The messages contained in this, the third book entitled "Becoming", are a continuation of the previous information provided in Volumes 1 and 2 for the transition of the hearts and minds of those members of Humanity that are willing to be a catalyst for change. It is an undeniable truth that the current pattern of use and abuse of the planetary resources will lead to the end of its ability to sustain life-forms. The human body, and its awareness, is being deliberately overwhelmed physically, psychologically and magnetically. The majority of Humanity fails to understand that unseen forces that surround them are directly affecting their ability to survive. These unseen forces are hidden within the “modern” conveniences, powered by alternating electrical current; through radio, television, and many other low-frequency emanations that alter both the individual’s and the planet’s magnetic fields to an unimaginable degree.

Just as human scientists experiment upon what are considered “lesser species” with little concern for their suffering and death in the name of “scientific advancement,” so also is Humanity considered a lesser species to be used in similar fashion. “You” are being used in exactly that way, with the full knowledge and participation of those who believe themselves to be a part of the controlling hierarchy. These misguided humans are under the direct supervision of those extraterrestrial beings that desire to continue to control this planet and others. The evolving conscious awareness of Humanity has again evolved to a level that is considered dangerous. There are many that are now aware of this very real outside influence through the history revealed in the "artifacts" that were not destroyed or hidden, and by reaching logical conclusions about the sightings of various spacecraft, as well as interaction with their occupants. These interactions have occurred both face-to-face and telepathically. The evidence is indicative of the presence of these outside powers, who are attempting to continue the longstanding control over Earth and its solar system. There are also those that have a positive presence, who are hoping to be of assistance to an awakening Humanity. In order to receive this available help, Mankind must be willing to take on the responsibility for determining their own future.

Humanity itself has "blocked" the possibility for an answer to its longstanding cry for relief from enslavement by these outside forces, simply because it has been educated to ask for its “rescue” to come from an unknowable being that is, in actuality, a part of the controlling forces (Jehovah). Deception for the purpose of control has been very successful for thousands of years. “Worship your controller” has been the ploy. Mankind has very little time left to wake up to this strategy, and to then cooperatively agree that it is time to end this charade once and for all. Those who would assist in this process must be a group that is willing to conduct research and prove to itself (beyond the shadow of a doubt) the actual truth of this astounding pronouncement of the current global situation. This group must then come to realize that Humanity has to create its own future, or remain in the terrible slavery circumstances that are planned for them.

Both the positive and negative forces that are presently focused upon this planet are aware that multiple cycles are culminating in this time-sequence, which are to the advantage of either Humanity or its colonizers, depending upon which one has the support of the overall planetary consciousness. This support can be either passively or actively understood. It can, therefore, be readily understood that if Humanity does not make a clear choice to own this planet for itself, then it is passively supporting continued enslavement, and giving away its natural resources for the use of others, rather than for themselves. Rich mineral reserves have been transported from this planet, as well as from others in this solar system, for thousands of years in order to enrich the lives of other beings that have failed to steward their own planetary resources wisely. Reports of large “motherships” are true, and are present here for that purpose.

It is time for Humanity to wake up, and to come together in the understanding that they are wise enough to control their own destiny and ask for help to “help themselves for the highest and best good for all concerned.” That is a prayer that can be affirmatively answered! Until such time as humans can prove themselves to be cooperative and non-aggressive toward their benevolent neighbors, all help will be given indirectly, that is, these beings will not walk among you until it is safe for them to do so. The help that can be offered will be very effective, but it must be asked for and accepted as assistance and not as rescue. A victim, be it individual or a planetary mass consciousness, has not evolved to a level of responsibility that warrants assistance. A victim consciousness must move through the need to look outside of itself, and instead, look at its own choices in order to find the cause(s) of its imperfect situation. Freewill involves the freedom to choose, and all continuously choose, even if it is to "choose not to choose". There are always forces willing to make choices for those unwilling to make their own. It is time for Humanity to make its own choices. These messages were written to help with that important process.



Now is the time for bringing the belief-system into harmony with the actual physical reality situation in order to avoid the doom of destruction that is now awaiting the majority of Earth’s population. To dwell upon the doom is not the important focus; instead, it is the pivotal point that is now available to Humanity that must be used as the impetus for change. Shocking as the facts are regarding the so-called "primrose path" that Humanity has been blindly following, these must be accepted, and then the focus must be turned away from the deceptions toward creating a new reality.

What is this new reality? How can it be created if there is no knowledge of what it is that should or could replace it? It would appear that this reality as it is created would be nothing but a hodge-podge of each one’s desires based upon the programming that is already present within each. Who would have the ability to release what is known, and envision new concepts that would not be tainted with dreams of the past? If advice were asked of the galactic brothers and sisters, would those not be entwined within their known reality? So it would appear that not only is there the surrounding current dilemma, but another one of even larger proportions insofar as breaking clear of the current one, and then having to confront repetitions of experience rather than a new paradigm. It appears that this may be too much for a group consciousness that is now, or will be, reeling from the shock of discovering the actual extent of their deception, or is it? It will be within the release of that shock, and the decision to create their own reality, that the birthing shall take place.

If what is known is deception, then will pursuing opposite concepts result in knowing truth? Indeed it could. For example, if benevolence has been sought from outside sources, is it indeed available from within one’s own awareness? If freedom has not been found in either authoritarian systems or in the pursuit of individual freedoms, then where is it to be found? Could it be obtained within moral and ethical standards that gift the individual within an agreement made by co-operating groups? Could the size of the groups also be arranged by agreement? Could the groups find common ground for agreement within common desires for similarly-defined freedoms? If co-operation was the key ingredient rather than competition and the need to be/feel superior, then all things are possible. If common interest and desire were the defined beginning point around which all else is drawn by attraction to the intended definition of desired experience, successful interaction is possible. If freedom to withdraw and find a more adequate experience within another group was encouraged and allowed, successful adventure in self-definition would be assured. The experience of the search for the most perfect expression could be an end unto itself. Although groups would be visited on a regular basis, it would be the commitment to a flexible and expanding focus that would enable them to continue until a satisfactory accomplishment was made by all involved. Thus, no commitment to a "forever" type of continuity would be part of the goal, as expansive experience cannot place fences around itself and function within its intended expression. It is understood that expansive consciousness can only continue its expansion within a context of changing conceptual understandings. Progress results in shedding old understandings as these are encompassed in wisdom, and the focus is ever toward the unfolding of new knowledge that allows for change. The introduction of apparently conflicting information resolves into an integration of the apparent dichotomy, and allows for progression into greater concepts. In other words, stagnation (through holding to static beliefs) halts the desired process. The safety of the known apparent truths is a trap, which the progressing consciousness must purposefully avoid.

The ability to accept this conceptual understanding of the ground rules for participation within manifested experience requires an expansion in the belief-system that is indeed quite phenomenal in and of itself. However mind-boggling this is, it is the beginning point that is necessary if Mankind is to extricate itself from the mire in which it now finds itself. The controlling over-lords are intent upon returning this planet to a bare minimum of tightly-enslaved beings, so that these extraterrestrials can return to their original intent of stripping the minerals required for the salvation of their own civilization at the expense of this planet and its inhabitants. It is the destiny of the inhabitants that belong to this planet (by birth and adoption) to take on the responsibility of changing this destiny, and there is little sequential time remaining for them to accomplish this monumental feat. If challenge is the ingredient that is necessary for the effort required, then certainly it is present. It is fervently requested that all those reading this material give it the most careful and focused consideration. It is further requested that each consider the "calling" that is contained within these messages in order to assume the responsibility to make it happen, or to accept the consequences that acquiescence will reap, without regret.



The days ahead do not look bright for those of you in the USA. The dark plans appear to be coagulating into form as they have been planned. The lightworkers are the focus of “God”, as you have chosen to name the outplay of creative energies that bring into being galaxies, solar systems, planets and individualized awareness in order to acknowledge and experience these manifestations. These now begin their work in earnest. Indeed, each individual awareness has within that creative energy that is theirs to acknowledge, and to know personally. It is the focus of that subtly powerful energy that is who each really is. It appears to exist apart from the personality/ego that is capable of comprehending the understanding of the concept of it. It is the “becoming” of this apparently "larger than life" beingness that is the difficult accomplishment. Yet, there is “no other God.” That which each is, in this larger reality, is the only doorway to understanding the concept of what is called God.

God is not a focus of personality or individual thought processes, nor is He a benevolent Creator that is separate from you. God is the combination of the focus of all Its parts coalesced into the composite of all. Each awareness is "blocked" from being a part of that composite until each realizes that it is a part of this composite. Being told that it is, means nothing at all. It is in the realization that one’s self is a viable part of that composite that encompasses the totality of the being that is what “becoming” is all about. One must become that reality and realize it is a viable aspect of the totality of God and that its input to that reality is the truth of who they are. It is not a mental realization, but one that registers total agreement within the mental emotional, physical and spiritual levels of the total self. In other words, the spiritual aspect that focuses each into manifested reality finally gets the message through to the rest of its focus that is walking around in the body. The body must register this understanding through the totality of its brain-nervous system resulting in what is called a realization, which then registers as a sudden sensation of feeling accompanied by an all encompassing understanding. It allows for a total change in perception with regard to the self and how this self fits into the composite picture of experience. This results in a change in the perception of “God’’, which suddenly allows for an understanding that the concept of “God” equates itself to cosmic/galactic citizenship, rather than a father/child relationship. It is a shift from “being or experiencing as powerless” to the awesome responsibility of being a contributing portion to the totality of what constitutes “God”, or the creative energy of potentiality that is being focused into experience in order that it can be defined and understood.

The pivotal point at which this change takes place is not a shift from negative to positive. It is rather an uplifting to a new point in the spiral of experience, which allows for a greater understanding and ability to utilize the positive/negative energies that are part of the outflow of creative energies in both the individual and collective focal points that result in the larger matrix or design of the whole pattern of a Galaxy. It is easier to grasp the larger picture of this description than to define it at the level of each individual awareness. Each being comes to the point of their own realization in unique ways and by unique combinations of experience and wisdom. The point is often approached and rejected many times before the actual cross-over into acceptance happens. It requires a great deal of courage to cross over to a new and different perspective of the life experience. It requires releasing well-learned lessons and entering into a completely new consciousness of what reality truly is. For those who are on planet Earth at this time, the deceptions are of such magnitude, and the truth of what each of these are is so well hidden, that the acceptance of the truth by the masses is such a gigantic leap in consciousness that it appears to be impossible that it could possibly happen. Yet, happen it must if this segment of the human race, and this jewel of a planet, are to survive.

When viewed from the larger perspective, these deceptions, as they are perpetrated upon the human race of this planet, are so totally illogical that it is quite amazing that so few humans have figured out the truth. Granted, when many are initially introduced to the possibility that they have been deceived, they immediately begin to resonate with the idea, and then begin to contemplate its possibility and arrive at the truth of its probability. However, the numbers that cling to the deceptions with tenacity are in the overwhelming majority. It is therefore to be anticipated that much chaos will be experienced before a mathematical coefficient of those making the realization/change of consciousness is reached in order to bring about a shift in the future experience on this planet. It is then to be anticipated that the planet itself may (or may not) be able to survive the abuse that is currently being loosed upon it. In order to be able to receive more help from the galactic citizenry who are available to assist us in this situation, a large number of “responsible Earth citizens” must request this help to save the planet first, and the citizenry second. The requests now are being made, more on a personal salvation basis than from the larger picture, which automatically includes the personal aspect.

Thus it is that we offer these concepts for the consideration of those who choose to read and to accept them as suggestions worth considering and acting upon. Our concern is that the “composite concept of God” that each awareness is entitled to contribute to as a realized consciousness, become the next focus of concern for those awake and aware humans who are awaiting the next step in their assignment.



In the final accounting, it is the transition of consciousness into citizenship responsibility that is the goal. All else occurs as a result of that choice. It was once offered as a part of the experience of bringing the US of A into being, but the consciousness of the individual people was not at a point that the goals could be maintained. Instead, the exploiting of the resources through greed was greater than any commitment to soul agendas. Thus, these experiences were allowed to be played out for the lessons to be learned. It is yet to be known as to whether these lessons will be discerned and brought into wisdom by a sufficient number of humans in order to salvage this planet. Choices must be made that will support the whole as being equal to the individual, especially when considering the result that is desired.

Those who are asked to give their lives for the purposes of defending their country, or those who place the ideals of their leaders above those of others while attacking them for their beliefs, have allowed for the continuation of the illusion of a whole as being more important than the individual. It is a supreme sacrifice. When the whole and the individual consideration have equal weight, then war is no longer an option, unless this imbalance is acted out as an attack. Then, all other options are considered first, before a defense is appropriate. When there is balance, there is progress. It is to be remembered that the play of positive and negative energies brings forth the spiral of progress. However, the extremes of both bring forth regression, or loss of upward progress.

Another ingredient that must be considered within the context of war, is the familiar consideration of the victim consciousness. It is to be remembered that the Law of Attraction causes the victim to attract to its experience those who have a "like" consciousness, but who are on the other side of it, similar to the two sides of a coin. Those who feel abused attract to themselves those who will provide more of that experience until that attitude is eliminated. Thus, war serves its purpose by forcing the victims to come together and experience the power of throwing off the aggressor. Either the empowerment is then retained, or the former victims return to one or the other side of the victim experience. This trading of sides continues until a realization is made that allows for transcending this experience. It is this outplay in the extreme that is upon this planet now.

It is in understanding this situation from its larger perspective that will allow those who are assisting the planet and its inhabitants to move through these experiences and continue their chosen work. The experience for those involved cannot be changed for them. The consciousness within each involved group must shift and move forward, both individually and collectively. The consciousness of the group that each leader represents will affect that leader’s decisions. No amount of outside influence on that leader will change that, and the only control that can be used is to “replace” that leader, usually through assassination. In that way, the process can be slowed or changed by the chaos that accompanies the change in leadership, usually by tricking the group into believing that the death of their leader was perpetrated by the other side. In this case, discernment is the key, and it is the one time that the observer group may be able to influence the outcome by circulating the truth.

Through the comprehension of the larger picture, it is essential that those who have volunteered to assist in the “God focus” begin to realize that their participation is the key to the transition of this planet and its inhabitants into a greater experience of manifested life. As taught by the religions at this time, personal power is transferred to (and through) an unknowable power and governmental bureaucracy. Both of these entities have been created for the purposes of enslavement. The problem of educating the masses then presents itself. It must be remembered that it is the first few who are awakened to the realization of this hoax that are the most difficult to convince of this reality. Thus, those precious few are to be valued, and the education process must continue, for this process will become easier as the numbers increase. Although it seems but a pitiful few in terms of the billions of beings that constitute the mass consciousness of the planet, it must be remembered that it took the opposition literally eons of time to reach the current control level.

A change in the understandings that these controllers have slowly and carefully nurtured can be accomplished in a very, very short amount of time because of its illogic. The mind of all consciously-aware beings will continually search for logic in order that each may stay positioned within the linear perception of time and life experience. Illogical ideas are a form of chaos, and to assimilate these illogical ideas into a logical sequence requires a great deal of focus. It is one of the reasons that rest or recreation away from this process is desired. Once illogical ideas are identified, then the sequential thought-process reprograms itself, rather like a computer changing its internal arrangement of data into a more efficient combination of sequences. When illogic is perceived and the rearrangement of data takes place, then other illogical data is identified and the search continues in order to further identify any other illogical data that is present, and to also eliminate it. Through this process, great changes in the mass consciousness can be accomplished.



As the Light Workers on this planet begin to comprehend the larger picture, it is helpful for them to continue to broaden this picture to include a greater understanding of the galactic wholeness in which they are playing such an important part. This understanding is to enable them to enhance their observer roles, and thus be able to see through and past the chaos that each will find going on around them. Through the process of observation while experiencing the chaos, each will be able to place themselves in a position that allows them to be in places of safety, not in hiding, but in movement within the chaos. It is an experience of observing the self in movement; a process of literally being in two fields of awareness simultaneously. Simply put, an appropriate example in order to begin this process is being aware that each person is (at the same moment in sequential time) an individual with their own life agenda, and they are also a part of the family, community, state, nation and planetary whole. Each status is an awareness that is separate and yet a composite of the whole earthly experience. Each of them shifts their thought-processes between each role, and yet they maintain their stability. Furthermore, a truly good actor can become their own personality, and can also assume the personality of the character they are playing and move between them without losing the awareness that they are both. The Light Workers, "ground crew", or whatever each chooses to call him/herself, must learn to walk in two worlds simultaneously. It would be wise for each to begin to practice the art of this split-reality awareness. It is nothing more than an acceptance of the situation as it is. There is the world of deception, and the world of knowing that the deception is being perpetrated upon the planetary inhabitants.

Each individual also knows that a new and different world of experience awaits birthing, but until the one that is known to the inhabitants begins to crumble into chaos, there is no way to birth the new one. As the current known reality reaches a particular degree of disintegration into the chaos, the new one can begin to come into manifested reality. The question is which one will materialize, the one planned by the dark planners or the one that is envisioned by the Light Workers/Ground Crew and those attracted to the dream of the New Paradigm. There is the planned world of disharmony, along with the galactic composite plan or one that is created in harmony with it. The critical number of humans who desire a harmonious existence within the surrounding energies of potentiality that constitute this Galaxy must be reached in order for the New Paradigm to come into a recognizable reality by those beings in harmony with it. Based upon a mathematical formula, it is less than might be thought, considering the number of humans on Earth. One of the reasons for this is that those who desire this harmonious experience will be focused upon that desire. Even though there are many humans that are now focused upon the deception, during the time of chaos, they will lose that focus and become caught up in the chaos. Their focus will be on the chaos, thus nullifying a great deal of the power that those of dark intent have established. It is during this time that the most important work for the Light (those of positive intent) will be accomplished. This is the reason that it is important for those of positive focus to become aware of their purpose for being here, and learn to lift themselves out of the influence of the chaos and know that those will be the moments of most productive service to this planet, and to their fellow humans. The exact knowledge of the nature of the New Paradigm is not all that important at this time, it is the desire for it that is important. It is the commitment to being part of the positive/Light focus that is important. It is the practice of walking within more than one awareness by acknowledging them as a part of everyday living that is of primary importance. Each must learn to choose in the moment which awareness is the predominant one, and change from one to the other by intent.

Awareness is the focus of who and what each is. Each has a multifaceted opportunity to learn to use any latent or unused abilities that are available. The knowledge and use of these have been hidden and denied, for to use these would bring freedom from control. There are many that would seem quite miraculous. These are indeed simple applications of mathematical laws that exist but are unknown. Many of these will be included in the lessons to follow, not explained in confusing terminology, but as guided, simple lessons in application. When practiced and applied to daily living situations, they will become a part of each one's life experience, and will be available when needed during the experiences coming in the sequential times to come.

It is suggested that each begin to observe the various roles that are available in situations (and thoughts about situations) in daily experience, such as being part of the deception and observing it. During one’s thoughts, it is important to determine which role is being played out, the family member, the citizen of the local community, the church member, the dismayed U.S. citizen when learning of the latest aggression by the government, the state citizen reading the news of the latest activity in the legislature, etc, etc. What observer role or active role is each one (are you) playing in the moment? Is it the role that you desire to play? If not, then, can you change “hats”, so to speak, and observe from a different role? It is important that each of you learn to discern (through self observation) exactly where you are in the scenario that is occurring in your perception at any given moment. Much safety in the future can be gained by the practice of this role-playing.



In the days to come, those who intend to hold the focus for this transition of the planet and it inhabitants will need every positive word to encourage them to continue along in the process. It is the intent of this material to add to the positive intent of those committed to the project by providing practical and easily-used techniques in order to assist them in holding this intent in place. It is necessary that this intent be held on a continual basis by the constant input of many. Inasmuch as manifestation can be traced backward to thought, to light, to intent/focus, to potentiality, it can be observed as to just where the intent to participate in this process fits into the flow of Creation. For whatever purpose, be it positive or negative, the process is the same and available to be used. It is the ease of the flow that makes the difference, for as the previous material has revealed, when the intent/focus resonates with the higher creational intent, then manifestation results more easily. Any desired manifestation that is in harmony with the higher/finer intent receives reinforcing energy and therefore is able to receive advantageous assistance in manifesting without needing to be aware of what it is or how it originated. In other words, that which resonates with the greater plan of wholeness draws to it additional supportive energy through the Law of Attraction.

Manifestation that lacks this resonance and is initiated at a level below the highest source of purpose or intention requires a more intense focus and careful attention to the continual need to hold the plan firmly in the center of attention. The smallest detail that deviates from the plan can cause a ripple effect that changes the planned outcome at many levels of the manifestation process. There is no automatic support process to dovetail these changes into the plan harmoniously. This then makes the resistive plan vulnerable to deviations that can be devastating to the total plan, without the knowledge of those initiating it and holding it in place with their intention.

It is important that those who are supporting the manifestation of the New Paradigm understand this and hold this comparison firmly in mind regarding the difference between the two sets of circumstances that underlay the situation at hand that they have chosen to participate within . It is entirely possible that by being familiar with as many of the details of the opposition’s plans (discouraging and demoralizing as they appear to be) so that when deviations do occur in it, it is possible to sense the panic and frantic activity that occurs as various attempts are made to counteract the effects that the deviation may have wrought. Those individuals of evil intent are then preoccupied with making changes in the details of the overall plan in order to compensate for the effects that naturally ripple through the entire situation. This, then, presents the possibility of being able to add to the effects in order to further complicate the recovery that they are attempting to accomplish.

Thus, we offer two tools for holding the focus for the New Paradigm firmly in place. The first being the understanding of the overriding higher purpose of the creational flow bringing with it an intelligent coordination of energies that resonate with the higher purpose. The second involves using the greatest possible understanding of their plan as the basis for observing their process, and discovering moments and opportunities to add to their complications in maintaining their focus. Simply focusing attention upon their dilemmas can place great stress on their ability to correct the flow of intentional energy, for that which is contrary to the Light, must be done in secrecy and darkness. Knowledge is thought which flows from the Light of understanding. This, then, indicates the need to know as much as possible about the plans of the dark intention for the enslavement of this planet. It further indicates the importance of the work that has been done by those committed to investigating, observing, drawing obvious conclusions, and then sharing with any and all who will listen and read about what constitutes the dark plans. Those who have committed their life focus to exposing this plan do indeed serve their fellow human beings and this planet well. This information is critical to the transition through this process that must be made by the planet and its inhabitants. It must not be the focus, but it must be the background upon which the New Paradigm will begin its building process out of the chaos that the dark plan will cause. Thus, in its own way, when observing the bigger picture, the situation instigated by the dark forces will, in the long run, serve that portion of Humanity (and the planet) that choose to take advantage of the opportunity offered as providing further support to their path of evolvement.



The rapidity of the coming events into manifestation has been allowed, in that the chaos will serve to activate the birth of change. Although those of you who dread its onset by knowing the additional suffering that will be endured by the many you consider to be the pawns of innocence, is understood, yet indeed are they innocent? The same opportunities that have been afforded you, though they may have been clothed in different appearances, have been offered to all. It is the few that have opened their conscious thought to the possibilities and the probabilities that now find themselves with the awareness of what the true picture is that faces the planet and its inhabitants. This group must also understand that the dilemma will be solved in what is called Divine Order. This process moves in a holographic, non-linear process that accomplishes its purpose within chaos much more rapidly than within what is perceived as order. What appears as order now is indeed the rigid confines of institutions of experience that are out of balance within the galactic matrix of progress toward greater expansive progress or evolvement.

Those who serve the focus of intention to bring this planet back into the flow of progress within the overall matrix must bring the center of their attention to this intent. At the moment, it is possible to visualize this planet as poised within a back flow or eddy that is out of the movement of this ever-present flow. Only through the focused intent of this special group can it be drawn back to its position within that flow. Visualization in unison or agreement is the most powerful tool available. To those known few who are at this time actively focusing their thought-energy to this purpose, it is through the Handbook of the New Paradigm, Embracing the Rainbow, and this third volume "Becoming" that this agreement in active corrective movement can be understood. Even though the group doing this seems pitifully small, it is extremely effective. Those involved in this activity are not entities of small experience or ability. This is not the first time that any of these has served the forces that organize in times of imbalance that brings opportunity for leaps forward in expression and expansion for this or other galaxies. This is not meant to reinforce or "feed" the ego, but instead, that each may begin to recognize that there is great power within their commitments. The time willingly spent in individual and collective focus on the desire and intent to literally focus this planet through this difficult process of evolvement is well worth the effort involved. As this focus is made within a continuing commitment, the Law of Attraction will draw to it the sufficient number to begin the momentum of energies that will activate movement within the mass consciousness that is necessary in order to refocus the alignments that currently exist. It is through the recognition and acceptance of the possibility of who and what each of those who read these named books and circulated materials that this focus will build upon itself within a mathematical format that will underlay the process.

It is necessary that each lay aside modesty and reluctance to accept the possibility that each is indeed a special and powerful entity that has donned a robe of obscurity and forgotten their origins so that each might remain unknown (not only to yourselves, but to those of evil intent) until this present moment. It is time to assume the proper identity and come into the role of service as was agreed upon before this series of lifetimes was accepted as part of the service contract. It is time to realize that this is who and what you are, and what you do and have done before. It is a matter of simply remembering and adapting what you innately know in order to accomodate the current requirements. A certain amount of reluctance is natural because of the human format that contains your awareness. It is understood that this involves a literal containment, or restriction, upon your ability to realize your true identity. Thus, these messages continue the process of awakening your remembrance by stimulating your desire to participate and by applying pressure to your commitment to this project.

As you contemplate the possible truth of these words, the energies contained within your inner awareness do their work, and the truth begins to "take root" and grow. That which constitutes your segment of the “mission impossible,” as it appears to the conscious mind, begins to be drawn into your daily experience. A knowingness of what is appropriate and necessary is apparent, and seems the only possible thing to do. It will not be apparent that what you do as a part of your daily experience will be at all heroic, but through the combination of these daily contributions by the growing group committed to this project, much will be accomplished. It is in the accomplishment of these seemingly small contributions that the "rooted" truth of who and what you are will grow. At the necessary moment when each must stand forth within that identity and declare the truth of the future of this planet, the ability to do so will bring a natural, powerful and pivotal shift that will cause the desired transition to occur. When one knows that the needed commitment to the totality of the necessary change does not require great personal sacrifice, or the need to stand alone before the forces of evil and suffer great bodily harm, this then allows for the commitment to service to be accepted with enthusiasm.

Although we admit that there are a few exceptions to this pattern of service, those who accept these roles are well aware of their identities and their commitment to this level of service. To these few, loyalty, special help and guidance is constantly at hand. Blessed indeed are these special beings of commitment to leadership within this focus of service.



The human forms that reside on this planet have long been held in bondage and kept from the natural evolvement that enables each to enter into the true understanding of both their source and purpose for experiencing manifested existence. The knowledge of the laws that govern this Galaxy has been withheld, and purposeful teaching has been denied. Instead, deception has been the basis of all knowledge provided. It is the decision of the overseers of this Galaxy to end this practice, here and now. However, it must be the individual and collective choice of the inhabitants of this planet to change this experience. The long-standing deceptions have rooted themselves and grown within the understandings of the human consciousness. Thus, the decision by the Galactic Counsel will have little or no effect until the residents of this planet choose to change their experience. However, once accepted and decided upon by Earth’s human residents, the ability to make the change will flow easily and irrevocably once the sufficient percentage of those desiring change has been attained.

What exactly the Galactic Council will decide to do in order to assist this process is now the question. It means that those who are misusing the Laws that underlay manifested existence no longer have the same degree of energy-input in order to support their activities as they have had at their disposal. There will be a "waning" or lessening of this supportive energy. This will bring about an unraveling of their overall plan. Those carefully-planned strategies will begin to have unexpected results that will cause rippling effects that do not bring about either the expected results (or the degree of expected results) in order to accomplish the anticipated goal.

This plan, as known to those awake and aware humans, is “the plan.” It is their anticipated and embroidered plan. It is not necessarily what that plan is in reality. It is important that the difference be understood clearly. The actuality of “the plan” is skeletal indeed. It is open to many variations and has many weaknesses that are unknown to them. It is in the best interest of those who desire a change in the opportunities and experiences that are available to the beleaguered members of Humanity to know that their intentions to change the momentum and outcome of this carefully laid plan of enslavement are the arrows of destruction to that plan. It is the intention to withdraw support of, belief in, and participation within “the plan” that will cause it to collapse of its own weight. Within the outflow of creative expansive energies, the directional flow is based on intentional purpose.

The plan of enslavement is based upon the intention to destroy and enslave large portions of Humanity as a method of solving a problem that was caused by those who have controlled this planet and its inhabitants. This situation was brought about by the controller’s own decisions regarding the use of the planet and its inhabitants in the very beginning. This has been further complicated by the addition of various groups of Humanity from various other places in the galaxy being added to the citizenry against their will. There does then exist a complex citizenry that brings to the mix an interesting dilemma for those who desire to control the planet.

There is a direct opposition of intentions, those of slavery and those of freedom. If it were not for the added citizenry, the plan of enslavement would have been accomplished long ago. Those that were literally engineered in the beginning for the purpose of serving were left devoid of many human characteristics for that intentional purpose of enslavement. However. the genetic addition of the added citizenry has now spread throughout the planetary bloodlines. Although there are still pockets of pure genetic variations within the whole, there exist a large percentage of genetic combinations that confuse the understandings of those who plan to control the citizens. Unexpected actions and reactions continue to upset the carefully laid plans.

It is therefore, important that those who intend for this situation to play out differently than the planned scenario understand that their intention to create a different ending to the current flow of events has the ability to accomplish this. Once this understanding is accepted, the commitment to it becomes easier and more realistic to the conscious awareness. It is much like the laser sword of your popular movie. That intention, which is in harmony with the galactic intention for evolvement through freewill choice of experience, then becomes a powerful tool of change in the “hands” of those who understand its usefulness, and learn to wield it in a timely fashion and at moments of greatest effect. Through the knowledge and understanding of the intentions of the opposing force, this understanding can be used to great effect for the purpose of freeing this planet from its heretofore use as a source of minerals and as a dumping ground for human misfits. It is through the realignment of genetic combinations that evolvement to more complex levels has occurred for a percentage of the inhabitants. This percentage now brings forward the necessary quotient to allow for the transition of this planet into Galactic citizenship, when these can be awakened and linked together by intention in order to take advantage of this opportunity.



As the willing members of those in human focus awaken to the plight that surrounds them, it is clear to them that the situation is indeed serious and that no amount of physical resistance can change this. It is apparent that something else must be done in order to bring a change to their future experience on this planet. Through the consideration of the larger picture, it also becomes clear that through the lack of understanding of not only the history of their origins, but the lack of a true purpose for existence on this planet has left them bereft and adrift like flotsam on the sea. At the basis of each one’s awareness, there is a weary wonderment that says to each, “why bother.” “What reason is there that is worth striving to maintain life in this physical body?” “Where is this Utopia that is promised as a reward for the effort that must be put forth in this human experience?” “Does it even exist?” “Is there only a short rest before we begin over again with another life of disappointment and frustration?” “Why is there such a sense of participating in a spiral of experience that leads to the ‘same ole, same ole,’ or even less, each lifetime?”

There is a song that says the answer is “blowing in the wind!” The wind of change! There is a point at which the thought-patterns mentioned above reach a place within the consciousness that causes a shift. A purpose is sought, not in the world of the 5 senses that is called 3rd dimensional reality, but is looked for within the awareness. Within every lifetime, each is called upon to find their purpose, not in the world of effort, but from within the space of awareness that is only found at the center of the “awareness that knows itself.” This awareness of the self was the gift from the “tree of knowledge” that the religious soothsayers have spent so much time attempting to teach as a great mistake. This is the gift that lifted Humanity out of the animal kingdom and placed them at the edge of the kingdom of those beings that “know who and what they are.” So who and what are they? Beings that are little, if any different than what you who is reading this is. They may have greater use of their brain capacity that enables them to know and do things that seem miraculous to those of lesser understanding. However, if you look at the progress made in that area in the past century on this planet, that is of little consequence in the dilemma of knowing who and what you are in the search for this greater acquisition of knowledge. Are these “gods” that have come and gone from this planet at their will, and left you in such awe of their accomplishments that you worship them as all knowing, really all knowing?

Through the research of the artifacts of past civilizations that are now available and have been studied, cataloged and conclusions drawn, it is clear to the few that have availed themselves of this knowledge that Humanity has been led down the primrose path. In their search for their purpose and their origins, one ideology after another has been thrust upon innocent Mankind in order to keep them in darkness and ignorance. The question is why? What purpose could beings of more intelligence have for deliberately causing their planetary relatives to be misled, and their evolutionary progress to be diverted into a backwater effect, rather than to lead them onward and upward into full citizenship and responsibility within the Galactic family? Could there be a character flaw within the genetic expression of that particular group of beings? Could that character flaw have been carried on through to those of Humanity that have the intermingled blood of those particular apparently superior beings?

The expansive flow of the Universal energies that underlay the manifestation of potentiality into expression requires that knowledge be experienced into wisdom. At the center of it all, there exists infinite patience for this to be accomplished within non-linear expression. This is a concept that the human mind, unless fully activated, has great difficulty in understanding. Within the holographic experience, simultaneous interactions are occurring without the limitations of linear, sequential time-frames. In other words, what appear to those of less active mind/brain capabilities as experiences happening one after the other, are indeed being played out in other experiential formats simultaneously. Thus, a picture is being completed with more than one activity going on with no time constraints for beginning or completion, for all is in constant motion, with only momentary rest periods of inactivity. These momentary periods of inactivity are those incidents involving the realization of wisdom acquired through the experiencing of knowledge at various points of understanding. Therefore, wisdom is gained so that the process can continue expansively.

The apparent character flaws that have held Mankind in a delusional state of false and misleading knowledge that is impossible to experience into wisdom, has been a two-fold situation. First, the flaw created by the more knowledgeable, self appointed over-lords of this planet who have jealously guarded their perceived superiority, and the flaw of Humanity in thinking that they are lesser, and thus the pawns of these beings. Just because certain individuals have less understanding than others does not make them of less potentiality. It is potentiality that is the measure of worth, and Mankind has equal potentiality with any and every other expression of self awareness. It is in making this realization and demanding the opportunity to self-express into this potentiality that will free Mankind on this planet in order to accomplish this purpose. When this becomes a personal decision that is accomplished within each one’s own inner knowingness, then this demand will bring about the change from victim/slave to sovereign owner of his/her future, individually and collectively. It is a rising up from within that will, in proper order, progress into the reality of known experience for this planet. How long this process will take within the linear time-reality that is processed through the human ego (the ability to observe) at this stage of evolution remains to be chosen by Humanity itself.



Insofar as Humanity on this planet is concerned, the record of advancement is a checkerboard of dark and light, or positive and negative experience. As an overall composite from the point of view of a spiral of upliftment, the results are dismal, to say the least. Whatever help has been given has been convoluted and shamefully diverted into disinformation. What has been intuited has been hidden or destroyed, and those gifted humans imprisoned or killed. Mankind has been purposefully held in mental. emotional and spiritual captivity. The age-old question arises as to “why God allows this to happen?” Here again, we face the fallacy of what “God” has been represented to be. The question is addressed to an outside Supreme Being that holds power over each individual life-expression. It is the transfer of the awe held long ago when beings of apparent superior status genetically brought forth the human in partial likeness of themselves for the purpose of exploiting their physical forms in slavery, to that of an all-knowing, superior being that promises benevolence, but seldom provides it. In other words, this “God” with the expected power to control all things, does not now and never has existed.

It is the self-awareness attribute that exists within each individual that is presently available to each and every being that has risen above animal status. It is available to be harnessed and directed, and will provide the benevolence “each feels it deserves.” Here we face the attribute that allows for exploitation by outside influence. This brings the focus back to the understanding that each possesses as to who and what they are. The self-awareness of each individual has the ability to choose and decide how to experience their manifested reality. It is the power that either takes them forward into greater experience through wisdom gained, or that allows them to regress into lesser experiences of slavery and degradation. These are made, not in one great decision, but as a sum total of all the experiences from early childhood onward. Unfortunately, these decisions are greatly influenced by the parent’s experience, from conception onward. Thus, we find each generation burdened with the difficulty of overcoming this influence, along with the planned misconceptions that are planted by those pawns of the self-appointed overlords of this planet.

Only through recognizing and accepting this dilemma in terms of its true dimensions, can those committed members of this human race find a place of equilibrium from which to begin to build a viable understanding of whom and what they are. It is necessary to accept that the totality of human status is yet to be attained. It is totally possible to attain the full active status of the human potentiality, but it indeed will require assistance. This assistance, as has been stated before in these lessons, can be made available after a sufficient number of humans on this planet accept the fact that their help must first come from within their own decision-process. It is a prerequisite that there must be acceptance of the fact that their only rescue is to be found within their own inner resources. Only after this realization may they ask for help from their galactic brothers and sisters. The “God” (so persistently sought after by the disillusioned members of Humanity as a source of rescue) exists only as a composite of all manifested awareness as it becomes focused within the confines of each expanding unit of awareness, ad-infinitum. It is necessary to recognize and decide whether to become a part of this manifested awareness as a responsible and contributing part of it in order to proceed within its process.

At this point, the questions surrounding the misuse of Humanity by its self-appointed overlords returns to the focus of this discussion. As brought forth within the prior discussion, the Laws that allow for potentiality to express into manifested reality so that knowledge can be experienced into wisdom and progress provide the basis for this process. The basic Law, is the Law of Attraction. Thus, Mankind on planet Earth has been influenced from the beginning to maintain the understanding that knowledge and wisdom comes from those of greater and superior knowledge and wisdom. Furthermore, that this knowledge and wisdom is given out to them through adoration and worship ("to work for") of those holding this superior understanding. This has created an understanding that the humans on this planet exist at the whim of those holding this superior wisdom. As time has passed, this understanding has been manipulated into the belief-system held by Humanity, so that it is now directly focused into an unknowable awareness that has all the attributes as those wielded over them by their overlords. These ever-present beings have hidden themselves and operated through this “unknowable God,” holding Humanity hostage, not only for the resources of the planet, but as a last experiment in manipulation and literal entertainment. It has been previously been referred to as their own “virtual reality computer game.” Unfortunately that is more truth than fiction.

The mass consciousness of the humans on this planet, in accepting this situation as depicted, has resulted in the attraction of those who are willing to exploit this entire belief-system. This is within the action of the Universal Laws. It will remain so until Humanity literally pulls itself out of this situation. It is the desire of those of your galactic brothers and sisters who are aware of your planetary dilemma that you come into the realization of what is the true situation. Inasmuch as the human belief-systems are so deeply ingrained with false information and deceptions, there is no easy way to accomplish this. The hope is that the frustrations of a sufficient number of Humanity have reached a degree of understanding great enough to begin to accept the possibility that virtually everything they have been taught to understand is inaccurate. The most important new understanding to be accepted is that without personal responsibility to change each person’s consciousness (with regard to understanding who and what each one is), this situation will not change. The entire planetary belief-system will change only as its individual members change, until a critical mathematical quotient is reached. How long this takes will depend upon the expansion of this understanding throughout the total number of groups that are now on this planet. It is the responsibility of those who come into the understanding of this information to disseminate it. Then, and only then, will the future change.



As the plan for control of this planet calls for the elimination of the freedom of even the thoughts of the inhabitants, so also does the desire to expand their experience become activated at the same time. It is the inability to connect with the greater aspect of each that allows the controllers to continue the "closing down" of the human awareness. The controllers believe that they are solely responsible for the creation of the human beings that inhabit this Earth. Through genetic manipulations made in laboratory experiments, and by birthing the first chemically-manipulated embryos through their own bodies, the controllers believe that the resulting humans are their product, and remain solely their possessions. What they do not recognize is what might be called the Divine connection that was present in the first place. The basic being that was available in the beginning (the missing link known as "Homo erectus") was not of their creation, and thus contained the possibility of evolving into fully-functioning humans within their own time-line. Those were present on this planet through the focus that indeed holds even the controllers within their own expression.

It is necessary to go further back into the process involving the Laws of the Universe that allow for manifested awareness to be present. Potentiality has birthed itself in order to explore the possibilities that are inherent within it. In order to do this, there must be the ability to observe its processes of doing this. The ability to observe is what is called awareness. Therefore, in order to create situations, circumstances and observable phenomena and explore the results, the ability to observe and draw conclusions with regard to this process must also be present within the totality . The result is that various focal points of this ability to observe, experience and draw logical conclusions has resulted in endless varieties of focal points with various abilities to do this. Each and all do this in their own way, and the sum total of their experience influences the potentiality of expression within a given greater focus. In this way, by expanding the consciousness in an attempt to gain a view of the greater picture, it can be concluded that the positive/negative experiences feed their data into the greater awareness of this collective focus.

Through a lack of understanding of the overall purpose of self-awareness and the presence of this greater awareness, these individual centers become caught up in their own experience, thus cutting themselves off from the totality to which they belong. What might be called power trips happen. There is within your vernacular a cruder saying that refers to this situation. So, in this moment, Humanity is sitting in the middle of that reference. Because of one ingredient within the format of the Universal Laws, the responsibility for curing this type of situation must remain with those experiencing it. This ingredient is called freewill, or choice, or the responsibility of decision. Humanity has the freewill to choose to change their experience or to continue the current experience. This is not a new thought within the continuity of these messages, that is because there is no other solution. It is repeated over and over from as many contexts and approaches as can be presented in order to make this point as clear and as emphatic as possible.

Needless to say, if there were another way, it certainly would have been brought forth in the information that is being made available to you. It is imperative that the responsibility for creating this change in experience be firmly planted within the attitude and understanding of as many human minds as possible. The possibility of being able to do this seems remote in the context of the overwhelming control measures that are being thrust upon you. That, in itself, should indicate that such measures are necessary in order to overwhelm the powerful potentiality that the human mind, once organized into a common opinion or focus, has within it. When Mankind does direct its focus within the understanding of its power to create through an agreement to hold a single focus, there is no way in which it can be overwhelmed, particularly if that focus is in harmony and agreement with other citizens within the surrounding galactic community.

The question then arises as to how to bring a squabbling group of opinionated beings into agreement. The controllers are attempting to do this, only for the purposes of their focus. In regimenting the thoughts of Humanity toward their goal, they are also regimenting the subconscious thought-patterns more and more toward resistance and opposition to their planned goals. In other words, they are also helping to set up the possibility of the failure of their plans. Although in past experience, their plans have worked well to keep Humanity under their control. This time, however, their human counterparts are more intelligent, far more educated, and have tasted more freedom than ever before. This gives them a greater opportunity to come together in agreement, particularly with the ability to connect via the communication capabilities that are currently available. Although plans to bring this capability to an end are definitely formulated, the opportunity to access them to great advantage still remains.

Even though they contain shocking and discouraging content, it is hoped that these messages also offer hope, and also suggest greater opportunities that can be put to use by those of Mankind that are awake and aware. The future may yet hold promise for the transition of the planet and it inhabitants into true freedom in order to return to the path of evolvement. The future need not be dark with the promise of continued slavery.