The three volumes (listed below) that comprise the "Handbook For A New Paradigm" contain all the necessary tools and understanding that will assist lightworkers around the world in the continuing development of their creative focus in order to bring forth the birthing of a new paradigm of experience!

To those of you seeking books and video tapes that will provide more detailed and supportive information regarding the various activities and planned scenarios of those of evil intent, I will be highlighting these selections in "red text" throughout the various subject-categories located at Alcyone Central in order to make your search easier.

The various selective encodements necessary to awaken Humanity are presently arriving on the solar winds from the Central Sun (Alcyone) of our Galaxy. From my intuitive perspective, these "encodements" are now fully manifested here in 3rd dimensional reality in the recently received three volumes of galactic messages entitled "The Handbook For A New Paradigm".

Since the Creator's focus is directing these encodements (or galactic messages) to us from Alcyone, then it becomes appropriate to utilize the above animation in order that it may symbolically portray that of our Central Sun. Furthermore, placement of this animation on your website immediately notifies others of your purposeful intent to assist in the birthing of the new paradigm.

Resolve or determination and intention towards creative focus, accompanied by faith and trust, will initiate this creative process, especially when aligned harmoniously within the tenets of the three Universal Laws - Attraction, Intention and Allowance.

The end result is Balance.


"Abundance and Prosperity"

"A Vision"

I choose to stand in the Light of my own Being,
and manifest Truth.
I choose to shed the methods of survival.
I choose to celebrate the dance of the Journey,
regardless of the illusion that presents itself.

I am the "stepper" upon my path,
and I am not alone.
I am the dancer and the dance itself.
The truth of who I am,
and the truth of all that I do,
resides within me.

I am filled with Light.
I am filled with Love.
I am filled with strength of Being.

Light of my Being, I surrender to you.
Fill my Being to the brim and overflowing,
that my consciousness may be awakened to the Truth,
that I might breathe freely,
that the struggle of my Soul might change to rest and peace,
that my fears might be released,
that I might trust the moment of Eternity.

I release the security of the Past,
and the need for security in the moment,
in exchange for the delight in the dance of the moment,
where nothing is preconceived,
but everthing takes form
at the very moment
that the "breath of Life"
is breathed within the consciousness.

I am the "stepping",
and the "step",
and the place upon the path.
I am the Wholeness.
I come forth in Divine Light,
in birth of consciousness,
and in celebration of me,
and of my truth manifesting
with every breath.

I stand in the Light of my Being,
without effort,
simply breathing
and being.

Have you seen the stars tonight?

Have you looked at all?

Do you know,
that we could go...
we are free.

you could think of...
we could be.

Have you seen the stars tonight?

A family...
of stars.

-Jefferson Starship
Blows Against The Empire


Quit striving!

You already are
what you long to be