Activates the biomagnetic, bioelectrical and biocrystalline properties in the physical body, thereby enhancing communication between the subtle bodies; amplifies the discharge of ethereal toxicity from the system by dispelling any mental or emotional toxins (negative thought-forms) into the subtle bodies and ethers, where they are ultimately transformed and disintegrated; strengthens the mental body, as well as the formative forces in the physical and etheric bodies; re-establishes the equilibrium between the astral and etheric bodies, and energizes the ethereal fluidium that surrounds each cell; aligns and energizes the mental body to proceed towards the integrated spiritual body, while aligning and rejuvenating the etheric body more closely to the physical body in order to enhance the detoxification process; aligns the mental and emotional bodies, which manifests greater psycho-spiritual dynamics within an individual; aligns the mental, emotional and integrated spiritual bodies in order for them to function more as a single unit, while activating and augmenting the brow, crown, heart and solar plexus chakras; provides a mild electomagnetic influence that assists in activating and energizing the crown chakra on both physiological and ethereal levels, thus preparing one's consciousness for the opening of this chakra; strengthens all the meridians and individual acupressure points, and energizes all the nadis; balances the yin and yang qualities, as well as the yin and yang energies throughout the entire meridian system.



Alleviates all emotional extremes or nervous habit-patterns, and clears the conscious mind of various negative thoughts by removing any negative thought-forms and elevating one's thought processes; eliminates any attachment to negative emotions, especially bitterness or resentment; eases any strongly negative mental or emotional states, as well as various forms of quarrelsomeness, vexation or argumentative behavioral patterns; alleviates any inner tension caused by nervous frustration, as well as any form of restlesssness, inner turbulance or anger that is smoldering beneath the surface; removes any feelings of hatred or envy at all levels, including any form of unspoken resentment or embittered attitudes; eases any over-stimulation of the nerves or other forms of frenetic activity that ultimately lead to irritability, and eliminates any moodiness, melancholy, moroseness, petty anger, touchiness or various forms of unsympathetic attitudes; alleviates any displays of nervous irritability, including grinding of the teeth or jitteriness that is exemplified by restlessness or excessive talkativeness; removes the tendency to criticise or blame others as a result of any over-sensitivity towards one's environment, as well as any direct effects caused by the behavioral patterns of others; eases any tendency towards biting sarcasm or harsh criticism, as well as the desire for others to live up to an individual's impossibly high standards of perfection; eliminates any insecurities that pertain to one's personal boundaries, and removes the desire to erect any negative barriers between oneself and others by displaying various forms of anger, hostility or irritability; alleviates any form of irritability associated with excessive demands for attention from others, or whenever an individual is upset by the existence of impurity or imperfection; removes any persistent, worrying or torturing thoughts by balancing the emotions and calming the passions, and eliminates any irritability that is directed at others for being too slow or methodical; alleviates any self-centeredness or other forms of emotional congestion, and relieves any attitudes of self-pity or self-justification and the desire to hold grudges against (or find fault with) others by perceiving only the negative side of an issue; eases any annoyance caused by the oddities, mannerisms or idiosyncrasies of others, as well as any intolerant or hypercritical attitudes associated with a lack of understanding for the views or situations of others; eliminates the tendency to become overly critical of the shortcomings of others, and removes the inability to show greater understanding or forbearance for the inadequacies of others; eases any over-concern about one's relation-ship to others, and removes any condemnation or judgementalism towards others by balancing any form of inner rigidity; alleviates any form of hyperkinetic activity or a sense of uncenteredness by providing greater control over one's temperament, and eliminates any mental confusion by allowing the thinking processes to become more clarified and objective; aids in the assimilation of any newly-stabilized emotions, and develops greater optimism, good will and a sense of enthusiasm.



Activates the psycho-spiritual dynamics within an individual, and enhances the soul qualities of constructive thought, gentleness, joyfulness, patience, personal responsibility, selfless love, sympathy, tolerance, and the ability to confront others; provides greater discernment, objectivity and evenness of temper, while developing more empathy, delicacy of feeling and greater understanding towards others; allows an individual to become more tolerant and lenient of the various ways that each person and all events are moving towards their own final perfection, and promotes greater acceptance of the differences or imperfections of others by allowing an individual to perceive the goodness within each person or situation; enhances one's ability to grasp the various patterns of human behavior or individual development, and allows an individual to recognize that people can only develop according to their own inner potentials; allows an individual to become more aware of unity in diversity by being more tolerant and well-grounded in life, and restores the soul's ability to feel unity and wholeness; enhances one's capability to deal with the less pleasant aspects of life, and acts as a greater source of inner strength when dealing with life's problems; restores the ability of the soul to respond with greater resilience and inward mobility to life's challenges, and allows an individual to recognize and accept the connection between their inner thoughts and external events; develops a more profound understanding of human emotions and feelings, and increases one's overall ability to "forgive and forget"; assists an individual in making and sustaining the shift from a limited and narrow conception of the Self to one that is more expansive and inclusive of others, and promotes more loving awareness of others from a Self-contained level of consciousness; imparts greater objectivity and emotional containment, and allows an individual to maintain their spiritual equanimity despite any chaos or external pressure; assists the soul in better distinguishing between its use of the creative forces, especially those that radiate from the lower energy-centers (chakras) and those that are used for the spoken word; enhances greater self-discipline and more balanced judgement, and provides greater respect for the freedom and individuality of others; allows the inner Self to become more receptive to the unfolding moment instead of attempting to rush ahead of one's life experiences, and allows an individual to take full responsibility for their own fate; strengthens one's overall Will-power in order to help control the passions and remove any bad habits, and balances the masculine and feminine qualities; generates more trusting optimism, clever diplomacy and untiring peacemaking capabilities, and promotes more genuine inner joyfulness and lightness.