Dear Sir,

Enclosed is my order. My previous orders were well worth the wait. Your Herbal Formula #14 cured my wife of a terrible cold. She had it for several weeks, but as soon as she started taking your formula, she was back to normal in a matter of 5 days.

She also took Herbal Formula #56 for rejuvenation. This formula really got her out of the "doldrums", as well as gave her more energy, a more cheerful attitude and most unexpectedly, also rejuvenated her sexual interest as well.

I am very interested in herbology, and I would like to inquire about your forthcoming Degree Program in Herbal Medicine.

Thank you for all your help.

(Name withheld upon request)

House Springs, MO



Dear Joseph,

I started taking Herbal Formulas #60 and #11 on a regular basis about two weeks ago. My purpose in taking these formulas was to clear up my complexion.

At this writing, my complexion has improved about 60%. I also noticed a marked increase in energy when I began taking the formulas.

I plan to continue taking the formulas, so I will be able to give you more feedback later.


Mike McCurdy

Portland, OR

(P.S. Thank you for making these formulas available.)



To Whom It May Concern,

Herbal Formula #48 helps me a lot. The pain in the groin caused by tight muscle spasms are very relaxed now.

Herbal Formula #45 relieved my chronic mastitis and the soreness under my arms.

Herbal Formula #6 helps me to feel less tired and less depressed. I have much more energy now. I have my blood checked regularly, and its still doing good.

Margie A. Kintz

Gaston, OR



To Whom It May Concern,

I took Herbal Formula #30, and it improved the appearance of my hair while producing some new growth. Thank you.

Jim Clark

Vancouver, WA



Dear Joseph,

I obtained very good results with Herbal Formula #31 during the hayfever season, providing I eat right. My eyes stop watering and my breathing is improved, and there is no longer any itchy sensations at the back of my mouth.




Dear Joseph,

I had a benign tumor or cyst in my breast. I took Herbal Formulas #26 and #45 for two weeks, and it was completely gone.

Losa Brawley

Portland, OR



Dear Joseph,

The results were very subtle, that is to say, I did not feel drugged as if I were on some prescription drug. Instead, I just felt mellow and when I'd lie down, I would just "sink" into my mattress and go to sleep (instead of my eyes refusing to close). Not only did I sleep, but I slept soundly. Now I can sleep clear through the night without any restlessness.

Without a doubt, Herbal Formula #49 really works, and because I now have sufficient sleep each night, my daily affairs run more smoothly too. I am not so irritable from being a tired nervous wreck.

Thank you, Joseph, for strengthening my faith in God's natural remedies.


Carole McAfee

Grand Ronde, OR



Dear Sir,

I have been taking Herbal Formula #23 and Vibrational Formula #95 for eczema for the past two weeks, and this is the most effective remedy I have found.

Jan Myers

Portland, OR



Dear Joseph,

Since taking Herbal Formula #27 over the past 3 weeks, my eyes have improved to the following degree:

Left Eye

Right Eye

Before 20/200

Before 20/60

After 20/80

After 20/20

This test was done on a regular eye chart for the duration. 

Michael S. Meyer

Clatskanine, OR 



Dear Joseph,

I tried Herbal Formula #14, and noticed decided improvement. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

Marylu Gammon

Portland, OR



Dear Joseph,

I purchased Herbal Formula #43 on the advice of my chiropractor because I have hypoglycemia which has damaged my liver. I'm perfectly fine with my diet until just prior to my menstrual cycle, and then I develop a slight temperature and feel terrible, as well as susceptible to catching any flu virus that's going around at the time.

However, when I use the above formula for ten days before my cycle, as well as during the first couple of days of my period, then I have absolutely no problems whatsoever.

Nadine C. Holland

Tigard, OR



Dear Joseph,

Enclosed please find my order for Herbal Formula #9. It has really worked wonderfully on my hands. The swelling is nearly gone as is the redness, and the rash on my back is clearing up.

By the way, your Herbal Formula #64 for the kidney stones is doing it's wonderful work.

Thank you SO MUCH!!

Dianne Geldon

Portland, OR



Dear Joseph,

I would like to thank you for your kind assistance, which you have rendered me on two separate occasions with outstanding success.

On May 29, 1987, I came in contact with some poison ivy and, unfortunately, proceeded to use it as bathroom tissue. Upon my return home, I was very tired from my hike and decided to go to bed. Unbeknownst to me as to it's origins, I developed an extreamly persistent itch for which I had no resistance, and began to scratch in order to alleviate the torment of this unexpected and unwanted malady.

The day after the events described above, I began to realize that I had come in contact with poison ivy.

I tried every kind of remedy available to me, but to no avail. Nothing seemed to provide relief from the agony I was enduring.

I had known about Joseph and his wisdom in the application of herbs as an effective treatment without any side-effects.

After having consulted with Joseph, I tried his recommendation for treating the itching. I indeed began to feel prompt relief, and soon after my skin condition returned to normal.

Around the middle of October 1996, I found myself bleeding excessively while passing blood clots as a result of complications caused by an ovarian cyst. Once again, I discussed my situation with Joseph and he suggested Herbal Formulas #26, #50 and #54. I took these formulas, along with Vibrational Formulas #124 and #128.

I am extremely happy to say that the bleeding ceased in approximately 3 days after taking the formulas, and the cyst soon began to reduce in size.

With much gratitude,

Mary A. Bakke

Portland OR.



Dear Joseph,

I used the #275 "magic drops" from your company. This is the vibrational formula for self-confidence. I am 13 years old, and I was afraid to get up in front of the class at school. I hated it, and wanted to change it. My mother showed me the brochure, and told me to pick any formula that I thought I might need. I chose the above formula, and it began to work only two days after I began using it. I am sold on this formula now.

I am much more confident now than I could ever have imagined, and am very happy with this formula. Thank you, Joseph, for your "neato" product. I love it!

Version From My Dad:

Just to add a few comments to what Brianne has written, it only required one 1-ounce bottle and she doesn't need anymore. We are all amazed at the quick action, as Bri stated. After only two days, we all noticed a significant change in her personality. Now she is doing things that she did not do in the past, such as getting up in front of the class to do a report or calling waiters over to ask for something while eating out.

The rest of us are working on our own problems and hope for the same results.

Thank you, Joseph

Brianne and Peter

Portland, OR



Dear Joseph,

At 84 plus, I already feel a relief from arthritis and insomnia after using Formulas #9 and #49 for only three weeks.

Thank you.

Ms. Luella B. Koznek

The Dalles, OR



Dear Sir,

A week ago I became aware that I was feeling depressed, and that the depression was deepening. I was having difficulty handling simple tasks. I was sleeping longer hours, and I did not want to get out of bed in the morning. My usual life excitement seemed to have vanished. After three days of taking Herbal Formulas #13 and #62 along with Vibrational Formula #168, my mood elevated and I am now functioning normally.

All things are possible . . . pass it on


Nelson Maxwell

Portland, OR



Dear Joseph,

Fabulous results!! Thank God this fomula works! My vertigo was almost zero, and nothing helped until I found Vibrational Formula #227 from Quantum International.

Thank you,

A. D. Shaw

Costa Mesa, CA



Dear Joseph,

I was absolutely amazed when my U/A tested out as negative. This was also tested at the lowest range possible --- 50 nanograms. I smoke marijuana primarily for stomach pain, as well as a replacement for alcohol (12 years free of alcohol).

The answer was your fantastic Herbal Detox formula (Herbal Formula #26). I've used various other brands and gimmicks, but by far (for price alone, not to mention the life-saving results) it is the very best and most rapidly effective product for this purpose that I have ever found. I also released many toxins that have built up over the years. It made me feel so good and cleaned out that I may never smoke pot again. What a secure calm feeling that has come over me knowing that in the future, if I choose to partake in marijuana again, I will not ever again be penalized for my choice. With all my Heart,

Thank you, Joseph

Jerome Rabbunny

Portland, OR



To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this testimonial on behalf of a master herbalist named Joseph, who has had a dream for over 24 years to help keep people healthy. He does this by providing the knowledge needed to help people become the master of their own bodies through proper nutrition and herbal know-how.

My husband and I are parents of three young sons. They are all beautiful little souls with their own unique personalities, and bring much joy (along with life's trials and tribulations) to their mom and dad.

Our eldest son, Jonathan, was three years old when he woke up half paralyzed on May 6, 1991. It wasn't until after three anxiety-filled days that we discovered through an MRI (including several attempts to do the MRI) that our son had a cancerous JPA brain tumor.

It was through God's guidance that we were led to finding Joseph, who advised us in the areas of nutrition and herbal medicine. We then began administering Herbal Formulas #13, #26 and #45 to our son for about a year. During that time-span, our son's tumor shrank, dissolved and then finally disappeared. His AMA doctors could not believe the fantastic results displayed on the MRIs. They simply could not believe that such a cancerous tumor could disappear like that, so quickly! These same doctors did not know that we had stopped the chemotherapy treatment early in the process, when we clearly saw that it was killing him.

Thanks to God's will, along with the necessary dietary changes and the use of Joseph's herbal formulas, our son is well today (January 1997). In fact, he is returning to Disneyland this March in order to tell Mickey Mouse that he no longer has the brain tumor. Make-A-Wish is an organization that provides children who are terminally ill with a respite from the trials of treatment by granting them their own special wish. This wonderful organization sent Jonathan to Disneyland when he could barely walk, and he was so swollen and bloated from the effects of the steroid Decradron that he appeared almost monster-like. We are so happy to share our son's successful healing with the rest of the world!

We are so thankful for people (such as Joseph) who want to reach out to help other people to get well, especially from their once-thought-doomed AMA prognosis, by using safe, natural and non-toxic therapies. If in any way you can help Joseph in reaching his dream, then spread the word that healing oneself does not have to be painful. Furthermore, healing does not have to involve being burned with nuclear radiation, toxic petro-chemicals or being cut with knives or laser devices. Thank you, Joseph.


Carol Sloane

Santa Rosa, CA



Dear Joseph,

My name is Jeannine and I am 22 years old. Approximately two and a half years ago I was a perfectly healthy freshman in college until one day I noticed a lump the size of a marble on the right side of my neck where the lymph nodes are located. I attempted to ignore it even though it disturbed me, but otherise I felt fine. I was actually avoiding the health center because a lump like this is sometimes considered a signal of HIV infection.

I finally went to the health center for a series of tests, and although I felt relieved to know it was not AIDS, I still worried because it did not go away. The only advice from the nurse at the health center was to "just live with it" as long as I felt healthy.

At that time, I did not correlate my depressed state of mind with the lump on my neck, and I continued to ignore it for about two years. I eventually left school because of terrible grades, and after moving to another town, I went to a doctor to have the lump checked once again. I proceeded to see a doctor at Kaiser who examined the lump and all the other lymph nodes on my body (even having me pull down my pants in order to examine my groin area for lumps!). The entire exam took a total of 45 seconds and ended when he stated simply, "Benign, you're fine".

Of course, I did not take the advice of this obviously incompetent busy doctor, and after receiving a second and third appointment with other doctors, all I learned was that my HIV test was negative again. Luckily, I read some good books during this time, and I realized that I could no longer ignore the obvious mind-body connection.

A month later, I went to see Joseph and began taking Herbal Formula #45 and Vibrational Formula #118 which correspond with lymphatic problems. The mental/emotional cause for my lump as listed in Joseph's book (The Professional's Vibrational Formula Desk Reference, Volume 1 - Physical Disorders) was described as self pity, and this description definitely fit the helpless state of mind I'd been in for so many years. I began taking the formulas that afternoon with a bit of skepticism (or should I say sarcasm), and that evening I experienced some of the most self pitying moments of my life! I even pityied myself for feeling that way, but a few hours later I realized that this is the way the medicine works. Simply acknowledging the mental source of the problem is the first step in true healing. The only thing that the doctors at the hospital offered to do about my lump was to cut it out, thereby alleviating the symptom without ever addressing the cause.

The difference between my experience at the hospital and the therapy that I have undergone with the herbal and vibrational formulas is the time involved. The doctors at Kaiser would have given me an instant cure by removing the lump, while taking the herbal medicine required about three months in order for the lump to dissolve to the size of a tiny pebble. With patience comes rewards, and I can honestly say that I feel like my mental attitude has changed as dramatically as the size of the lump.

After closer investigation, I also realized that the numbers of the formulas overlapped with the ailments that I have. A good example of this is Vibrational Formula #209, which corresponds with so many of my problems. I have been taking it for a month, and I believe that many interrelated sexual problems (especially the feeling of being a sexual object) are treated by the use of this formula. For many women, the feeling of being vulnerable to rape or having experiences with sexual abuse can produce stress in the lower back area. If given time, these repressed feelings will build up and eventually express themselves in more serious ways.

After I realized that each formula addressed multiple ailments, I started to pay attention to the numbers that repeatedly showed up in my life. One of these is #282, a number that I encountered on various papers and in situations where I was paying attention to the numbers around me. I decided to see what problem it corresponded to, and it turned out to be the vibrational formula for time (Time-Relationship Imbalances), something that has always been a serious problem for me (especially in regards to keeping track of time).

I am now convinced that the mind and body are undeniably one unit, and both thoughts and emotions (both positive and negative) have a direct way of sending vibrational messages to certain areas of the body. The medical doctors seem to be purposely in denial of this fact (for economical gains). Nevertheless, being healthy starts in the head!!



Portland, OR



Dear Sir,

I had a very bad cold, along with white spots on my tonsils. I took Herbal Formulas #14 and #66 for two days, and it completely relieved me. Whenever I feel a little sniffles, I take Herbal Formula #14 and I haven't had a cold since.

I used Herbal Formula #48 for a twisted ankle and tightened leg muscles, and I gained complete relief and the ability to walk in only two days after a week of misery and pain.

R. Marshall Richmond

Portland, OR



Dear Joseph,

After being bothered with severe stomach cramps for over a year and having exhausted all prescription drugs for this problem, I tried Herbal Formula #63. After just one week, I noticed marked improvement and I plan to look to herbs for any problems that arise in the future.

Debbie Hart

Vancouver, WA



Dear Joseph,

I wish you could have seen my good doctor's face when he saw my last lab report! He's a good man, and walks with all the light he's got. However, anytime I mention nutrition or vitamins, his reaction has been so paranoid. Of course, I have not mentioned my new health program. Considering the nature of my disease, he expects that I will gradually deteriorate, and he does not expect me to last another year or so. His eyes just "popped" when he saw the lab report. Now I never neglect to take the herbal formulas you educated me about. Thank you!

Marjorie Howard

Seattle, WA



Dear Joseph,

As you well know, I was diagnosed with cancer in the pancreas, liver, stomach and lower GI tract, accompanied by bloating and muscle tension in the lower abdomen. The lab tests indicated that my red blood cells were 50% deterioated, and the remainder displayed only 50% motility.

I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to you, Joseph, for the Herbal Formulas #26, 43, 41, & 45 and Vibrational Formula #99 that benefited my condition, which has been slowly and consistently improving.

Donald L. Stein

Battleground, WA



Dear Sir,

My 5-month-old baby was cutting teeth (dentition) and waking up crying several times each night and running a high fever. I used Herbal Formulas #14 and #18 with great results.

Since I am completely breastfeeding my baby, I took the herbal formulas myself (which went through my milk directly into the baby). The results were fast and very noticeable, showing a marked decrease in pain. Furthermore, my baby had a very restful sleep without any fever after the first night that I began taking the formulas. He continued to sleep well without any feverish states throughout the entire teething process, with the pain decreasing to very little or none at all.

Thank you.

Renee Sweeney

Carson, WA



Dear Joseph,

I am 23 years old, and all of my life I have been afflicted with a disease known as asthma. As far as I know, I was born with it. Luckily, I didn't have it as bad as some do, but I can remember missing weeks of school from asthmatic attacks that were brought on by nothing more than a common cold.

The first 20 years of my life were spent in northern Wisconsin, where it gets quite cold in the winter. Needless to say, I spent most of my winters indoors during childhood. Occasionally, my mother would let me play outside in the snow if it wasn't too cold or windy, but it often ended up with me sick in bed.

I have tried many different types of medicines in liquid form, pills, inhalers and asthma cigarettes, but there was nothing that helped without producing any after-effects. During that time, the only thing I found to be the most effective was a tiny white pill called Tedrol. It worked wonders on my breathing, but it very often made me nervous and cranky. I usually got what I called the "shakes" from using it. My hands would tremble so much that I had trouble holding a glass or cup without spilling it. It is difficult to fully describe the side-effects that this drug had on me. All in all, it was a most unpleasant experience. But as I said before, it was very effective in relieving the symptoms of asthma, so I always kept some on hand.

On January 12th, some friends of mine brought over several books for me to read. Among them was Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss, a guide to herbal medicine and natural healing. These friends of mine gather many of their own herbs out in the woods, and much of what they told me was fascinating, although I have to admit that I didn't really believe it all. I guess that is why they brought that particular book. As I was scanning through it, I found a section on asthma and questioned my friends about it. They recommended that I go see an herbalist named Joseph, who would tell me more about it and help me to pick out the right herbs.

A few days later, my husband and I took a trip to see him. The guy was obviously very busy, but he took time out to explain a little about different herbs to us, as neither of us knew anything about them. He had an herbal formula (#44), and as I read over the list of ingredients in his formula, I recognized many of the names from Back to Eden. I purchased a two-week supply, and he said not to expect any major changes for at least a couple of days to a week or more. I just laughed to myself, as I was quite skeptical, but said we'd be back and let him know either way how it worked. He seemed very confident that I'd be satisfied. I guess I should mention that he stressed the importance of a proper diet which excluded all dairy products, meat, and especially any mucus-producing foods.

It is quite a chore to try and change one's eating habits, but we now eat about 3 times as much fresh fruits and half as much dairy products. After 1 1/2 weeks, I began to notice that I could laugh without choking. This may sound strange, but prior to this, if I laughed too hard or too long, I would lose my breath and begin choking. I did lose my breath at this time, however. But after a few seconds, I felt fine.

After using the herbal formula for two weeks, I was ready to give it a test. I have to admit that I was still a little skeptical, but by this time I was beginning to believe in it. We live on Larch Mountain and at this time, we had about 8 to 10 inches of snow on the ground. I was outside one evening for about 20 minutes with my husband and dogs --- just running around the house and playing in the snow like a couple of kids. It didn't bother me at all.

The next morning, we were out for 45 minutes, and I was running most of the time over trails in the woods. We went down by the creek and then around to what I considered to be the most important part of my little test. Here we came to a path leading up to a steep hill about 100 yards long. The top of the hill led to our back yard. Even in the summer, I haven't been able to climb this hill without bringing on a small attack of wheezing and coughing. Naturally, I didn't try to run up the hill, but I kept a quick and steady pace. I stopped once for a minute, but only because my legs were tired, and then I kept on going. My husband and the dogs were long gone, waiting for me by the house. When I got to the top of the hill, I felt just fine. I was a little short of breath, but it only took a few mintues for me to regain it. I could hardly believe that I wasn't coughing or wheezing, and once I caught my breath, it was as calm and even as if I had just woke up. Only someone who has known the feeling of an asthmatic attack can really understand and truly appreciate what this means to me.

I have been using Herbal Formula #10 and #44 for almost 3 weeks now, and I have never felt better. I don't feel as though I am completely cured of asthma, however. But I know that in time if I am able to change my eating habits and live a little closer to Nature, I will never again be subject to an attack of this kind.

Thank you, Joseph.

Connie A. Marsh

Corbett, OR



Dear Sir,

I've been using Herbal Formula #9 and Vibrational Formula #79 for about 30 days now. Before using it, I had a severe pain in my knee, which kept me awake at night and was extremely painful during the day.

After taking these formulas for only 3 or 4 days, I was already getting results, and now my knee does not bother me at all. I think it is wonderful!

Mildred L. Gilbert

Portland, OR



Dear Joseph,

My young son Jarid has had difficulties for most of his life with emotional expression and learning difficulties. Specifically, the problems include anger, physical destructiveness and the inability to form loving friendships that has led to much loneliness for him.

Following his first grade year at school, we began a process of evaluation that included counseling and various tests to determine his overall levels of skills. This ultimately led to a diagnosis of Attention-Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). I made the choice not to medicate him, and began the process of behavior modification throughout his second grade year. The overall success of my efforts was marginal at best. During the beginning of his 3rd grade year, we were still having problems with anger, lack of communication and physical acting-out scenarios.

Approximately one month ago, we began treating him with two of your vibrational formulas (#225 for Attentiveness and #240 for Hyperactivity). The results have been dramatic. Within three days, I noticed that he was beginning to express a desire for physical attention in the form of hugs without acting out physically (such as spinning, jumping, etc.). Within one week, I had a child who was able to ask for love openly as well as express any fears openly. His current behavior has allowed him to begin to form healthier relationships with his schoolmates, teachers, parents and care-givers.

I can't begin to express my pride about the fact that last week we were notified that Jarid is currently eligible for a citizenship award from classes in school.

Your vibrational formulas have opened doorways in my son which allow him to see the beauty in his life, as well as allow others to respond to the beauty in him. All of this without any drug-induced suppression, and without any side-effects!

I have also attached a testimonial from his care-giver who has known and worked with my son over the past three years.

Carol McCurty

Portland, OR


I have known Jarid for several years. When first introduced to Jarid, I was greeted by him with a karate kick to the shins. His behavior was disruptive most of the time, and he spoke very little.

Over the past two years, I have been a caregiver for Jarid and have watched him grow. When his mother informed me that the school officials suggested that Jarid be put on medication for his hyperactivity, I was horrified. I expressed my feelings against any such synthetic drug medications, as I feared this would destroy Jarid's spirit.

Fortunately, Jarid's mother explored alternatives. She discovered vibrational formulas that help Jarid communicate better, as well as to focus on both his work and his play. The change in Jarid is remarkable. He sits and tells me wonderful stories from beginning to end. He dances an entire dance without destroying furniture or causing bodily harm to his dance partner. Overall, Jarid seems more happy, more focused and less frustrated. More importantly, he has retained the aliveness of his beautiful, energetic and pure spirit.

Lynda M. Chambers

Portland, OR



Dear Joseph,

I came into your establishment with one of my employees on November 20th. She needed some herbs and asked if there was an herb that I could take for nausea, due to the smoking patch that I was using in order to quit smoking.

I was then referred to you for additional information, at which point you informed me of an herbal and a vibrational formula you had that would eliminate the desire to smoke without any nausea. In my desperation to feel better, I purchased the two formulas. At this point, I was so miserable that anything was worth trying. So, I began to use your formulas, although I was somewhat doubtful.

To give you an accurate history regarding my addiction, I worked with employees that smoked in my business, had a brother that smoked and lived at home, and a husband that purchased and even fed me lit cigarettes daily, so this was certainly no easy battle to win.

I began to use both formulas that same day, and I did not feel like smoking, which was great but I felt like any second this would change. That first evening when I went to sleep, I woke up on three different occasions saturated in sweat. For a person that was not ill and who doesn't perspire even while exercising, this was odd. I didn't feel bad, so I simply changed my clothing and went back to bed. I now realize that this was my body's way of releasing all the toxins. This never happened again.

Then I experienced one of the most sad and horrible weeks of my entire life! On Thankgiving day, my family came over and got into a huge fight, so I spent time crying in the bathroom. The next day I began thinking about this and it occurred to me that I never even thought about going out in my husband's or brother's car and smoking a cigarette, which was really weird. The desire to have a cigarette was 100% gone, and I was waiting for that overpowering urge to hit me that would end my ability to stop smoking, but it never did.

Then I began to panic and think, "Oh great! Now I'm addicted to these herbs!" So I stopped taking the formulas every four hours and instead waited until I felt that I needed them. It ended up being anywhere from 6 to 7 hours, and eventually it was all day. My entire need for the formulas lasted only two weeks.

Just to let you know, it has been three months, and I have not cheated even once! It is definitely something that is unbelievably easy, and I wish that I had been introduced to these formulas a long time ago. No more stinky clothes, and I don't have to deal with the guilt each day. My car won't get any more burn marks, my teeth are whiter, and my eating habits haven't changed in any way.

I just wanted to tell you my experience and that every change I get, I relate this discovery to others in hopes of sharing this information with anyone who is tired of smoking and has difficulty quitting.


Laramie Driver (non-smoker)

Vancouver, WA



Dear Joseph,

I wanted to express my gratitude for your Herbal Formula No. 8. My cholesterol levels have dropped 64 points in 30 days after using the above formula.

I also used Herbal Formula No. 9, and I no longer experience any pain along the inside of my leg after using this formula for the last 60 days.

Furthermore, my blood sugar level has dropped 10 points after taking Herbal Formula No. 19 and Vibrational Formula No. 91.

Thank you very much,

Gordon B. Klein

Tigard, OR