Dear Joseph,

I've used your shop on and off for a few years.

The first time I came in was to find incense and essential oils for aromatherapy. I noticed your extensive herbal selection, but didn't pay much attention to it, except to purchase the latest edition of "Back to Eden".

Next, I had a very painful toothache and the dentist couldn't see me for more than a week. I was popping Advil like candy and all it did was keep the edge off, meaning that I was groaning from the pain instead of screaming. I came in and asked for your herbal formulas in order to deal with my toothache. Your herbal formulas worked so well that the pain was "completely" gone the next day, and 3 to 4 days later, I had to remind myself to keep taking the formulas.

When I had an eye infection, I check "Back to Eden". Your store had the herbs I needed in powdered form. I followed the directions in the book, and discovered that these herbs worked better than any eyedrops sold by pharmacies.

Recently, an old work-related injury produced the most severe back problems that I've had since the original injury itself more than a decade ago. When it appeared over the 4th of July weekend, the back spasms and pain turned me into a cripple, something I'm not used to dealing with. A regular doctor would have insisted on surgery and multiple drugs, and synthetic muscle relaxants only put me right to sleep.

After the initial attack, I could hobble around my apartment, but the simplest of everyday tasks would bring on the spasms. The pain was never very far away. Nothing I had tried before had worked.

A friend drove me to your shop, and your herbal formulas were immediately effective. Within 15 minutes after taking the initial dose, my back unlocked and the pain began to subside at the same time. By the next day, the pain was bearable. Before the bottles were half-empty, the problem was gone. I finally gave the rest to a friend who was experiencing twinges from an old back injury. He promised to go in to your shop for the full recommendation of formulas.

The Oregonian has been running front-page stories about chronic pain. The doctors are baffled. Too bad people don't know that the cure is located at 7909 S. E. Stark St. for less than their doctors will charge them for an office visit!

Bless you, Mr. Montagna.

Layne Barlow

Wilsonville, OR



Dear Sir,

I have experienced extreme depression for several years, and maybe longer. I have been diagnosed with clinical depression, and I have been using both Prozac and Zoloft for at least 3 years.

I took Vibrational Formulas #153 and #168 in order to try to finally get rid of my depression. These formulas have worked wonders for me. I still wonder if I might need them again once in awhile. The change was so wonderful for me that I'm feeling more mental clarity than I have in years. I highly recommend it to everyone who suffers from this condition.

Debbi Flittner

Portland, OR



To Whom It May Concern,

I weighed 370 pounds and I used Herbal Formulas #51 and #65 and Vibrational Formulas #125, #139 and #173. I lost 60 pounds in 3 1/2 weeks, and now I weigh only 310 pounds. I feel a lot better. I went from a 56-inch waist down to 52 inches. I am amazed that these formulas worked so well. I definitely believe in this herbal pharmacy, for it helped me. If you have any doubts, give it a try. You will be surprised!

Leonard Allen

Portland, OR



Dear Joseph,

In September of 1998, I was diagnosed with herpes. It is a painful, as well as emotionally damaging, disease with potentially no cure as indicated by the medical profession.

I want you to know that after 6 months of suffering with my terribly painful sores that would always appear at an inopportune time---during my menstrual cycle. I finally took my fiancee's advice and began using your Herbal Formulas #35 and #38. I took them during my menstrual cycle after I had already broken out with these sores. Not only did these formulas ease the pain, but I healed faster. For the next 2 months, I continued taking these formulas and I never experienced any more painful sores.

Two weeks ago, I used up my existing supply of your formulas and, tempting fate, I didn't purchase any more (not a mistake I will soon repeat). My menstrual cycle began and so did the itching and burning sensations associated with the first outbreak of these painful sores since I began using the formulas. Obviously, I made a fast trip to your shop!

I am writing to share this experience with you, and to let you know that you have saved my personal life. I am now a great believer in herbs and holistic remedies.

I will be sharing my wonderful and almost unbelievable experience with everyone I can. Relief at last!

Thank you so very much!

Heather & Byron

Portland, OR



Dear Joseph,

During the late 1970's, I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. After spending 4 months in the hospital, my insurance company cancelled my policy. My doctor sent me home with little hope of living much longer. Before I left the hospital, a nurse who worked there told me to go to Atlantis Rising and tell the herbalist what the doctor had told me, and that maybe you could help me. So I did just that.

You recommended a regimen of herbal remedies and a diet consisting of fresh fruits, vegetables and grains, and nothing else but lots of purified water. I was so sick that I was willing to do anything. Eight months later, I went back to the doctor and he could not believe that I was the same person he had seen before. I told him what I had done, and he admitted that it was a good choice.

Now, 25 years later, I am still alive and all my tests for hepatitis C are negative. I still take herbs and vitamins and carefully watch what I eat.

I'm sure you don't remember me, but thanks to your advice, I'm still alive. I never spoke with you directly, but I have benefited greatly from your herbal remedies.

I've wanted to write to you many times, but my spelling is not so good. My story is plain and simple. Herbs and a good diet are the only way to live a long healthy life. I hope you can use my story on your website.

Thanks a lot!

Linda Dyer

Portland, OR



Dear Sir,

My name is Tracy McAllister, and I am writing this letter on behalf of my father-in-law, Jerry McAllister. We used your Herbal Formula #19 and Vibrational Formula #91 for treating his diabetes. For the first time in 3 years, his diabetes is almost non existent.

We also used your Herbal Formulas #26, #45 and #55 and Vibrational Formulas #99, #118 and #129 for his prostate cancer. Currently, the cancer levels in his prostate have dropped from 24 points to only 4 points, which is considered to be the normal range for a man of his age.

He is feeling better than he has felt in many years.

Thank you!

Tracy & Jerry McAllister

Belfast, IRELAND



Dear Joseph,

In 1990, I came into your shop after the doctors had told me for over 2 years that I had an advanced form of arthritis in my knees, and that nothing could be done for me.

After taking your Herbal Formulas #9 and #1 and Vibrational Formulas #71 and #217 for a period of 6 months, I have been pain-free ever since. It is now February 8th, 2000.

Thank you, Joseph!

Wayde Spiegelberg

Vancouver, WA



To Whom It May Concern,

I suffered from long-term narcotic addiction for over 35 years, and have been using methadone for over 25 years.

I have also been a chronic alcoholic, along with multiple substance abuse problems.

I used you Herbal Formulas #3 and #49 and your Vibrational Formulas #73 and #122. Now my cravings are gone and I am free of alcohol and narcotic addiction.

Thank you!

David Swanda

Portland, OR



To Whom It May Concern,

Your Herbal Formula #49 for insomnia really works!

Sometimes I wake up at night and cannot get back to sleep, so I take this formula and soon I am fast asleep.

Christy Elder

Portland, OR



Dear Sir,

I used your Herbal Detox and Lipo Cleanse to clean out my system of drug residues.

You have helped several of my friends, including one in Oklahoma and another in New Mexico, to successfully pass their urinalysis tests.

Bless you all and your products. Thanks.

John Attebery

Portland, OR



Dear Joseph,

I came to seek your help in treating fibromyalgia (muscular pain and weakness) and stress. My fibromyalgia has been a constant source of painful discomfort for almost 2 years. After taking the initial dose of Herbal Formulas #9 and #5 and Vibrational Formulas #71 and #217, the pain was gone only 40 minutes later.

At first, I could not believe it was true, so I put my body through a healthy workout. I felt great, and no pain returned. I now feel better than I did before the pain originally surfaced.

Thank you so much for all you've done for me.

Linda Wille

Hillsboro, OR



To Whom It May Concern,

I used Herbal Formula #44 for congestion in my lungs and sinuses, and it works great!

Gary Vogele

Portland, OR



Dear Sir,

I used your Herbal Formulas #9 and #26 and Vibrational Formulas #99 and #217 for a cyst on my chest, which was approaching an infectious stage.

It took six weeks, but the cyst has completely drained and vanished!

Bruce Anderson

Portland, OR



To Whom It May Concern,

After trying several other methods, I find that Herbal Formula #59 and Vibrational Formula #133 works well for impotency, spermatorrhea (premature ejaculation) and other sexual organ disorders if you use it correctly.

Furthermore, if I take twice as much of my usual dosage prior to any sexual activity, then it works even better.

Dennis Hartney

Portland, OR



To Whom It May Concern,

Both my husband and I have used your Herbal Detox and Lipo Cleanse formulas 24 hours prior to taking a urinalysis test. We both tested clean when we used the formulas every hour as directed.

Cheri Ruiz

Seattle, WA



Dearest Joseph,

A few months ago, I was very ill so I came into your store and purchased Herbal Formulas # 27 for iritis, #22 for an ear infection, #43 for a bladder infection and hepatitis C, and #64 for kidney stones, as well as #9 and #1 for chronic back pain and #10 for asthma.

After taking your formulas, I felt so much better. I went for walks and I enjoyed myself. I no longer felt tired from the hepatitis C, my ear infection went away, and my stone passed and I could pee normally.

I think that the work you are doing with herbs is wonderful! Thank you for your kindness and compassion.

Marie Bowmer

Portland, OR



Dear Joseph,

I don't know how to thank you enough for helping me! I am feeling much better, and I am on the mend. I have much healing work to do with myself, and you have helped me with your herbal remedies to become even more motivated to get started. After using Herbal Formula #32 and Vibrational Formula #105, the heart palpitations are much less than they were, and I don't feel so anxious after using Vibrational Formula #155.

Please don't stop what you are doing, for you are a most wonderful gift and a much needed one. I am grateful to have met you. Thanks again.

Bless you, Joseph

Love and light always

Sue Lampione

Portland, OR



To Whom It May Concern,

I came to Atlantis Rising (Alternatives For A New Millennium) over a year ago in May 1999. I went to my doctor in May 1996. He ran many tests. In the end, I saw three specialists and they all wanted to do exploratory surgery. My doctor told me it was all in my head. My menstrual cycles were so bad that I could not get out of bed for 3 days. My PMS was very bad. I did not go back to my doctor again until April 1999.

My right foot, left shoulder and right hip hurt so bad that I could hardly walk. I never left the house. My depression became worse.

One day a friend of mine talked me into going to Atlantis Rising (Alternatives For A New Millennium). I was looking for an alternative to cortozone shots. Joseph recommended Herbal Formulas #9, #1 and #60, and Vibrational Formulas #71, #217, #134, and #153 and #168 for depression.

These formulas helped me so much. Within 3 days, I woke up without a headache. My joints were not in severe pain, and the swelling decreased. Fifteen months later, I am now fishing, canning, mowing, gardening and hauling wood. I still have some pain, but I'm at least 80% better. With the changes in my eating habits and Joseph's formulations, I am thankful to Joseph and his staff, and to my special goddess that led me to this spiritual place.

It is great to feel better and to be able to walk again; to be touched without my skin hurting; to weigh 70 pounds less; and to be happy and active once again.

Tamara R. Dillard

Corbett, OR