Activates the biomagnetic, bioelectrical and biocrystalline properties in the physical body, thereby enhancing communication between the subtle bodies; amplifies the discharge of ethereal toxicity from the system by dispelling any mental or emotional toxins (negative thought-forms) into the subtle bodies and ethers, where they are ultimately transformed and disintegrated; increases the vibrational interactions between any heightened ethereal fluidium movement, magnetic-field energy from the Earth, or the natural flows of such energies into the nerves, while aligning and strengthening the natural flow of these energies as they come into alignment with the magnetic field of the Earth; strengthens and energizes the ethereal fluidium that surrounds each cell, thereby destroying any negative thought-forms by creating a powerful energy-current that moves in resonance with one's soul energy; strengthens the etheric body so that negative thought-forms cannot penetrate the physical body or psyche, and enhances the thermal body (a combination of the etheric body and the heat of the physical body); clarifies and energizes the mental body, which provides more positive thinking and greater mental vitality; aligns and integrates all the chakras, meridians, nadis and subtle bodies, and aligns the emotional body with the etheric body; aligns the etheric body more closely to the physical body, which intensifies the ability of the life force (prana) by draining off any negative energy-patterns; aligns the mental, etheric and integrated spiritual body with the ethereal fluidium, thereby allowing an individual to directly experience their true identity; strengthens and tonifies all the meridians, nadis and subtle bodies, and acts as a general cleanser of all the major meridians and the subtle bodies; activates all the attributes that are stored in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th chakras, and augments the brow, crown and solar plexus chakras while removing any blockages in the crown chakra; activates the psycho-spiritual properties of each chakra, and balances the creativity of the 2nd chakra with the sensitivity of the emotional (3rd) chakra in order to provide greater feeling to one's personal expression; balances the yin and yang qualities, as well as the yin and yang energies throughout the entire meridian system.



Alleviates all emotional extremes, and removes any psychological imbalances or various forms of psychosomatic illnesses; dispels any fears or inhibitions, and eliminates any sensitivity to negative emotional influences; reverses any negative attitudes by removing various blockages or negativity in the personality structure, and eliminates any attachment to negative emotional states; repels any negative thought-forms (or semi-materialized ethereal forms or shapes created by the mind), as well as any negative thoughts (or activities) projecting from the left and right brain hemispheres; eases any mental confusion or the constant barrage of negative thoughts associated with schizophrenia, and removes any emotional confusion or over-sensitivity to one's environment; alleviates any extreme vulnerability to the negative influences or intentions of others or one's environment, and releases any psychological toxins from the system; removes any unwanted thoughts or constant mental chatter that cannot be turned off, and provides a more balanced state of mind; purges the conscious mind of any negative alien thoughts or entities, especially when they already exist within the psyche; releases any negativity that has been absorbed from others, and removes any overly-sympathetic identification or dysfunctional merging with others; eliminates any extreme mental agitation, including excessive worry or anxiety; alleviates various forms of mental hyperactivity, mental congestion or nervous worry, and eases any self-doubts, confusion or disorientation; relieves various forms of stress by calming the nerves, and promotes greater clarity of thought; augments the entire nervous system, particularly by connecting the sympathetic and autonomic nervous systems; eases any form of verbal aggression or hostility that is directed towards others, or the projection of negativity onto others; eliminates the tendency to imagine hostile intentions from others, as well as the tendency towards biting sarcasm or harsh criticism; enhances verbal communication that is more emotionally balanced, and assists an individual in regaining greater mental repose and inner peace; re-directs any extreme congestion of energy in the mental field in order to assist an individual in gaining greater awareness in their feeling life, especially in the heart and solar plexus regions; manifests more objective thinking by allowing the thought processes to become clearer, and provides greater control over the emotions and passions; enhances the effectiveness of the conscious mind to extend and actually control all portions of the physical body, and eliminates any negative ways of gaining attention from others; allows an individual to use their powers of thought more constructively, and provides more intellectual or rational information in order to resolve an issue; increases one's overall mental stability, and develops greater sensitivity and increased integration of the Self.



Activates the psycho-spiritual dynamics within an individual, and enhances the soul qualities of discernment, inner tranquility and selfless love; improves the alignment of the many diverse aspects of one's personality structure, and removes the inability to integrate information into the personality structure in conjunction with the reality of the world; actualizes clearer insight into the cause and nature of one's problems, while balancing an excessively aggressive nature; removes any psychic toxicity or contamination, and protects against any negative influences in the form of energy-waves or thought-forms that involve psychic attack; addresses an individual's mental field that may be devitalized (due to psychic congestion caused by too many thought-forms), and reverses any psychic energy-currents that are directed too strongly towards the Self; balances and re-directs all the psychic energy-currents that flow through the heart and solar plexus regions, and develops the ability for apportation in order to allow those forces that are primarily negative to be dissipated more easily; alleviates any over-extension of the thinking forces by providing greater warmth and vitality to one's thought processes, and liberates the mental life in order to manifest more objective wisdom and insight within an individual; strengthens the ego in order to control and direct the physical body, and aligns an individual closer to thoughts associated with the Higher Self; restores the ability of the human soul to respond with greater resilience and inward mobility to life's challenges or problems, and develops an overall sense of enthusiasm, optimism and good will; restores greater balance in any difficult interpersonal relationships, while balancing the masculine and feminine qualities; allows an individual to create situations that generate more good will and loving inclusion, and provides more compassionate awareness and inclusive sensitivity; imparts greater objectivity and containment, and provides more inner tranquility and a greater sense of mental integrity; develops more inner discipline, as well as the ability to integrate various aspects of the Self in order to function more effectively in life.