Ingredients Traditionally Used to Alleviate


Amethyst Quartz
Blue Flag
Carbon Steel
Dark Opal
Four Leaf Clover
Lapis Lazuli
Spessartine Garnet
White Quartz


(Addison's Disease) Severe emotional malnutrition; anger at the Self; suppression of one's emotions.
(Adrenal Problems) Defeatism; no longer caring for the Self; anxiety; emotional repression, particularly in regard to reacting with fear rather than causing desire.
(Cushing's Disease) Mental imbalance; overproduction of crushing ideas; a feeling of being overpowered; imagining the Self to be the child when there is the need for maturity in the Self.
(Glandular Problems) Poor distribution of get-up-and-go ideas; holding oneself back; desire to remove oneself from situations, due to a lack of purpose in the Self; blaming the environment or others for not fulfilling one's true desires.
(Goiter) Hatred for being inflicted upon; victim; feeling thwarted in life; unfulfilled; stubbornness in holding on to decisions made in the past that no longer apply to the present; passivity in the use of one's Will.
(Hyperthyroidism) Rage at being left out; making choices or decisions without thought or responsibility as to their consequences; scattering of one's attention so that there is not the completion of thoughts; Will is directed rapidly and weakly for short periods of time in many directions which dilutes the effectiveness of one's Will.
(Hypothyroidism) Giving up; feeling hopelessly stifled; mental laziness.


(Addison's Disease) I lovingly take care of my body, my mind, and my emotions. I share my feelings with others. I open up and become honest with what I am experiencing inside so that my emotions do not become blown out of proportion.
(Adrenal Problems) I love and approve of myself. It is safe for me to care for myself. I can emotionally verbalize my productive desires and insights. I give of myself instead of worrying about other people's reactions.
(Cushing's Disease) I lovingly balance my mind and my body. I now choose thoughts that make me feel good. I do something productive each day. I expand my horizons.
(Glandular Problems) I have all the Divine ideas and activity I need. I move forward right now. I activate purpose in my life. I perceive how each activity toward a goal will add to my Self.
(Goiter) I am the power and authority in my life. I am free to be me. I replace compulsive thinking with Will and decision-making. I have an open mind to hearing new ideas. I create more direction in the exchange of the giving and receiving cycle.
(Hyperthyroidism) I am at the center of life, and I approve of all that I see of myself. I practice making decisions each day. I examine my life in order to discover all the habitual tendencies that I practice each day.
(Hypothyroidism) I create a new life with new rules that totally support me. I challenge myself to imagine, to remember, to decide, and to reason. I build a strong Will by developing a purpose for everything I do.


Base ingredients consist of flower essences and gem elixirs that assist in alleviating the underlying mental/emotional causes for various forms of thyroid or adrenal gland disorders, including Addison's or Cushing's disease, goiter, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism; removes the negative mental/emotional attitudes (see
Mental/Emotional Causes) associated with these conditions or imbalances.

The specific physiological, biochemical, subtle/energetic, psychological and psycho-spiritual actions of this formula (as described in The Professional's Vibrational Formula Handbook No. 139) can be viewed here, or individually as follows:

Physiological (Physical)
Biochemical (Nutritional)
Subtle/Energetic (Vibrational)
Psychological (Mental/Emotional)
Psycho-Spiritual (Spiritual Psyche)


 Vibrational Formulas

5 to 10 drops directly under the tongue for up to 60 seconds (in order for it to interact with the enzymes in the saliva for better assimilation), or in a glass of distilled or natural spring water, 4 times a day.

(CAUTION: Do not ingest with hot water or other similar beverages. Shake well (10 to 12 times) prior to ingesting in order to activate the subtle/energetic properties.)


(Note: 15 drops is equivalent to 1/2 dropperful)


The best times to ingest these formulas during the day: (1) Upon awakening, (2) around noon, (3) late afternoon or before the evening meal, and (4) before bedtime.



 All of our vibrational formulas are consistently manufactured under strict laboratory supervision, using only the freshest and finest ingredients possible. The ingredients in the Professional Vibrational Formulas are homeopathically potentized using a solution of 70% distilled water and 30% Korbel brandy (with only a 40-proof alcohol content, and made from fermented grapes), which acts as a natural preservative in order to prevent molding or fermentation. However, those of you who are extremely sensitive (or who display adverse reactions) to alcohol may choose to select the option for apple cider vinegar instead. Each of the 1-ounce bottles of the vibrational formulas will provide an approximate 3-week supply, while the 2-ounce bottles will usually last up to 6 weeks when using the recommended dosage.