility when dealing with emotional problems, and controls the temperament; enhances one's mental clarity, and stimulates greater mental control.



Activates the psycho-spiritual dynamics within an individual, and allows an individual to better understand the principles associated with the 3rd chakra; protects an individual from any over-indulgences by enhancing a greater understanding of the vibrations associated with food, and develops more inner discipline and the ability to integrate certain aspects of the Self in order to function more effectively; strengthens one's will-power in order to assist in the removal of any negative habit-patterns, and provides more self-discipline, moderation and balanced judgement; enables an individual to better accept the conditions of life, especially those that relate to one's personal karmic pattern; removes the inability to take inner responsibility for one's own healing process, and eliminates any excessive form of dependency on others for assistance in the healing process; alleviates any lack of motivation towards one's spiritual desire for wellness, and enables the Self to believe in (and affirm) its own capability for recovery and restoration by contacting its deep wellsprings of healing potential; balances and re-directs one's spiritual forces in order to develop more healing forces from within the Self, and stimulates greater knowledge of the Self while integrating the Higher Self with those forces that are a functioning part of the ego by building the tapestry that ultimately becomes the personality structure; increases the basic sensitivity and consciousness of the conscious mind, while enhancing and harmonizing the higher consciousness in order to integrate one's spirituality with the other energy-centers (chakras) in a more balanced manner; stimulates a sense of practicality, and promotes a more healthy and vital sense of the Self; balances the psycho-spiritual structure, as well as the masculine and feminine properties; promotes more meditative insight and synthesis, and provides a deeper sense of wellness and wholeness.