Activates the biomagnetic, bioelectrical and biocrystalline properties in the physical body, thereby enhancing communication between the subtle bodies; amplifies the discharge of ethereal toxicity from the system by dispelling any mental or emotional toxins (negative thought-forms) into the subtle bodies and ethers, where they are ultimately transformed and disintegrated; cleanses, strengthens and expands the emotional and etheric bodies, and energizes the astral, mental and etheric bodies into a greater state of resonance; strengthens the thermal body (a combination of the etheric body and the heat of the physical body), and enhances the ability of the etheric body to absorb and interact with the vibrational levels from all the other subtle bodies; aligns the astral, causal and emotional bodies, and aligns all the subtle bodies closer to what the integrated spiritual body is perceiving; cleanses the heart chakra, which produces increased caring and greater sensitivity; energizes the heart, throat and brow chakras, and provides greater balance in the splenic/sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras; attracts higher states of energy into all the upper chakras, and activates all the chakras associated with the spinal column; improves the coordination between the 2nd, 3rd and 4th chakras, thereby resulting in an increased transfer of energy and deeper states of relaxation concerning issues of nurturance; strengthens and tonifies all the meridians and nadis, and eases all the miasms; balances the yin and yang qualities, as well as the yin and yang energies throughout the entire meridian system.



Alleviates all emotional extremes, and eases any form of emotional distress; eliminates any attachment to negative emotions, and allows an individual to release any negative thought-forms more easily; provides greater protection from negative influences, including thought-forms associated with extreme emotionalism; removes any feelings of self-doubt, confusion or diminished self-worth, and alleviates any form of low self-esteem that stems from one's identity as a child; eases any self-destructive tendencies, and eliminates any self-blame or self-criticism by increasing one's capability for greater self-acceptance and self-forgiveness; eases any form of resentment or bitterness, and allows an individual to release any blame or bitterness associated with childhood pain; eliminates any avoidance or repression of the traumatic or painful parts of one's personality, thereby enhancing an individual's ability to contact and release any painful childhood memories or traumatic past events that affect their present emotional life; allows an individual to recall any painful buried experiences from childhood, especially those that involve a conscious recognition of one's repressed feelings and emotions; releases any emotional trauma that is stored deep within the physical body and personality structure, and eases the tendency to apologize for (or repress) any powerful feelings associated with one's childhood; removes any tendency towards grief, inner pain or other forms of energy associated with sadness, and increases one's ability to release pain, to cry, and to allow any inner sadness to surface and be resolved more easily by bringing such pain to an individual's conscious awareness; allows an individual to better accept the pain of childhood, especially when it may have stunted one's heart forces; removes any emotional distortion of one's heart forces or the inability to love unconditionally, due to childhood experiences of emotional abuse and conditional love; eliminates any profound alienation from one's mother (or the mothering process), due to abandonment, abuse or trauma during early childhood; removes any deep-seated social alienation, as well as any form of emotional congestion or misdirected love forces that ultimately results in a dysfunctional merging with others; eases any retarded phases of emotional development during childhood or adolescence, and removes any deep feelings of rejection or abandonment; alleviates any form of rejection or alienation from the feminine, particularly any unconscious rejection of one's mother or the mother's role in the family unit; removes any form of emotional insecurity, due to abandonment or estrangement from one's parental father image during childhood; provides increased understanding to those individuals who project anger or hostility toward their father experience as a child, and enhances the need to contact and acknowledge one's feelings of anger about their childhood experiences; imparts greater emotional depth and honesty, thereby providing the courage to actively acknowledge and confront any fears associated with intense feelings or the repression of one's powerful emotions; removes any extreme forms of emotional dependency or regression that are characterized by the lack of an independent ego identity, and eliminates any excessive form of over-dependence towards one's mother or the familial unit; eases any form of emotional amnesia, as well as the tendency to remain entangled in self-deprecation or emotional paralysis; removes the tendency to cling to a child-like personality, as well as to continually perceive the Self in the persona of a small and vulnerable child; eliminates the tendency to continually behave in a child-like manner, such as emotional forms of neediness or the inability to cope on an emotional level; alleviates any needy expressions of love, self-pity, or any other negative ways of gaining attention, and removes any unhealthy need to serve one's parents or other members of the family (or any parental-like figures); eases the desire to gain attention by over-inflating one's emotional experiences, or by overly dramatizing any intense emotional experiences within the family unit; eliminates the tendency to blame oneself for any family dysfunction by removing any feelings of guilt that are out of proportion to the real or actual circumstances, and releases those coping mechanisms that were learned as a child that allowed an individual to become a container for the emotional refuse of other family members; eases any unconscious absorption or identification with the negativity that was received from one's mother or father, and enhances one's ability to truly forgive their real or surrogate parents; allows an individual to move beyond the victim role in order to more fully engage in their adult responsibilities or life experiences, and removes any dominance over the inner child by one's own adult Self; eases any overall lack of self-nurturance or the neglect of one's inner emotional needs, as well as the inability to take emotional risks in one's interpersonal relationships with others; eliminates the tendency to avoid deep emotional contact or bonding, due to the fear of parenthood; eases any cynical mistrust of the world, as well as the tendency to develop a protective shell of defensiveness or intellectual cynicism towards the goodness of others; allows an individual to better distinguish between their personal emotions or desires and genuine impersonal love and caring for another, and provides greater personal warmth and contained emotional presence.



Allows an individual to approach life with a fully open mind and a truly child-like point of view, and promotes a more child-like frame of reference; enhances a more child-like intuitive process, as well as the manner in which child-like attitudes bring increased knowledge to an individual; increases one's ability to gain vast amounts of knowledge, particularly through the childish way of playing, enjoying, having fun and doing things; enables an individual to release any old patterns and develop new methods that truly work, and enhances one's ability to perceive new patterns; develops the ability to allow and welcome new changes, new techniques, or new ways of perceiving things, and enhances one's ability to let go of the past; allows an individual to take greater responsibility for their overall life situation, and provides greater resilience and inward mobility in relation to life's challenges or problems; promotes a stronger willingness to express the truth, and provides more objective acknowledgement of one's faults; develops more penetrating insight, tenacity and patience, and restores greater conscious awareness by assisting the soul in transforming and integrating any unclaimed parts of the psyche; promotes more awake consciousness that is capable of acknowledging all aspects of the Self, and assists an individual in making and sustaining the shift from a narrow or limited conception of the Self to one that is more expansive and inclusive of others; enhances one's ability to contact and maintain an integrated sense of the Self, especially when severely challenged; removes any disturbances to the natural maturation of one's ego function (or the need to obliterate one's consciousness in order to repress any attachment to one's ego function) by promoting a healthier maturation process, and eases any difficulties associated with one's inability to cope with the normal demands and responsibilities of the adult ego by providing greater acceptance of one's adult responsibilities; eases any poor definition of one's core identity by allowing an individual to re-pattern their core Self and rebuild their overall dignity and self-esteem, despite any profound or severe abuse or exploitation; restores the soul's true Self-identity, essential dignity and core integrity while allowing an individual to heal the core relationship with their mother in order to discover the spiritual archetype of the universal mother (and the mothering process), despite any personal trauma or afflictions; allows an individual to heal their relationship to the masculine principle, especially when their past involvement with the parental father image may have been disturbed or distorted; removes any feelings of awkwardness or ungainliness in one's soul, due to any prior abuse or neglect during childhood that ultimately disconnected the soul from its innate sense of grace and beauty; provides greater soul realization of having been previously rejected or unwanted while "in utero" or when born, and promotes greater self-acceptance and more inner esteem as a pathway to the soul's realization of its own sacredness and divinity; removes the inability to acknowledge or experience one's inner light and uniqueness by awkening and energizing the true inner Self, and eases any estrangement from one's Higher Self; promotes greater healing of the inner child, and provides greater contact with the inner child as a true source of one's spirituality; allows an individual to take full responsibility for the healing of their own inner child by moving beyond the victim role with the strong belief that complete healing and recovery is possible, and enables the Self to affirm its own responsibility and capability for recovery and restoration by contacting its true healing potential; allows an individual to re-claim their authentic inner child through laughter and light-heartedness, and increases one's capability to laugh at one's Self; removes any unconscious need in one's soul to repeat their childhood by providing a more authentic emotional integration of those childhood experiences into one's soul life, and enhances the ability of the soul to feel and embrace the warm and loving presence of the maternal; promotes greater acceptance of one's inner femininity, and activates the integration of the soul's higher feminine forces and female selves by promoting greater circulation and exchange of energy between the higher and lower energy-centers (or chakras); removes any unconscious need to merge with one's mother or the inability to cope with one's individuated identity, and enhances the need to individuate from the family unit in order to establish one's separate identity apart from the overall family structure; provides a more well-developed sense of individuality, along with an inner sense of one's Self that is balanced with group or social consciousness; eliminates any attachment to a child-like identity as a way of pleasing others, and eases the tendency to conform one's behavior to various social norms in order to win approval or acceptance; eliminates the tendency to rely upon pleasing others in order to receive more self-validation, and promotes a more healthy recognition of one's own needs; allows an individual to become more positive and open in its actions and expressions, and restores the soul's original innocence and child-like trust; stimulates the love forces of the heart in order to provide greater enthusiasm for earthly life and worldly tasks, and enhances the ability to release one's mundane problems and truly love oneself or another person; imparts a deeper sense of one's ability to nurture the child within, and develops the ability to project energy of a feeling and nurturing nature to another person that one does not normally care for; promotes more loving awareness of others from a Self-contained level of consciousness, and imparts greater objectivity and containment by guiding the soul towards more balanced spiritual awakening and contained emotional presence; eases any form of psychic over-sensitivity while balancing and re-directing one's psychic energy-currents, especially those that flow through the heart and solar plexus regions; enhances one's overall ability to experience the joyful inner child by developing more child-like humor and playfulness, as well as directing the qualities of playfulness and laughter into one's daily work and life experiences; restores the soul's ability to feel greater unity by providing a deeper sense of wholeness and wellness, and enhances the soul qualities of personal warmth and loving compassion.