Ingredients Traditionally Used to Alleviate

Aloe Vera
Green Jasper
Green Rose
Light Pearl
White Tourmaline


(Bleeding) Joy running out; anger; difficulty in building any permanent understanding, resulting in leaving the lessons of one's life incomplete; attachment to the pain of injury.
(Catarrh) Layered deposits of old, confused thoughts clogging the channels of elimination; wallowing in the gummed mire of the past; need to release ideas of the past.
(Colon Problems) Holding on to the past.
(Cramps) Tension; fear; gripping or holding on; force; pretending that one's Self is different from their present state of awareness.
(Diverticulitis/Diverticulosis) Holding on to old ideas from the past, and allowing these thoughts to create anger in one's Self; feeling trapped by one's environment.
(Ileocecal Valve Disorders) Belief that receiving something new is taking away from what has been built in the past; scattering of one's attention, causing ignorance of the present moment due to one's attention returning habitually to the past; need to create peace in one's own thinking process by appreciating what has been accomplished, and where one wants to go in the future.
(Impacted/Obstructed Colon) Need to release blame.
(Intestines) Represent assimilation, absorption or elimination with ease.
(Intestinal Disorders) Holding on to the painful past, along with a refusal to embrace and utilize the present; holding on to or rejecting one's ideas, whether past or present opinions.
(Itis or Inflammation) Anger and frustration about conditions that one is looking at in their life; fear; inflamed thinking; suppressed anger; over-reaction to one's outer or inner environment, due to defensiveness.
(Spasms) Tightening one's thoughts through fear; scattering of one's attention; resentment of one's past.
(Swellings) Being stuck in thinking; clogged, painful ideas; holding on to ideas that are unproductive.
(Toxins) Holding on to unproductive thoughts.
(Ulcers) Fear; strong belief that one is not good enough; worry or anxiety.
(Weakness) Need for mental rest; refusal to understand one's self-worth.


(Bleeding) I am the joy of Life expressing and receiving in perfect rhythm. I recognize that I have value, and am a valuable human being. I am worth gaining value, learning and growth in my experiences.
(Catarrh) I release and dissolve the past. I am a clear thinker. I live in the present in peace and joy. I practice loving my Self in order to forgive myself for the past that no longer exists.
(Colon Problems) I change my physical thinking to mental thinking. I can only fail when I refuse to learn from an experience. By learning, I will out-perform my previous endeavors.
(Cramps) I relax and allow my mind to be peaceful. I have nothing to lose by being honest. I express my Self. I make my words match my thoughts. This is the only way I will know where I am in my awareness.
(Diverticulitis) By producing my success in the present, I will not have time to dwell on the past. My anger was caused by my inability or unwillingness to control those situations that occurred in the past. This does not have to be so in the present.
(Diverticulosis) I prove to my Self that I can still fulfill my desires.
(Ileocecal Valve Disorders) I make a list of my major accomplishments in life. I appreciate my achievement. I now compile a future list of accomplishments based upon my most heartfelt desires.
(Impacted/Obstructed Colon) Blame restricts release, which restricts my life. I begin to live now. I make something happen.
(Intestines) I easily assimilate and absorb all that I need to know, and release the past with joy.
(Intestinal Disorders) Now is the time to enjoy my life. Now is the time to live my life to the fullest. Once each day I prove the limitation of something I was told as a child or earlier in my life. This information I will use to expand beyond any preconceived biases or limitations.
(Itis or Inflammation) I am willing to change all patterns of criticism. I love and approve of myself. I respect myself enough to begin creating what I want in my life each day without trampling over others.
(Spasms) I release, I relax, and I let go. I am safe in life. I give my body and my muscles direct commands.
(Swellings) My thoughts flow freely and easily. I move through ideas with ease. I determine what my benefit is for holding on to old ideas that do not work. I then replace them with something better.
(Toxins) I stop poisoning my Self with my thoughts. I intentionally think ten productive thoughts each day, verbalizing and recording them.
(Ulcers) I love and approve of myself. I am at peace. I am calm. All is well. I keep my attention in the present.
(Weakness) I give my mind a joyous vacation. I practice the exercise of gazing at my Self in a mirror each day for ten minutes.


Base ingredients consist of flower essences and gem elixirs that assist in alleviating the underlying mental/emotional causes of various intestinal or bowel disorders, including catarrh, cramps, diverticulitis, hemorrhage, ileocecal valve disorders, impaction, obstruction, spasms, swellings, ulcers and weakness; removes the negative mental/emotional attitudes (see
Mental/Emotional Causes) associated with these conditions or imbalances.

The specific physiological, biochemical, subtle/energetic, psychological and psycho-spiritual actions of this formula (as described in The Professional's Vibrational Formula Handbook No. 113) can be viewed here, or individually as follows:

Physiological (Physical)
Biochemical (Nutritional)
Subtle/Energetic (Vibrational)
Psychological (Mental/Emotional)
Psycho-Spiritual (Spiritual Psyche)


 Vibrational Formulas

5 to 10 drops directly under the tongue for up to 60 seconds (in order for it to interact with the enzymes in the saliva for better assimilation), or in a glass of distilled or natural spring water, 4 times a day.

(CAUTION: Do not ingest with hot water or other similar beverages. Shake well (10 to 12 times) prior to ingesting in order to activate the subtle/energetic properties.)


(Note: 15 drops is equivalent to 1/2 dropperful)


The best times to ingest these formulas during the day: (1) Upon awakening, (2) around noon, (3) late afternoon or before the evening meal, and (4) before bedtime.



 All of our vibrational formulas are consistently manufactured under strict laboratory supervision, using only the freshest and finest ingredients possible. The ingredients in the Professional Vibrational Formulas are homeopathically potentized using a solution of 70% distilled water and 30% Korbel brandy (with only a 40-proof alcohol content, and made from fermented grapes), which acts as a natural preservative in order to prevent molding or fermentation. However, those of you who are extremely sensitive (or who display adverse reactions) to alcohol may choose to select the option for apple cider vinegar instead. Each of the 1-ounce bottles of the vibrational formulas will provide an approximate 3-week supply, while the 2-ounce bottles will usually last up to 6 weeks when using the recommended dosage.