Activates the biomagnetic, bioelectrical and biocrystalline properties in the physical body, thereby enhancing communication between the subtle bodies; amplifies the discharge of ethereal toxicity from the system by dispelling any mental or emotional toxins into the subtle bodies and ethers, where they are ultimately transformed and disintegrated; strengthens the mental body, and removes any energy-patterns that impede the advancement of the life force (prana); activates and strengthens the etheric body, which makes it easier for the life force (prana) to enter the physical body; acts as a retardant or a grounding element to the radical patterns of the emotional body, thereby allowing an individual to become more conceptually balanced; attracts all the chakras, meridians, nadis and subtle bodies into a temporary state of alignment, and acts as a general cleanser of all the subtle bodies; aligns the emotional body with the etheric body, and rejuvenates and better aligns the etheric body with the physical body; aligns the mental and emotional bodies in order to stimulate greater sensitivity, and fuses the mental and causal bodies together; aligns the etheric body more closely to the physical body, which intensifies the ability of the life force (prana) by draining off any negative patterns; aligns the mental and integrated spiritual bodies so that the psycho-spiritual dynamics of an individual can flow more freely, and provides a deeper understanding of all the subtle bodies; activates the root, splenic/sacral, solar plexus, heart and throat chakras, and augments the brow, crown and solar plexus chakras; balances the heart chakra by coordinating the energies of the heart and the thymus gland, and removes any blockages in the crown chakra; fuses the emotional and crown chakras together in order to seek higher inspiration from the level of the hara, and energizes the minor chakra located in the center of the ear lobe; balances the creativity of the 2nd chakra with the sensitivity of the emotional (3rd) chakra, thereby providing greater feeling to one's personal expression; cleanses and strengthens all the meridians, and eases all the miasms; balances the yin and yang qualities, as well as the yin and yang energies throughout the entire meridian system.



Alleviates all emotional extremes, and eases any emotional problems or obsessive states; eliminates any form of anxiety, insecurity or low self-esteem, and relieves any nervous irritability or jitteriness; removes any negative thought-forms by elevating one's thought processes, and eliminates any blockages in the personality structure; relieves any emotional tension, particularly when it is stored in the musculature; alleviates the tendency to hold on to any destructive habit-patterns or addictions, as well as any form of struggle or strife; releases any old habit-patterns, thereby allowing an individual to better learn and comprehend the lessons of life; eliminates any greedy attachment to one's personal possessions or power, and removes the tendency to manipulate the emotions of others for one's own needs or desires; removes various forms of emotional jealousy or possessiveness, as well as various forms of emotional congestion or misdirected love forces; counteracts any excessive concern or obsessive worry towards others by providing greater control over one's emotions or passions, and eases various forms of emotional co-dependence (including the tendency to form relationships based on fear or extreme possessiveness); eliminates any form of self-centeredness, needy expressions of love, or attention-getting behavioral patterns, and releases any unhealthy forms of emotional neediness and "excess baggage" or any toxic emotions that were unconsciously absorbed during infancy; calms the passions, and assists an individual in assimilating any newly-released or newly-stabilized emotions; generates more laughter in one's life, due to the release of any tensions that are stored in the physical body; allows an individual to better distinguish between their personal emotions or desires and genuine impersonal love and caring for another, and relieves any psychological need to firmly establish one's personality in the world as a defense against death and mortality; assists an individual in "letting go" of any common worries, and allows an individual to acquire true objectivity; promotes greater mental clarity, and manifests greater objective thinking in an individual; provides greater meditative insight and synthesis, and develops more inner tranquility and emotional self-sufficiency.



Alleviates any form of attachment to extraordinary experiences, including the need to inflate or exaggerate the ordinary events in one's daily life; removes various forms of over-wrought fastidiousness with insignificant objects or events, and allows an individual to gain greater soul nourishment by appreciating the value of daily life experiences or relationships; enhances one's ability to perceive the higher purpose and meaning behind all of life's experiences, and provides a greater source of inner strength when dealing with life's problems; strengthens one's overall trust in the unfoldment of life, and instills a more cosmic overview which holds the events of ordinary life in greater perspective; enhances the ability to gain a larger soul perspective by developing a more appropriate form of detachment as part of the aging process while releasing any form of nostalgia for the past, and strengthens one's ability to perceive the transitory nature of earthly life without creating any abnormal feelings of morbidity or despair; removes any over-identification with the illusory parts of the Self, and eliminates the tendency to cling too tightly to exterior props of existence through an excessive identification with one's possessions, lifestyle or social recognition; allows an individual to "let go" of any false identity or life circumstances that are no longer appropriate, as well as any non-essential aspects of one's Self; removes any attachment towards the use of a false persona as a social prop, and eliminates any excessive identification with worldly fame or fortune that is directly associated with a mundane personality; eases any excessive forms of personal ambition, thereby providing greater detachment to one's earthly achievements or recognition; removes any excessive concern for one's personal well-being, as well as any disproportionate amount of energy that is directed towards issues of personal power or welfare; increases one's overall detachment to personal power or wealth by developing more social altruism, and provides greater caring and calm detachment whenever others are in need; promotes more objective caring and concern, and provides greater detachment from what others think about oneself; alleviates any form of attachment to material values or the desire for youthfulness by providing greater soul identification with what is truly eternal, and encourages an individual to shift their awareness to a transpersonal level in order to derive a sense of personal well-being from a relationship to a Higher Power; prevents the human soul from living too extensively outside the boundaries of its own Self, and reverses any psychic energy-currents that are directed too strongly towards the Self; enhances one's ability to contact the true spiritual ego, as well as to contemplate the impermanent nature of earthly affairs in relation to the Higher Self; develops an improved integration of one's Self, and enhances one's ability to recognize the inner wisdom of the Self; allows an individual to shift their identification from the physical body and ego nature to that of the Higher Self (particularly when confronted with the threat of death), and aligns an individual closer to thoughts associated with their Higher Self; eases any tendency for the soul to become too attached to the physical body during the dying process, and provides greater acceptance of death and the dying process as an appropriate transition for the soul; eliminates any resistance towards "letting go" of one's physical life in order to cross the spiritual threshold, and facilitates a more profound soul activation by transforming the fear of death into a more conscious awareness of one's spiritual life; energizes the need to surrender to the spiritual transition of death, and increases one's ability to accept death or the transitory nature of earthly life; allows an individual to learn the positive attributes of surrender and the acceptance of limitation, and assists the soul in attaining greater inner stability and a more peaceful acceptance of its condition; promotes greater equanimity, increased harmony and inner peace, and guides the soul towards a more balanced spiritual activation and contained emotional presence; develops greater emotional balance, due to higher realizations that are achieved through the processes of the 3rd chakra; balances and re-directs any psychic currents of energy, especially those that flow through the heart and solar plexus regions; liberates the soul's overly contracted psychic energy, thereby allowing it to become more expanded and receptive to spiritual influence; provides a more balanced exchange of heart energies, and enhances one's ability to respond to loving kindness from other people; balances the active and receptive modes of communication, and promotes greater receptivity and non-interference; develops greater respect for the freedom or individuality of others, and promotes a more open-hearted ability to love others unconditionally; harmonizes the affairs of the heart, including any extreme attachments towards other individuals; develops a healthier form of emotional detachment in one's interpersonal relationships, and eases any negative attention-getting patterns in one's relationships with others; eliminates the tendency to conform one's behavior to certain social norms in order to win approval or acceptance from others, and removes the tendency to close oneself off from the world; provides greater balance in any difficult relationships, including the ability to "let go"; balances and re-directs one's spiritual forces, and transforms an individual from their baser sexual responses to true levels of sensitivity.