Activates the biomagnetic, bioelectrical and biocrystalline properties in the physical body, thereby enhancing communication between the subtle bodies; amplifies the discharge of ethereal toxicity from the system by dispelling any mental or emotional toxins (negative thought-forms) into the subtle bodies and ethers, where they are ultimately transformed and disintegrated; activates those magnetic forces that directly affect the etheric body, and strengthens the ethereal fluidium in order for it to be more evenly distributed throughout the cellular level; stimulates the ethereal fluidium that surrounds each cell, thereby allowing an individual to resolve their blockages in order to achieve more purpose in life; cleanses the emotional and etheric bodies, and enhances the transfer of information from the etheric body to the mental body; strengthens and energizes the mental body, while re-establishing a proper balance between the emotional and etheric bodies; strengthens the soul body, and enhances the thermal body's connection between the interface of the etheric/mental bodies and the etheric/physical bodies; aligns and harmonizes the mental, emotional and causal bodies, and enhances the energy-exchange between the 3rd and 5th chakras in order to provide greater clarity of expression and motivation; aligns and coordinates the 2nd, 3rd and 4th chakras, which produces more energy-transfer and deeper states of relaxation concerning issues of nurturance; strengthens the 5th, 6th and 7th chakras, as well as the minor chakras that are located in the knees; activates the minor chakra situated on the palm of the hand over the area known as the "mount of Venus", and strengthens the nadis in the hands and feet; strengthens all the meridians and nadis, and energizes the stomach meridian; enhances greater movement up the front and down the rear of all the meridians, and balances the yin and yang energies throughout the entire meridian system.


Alleviates all emotional extremes, and removes any nervous behavioral patterns; provides greater protection against any negative thought-forms, and eases any vulnerability to the thoughts or negative intentions of others; relieves the inability to express one's inner feelings, as well as the tendency to use food as a means of escaping or masking one's real feelings; assists an individual in penetrating more deeply into their subconscious mind in order to allow any unconscious or repressed emotions and inner conflicts to surface and be resolved, and removes any fear associated with various repressed conflicts that reside in one's subconscious mind; alleviates the inability to maintain one's inner control mechanisms, and eases various forms of advanced manic-depressive states or schizophrenia whereby an individual has lost complete touch with reality; eliminates any lack of self-control or the tendency to be led astray by one's weakened Will-forces, and reduces any tendency towards pursuing various uncontrollable impulses or compulsions that are contrary to one's normal disposition; removes any feelings of self-condemnation for doing something that is not in accord with one's true inner nature, and eliminates the tendency to feel out of control about one's eating habits that ultimately leads to an endless binge/purge cycle; removes the desire to use food as an emotional "crutch", and eases any erratic eating patterns, late night binges or addictions to "junk" food; alleviates any form of addictive behavior in order to anesthetize one's inner feelings, and removes the desire to "stuff" oneself with food in order to numb one's feelings; eliminates the need to "blot out" one's consciousness with food by eating to the point of stupefaction, and eases any form of denial or avoidance of one's emotional pain by promoting greater emotional honesty in order to acknowledge and transform such pain; eases any proneness towards overeating, due to feeling unfulfilled in one's life; alleviates the tendency to overeat or deny oneself an adequate food intake, due to the inability to feel nurtured as a child; removes the inability to love, accept and approve of one's physical appearance, as well as the tendency to abuse or starve the physical body (as in cases of anorexia nervosa and bulimia); eliminates any excessive emphasis on thinness or anorexic tendencies so that one's physical body will continue to appear child-like, and removes the desire to cling to a child-like personality by remaining in an arrested or retarded stage of emotional development or an overly-dependent child-like state; eases any form of obsessive preoccupation with any real or imagined imperfections of the physical world, which ultimately manifests as rejection, disgust or a feeling of shame for one's physical body; reduces the desire to use obesity as a shield for feelings of aversion, shame or self-disgust or as a means of masking or protecting the body out of fear that others will see one's physical body as it really is, and eases any form of self-disgust that is directly associated with one's negative thoughts or any unkind spoken words from others; removes any unconscious feelings of dislike for one's Self, or the conscious belief that one is ugly or inferior to others; eliminates any impossibly high standards of perfection or perfectionist tendencies, and removes the desperate need to insure one's self-worth by exterior standards of beauty; eases any form of emotional regression or neediness, and provides greater emotional balance to those individuals who are in need of more attention or affection; promotes more balance and equanimity, despite any extreme stress or destructive impulses; eases any form of hypersensitivity to one's immediate environment or outer activity, and reduces the need for food as an emotional "buffer" for one's over-sensitivity to their environment; eliminates any over-stimulation to various sensory experiences or impressions that eventually leads to sensory congestion, and alleviates any need for isolation or withdrawal as a form of self-protection for one's profound sensitivity; eases any form of dysfunctional merging or overly-sympathetic identification with others, resulting in the tendency to accumulate emotional debris; removes the tendency to be easily influenced or adversely affected by peer pressure or social expectations, and eliminates the need to conform one's behavior to social norms in order to receive approval or acceptance; provides greater self-acceptance in relation to one's personal appearance and the courage to take greater emotional risks with others, and allows an individual to learn that only by remaining open and risking vulnerability with others can they truly experience the warmth of human love and affection; eases the tendency to feel unloved or unwanted (due to any abuse, abandonment or trauma during one's childhood), and relieves any difficulties associated with one's ability to cope with the normal demands and responsibilities of the adult ego; eliminates the tendency to feel "weighed down" by the ordinariness of the world, thereby allowing an individual to better perceive physical matter with more inner meaning and purpose; eases any tension between the containment and dispersal of energy, especially in the stomach and solar plexus regions; eliminates the need to consume foods that stimulate greater chewing activity (due to extreme tension in the jaw and mouth), as well as the need for artificial stimulation (such as caffeine); alleviates any excessive need for oral activity in the form of extreme talkativeness or compulsive eating habits, and removes the desire for continuous biting, crunching or chewing as a form of sublimation for any feelings of misplaced libido or repressed anger; eliminates any abnormal fears that are directed towards various foodstuffs which an individual believes may be harmful, infected or otherwise spoiled, as well as any abnormal fears of impurities in one's food or an excessive need for cleansing diets; allows an individual to properly integrate their metabolism with the nervous system in order to avoid any sleepiness after eating, which is caused by the inability to use one's mental forces; alleviates any form of mental lethargy by promoting greater mindfulness and mental alertness or vibrancy, and develops greater self-reliance, independent judgement and active decision-making capabilities; enhances the ability to completely sever one's habitual connections to old patterns of eating, thereby developing a new relationship towards more nourishing foods.



Alleviates any extreme states of soul dependency or regression that are characterized by the lack of an independent ego identity, and enhances an individual's ability to liberate themselves from the shadows of the past; enhances the coordination between the subconscious and the superconscious mind, thereby allowing an individual to better recognize any unresolved issues in order to generate the energy that is necessary to transform them; provides more inner stability for those individuals who have a tendency to vacillate, as well as more inner strength and personal encouragement in order to cope with life's challenges; elevates an individual to a lighter and more expanded form of consciousness in order to examine their problems or difficulties more objectively, and enhances an individual's ability to spiritualize their relationship to physical matter by the use of greater levity or upliftment; removes the desire to use food as a false way of feeling "high" or elevated, rather than utilizing one's inspirational forces; eliminates the general cravings for sweets as a way of denying or repressing the true creative needs of the soul, and promotes a more spiritual understanding of those principles associated with vegetarianism; aids an individual in "softening" their relationship to physical matter, and alleviates the general lack of interest in food or physical substance by those individuals who prefer to remain in the spiritual world on a mental level; eases any tendency towards an overweight condition, due to an overly materialistic attitude towards life in general; removes the desire to use an overweight condition as a method to hide one's true Self, thereby creating social barriers towards others; eliminates the tendency to use any obnoxious or repulsive bodily qualities in order to block one's true Self, and provides a more well-developed individuality and inner sense of Self that is balanced with group or social consciousness; alleviates the desire to create an outer image of extreme fatness or thinness, due to the inability to discover one's true source of inner beauty; allows an individual to find peace as an inner soul reality, rather than as an outer state of behavior that others validate; develops the ability to trust one's inner knowingness, thereby allowing the human soul to become more confident and certain of its true Self; enhances the soul qualities of composure, inner certainty, openness, purity and unaffectedness, and provides more physical strength and vitality by enhancing one's ability to harness their instinctive forces; alleviates the inability to integrate one's animal-like instinctual desires with their sense of human individuality, resulting in the severing of the desire-nature (or astrality) from the physical/etheric vehicle that ultimately leads to an inability to digest food or assimilate physical matter; enhances one's ability to absorb and experience the fullness of life, especially sensorial impressions; enhances the ability to project the more delicate and sensitive aspects of one's Self to others, and promotes more loving awareness of others from a more Self-contained level of consciousness; imparts greater objectivity, containment and a deeper sense of nurturance, as well as a greater understanding of the nurturing or loving side of oneself; allows an individual to nurture the child within (or inner child), as well as the ability to nurture and care for others; provides more nourishing capabilities in order to manifest one's innate nature towards the nurturing process, and enhances one's ability to determine and act upon their own nutritional needs whenever there is a tendency to become overly reliant upon the advice of others or certain nutritional programs and fad diets; allows an individual to submit to the guidance of their Higher Self, and aids an individual in developing a true relationship to their Higher Self in order to acquire greater strength and inner conviction; harmonizes the psychic life within the context of one's daily work and modern living habits, and removes the tendency to use excess body weight as a shield of protection against any form of psychic over-sensitivity; balances and stabilizes the abundant "light" that radiates from the upper energy-centers by directing it into the lower chakras so that the Self can possess more vitality and solidity, and assists the inner life of the human soul to better harmonize with the Soul of Nature in order to become truly alive and vibrant.