This book, "Embracing the Rainbow", Volume Two of the Handbook For A New Paradigm, contains another series of messages that will guide its readers to further accept the concepts contained within them for the purpose of creating a new life experience for the "humans becoming" on planet Earth.  Each message broadens the conceptual understandings of the necessity to release the limitations that have been thrust upon Humanity, preventing them from understanding who and what they truly are.  It contains surprising truths of some of the shocking deceptions that are intentionally taught in order to limit and separate Mankind from opportunities for spiritual evolvement. It defines how it is possible to take back the heritage of self-determination, freely create one's own destiny, and heal the planet and Humanity itself as a whole living entity through the suggested dynamic process.



The question of "who?" comprises the focusing energy behind these "messages" is a difficult question to answer tactfully, and yet completely. "Isness" is the focus to be sought by each individual awareness. As each expands within the process of self-identification, so does the ability to allow the flow of "Isness" to move through their experience. Each will attract into their awareness the "knowledge to live into wisdom". The vibratory rate of the planetary environment, and of the members of Humanity, on Earth is low enough that this ability is virtually inaccessible at this time. In order to assist willing members of Mankind to access the necessary information in order to provide a way to transcend this current aberrant state, various volunteer awareness points (within higher vibrational frequencies) have acted as "booster stations" in order to focus this information through those who are willing to participate on the Earth plane. Knowing that it is the custom of Earth’s inhabitants to require the "personify to identify" mode, names from the exotic to the ridiculous have been given as sources of these messages. This information included various exercises in discernment, but most participants failed the discernment tests. Much was filled with profound truth, but a great deal of it was drained of its energy by the continual parade of victims wanting their personal problems solved for them. The information became distorted as the focal points were withdrawn and the volunteers winged it (faked it) on their own, for their sincerity was lost in the notoriety and greed that resulted.

In view of this past history, it was the mutual agreement between the parties involved in the dictation/translation/transcription process for obtaining these messages that the identities of the focal points involved would remain unidentified, and that there would be no monetary rewards involved whatsoever. Furthermore, there would be no personal information disseminated for any one individual’s benefit. The totality of the focal points involved is for the benefit of the planet and its inhabitants, period! The truth of the messages is to be discerned and used for the benefit of Humanity first and foremost, and then gleaned by each individual for their own personal application as part of the wholeness to which it is focused, without the necessity of personal names to identify truth. If that is not understood, then the messages need to be read again in order to transcend this form of neediness into a greater commitment towards the holographic intention of the information they contain.

It is hoped that the succinctness of this message is accepted in the tone of importance in which it is intended. The window of opportunity to accomplish the necessary monumental consciousness transition is small, as compared to the obstacles which currently exist within the human belief systems that must be literally dissolved so that the whole may be transformed.

It is sincerely hoped that the truth contained within these messages will be a sword that cuts through the armor of deception and lays open the hearts and minds of the necessary quotient required for complete success.



There has been a great deal of interest in the independent activities of the people who have received and read copies of this message and the Handbook. As expected, the reactions have been mixed between total acceptance and total rejection. However, the overall impact has been gratifying and effective. There are indeed lights of understanding beginning to be discernable on many parts of the planet.

The assimilation and application of the concepts will accelerate the acceptance of the principles involved, and through their application, the desire for greater understanding will be increased. Therefore, an opening will be created that will allow for movement toward the goal of a new paradigm, and it will begin to manifest. When the time is ripe for greater expansion of this concept of a new experience for Mankind, the information leading to the next step will be ready for distribution. Once the transition is made away from victim consciousness toward the acknowledgement of personal power through alignment with the originating expansive flow of creative energies, the thirst for greater understanding will be aroused. The misunderstanding of looking outward for answers is deeply ingrained, and will require de-programming and re-education of how to apply this concept to daily living in order to allow it to become a new foundation for manifested reality.

Without adequate changes at deep levels of the psyche and the application of the previously-explained Universal Laws, the next levels of understanding will be nothing more than another exercise in entertainment. Much of the valuable information disseminated through other receivers has become an addiction for fanaticizing, with little or no application in practical living experience. The focus has been directed toward survival of the physical body so that the same ideals and lifestyle could be maintained until individuals could ascend (arise out of) rather than transcend (go beyond). The focus must be more wholistic, and include survival for service that is aimed at lifting the yoke of darkness and the descending vibratory experience from Humanity and the planet, rather than be focused upon individual escape from the morass of a destructive situation. In other words, there must be participation in a solution, rather than using the information to abandon the ship.

Once the goal is identified in a statement of purpose, then what comes next? What are the guidelines for participation that will ensure this transcendence in order to experience the new paradigm? This will be the focus of the next level of information. Much material has been disseminated indicating that rescue and reform will be provided by extraterrestrial beings, and that all Humanity has to do is to meditate and wait around for magical processes to change everything for them. It would be wise not to count on it. There is a saying. "God helps those that help themselves." That is a truth to put in a dozen places to remind you to let go of the "I am a victim that needs to be rescued" consciousness. You will be helped, but victims will not be rescued. Victim consciousness vibrates below the necessary levels to enter higher dimensions.

Giving up victim consciousness is a personal decision. It is not an easy process. If you rescue someone, you become a victim of the rescued. Sympathizing with those who are locked into victim consciousness supports their victimhood and ties you to them. Discernment allows you to recognize the situation and, at that point, you must acknowledge that this is a situation that is of their own creation through their belief that others control their choices. This does not mean that you must ignore their plight, but does determine that you cannot do for them what they are unwilling to do for themselves. There is not a rule of thumb for how to give wise assistance to them. Their plight is a result of the personal decisions they have made, and the attitudes that have influenced those decisions. Remember, they are human beings becoming, or not, by their own choice. Teach them the prayer, and remind them of it in the midst of their miniseries, and then tactfully suggest other viewpoints to them as you become more aware of them. With the application of the "becoming" prayer, opportunities will abound for them.

The most critical point for taking the next step in the transcendence process involves an acceptance of one's personal ability to move through victim consciousness by accepting responsibility for using the Universal Laws in order to take charge of their manifested experience. This does not mean that each must become a millionaire in order to prove that they have accomplished this. In truth, most will find that abundance is measured by the inner feelings of self-approval and confidence that precludes the necessity of impressive material demonstrations for ego aggrandizement. What you do with regard to self and others is more important than what you have. When this is accomplished, all that is necessary is attracted without effort, for each is then encompassed within the expansive flow of Creation.

To become is the goal of all. How this is to be accomplished is uniquely experienced through freewill choice. Help is available. The asking must be for help, not rescue, nor to "piggyback" on someone else’s accomplishment. Each must know that theirs is a unique experience not to be compared to those of others. Each incarnation is for their own particular soul purpose, to be created through their choices and decisions. There are no mistakes other than to remain closed to seemingly new concepts, and to continue to repeat the current experience for lack of discernment of the connection to that which has focused each into manifestation. That connection vibrates within the awareness of every human, and is ignored or responded to with each and every choice and decision. It is our goal to trigger the awareness of this connection in every human possible through direct connection, or through changes in the mass conscious awareness on a planetary level, using what you refer to as the "hundredth monkey effect". Transcendence of the victim consciousness into personal responsibility is first and foremost.

This process will require that individuals separate themselves from those refusing to change their perceptions, and to align themselves with others who are willing to make this change. When lives begin to change as a result of accepting and using personal responsibility through the application of the Universal Laws, those previously unwilling to change will again choose to follow suit, or not. Remember that freewill is the loose cannon of the 3rd dimension, and the freedom to choose is made by all, whether they admit it or not. Although it may seem that the victim/personal responsibility theme is being nauseatingly repeated, it is the foundation upon which the format for transcendence to the higher dimensions is built. It is the rock from which the foundation is quarried. It is the first step that begins the journey. Lip service is easy. It is in the doing that the proof of the pudding lies. How it is accomplished is between each person and the creative aspect that focused each into manifestation. Through the intuitive understandings that this connection fosters, each will find their purpose and the path of their journey. In the asking for help, the opportunities that genuinely "feel" right will present themselves. Incorrect choices will be difficult and bring little satisfaction. Asking for discernment brings knowingness and other opportunities to pursue. A house will stand on a rock foundation and allow for layer upon layer of brick to be added. To begin, you must begin at the beginning.



The bible has a reference to two individuals standing in a field, where one is taken and the other is left behind. Does this support the belief that there will be an evacuation of part of Humanity by space ships? In this case, the reference could be applied to a faith in the creative process, and to coming into alignment with the expansive self-contemplative flow of energy that births each soul-expression into manifested experience. When that alignment reaches a degree of compatibility that allows for a transition to higher dimensional experience, the transfer can be completed during the life experience. It "can", but it is a rare happening when the planetary whole is vibrating at the present rate. It has been a long time since that has taken place, contrary to some circulating stories. This is not to say that some blending experiences have not happened. Insofar as massive space ship removals of humans from this planet, as has been circulated, contemplate 6 billion plus beings and consider how many ships with facilities for them this would take and the answer is obvious. If Humanity as a whole, experiencing as they are now, were transferred to another planet, there would be two planets in trouble instead of just one.

Each and every being on this planet came with the purpose of bringing the situation here into alignment with the cosmic plan of freewill experience leading to balance. That constitutes a lot of intention. That intention is there to be tapped in order to bring this situation to completion. When Humanity, or at least a significant portion of it, can go through this situation and heal it themselves, then and only then can they move through their intention to come into balance. In the greater picture of each soul’s evolvement, none would choose to be rescued. At the base of the rescue stories lies the victim consciousness. Does this render those messages false? That is for your discernment. Always there is truth to be found, and it is different for each. Ask the knowing part of the Self for discernment, and proceed from that point and you will know.

The presence of an energy-cycle called the photon belt is circulating. It has been reported as being seen as a doughnut-shaped energy-field near the Pleiades star system. Does it really exist? Indeed, it does, and calling it a cycle is the key to what it truly is. Regardless of what has been "seen", it is a transition of movement between the polar experiences of positive and negative; your terms. This experiencing has been pictured by many as a pendulum-type movement from one extreme to the other. This would be appropriate in linear thought; however, higher dimensions are not experienced in a linear process. Since the greater part of experience is in higher dimensional expression, the explanation must be thought of in holographic terms. Religious writings contain some references to "wheels within wheels" that indicate there are multiple cycles that are in motion and interfacing with each other. This brings to mind the workings of a mechanical watch. However, now you have wristwatches that keep perfect time without those wheels. In this way, cycles can also be in process that are not necessarily circular in motion. Even though circular motion is observed going on around you, such as the motion of the solar system and the zodiac, from the greater holographic prospective, these circular motions are spiral rather than circular, allowing for the expansiveness of the creative energies. If indeed they were circular, then all that exists would be static rather than expansive. This would limit evolvement and, as you can easily contemplate, boredom and death would indeed be true. From this perspective, you can now understand the importance of expansiveness as being at the basis of Creation, and how evolvement is a natural constituent of experience. With this as a frame of reference, you can begin to grasp that the spiral is accomplished by interlacing the polarities with the circular motion in order to widen the circle, and to either lift or lower the continuity. The shift of energies that are necessary to accomplish the transition between the polarities is something like an electrical charge. It is accomplished by entry and passage through an energy-field that causes a change in polarity. These energy-fields are also in motion, and move through the galaxy in cycles that coordinate with all other cycles with mathematical precision.

Planet Earth is now poised at the transition point of several cycles. This is an occurrence that does not happen frequently, and is of great interest to this portion of the galaxy. The result of these coinciding cycles is that the transition between polarities will be of greater impact and import, enhanced by the fact that the consciousness of the beings and the planet are poised to do this. These beings are not at the level of evolvement that was intended, through the failure to make the transitions that were available in the last approximately 26,000-year cycle. Added to this is the deliberate plan of the adversarial forces to disrupt the transition cycle into deliberate chaos, thereby intending to continue the negative polarity cycle for their own purposes. This then brings into understanding the necessity for the humans on this planet to make a leap in consciousness in order to survive this transition of energies into the next cycle by coming together in a mass consciousness that has a combined focus of an increased frequency. The upliftment through the release of victim consciousness into personal responsibility is the shift that would accomplish this necessary change. The degree of shift in the mass consciousness will determine the intensity of the planetary experience at a point within the energy-field you call the photon belt, and the ability of Humanity to experience the transition through it.

It will also determine the ability of the adversarial plan to accomplish its purposes. Needless to say, their plan will never be allowed to be successful, but the question remains as to what part Earth’s inhabitants will play, and where the soul awareness will find itself when the scenario plays itself out. It must be emphasized here that the "ground crew" is included in this drama, for volunteering to help also carries with it the responsibility of becoming part of the destiny of the planetary consciousness. There will be no rescue. Each will rise or fall within that destiny. This, then, fuels the necessary commitment and focus of energy in terms of helping Humanity to accomplish this last ditch effort to come into vibratory alignment.



When the time comes for the changes to begin in earnest with regard to the change of governmental focus, there will be an outcry by the citizens. Measures are planned so that the individual will be overwhelmed and unable to react in any way but to submit. It is expected that they will grovel before the god that is on his throne far away and think that they are being punished for some great sin, in other words, playing the victim. The inner strength of the focus of the soul has been totally disregarded. The planned shock of overwhelming the citizens as a whole has been analyzed and studied in order to bring forth the reaction that is desired. As in all experiments, the outcome is influenced by the expectations of those setting up the criteria. The "scientific" data so prized by the scientists of this era is as accurate as the opinions of the moment allow. Thus, as new possibilities are considered, the old theories eventually crumble and are replaced. This indicates that the possibility exists that the expected reactions of Humanity might indeed be replaced by actions that do not fit their planned scenario..

Mankind has been taught to distrust his fellow beings. Few have any realization of the interconnections that exist through the sharing of the Source of their manifestation into experience. Since all are emanations of the Creator focus in self-contemplation, you can rely on the fact that there are connections that are unknown, and power within these connections that is wholly untapped. We have previously discussed the concerns of the situation as it presently exists on this planet, and the importance of the convergence of cycles with regard to the important transitions that are available. It has been emphasized that all levels of consciousness, including the Creator, are focusing upon this process. At this sequential place in the scenario, watchfulness is all that is being focused. However, when it is appropriate, you may be assured that activation of latent abilities that are available within the consciousness and the physical structure of the human body can and will be stimulated..

The ability to receive this stimulation and accomplish what is needed will depend upon the conscious awareness and, in particular, the ability to accept self-empowerment within a wholistic pattern of behavior. The energies that will be encountered in the approach to (and passage into) what you refer to as the photon belt will not be the same as are being experienced now. The last of the current polarity cycle is reaching its completion. Here again, it is difficult to put into linear terms for your understanding, those processes that are of a holographic nature. Within a holographic framework, all is interactive within a cooperative format. When an imbalance is present, all that remains in balance becomes focused in order to regain the balance of the whole. There is a generating of interactive energies in order to awaken latent connections that will bring forth whatever is necessary to allow the return to balance. We again return to the understanding that thought has the capability to think. All that is manifest in all forms is thought thinking itself into being from pure potentiality, and it is interactive within itself; this is a natural process. In its simplest explanation, each human is a thought that thinks and therefore is self-aware. As above, so it is below. The entire galaxy, and more, is thought that thinks and is self-aware.

In simple terms, the goal of the new paradigm is the transition of Humanity from victim consciousness into self-empowerment, which will result in a rise in the vibratory emanation of the planet and its inhabitants. Planting the means to make this transition is the goal of this segment of the "ground team". Once planted and released in order to accomplish its intended effect, the stimulation of the latent connections will move it through the mass consciousness to all humans that are able to accept and begin to function within its concepts. The next step to follow will be the expansion of the understanding of the four basic Universal Laws, and the application of these within each individual experience. These concepts are included in the Handbook, and once the critical few begin to study and practice them, more latent connections will begin to open to the stimulation that will be coming to the planet with increasing frequency.

It is easy to get caught up in the fear of what might happen, based upon the present consciousness of the planetary inhabitants. However, it is important to stay within the understanding that this consciousness is ripe for change, and that it is now underway. There are other "ground teams" accomplishing their assignments that dovetail one another, and provide the holographic synthesis that is now taking shape. The situation is not hopeless, but is encouraging indeed! As each member has been stimulated into awakening to their assignments, and have then proceeded, most times through the need to do it whether it made any logical sense or not, so also will that process expand through the mass consciousness. You have been programmed to distrust your humanness. Through empowering the personal self, it is necessary that you choose to trust the empowerment of your fellow man. Will there be exceptions? Yes, there will. One of the latent functions that will be stimulated will be discernment. You will know, and when you trust the process, those will not be encountered. Victim consciousness will draw victim experience through the Law of Attraction. Those who move into self-empowerment in a holistic sense will continue to evolve into greater experience, and then be drawn together in order to create the new paradigm.

This is not a message of deception. You are thought capable of thinking. There is a group consciousness that thinks. You can change your mind (thinking), and so can it. It is a matter of seeding the process with an alternative that has powerful appeal. Once put into usage, its power increases, especially if it receives additional input from the concerned focal points of greater levels of manifested awareness. Physical manifestation is an end-result of focused thought. If through choice and request, the focused thought is changed, then the physical manifestation must also change.

This understanding is easy to forget with the continued input of mind-controlling data that is purposefully focused into one's daily experience. This is the reason that each is encouraged to continue to re-read and study these Handbooks. The information is simple, direct, and contains no techniques other than offering a solution that dovetails within the flow of expansive energies that maintain all Creation, and allows it to continue within the Universal Laws. The freewill aspect is both the 'thorn' and the 'blossom' of this process. It is the vital emanation of creative energy. At its essence, it possesses both positive and negative polarity, and is not bound by cycles. The polarities are available on the whim of decision, which allows it to alter Creation at the manifested level. Freewill cannot be controlled. It can be influenced, but at any point, individual consciousness can simply change its thinking and the influence is cast aside. Thought can create an experience, and thought can change it into another experience entirely. Combined focus of thought is all-powerful when it operates within the tenets of the Universal Laws, and is supported by emotional commitment. The return to self-empowerment following the experience of containment and victim experiences will bring forth an emotional sensation to the soul that equates to the joy so often spoken of by religions. Just as love and hate cannot share the same heart, neither can joy and a victim perception share the same experience. The courage to choose becomes the responsibility of Humanity in order to create its experience, in this instance, with all possible help available for the asking.



There was a time in which the beings on this planet resided elsewhere in the galaxy. Not in the present body, but you would say that these were your ancestors. Mankind did not originate on this planet. To those who currently believe that you came into being out of some primordial soup, this shall be an affront to that theory. However, through consideration of the Laws of the Universe, remember that Creation is possible through intent and purpose. Development of body, mind, emotion and spirit does not fit into the criteria of random selection as a possible scenario. Indeed, the physical body does match the physical attributes of the Earth's mineral content, but that is created through the Law of Attraction, which allows for adaptation within the environment. The marvel of the human body is that it has adaptive capabilities that make it possible to survive in hostile environments. This is surely being proven by the introduction of purposeful chemical abrasive combinations and vibrational variations designed to destroy it. The plan being that only the most adaptive will survive and be useful in further experimental adaptation and exploitation experiments. Resistance to a negative environment allows for adaptation, and can be stimulation towards either advancement or regression, depending upon the degree and the focus of the individual desire to move through the experience.

This possibility can now be discussed openly, since the topic of extraterrestrial presence has been the subject of extensive media presentation. Even though many older people still resist the possibility, most children accept it as true, and dream of traveling forth to take part in other planetary experiences.. Much of this is presented because of the belief that there is little left to be known about this planet, and that adventures will soon be found only by exploring the space beyond. The popularity of the long-standing Star Trek series exemplifies this. The information as to the monumental number of solar systems that frequent this galaxy, and the presence of numerous other galaxies that are being observed, makes the possibility of other life-supporting planets directly refute the assumption that this is the only planet with conscious life. Yet to be known by us is a way in which to construct and power appropriate craft in order to enable humans to traverse space. With the number of inhabitants currently draining the life force of this planet, the possibility seems beyond reach.

Indeed, Humanity is now at a crossroads involving multiple levels of experience. How indeed are they going to come through this crisis? Obviously, not without help! In their arrogant stubbornness, will they ask for it and accept it, if it is given? That can only answered as the situation progresses. As has been pointed out before, help cannot be given to those locked in victim consciousness. The solution lies in Humanity creating its own solution, and victims cannot accomplish this because of their desire to be rescued. Rescue demands that someone or something outside themselves accomplish whatever feat is required. Again, the discussion returns to the same realization that a choice in how to experience manifested life faces the inhabitants of this planet. It is no longer survival of the fittest, but survival of the personally responsible.

The opposite experience of the victim is currently achieved by exercising power over other victims, and has become an unending chain of interlocking experience for an incredibly long duration. That chain is long overdue to be broken. Its strength lies in the failure of those involved to choose another way of experiencing. Without the awareness and understanding of the Universal Laws that support successfully-evolving life experience, the chain remains unbroken. Humanity can change this longstanding experience, break the chain, and return to the evolving citizenship of the Galaxy/Universe by choosing responsibility and applying the laws in their daily experience, both individually and as a group. Due to the presence of polarity, when those are drawn together as a group, this also repels those who choose otherwise, and a great division is made. The application of the Laws creates a cooperative situation that allows for protection from the fear associated with the actions of the other groups in most surprising ways. The vibration increases rapidly, and protective means are most creative indeed.

The following question arises from a point of overview. If victim consciousness is present in our experience, then is it present within the consciousness of the Creator? The obvious answer is yes. The Creator is in self-contemplation for the purpose of self-evolvement. At this level, the tiniest imbalance must be fully understood and cleared. You are that clearing process. When you move through it and arrive at personal responsibility, another phase of that imbalance is resolved. A wisely-pruned vineyard produces a prolific and healthy crop. Once this imbalance is pruned from your experience, yours will be a healthy and prolific experience!

It is not our purpose to assail the current beliefs in a frontal attack causing resistance and stress, but to give a gradual and convincing alternative to those lives that have been lived in frustration and grim survival. Ending your human lives in pain and disease is a further demonstration of the soul consciousness that leads to the denial of a solution by those experiencing this descending cycle of manifested circumstances. What appears as a complex and impossible situation has a simple solution. A change of attitude and application of simple understandable laws will provide the passageway through to new experience. Creation does not provide for suffering to buy anything but more suffering. It is a freewill choice. Therefore, it is time to opt for a new experience by giving up what does not work and has not worked for an eon of sequential episodes.

The Laws of Attraction, Intention and Allowance, used purposely through freewill choice, are the criteria that will allow for the freedom of Humanity, and its return to full galactic citizenship with the ability to travel freely. Failure to follow these guidelines will require placement of those individuals into another learning situation. You are being offered the opportunity to begin again with the basics and incorporate them into your experience, and then surge ahead in a leap of consciousness that is unparalleled. How sad it will be if you stubbornly refuse to take advantage of this opportunity.



At the time of the greatest experience of chaos, there will be moments of discouragement and wondering as to whether any of this material was of value. It is then that each of the members of this "ground team" must hold fast to the understanding that change cannot and does not happen if the old structures remain in place. Therefore, it is exactly through this chaos that the new paradigm of experience will come into being, and it will not be long in manifesting. When the outline of it is held in place in the hearts and minds of the dedicated and committed humans that desire the replacement of the old with the adventure of the new, it will come quickly. There will be those who will falter, but with at least one of every cell group having the strength to hold tightly to the commitment, the cell will hold together and the focus will be maintained.

Many have questioned how, during the meetings of the groups held worldwide, a single statement could arise from the many dream scenarios. Here we have the necessity of invoking the Creator presence at each group interaction. Within the Creator self-contemplation process, each and all are known intimately. Inasmuch as at the beginning of this entire process there is one mind and one focus, then by invoking the focus that knows itself, one focus of truth is the inevitable outcome. Through this process, an experience of the "oneness" that has been touted will indeed be experienced. Lip service has been given to this, but what it truly is has yet to be experienced in this dimension of consciousness. It has been described as "enlightenment, a feeling of being one with all." These few who have felt one with Nature, etc., have not brought Mankind one bit closer to each other. The Creator wants his self-aware aspects to come into a knowing through actual experience of this greatest of all experiences. When a committed portion of Humanity can come together in a single focus of purpose and truly commune with the Creator energy, then oneness with each other will indeed be experienced, and a leap in consciousness will follow, which will enliven this project in ways beyond imagination.

As has been mentioned before, there is no reason that the Creator cannot use every situation as a springboard for greater creation. When you contemplate the above scenario, knowing the ripple effect, can you imagine the experience of this leap in consciousness spreading throughout Creation, and what effect it could have? Now you have a reason to believe that this is indeed an auspicious opportunity for Mankind, and one not to be missed! The issue of separation has been experienced throughout this galaxy in a festering of negative actions between individuals, nations and planets long enough to be thoroughly contemplated, and it is now time to resolve it and move beyond and into new adventures and opportunities.

This is a short discussion, and one that needs careful and in-depth consideration. Hold this information at the center of your personal commitment for your participation and focus. It is the reason that you made this decision to take the risk of being a member of the "ground crew".



We are now ready to begin the adaptation of the human spirit to include a greater evolution, and the pivotal turn to begin the return path to the Creator than has been the current experience. These have been considered to be only the experience of saints, and most times, simply not acknowledged or even known. Adaptations to the body have been made in the past within the genetics of the physical body itself, as well as through the addition of vibratory implants. These have left a residue of effects that have, in turn, influenced the spiritual aspect. These changes have limited the vibrational connections to the focused Source that has brought each into their physical expression. The genetic changes that were forcibly imposed upon the human body were such that they have been inherently passed from one generation to the next, and adaptation has not transcended all of these. Even the implants that caused great trauma have left their influence within the molecular memories of the cells, and have been retained for generations. Modern man has been programmed to deny that Humanity, in its present physical form, is very old indeed. It has indeed acquired some changes that do not serve it well at all.

From the larger aspect, the planet also suffers from similar changes that cripple its ability to function properly. It is time to bring these back into balance. Since it is apparent that neither the human body nor the planet are able to make these repairs in a fashion that is timely enough for the transitional opportunity, then help is necessary. In our previous discussions, the process of thought manifesting into physical experience using the Law of Intentional Focus further explained that thought held with purposeful intention allows for manifestation. The intended thought through visualization of it in completion, and vibratory stimulation of it through emotion, held firmly in place by commitment, brings manifestation. Because the vibratory energies are at a low rate for manifested experience on this planet, the time necessary to manifest into physical form that is perceivable through the five sensual experiences is slow indeed.

However, you are further reminded of the awareness of the planetary situation that is being observed by the galactic neighbors, most of whom are existing in a higher vibrational state of existence than that of planet Earth. It is perfectly acceptable for the humans on this planet to invoke their help in order to manifest a change in the physical body to accommodate the correction of the vibrational matrix of the human body and return it to its intended pattern. This request for help would require only a small number of human beings to enlist this help. It is something that the "ground crew" could do, inasmuch as they are now experiencing as 3rd dimensional human beings.

This would allow them to be the first to make the vibrational transition, and to allow them to establish the ideal; the return of the archetype as it was originally created within the galactic equations. This then becomes the second major assignment of the "ground crew". It is a simple statement within the positive prayer/meditations of each member remembering that this includes the grateful appreciation that this archetype already exists, and is manifesting in perfection for each and every human body wherever it presently exists. It is important here to note that the archetype allows for evolution toward greater perfection of higher vibratory experience, and that this return to the archetype will not cause a problem for those who have achieved these changes.

This process allows for Humanity to tap into the energies that are awaiting an opportunity to participate in resolving this situation, and provides those assisting the greater opportunity to directly participate in the energy-transition of the cyclical spiral of ascendance. Indeed, this provides the inclusion that is desired. Participation is by invitation only, and you will be providing this opportunity. It is suggested that you contemplate the possibilities of this situation.

Re-read this information as is necessary in order to grasp the magnitude of this opportunity for all that are involved, including your pivotal role. Each individual can obviously realize that every human is an extraordinary being with very specific commitments to complete, as the sequence of Divine Order unfolds in personal experience, and of the planet as a whole. The opportunity to "become" is ripe with promise in return for focused intention, purposeful follow-through, and creational application of the suggestions contained within these communiqués.