Activates and strengthens the neurological points along the vertebrae, including the various sections of the vertebrae that are connected to the parasympathetic ganglia; removes any imbalances in the skeletal structure, and aligns all the vertebrae; alleviates any strains or weaknesses in the spinal column associated with spinal degeneration or subluxation of the bone tissue, particularly in the sacrum and the spine; eliminates any deterioration of the spinal fluid, particularly when it becomes gelatinous from the natural aging process; alleviates any form of decalcification in the zero gravity state, as well as any brittleness in the bone structure (due to over-exposure to radiation); relieves any form of paralysis associated with a pinched nerve in the spinal column, and releases any stress that is stored in the skeletal or muscular systems; heals any degenerated disk-tissue that is located between the vertebrae and the heavy metal miasm, and demineralizes various bone diseases (such as osteoporosis); activates increased regenerative healing properties in the bone marrow and throughout the entire skeletal structure, and enhances greater tissue regeneration associated with bone fractures or the mending and bonding of tissues; disperses any solidification of the vertebrae that occurs in various disorders, and corrects any poor postural conditions while improving flexibility in the spine; provides greater resilience and flexibility throughout the entire skeletal structure, and strengthens the bone marrow (especially in terms of its attachments to the teeth); alleviates certain forms of periodontal diseases where there is a loss of support in the bone tissue at the gum-line, and strengthens any soft or cancerous bone tissue, dentition or teeth enamel; energizes the pattern of bone tissue regeneration, particularly the enamel on the surface of the teeth that is necessary for the protection of the more delicate inner structures; rejuvenates the bone structure in the jaw, and relieves any tempero-mandibular (TMJ) disorders; cleanses and activates those substances that produce or replace spinal column fluid, while providing increased antibody production against any inflammatory conditions of the spinal column; provides a greater abundance of red corpuscles, and increases the oxygenation of the hemoglobin.



Augments the assimilation of essential nutrients through the cell walls, and enables various minerals and sugar substances to become more assimilible through pathways in the physical body that are not usually accessible by other means; enhances the metabolism of calcium and nitrogen, and improves the absorption of copper, gold, iron oxide, lecithin, magnesium, phosphorus, silver, zinc, and protein.



Activates the biomagnetic, bioelectrical and biocrystalline properties in the physical body, thereby enhancing communication between the subtle bodies; amplifies the ethereal fluidium in the etheric body, and aligns the emotional body with the etheric body so that the ethereal fluidium can more easily penetrate into the cellular levels; amplifies the discharge of ethereal toxicity from the system by dispelling any mental or emotional toxins (negative thought-forms) into the subtle bodies and ethers, where they are ultimately transformed and disintegrated; aligns the etheric and integrated spiritual bodies, thereby aiding in the treatment of any spinal column disorders; activates those chakras associated with the spine, and properly aligns the kundalini energy along the spinal column; cleanses the heart chakra, thereby allowing for increased caring and sensitivity; strengthens all the meridians, and alleviates the heavy metal miasm.



Alleviates any form of mental unrest, including mental pressures or mental rigidity; removes any feelings of low self-esteem, inferiority, or self-effacement, as well as any lack of self-confidence when confronting difficult circumstances; eliminates any form of disgust, aversion or denial of one's bodily Self while expanding one's mental flexibility, resulting in greater elasticity in the body and a more balanced and supple spinal column.



Assists an individual in softening their relationship to physical matter, as well as developing greater awareness and respect for the life processes of the body; provides greater attunement with one's Higher Self in order to express or release any painful or buried emotions; strengthens the ego-nature in order to better control and direct the activities of the physical body, and develops greater inner discipline and the ability to integrate certain aspects of support and caring for the Self in order to function more effectively in life; assists an individual in establishing a truer sense of identity with their feminine nature, and provides a more balanced sense of individuality; aids in the development of greater courage and will-power, and promotes stronger feelings of nurturance and good-will; provides greater encouragement, enthusiasm, optimism, upliftment and ebullient heart-forces, and enhances the quality of personal warmth or loving compassion.