Amplifies the discharge of toxicity from the physical body, and activates the removal of any toxic chemical or drug residues from the sympathetic nervous system; alleviates any general deterioration of the nervous system, and possesses a high lithium content.



Activates and increases the assimilative capabilities of certain enzymes that are essential for the detoxification processes.



Activates the biomagnetic, bioelectrical and biocrystalline properties in the physical body, thereby enhancing communication between the subtle bodies; amplifies the discharge of ethereal toxicity from the system by dispelling any mental or emotional toxins (negative thought-forms) into the subtle bodies and ethers, where they are ultimately transformed and disintegrated; strengthens the ethereal fluidium, thereby destroying any negative thought-forms by allowing them to dissipate more easily; increases the alignment between the physical and etheric bodies in order to improve the detoxification process on both the anatomical and cellular levels; aligns the astral body with its physical and etheric components, and enhances the ability of the etheric body to absorb and interact with the vibrational levels from all the other subtle bodies.



Alleviates all emotional extremes associated with alcohol, chemical, drug and/or food addictions, and addresses any obsessive-compulsive behavior in the personality structure; relieves any depressive withdrawal symptoms by mitigating the intense cravings, and eases any nervousness, hyperactivity or irritability associated with these withdrawal symptoms; eliminates many of the classical symptoms associated with various addictions, including anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, insecurity, disorientation, self-doubts, or feelings of being unable to cope with life; alleviates any undue guilt, shame, unworthiness, self-blame or self-criticism, and eases one's defensive form of intellectual cynicism or cynical mistrust of the world; lessens the tendency to use alcohol or drugs to anesthetize one's intolerable emotional pain or sensitivity, or as a mask to cover one's shame or inner pain; eliminates the desire to remain entangled in self-deprecation or emotional paralysis, and liberates an individual from the compulsive need to repeat mistakes or re-create regressive patterns; allows an individual to break free of repetitive addictive habit-patterns, especially the need for stimulants; alleviates any form of alcohol or drug addiction associated with a lack of trust in the goodness of people or one's daily events, or due to a belief that the outer world is too harsh; eliminates the tendency toward escapism by removing the various forms of escapist-oriented addictions, especially the need to use alcohol or drugs in order to escape the pressures and responsibilities of adulthood; allows an individual to re-experience the deep-seated emotional shock or trauma that accompanied the original experience in order to more fully integrate this event, and thereby allow for more rapid recovery; alleviates any extremely changeable mood-swings or constantly fluctuating emotions, and eases any mental confusion or the constant barrage of negative thoughts that occur while under the influence of alcoholic or narcotic substances; eliminates various obsessions involving a specific thought-pattern, and assists an individual in breaking any nervous habits or addictions by calming and stabilizing the nervous system while removing any blockages or negativity in the personality structure; repairs any shock or trauma from alcohol or drug abuse, especially when the physical/etheric integrity of the nervous system has been damaged; alleviates any emotional congestion or misdirected love forces, and eases one's inability to release emotional tension by allowing an individual to learn to regulate and harmonize their emotional life; eliminates those mental faculties that are lacking in vibrancy and coherency, as well as a personality that is out of alignment with its higher components; eases any form of resentment or bitterness associated with the belief that life is unfair, or the feeling that one has been victimized by the circumstances of life; actualizes clearer insight into the cause and nature of one's problems or psychological imbalances, and allows any inner pain or sadness to manifest in an individual's conscious awareness in order to better understand the source or reason behind one's problems or suffering; promotes more objective acknowledgement of one's faults by stimulating the cognitive capabilities so that an individual is able to grasp the essential nature of the experience at hand more completely and more rapidly, thereby allowing them to learn the appropriate lessons; strengthens and maintains a more healthy relationship with one's inner child, and promotes more inner tranquility and emotional self-sufficiency.



Assists an individual in breaking free of those repetitive or habitual patterns that retard the soul's full development,, and allows an individual to eliminate those mental or emotional attitudes that are unnecessary or irrelevant while focusing or amplifying those that are important to one's overall growth patterns; cleanses any accumulated psychic toxins or astral debris that lodges in the subconscious mind as a result of alcohol or drug abuse, and eliminates any physical or psychic "burn-out" from such abuse; removes the tendency to accumulate psychic tension throughout the day (particularly in the stomach and solar plexus regions), and provides more balanced psychic awareness by cleansing the psyche of all psychic or astral debris; alleviates any emotional exaggeration of one's psychic experiences, and removes any attachment to various psychic experiences or the need to have these spiritual or psychic "highs"; eliminates the tendency to seek spiritual glamour or enticing psychic experiences outside of oneself, instead of engaging in a more balanced process of spiritual growth; reverses any psychic currents of energy that are directed too strongly toward the Self, and assists in balancing and re-directing these energy-currents as they flow through the heart and solar plexus; allows an individual to learn to experience more natural states of energy, and to adjust their rhythm so that they are more in tune with the cycles of Nature; assists an individual in attaining greater awareness of the parts of the psyche or physical body that may not be sufficiently utilized in the individuality's full expression of its Self, and allows for a deeper penetration and understanding of the extra-dimensional aspects of the Self; addresses the capability of the Self to become involved with (and take responsibility for) its own healing journey, and enables the Self to believe in and affirm its own capacity for recovery and restoration by contacting its deep wellsprings of healing potential; promotes a deeper sense of wellness and wholeness, and motivates an individual to seek and affirm the wholeness of life; harmonizes one's inner solar forces for greater emotional peace and stability, and subdues the many small emotions that irritate the soul life by helping to consolidate these into a more fundamental soul essence of serenity and equanimity; restores one's ability to respond to challenges and problems with greater resilience and inward mobility, and allows an individual to break through any deeply resistant karmic patterns by strengthening one's spiritual courage and the ability to confront certain blockages or denials within oneself that will yield further insight into the source of one's depression or mental/emotional state; allows an individual to become more comfortable with themselves, and more positive and open in their personal expressions or actions; promotes greater self-acceptance, self-forgiveness and inner esteem as a pathway to the soul's realization of its own sacredness and divinity, and strengthens the ability to perceive new patterns that lead to a deeper discovery and understanding of God or one's Higher Self; re-establishes proper psychological behavioral patterns or mental/emotional states by increasing the activities of the Higher Self, thereby allowing an individual to more closely examine their priorities; encourages an individual to develop a relationship with the spiritual world by transforming an overly abstract understanding of spiritual forces into a feeling for spiritual presence and spiritual beings, particularly the angelic realm; assists in one's re-alignment with these benevolent spiritual guides, especially during alcohol or drug withdrawal; allows an individual to feel the quiet soul nourishment that is gained by appreciating the value of daily life experiences and relationships, and assists an individual in learning to recognize goodness in others and in the world; allows an individual to experience love and emotional contact by remaining open and receptive, thereby risking vulnerability so that they can experience the warmth of human love and affection; allows an individual to learn to distinguish between personal emotions or desires and genuine impersonal love and caring for another, and enhances one's realization that compassion is the key to experiencing love; restores one's original innocence and child-like trust while enhancing greater awareness and respect for life and the life processes of the physical body, and guides an individual towards a more balanced spiritual opening and contained emotional presence; develops and strengthens a more solid inner life, and stabilizes the golden light of the heart by encouraging more self-responsibility and quiet inner development.