Accelerates the elimination of any unnecessary viruses throughout the system, due to its direct impact upon the sinuses; dissolves and discharges any harmful viruses, eliminates any excessive acidity, and removes any stored toxins from the gastro-intestinal tract; destroys all forms of pathogenic bacteria, neutralizes any excessive uric acid accumulations, and releases any accumulations of toxicity from the cellular level (due to its ability to liquidize and then re-crystallize); regulates any excessive mucus accumulations throughout the respiratory system by cleansing the sinuses, lungs, and the nasal or bronchial passages, and alleviates any disorders associated with excessive mucus imbalances (including lung congestion involving symptoms of pneumonia or the common cold); removes any nasal or sinus inflammation and congestion in the lungs or windpipe, and eases any inflammatory conditions in the esophagus or bronchial tubes; improves the oxygenation of the entire respiratory system, especially among those individuals experiencing chronic breathing difficulties; removes any allergies associated with the retention or rapid loss of bodily fluids, and strengthens the lung tissues while dissolving any scar tissue that has formed on the inner lung tissues; strengthens the neurological functions, thereby alleviating various dysfunctions associated with the diaphragm (including any poor breathing capabilities).



Alleviates any mental imbalances associated with the lungs that are directly related to impaired sulfur absorption.



Activates the biomagnetic, bioelectrical and biocrystalline properties in the physical body, thereby enhancing communication between the subtle bodies; amplifies the discharge of ethereal toxicity from the system by dispelling any mental or emotional toxins (negative thought-forms) into the subtle bodies and ethers, where they are ultimately transformed and disintegrated; augments the etheric body, thereby allowing the ethereal fluidium to flow more freely between the cells (especially while healing various allergic skin conditions); cleanses all the subtle bodies, and strengthens the lung meridian.



Alleviates any form of mental lethargy or sluggishness, as well as various forms of verbal aggression or hostility; removes any blockages in the personality structure, along with any negative emotions or stress caused by emotional disagreements or arguments; alleviates any emotional congestion associated with respiratory tract disorders, as well as any excessive fears or concerns with death or dying issues (which has a negative effect upon the reproductive rate of cellular tissue); eases various forms of guilt, fear, or feelings of persecution involving one's sexuality, and assists any anxious, compulsive, hysterical or hypersensitive individuals who need to develop greater courage and will-power in order to function better in life; alleviates any states of apathy or resignation, and overcomes all hidden fears or inhibitions; balances the emotional nature, and relaxes the emotions and the emotional body (both of which are directly associated with the lungs); promotes greater mindfulness and mental alertness or vibrancy, and eases any depleted mental forces that are caused by an imbalanced metabolism; energizes one's thinking forces so that they possess a "digestive capability" of a higher nature (thereby making the thinking process more lively and penetrating), and promotes verbal communication that is more emotionally balanced.



Alleviates the feeling of extreme vulnerability towards others and to one's environment, including any environmental illness, allergies or various psychosomatic disorders; eliminates any complacency, procrastination or the tendency toward stagnation or resistance, as well as any aversion, disgust or denial of the bodily Self and the physical world; removes any allergies that relate to past-life memories, including those memories associated with allergic reactions caused by the repression of one's psychic abilities (especially among emotionally unstable psychics); eases any vulnerability to the thoughts or negative intentions of others, and develops greater inner discipline and the ability to integrate various aspects of the Self in order to function more effectively; increases one's self-aceeptance, and promotes more fiery and energetic qualities that increase one's capability for change and personal transformation or empowerment; generates tremendous psycho-spiritual self-confidence, and promotes more compassionate awareness and inclusive sensitivity; assists an individual in distinguishing between their use of the creative forces, especially those that radiate from the lower energy-centers and those which are used for the spoken word; allows an individual to balance and stabilize the light that radiates from the upper energy-centers (chakras) by directing it into the lower centers, thereby allowing the Self to possess more vitality and solidity; assists an individual in softening their relationship to physical matter by directing their spiritual forces into the physical body, thereby encouraging the soul's involvement with the physical world; removes the inability to translate one's goals and ideals into more concrete or viable activity, as well as one's inability to organize their thoughts into specific goals or priorities (or to manifest and execute such goals); promotes more exuberant manifestation in the world, along with clearly-directed forces of will and decisive action; provides more inner radiance and strength to one's aura, and allows more compassionate healing qualities to flow freely from one's soul to others; liberates one's consciousness for higher activity, and promotes more creative activity that is balanced in vital life energy; enhances one's ability to initiate and sustain both their emotional and spiritual development, while protecting and unifying the essential Self.