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"According to Norman Cousins, the greatest force in the human body is its natural drive to continually heal itself. However, this force is not independent of one's belief-system, which can translate mental or emotional expectations into physiological change and outcome. For example, note the ability of the fifteen billion neurons in the human brain to convert our thoughts, hopes, ideas and attitudes into actual chemical substances that ultimately create our own individual reality."

Greetings! Welcome to Alcyone Central, the hub of Internet bookstore activity for those of us seeking reading material that will expand our consciousness, enhance greater awareness, and increase our knowledge-base on the subjects of Conscious Living, Health & Wellness, and Metaphysics. You may browse these subject-categories by clicking on the appropriate buttons located below.

It is my intention that this portion of my website brings forth a deepening understanding with regard to the purpose that looms within your immediate future. It is hoped that it will strengthen and support your commitment to continue on with your progress along the path of completion of this segment of experience. You may wish to read my Statement of Purpose as well.

My name is Joseph, and I am the Webmaster here at Alcyone Central. Although I have been a practicing herbalist for the past 46 years, my true passion as an avid reader of books has been a major focus in my life since I was eleven years old. I hope you will enjoy browsing through my virtual bookshop as much as I have enjoyed creating its overall design and structure.

I have only recently commenced the development of this bookstore, and it will be under construction for several months. Nevertheless, you still have the opportunity to browse the various subject-categories as they become accessible. This will allow you to observe the depth of inventory that will be available to everyone in the near future.

Browse our upcoming inventory of over 50,000 book titles, audio tapes, CD's and videos, or search by title, author or subject-category (note that most of these options are still under construction and not yet available). We will offer secure online ordering, and most selections will be in stock for same-day shipping anywhere in the world. If you have any special requests or inquiries, be sure to contact me below.

Our discounted book prices will be competitive with all other Internet bookstores.

Many of us on this planetary biosphere are extremely excited about the coming consciousness shift heralded by various upcoming astrological configurations. These celestial signposts do, in fact, signal a time of major social and planetary transformation, as well as a complete restructuring of our values. Belief systems will be transformed!

Many of us are already pursuing a different study of truth, rather than blindly accepting the reality with which we are presented upon our arrival on Spaceship Earth. Our studies are further preparing us for the eventual leap in consciousness that will propel us into higher dimensional frequencies of existence --- characterized by many as the forthcoming New Age.

Such a stunning and refreshingly transformative "happening" can never be described as a breeze, but instead as a hurricane that roars through the psyche, uprooting old trees of knowledge and shaking existing foundations in order to make way for the new.

Be sure to read or obtain a copy of "The Handbook For A New Paradigm", which plays an important role in this process of discovery and change.

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