The understanding gained through the reading of this material has changed each person’s perspective, especially those that have contemplated and pondered it for the specific purpose of determining whether they feel a resonance with the truth presented. Knowledge, once gained, changes the reality through which the life-process is viewed and contemplated. When the purposefully-focused mind-clutter is observed with the discernment of its intended design, the perception of current reality is different. Even if the observer chooses to ignore the truth that was considered as a possibility, the ability to blend again into the sleeping masses can never be accomplished. It remains in the background of their consciousness, and circumstances and events will continue to trigger the awareness of the truth. In this way, the seeds of change are planted, and will begin at some point to grow and bear fruit. Those who reject the information before considering it at all, will find the choice will be offered again before the project of the new paradigm is complete.

The message-carriers must understand that, even though many will reject the information, making the contact invokes the opportunity of a future choice. In the case of those desiring this information to be accepted by family and friends to whom there are emotional attachments, this should be a comfort. The second offering will usually be through another messenger, and is more likely to be accepted for two reasons. First, it has been heard before, and it is easier to accept on a logical level that does not have emotional triggers involved. In this way, each may be prepared for possible rejection, but will also know that even when that happens, a contact link is established. The gift is given, whether it is accepted immediately or at a later time. If not accepted at all, then the difficult lesson of allowance is to be remembered, for each has their freewill choice. There is also the possibility that, as the scenario evolves, these skeptics may seek out the information. The focus of intent through blessing the individuals "for their highest and best good", or a similar invocation, carries the energy of the creative flow of expansion. The expansiveness of this energy has created galaxies, solar systems, planets and "beings becoming" in order to appreciate the process. This energy is as powerful as it is subtle. The more relaxed and knowing the "intender", the more potent the result.

As the messages are circulated, accepted and contemplated, the Law of Attraction begins to draw and attract more people of 'like' beliefs. Those who are awake are beginning to realize that there is little information that "goes the essential step further" to even suggest a true solution to the situation. Certain survival preparations are necessary, but these do not offer resolution. This awareness is magnetic, and invokes an answer to the question of "What can we do?" The viable answer that provides a cure, and not just symptomatic relief, is found within these messages. The way in which other suggestions for resolving the situation at hand may be measured, is to consider whether they offer a cure or merely symptomatic relief. As with a disease of the human body, a symptom seldom indicates the entire cause of the problem. The symptoms now affecting the whole of the human population and the planet are so numerous as to make an overview somewhat difficult. Few have the time, or even the tenacity to come to a clear conclusion on their own. They depend upon the media and other controlled opinion-givers for their picture of the larger reality because it is purposely available for easy access. It is psychologically written to present only certain facets of situations and events so as to deceive the listener/observer and encourage the unconscious cooperation needed to complete the preparations for enslavement, one cautious step at a time. As the time draws near, the puppet-leaders become more impatient and careless, yet the masses still do not hear or see. Know that this also serves the implementation of the new paradigm project. Be patient and lay the foundation blocks steadily and with purposeful resolve. Join in small groups of 'like' awareness and contemplate the wording of the purpose, pass the messages and know this is the process of thought thinking within the Universal Laws. The desire for this new experience is already attracting its energetic format. Trust the process! This project has the blessing of the planet and its inhabitants as a whole as its purposeful intent. That is a major plus for the insurance of its success. It does require purposeful resolve. Hang in there, and do all that is necessary with passion and zeal. Contemplate yourself standing on the first stone outside the downward spiral, knowing the possibilities that are available when there are moments of discouragement. Smile, you are on the willing and winning team!



As these messages are distributed, and the number of people reading and assimilating the knowledge contained within them increases, the natural flow of the Law of Attraction allows for the gradual increase of their magnetic appeal in order to bring more and more people to grasp the logical understandings offered by them. The wave of discontent and frustration that is rising within the mass consciousness is developing. A viable solution that does not require the sacrifice of the human body to accomplish the desired reversal of the situation surrounding the whole of the mass consciousness, is that of applying pressure, and bringing this to a moment that serves as the impetus for the birth of the new paradigm. It is appropriate to caution the "ground crew" team to remember that "Divine Order" does not necessarily appear to operate in a sequential mode. It does require a simplistic definition of form, holographic in nature, and completes the necessary process in a variety of ways.

The key to completing this within the slower vibrational dimensions involves holding the focus for the definition of form within the mind’s eye for the long duration needed in order to allow the manifestation into observable reality. A critical number of focal points holding this intention in place are needed, for each can (or will) do so for only a short period at time. Thus, if sufficient numbers of people do this often enough and long enough, then the image remains in continuous focus. This is the process of thought thinking at the level of necessity within the lower vibrational levels of what is called 3rd dimensional reality, or the lowest dimension of human existence. It is the most difficult to transcend because the slow vibratory rate, at best, requires the focus to be held in order for manifestation to materialize. The lower the scale of the vibratory rates, the longer the sequence and the more difficult it is for the mind to concentrate. The power of the competition of the 'planted clutter' in the minds of Humanity at the moment adds another ingredient to this already difficult situation.

It is thought by the controllers that the lid is tightly shut, and that it is impossible for the critical number of Humanity to detect the net of deception, and then organize and transcend through the carefully-laid trap into freedom. That, in a nutshell, is the challenge. Can this "mission impossible" be accomplished? Is it possible for this sleeping giant to awaken, shake off the administered sedatives, and arise into sufficient awareness to make the choices that are necessary? The ability to do so is present. The opportunity is now, for it will be a long time with much suffering before another will be available. It is said that Mankind will give up luxury and all other manner of things and experiences before he will give up the suffering that has been his lot for so long. Your Christian religion teaches that that suffering is holy, and that it is a bridge to the heavenly experience in the next lifetime by a "loving" god? Is this, in any sense, logical?

Each deception, both individually and the collective whole of them, are incomprehensible to your cosmic brethren in that they defy logic. The whole of Creation is logical. Logic is a wondrous balancing mechanism. The whole of the mass belief system for Earth’s inhabitants is so distorted through exploitation of the emotions, that what is universal logic appears to be illogical and difficult to believe. In order for the new paradigm project to succeed, the messengers must digest the messages within the totality of their awareness, and then allow them to percolate through and to change their perception of not only who and what they are, but how they perceive Creation. It will be necessary to allow the magnitude of misconception to resolve into a new basic perception and conception of the holographic-cooperating-interacting wholeness that focused them into being, and holds them there in the freedom of freewill choice. Bondage is not the heritage of choice. It is giving up the basic framework of Creation through the freewill choice of victim experience that has allowed this situation to regress to its present level. This is an opportunity to bring it to an end, and to progress into knowing again who you are and doing what you were designed to do. It is time to give up suffering and experience joy, bliss and ecstasy as the realities they are, not as fleeting moments or mythical goals for saints only. The ideal is neither abused children nor menacing warriors, but free, fulfilled adults at home in a galactic world of adventure. Your lovingly concerned brethren offer their advice here and the promise of greater assistance, if you but help yourselves first, as citizenship within Creation requires. It is hoped that each reader will ponder and consider the alternatives, and choose wisely.

It is hoped that those who embrace the premise of these concepts will fully grasp the dimensions for change that are available through the acceptance and incorporation of these suggestions. It is the incorporation of conceptual changes, at both the individual and the various inclusive group levels, leading to global awareness, that allows for the holographic requisite to be met. As the individual participates within the process, the consciousness transcends from personal experience expansively through various groups that are arriving at the global dimension. Each and all then stand on a new platform in order to contemplate galactic experience. Through visualizing the expansion that is inherent in the sequence of necessary steps, it is possible to comprehend a multi-dimensional process that is ongoing within a singular focused goal. Once this is experienced into wisdom, then it is available to be experienced in other situations for varied and appropriate applications.

It is relevant to point out that the process is best learned before attempting to apply it in other situations. Rather like stringing pearls for a necklace, it is best to focus on one pearl at a time. In this case, the pearl of the moment is the new paradigm. It is what must be held in focus, all else will then follow in due time. It cannot be emphasized enough that scattering the focus was not the intent of this greater understanding. Stay focused on creating the new paradigm, then the joy of experimenting with this process will be splendid indeed. It is then that the focus shared between galactic family members will stand forth as intended.


(Omitted from the first edition by mistake)

Within the experience of the chaos that lies in the near future, the allowance of the experience will be a difficult hurtle for those that intend to focus the new paradigm through its initial stages of inception, and birth it into manifestation. There will be difficult and discouraging moments for those who accept this mission, especially if there are no close companions to share the focus and encourage each other. Holding your own chosen simple symbols clearly in mind, and drawing or seeing them displayed as frequent reminders, will assist in holding the necessary focus. The symbols bring the focus to mind without the conscious effort of first identifying the focus and then convincing the intellect of its truth when the surrounding situation contradicts its rationality. The symbols are what might be called a "quick fix". Frequent reference to them on a continuing basis, and allowing an emotional feeling to arise in anticipation of the coming new experience, will bring immeasurable focused energy to the manifestation.

When this simple exercise is practiced in a continuous format, with the discernment of its meaning being focused in innumerable places on the planet, the manifestation is assured. Each time the symbol is focused upon, it is perceived as a flash of light or an electrical charge, and the planet can be envisioned as literally 'lighting up' with this new perception. This is an apt analogy, and allows for consideration of the power held by simply redirecting purposeful intention through placing the attention on what is
desired, rather than what appears to be happening. It changes the control point from the observed to the observer that, in turn, allows for empowerment of the individual observers. It further demonstrates the power of cooperation through unified commitment to a common goal. The fact that the goal is not defined in detail implies that the process for acquiring the details does not dilute or scatter the focus.
This project transcends merely identifying the problems and attempting to fix the symptoms, for this, in reality, only adds to the problem as a whole. It provides the opportunity for experiencing aspects of the new paradigm as it is being created.

The parameters of the current pattern of life-expression now being experienced must begin to shift in order for the new paradigm to be conceived and birthed into manifested reality.
New parameters have been enumerated throughout these messages so that they might begin to filter into the minds of those reading, contemplating and discussing these concepts. The limited thinking of Earthıs inhabitants must change in order to allow for the flow of thought to move through their conscious awareness on a continuing basis. To simply exchange one box of concepts for a new box of concepts will not allow for participation within the flow of Creation. This is not to say that the flow of conceptual thought does not proceed in an orderly fashion, for otherwise, the flow would be experienced as continuous chaos, and that is not a flow. Indeed, periods of what might be termed "chaos" are experienced while letting go of one set of truths and accepting another that delineates the next set of experiences in the search for greater wisdom. How much chaos is experienced depends upon how long the old set of truths are retained before the necessity to move on brings a breakthrough. If an openness to perceive and accept seemingly new concepts of truth is practiced, then the process proceeds with greater smoothness.


The evolving consciousness within the holographic planetary system arises out of the individual conscious awareness, as it perceives itself within the whole. The perception of what that wholeness includes varies in accordance with what is experienced. Until the advent of the technological era, these individual experiences were influenced by the belief-system that was absorbed from the family environment, followed by those acquired within expansion into larger group experience. Cosmology, the understanding of the how the individual fits into the perceived plan of the Galaxy/Universe, was taught by symbology within storytelling, art and dance. This allowed for each to contemplate their place, and encouraged each to pursue the quest to know and understand. With the advent of the printed word, followed by graphic technology and the use of it for the manipulation of Mankind into slavery, this process has been virtually lost. If the technology had been used to assist the individual to know and understand what truth is available, rather than keeping the key information hidden or distorted, Mankind would not be in the present dilemma.

Thus it is that these messages are given in the hope that the small amount of truth and wisdom within its pages will entice the reader/messengers to desire to again pursue the quest for the understanding of who and what they are. This is not accomplished (or even encouraged) within the current planetary situation, except by the few who are intent upon self-discovery. This inherent right to know is denied from early childhood on through maturation, as the present circumstances are now. Those in the more technologically advanced cultures are overwhelmed with misinformation, and those in the less advanced cultures are existing at extreme poverty levels. It is difficult to wonder about a place in the plan of the Cosmos when the need for basic food and shelter are in the forefront of one's consciousness. Furthermore, technology has been redirected in order to cause the human body to literally self-destruct, through weakening its foods with various growing techniques, incompatible food combinations, genetic alterations to the plants, the addition of abrasive ingredients, and cooking the foods in a manner that alters the molecular arrangement of the foods. These are affecting the ability of the human body, and the plants and animals, to reproduce in perfection. The seriousness of the situation is realized by a few who attempt to spread the warnings. Without help from those with a greater understanding of certain methods for regaining perfection, there will follow generations of imperfect bodies as a result.

Although it is the purpose of these messages to offer a plan for transcending the planetary dilemma, it is necessary that those who accept this mission fully understand that Humanity on this planet is in direful straits that are worsening at a rapid pace. It is necessary that the end of this situation be reached soon, for as the damaged humans reproduce, the return of the next generations to greater perfection becomes more complicated as the mutations begin to scatter into dominant and recessive gene combinations. Within the generation of the acquired genetic damage, these imperfections are yet correctable. The evil associated with the plan to produce slaves also includes these mutations, for imperfect bodies set the stage for a belief of inferiority, as well as the real physiological effects upon the physical brains and bodies. With the addition of technological implants, the slavery would be virtually complete, and provide far more control than those methods employed now.

It is not intended to place information in these messages in order to frighten the readers into buying into its plan. The overview would not be complete so that logical and intelligent decisions could be made, if at least an encapsulated picture of the situation and circumstances that are present was not included. The truth of what has been stated above is available in book, magazine, web-site and radio formats. Portions of it are also included in the media-controlled programs, but go unnoticed. Then, in truth, it can be stated that they told you so, and that you paid no attention. They knew that amid the clutter, few would put it together, or even pay attention to those that did.

Of further note is the fact that through the "United Nations", the military forces are being scattered throughout the world. This is done for the reason that many would not enforce the coming orders against their own people, but with the ethnic and national rivalries, could (and will) against those of other nations, cultures, and particularly, those of other religions. If the attention is placed only on the situation and circumstances that surround you at every turn, then overwhelm is experienced, and that is exactly what is desired for those of you who are awakening. It is the reason that there is no concern about their plans being revealed at this stage. That it is yet possible to gather a focus with power enough to thwart their plans even now, does not occur to them. Thus, there is yet the "freedom" to implement Project New Paradigm. Shall we proceed?



It is through the application of the Law of Allowance that Mankind will make the final step into the role of the Rainbow "human". The archetype of the warrior that has influenced the shaping of Mankind’s experience shall, at long last, evolve into the ideal of the responsible cosmic citizen. It is perfectly possible to adventure into a role beyond the warrior. Only other warriors within the game of conflict welcome warriors. Those who have evolved beyond walking this dead-end path do not welcome conflict back into their experience. The freedom to move freely among those of more refined development allows for more rapid advancement. As within a maze, eventually it is necessary to face the wall at the end and accept it as the end, and stay there, or to find the way back to the correct passageway. The new paradigm is a gift that will enable Humanity to rise above the maze in order to see the true passageway, and then move quickly into it.

This will not happen without the necessary consciousness change and the period of focus that is required in order to pass through the chaos associated with the demise of the current mode of experience, which is based on competition and conflict. The desire for the new experiencing mode must become a passion that exceeds the inclination to stay within what is familiar. The realization that something far better waits at the closure of this experiencing mode must become real within the belief-system, and be strong enough to transcend the mass beliefs of not only millions, but billions of people. It is accomplished through the demonstration of the power of a combined human focus that blends with the wisdom of Creation so that each will know the truth. It is not to be found in resistance to the situation that currently exists on this Earth plane, but in joining with that which is Truth that will bring forth what seems to require a miracle to accomplish. Unimaginable power will be tapped during this process. It simply requires changing the focus of the combined minds of a percentage of Mankind. It is not a majority; it is an amazingly small actual number of humans on Earth, comparatively speaking, for these will blend with the creative flow that creates planets, stars, solar systems, galaxies, and more.

The process is simple. The complication is that it requires standing up and turning into the face of what has been taught for generation after generation by doing it within each individual consciousness. It does not require face-to-face confrontation with those that continue to teach these untruths. Most do this in sincerity. It is through one-to-one contacts with those that already feel discontent, along with the available knowledge at the deep levels of their personal awareness, that the mission is to be accomplished. There are more than enough that have the 'sense' that they are swimming upstream, and are ready and willing to rejoin the flow of Creation. They wait patiently, only to know how to accomplish this change. The archetype of the Rainbow human calls out to all, for it is like a homing signal that perpetually sounds in the background of life. It is like the dinner bell ringing in the distance in order for you to come home to share refreshment and rest with your family. In this case, Humanity has wandered far from home, and has some distance to cover, but it will arrive there sooner or later, and hopefully it will be sooner!

The focus has existed at a very personal level for each messenger, as each goes through the process of strengthening his or her understandings and resolve. It is not easy to commit to a project of this magnitude without establishing the intent firmly within the conscious mind. The mind and the feelings must be in harmony and balance in order that one's resolve remains sufficient in substance in order to hold firmly through the period of the shift in consciousness. That which is now new must have time to germinate and become the dominant viewpoint, from which new experiences are perceived, and decisions are made with discernment. An amazing number of life-situations will suddenly take on new meanings. Habitual comments that fit certain situations will no longer be appropriate, and there will be moments of wondering what is appropriate. A rethinking process will be necessary, requiring a transition period. There will be many returns to these messages in order to contemplate any new meanings that were missed when first read. Truth is perceived within the understanding of the moment, and is constantly refreshed or renewed as different experiences are contemplated, and as decisions are necessary for the discernment needed to establish new patterns of belief and behavior.

There is much to transcend in order that each may stand at the end of this chapter of the 'book of evolvement' and contemplate not only a new chapter, but also a sequel. This will be accomplished day-by-day and one mind-change at a time. The biggest single change is the willingness to read, contemplate and locate the personal truth within, using the guidance obtained from these messages. Beyond that, the steps are small and continuously lead onward to the goal of living the new ideal or archetype moment-by-moment. When the new archetype is embedded within the mass consciousness, the new paradigm will be birthed into infancy, and the adventure will have begun in earnest. Then you may choose to walk hand-in-hand with your family again, for you will have returned home for sustenance and companionship. A worthy trade-off for giving up excessive competition, conflict and isolation.



Within these messages is embedded the psychological changes of heart and mind that are required in order to maintain the focus of the powerful aspects of experience that constitute the human evolving along the successive steps of its journey. The focused human awareness can be observed as a matrix or pattern of energy, for that is what each is, in reality. Each cell contains an electrical charge, therefore, if the charges are observed, they would appear as a pattern of lights surrounded by a finer thought-energy that is emitted as these pass outward from one's being. Since all of Creation in its basic form (once beyond pure potentiality) is thought, and thought thinks, then it may be concluded that the totality of the human thinks. Every cell of the human body thinks. It is how feeling is experienced. It is how a deep realization can cause what you call "goose bumps" to arise on the body, for the entirety of the body has agreed simultaneously on a new concept of truth. That is what sends some to a doctor, because there is a knowingness from within the body that has been emitted from the body cells into the finer thought energies that surround the body, and the conscious mind has opened in order to receive the information.

The thought function is not confined to the brain. It is the totality of the human that participates in the thinking process. Feeling is a combination of thought processes by the cells of the body utilizing the pathways of the nervous system, just as you use telephone lines. However, just as you receive TV and cellular phone messages without the benefit of wires, so also the body has similar and far more refined capabilities. What is called intuition is an illustration of this more refined ability. It is a knowingness that takes place at a cellular level, and then registers in the awareness at varying degrees of understanding, depending upon the belief-system of the individual. The brain is designed to participate in a multitude of processes. It houses the most vulnerable and finely-tuned of the endocrine glands. The precious secretions of the pituitary and pineal glands are the 'drivers' of the human body/mind awareness. The brain is the 'switching station' for the receiving and transmitting of the thinking process. The combined thought process for the entire body is gathered and focused through the brain mechanism, so that it may be further exchanged between humans. However, it must pass through the belief-system that is stored within the finer energies that surround the body, and then it holds the belief-patterns of not only the individual's experiences, but also contains the norms of the experience and belief-patterns of the various levels of experience of the entire planet. One of the functions of the brain is to register and read that information upon request. Thus, when certain parts of the brain are stimulated, it reads not itself, but the stored data that is within the appropriate surrounding fine-energy. Each human carries its entire history of existence, which is stored in this incredibly intelligent energy that surrounds it.

This, then, explains why Humanity on this planet cannot enter the higher dimensions as it is now, for those beings in these dimensions are able to 'read' the finer surrounding energy, and therefore know all there is to know about each one, including every thought and intention. This is the source of what you call telepathy. How is this possible? It is due to the degree of activity of those two glands held within the brain, the pituitary and the pineal, that is the key to what you call "spiritual progress". The protection of these glands has been provided for by what is called the "blood/brain barrier". Only very tiny molecules are able to pass through this "barrier". Unfortunately, for Humanity at this time, crossing this barrier is now possible. Fortunately, there are those individuals who, upon learning this, are devoting a great deal of effort in order to get this information out to make as many as possible more aware. It is not only what is eaten, but also what is placed upon the body for purposes of cleanliness and other reasons that now contain destructive molecules that can (and do) cross that blood/brain barrier. These are causing great damage to the human brain, as well as to the rest of the body. For your own personal protection and that of future generations, each messenger must become aware of these dangers and strive to find the safest available alternatives for themselves, as well as to carry the message to others. There are alternatives available, but it will require some effort to search them out. It is important to know and to read what is within each product before purchasing them. It will be time better spent than in front of the "propaganda tube".

Again, the focus is on the chaos rather than the goal, but the goal is of no benefit whatsoever if there are no humans living in wholeness in order to bring forth and enjoy the manifestation of the new paradigm of experience. Thus, it is important that a certain awareness be made known. There is a methodology in various stages of development (such as live-essence or vibrational remedies) that allows for the return of damaged DNA to wholeness without man-made chemicals that are now being developed for that purpose. Beware of any man-made intervention at these early stages. Nature has even provided this process for the preservation of the human in wholeness. There are indeed reliable safeguards to protect Humanity from self-destruction, especially when it is studied within Nature, rather than pursuing the deliberately-distorted guidance now being provided by the planners of enslavement. Even though much is accomplished within the competition/greed mode, it is sustained and supported by the intentional provision of information that serves the enslavement purpose.

Each committed and focused member of the new paradigm project must practice discernment, as the awareness of the vision begins as an outline, and later encompasses more detailed information without becoming lost in the enormity and detail of the opposition’s plan. It must be held in the background, while the focus remains in place on the desired new paradigm. Quite naturally, there will be the desire to inquire, through curiosity, into the activities and plans of the dark ones, but these must be kept in perspective. The new paradigm must be held in place at the forefront of the focused awareness in order that it may manifest into its intended blessing.



The progression of the plan for the enslavement of Humanity proceeds down its apparently inevitable path, and Mankind, as a whole, stumbles along into the planned containment. It is difficult to include within these messages the information that it is necessary to be known without triggering fear. Yet fear is a most effective attention-getting device, and one that is planned to be used to the fullest degree of its potential in order to shock people into full awareness. Thus, it is necessary that the plan for the new paradigm utilize this planned episode to its advantage. In other words, to divert this potential in order for it to fit within the plan to return Humanity to its rightful place within the flow of Creation. In order to accomplish this, there must be a core group of dedicated humans already awake and aware that has progressed through the potential fear, and who are well in control of their reactive modes of behavior. In order to accomplish this, these individuals must be able to transcend the planned response and quickly attain and retain the observer mode. Without this capability, the capacity and competent ability to accomplish their mission (which will be critical in that moment) will be lost. As these who choose to become part of this plan make it a point to become aware of the controller's plans, knowing that it is a necessary component of the foundation upon which the birth of the new paradigm rests, it will allow the observer mode to be experienced into wisdom.

It will be easy to lapse into emotional reactions. However, the emotions are not to be the controlling factor. Creation is logical! Therefore, in order to create and manifest into reality a new paradigm of experience, those doing so must focus within logic. It certainly would not be logical to accomplish this by joining in the emotional reaction that is intended by the enslavers. It then becomes necessary that there be a critical number of humans that rise above their natural inclination to be part of the intended mass reaction. In order to do this, these self-chosen individuals, singularly or in small groups, will find it necessary to inform themselves of as much of the plan as possible. It will be necessary for them to embrace their feelings about these plans within the full knowledge that they exist for the purpose of experiencing them into the purposeful wisdom of attaining the observer mode. It is through this observational capability that clear and logical decisions can be made in the moment, not in retrospect when it is too late to accomplish what would have been possible in the precious moment lost.

The necessary information can be quickly learned within small discussion groups, for then the material available through the yet free-flow of books, radio talk shows and the Internet can be researched and shared. It must be considered in the sharing that the plans that will be revealed are not so much the flat pieces of a jigsaw puzzle being fitted together, as they are a holographic puzzle. To illustrate that concept, there are wooden or plastic puzzles that create a sphere when placed together in the proper combination. These are more challenging than the flat puzzles, and the intricacy involved illustrates the extent to which the planning of hundreds of years has been required in order to bring so many to such an effective point in order for change to occur. It will also illustrate how all of this can be negated through the simplicity of a plan that is devised within the flow of Creation, compared to one that is not. The complication that faces the messengers of Creation, which is indeed what each one becomes when they are fully committed to the new paradigm project, is how to 'spearhead' the consciousness change from victimhood to self-empowerment. It appears that only through desperate circumstances is the programmed human willing to give up these deeply-engrained beliefs, even though the experience of these beliefs has not brought to them the promised benefits. The practice and holding on to these belief-systems takes them deeper and deeper into a downward spiral as they continue to fail to come to the realization that doing more of something that does not work will not make it work. Fear of the unknown locks them into unproductive behavior, and further illustrates the limitation of the victim consciousness that is being promoted to the maximum extent during this gross exploitation and degradation of the humans on this planet.

The question put to each reader of this material is whether or not to remain within the group headed towards inevitably miserable deaths (or enslavement as further-mutated survivors), or to climb out onto the "rock of observation". Once outside the mass awareness (which is truly a lack of awareness), then the mission becomes twofold. Gathering others who are willing to assist, and together, birthing the new paradigm. It is hoped that complexity will be avoided, and that simplicity will be strictly adhered to. It is complexity that scatters the focus. The more simple the focus, the more quickly the manifestation will occur. Furthermore, those who do not resonate quickly to this information are to be released and allowed to remain where they are. The seed is planted, and those may yet follow at a more appropriate time. Never attempt to convince anyone. Like the folk hero, Johnny Appleseed, plant and then move on to the next possible appropriate contact. Even though the "planter" may not observe the end-result, a definite result is assured by the law of averages. Releasing each contact to their own destiny is called practicing the Law of Allowance. When it is unnecessary to defend one's comfort zone, then logic will often filter through the emotions, and these may then seek out the "planter" when it becomes obvious that there is no need to defend their beliefs.

The desire for a solution to one's intuitional awareness that all is not well becomes the field of opportunity for the entrance of a new archetype or ideal mode of experience. The flip-side of this impending disaster presents the opportunity for its opposite to manifest, what might be called "heaven on Earth" in the Christian idiom; which is the "hope" that is contained within all religions. It would seem that this would be a worthy goal--to become an instrumental part of providing Earth’s inhabitants with the opportunity to experience this dream into reality. The choice lies within both logic and emotion, as it is pondered carefully.



The opportunity that is offered within the scope of this project is multi-leveled (or multi-dimensional) in quality. It utilizes all levels or dimensions of the human aptitude, especially in terms of its ability to modify the human perception of experience, particularly for those involved in transcending from the present point of experience into the next level or dimension. Dimension is the preferred description, for it indicates a more holographic concept. The term "level" implies flat. The circumstances that manifest awareness in a human body are not experienced as level or flat. It is the addition of emotion that adds the dimensional quality to manifested awareness. (Indeed, there are those beings that do not have emotion as part of their experience, and they desire greatly to add this dimension to their experience-pattern.) It is important that the concept of dimension become familiar, and that it be included in the conceptualizing of the new paradigm.

It is important that the concept of the human body/mind/spirit complex also be clarified. The awareness of one's existence within manifested experience is also dimensional. Certain animals have only the awareness of each moment. For them, there is no past or future, only the moment. Since they are unable to retain those memories in detail, their survival is dependent upon what is called 'instinctual' awareness, and is linked directly to various survival actions or reactions. Through domestication, Humanity has frustrated most of them greatly by neglecting their instinctual needs for at least partial freedom, natural varied diets, and of late, through providing creature comforts that are more appropriate for humans than furr-covered animals.

The human body is a composite of genetic corrections to previous experiments that produced limited modes of physical experience. Through the lessons learned, a model was conceived with the potential to evolve through multiple dimensions of experience. As the awareness changed patterns, the human body was designed to accompany that change. It was also designed so that the awareness could enter and leave a body. In other words, the awareness was not required to cease its existence if the body was destroyed through accident or inadequate maintenance. What you call disease is inadequate maintenance. The ability to enter and leave was a known requirement, for the potential of the human body is so limitless that its capabilities for adaptation are greater than the units of self-awareness can comprehend in one focus of life experience.

It is important that the reader fully understand that the awareness is not the body, but is merely housed within the body during conscious waking hours. It can (and does) sometimes leave the body during sleep, under anesthesia, and during traumatic periods of unconsciousness. The consciousness can be aware of this separation, and can indeed train itself to leave the body intentionally. Some of those with this ability are being employed on a regular basis in order for them to intentionally visit certain people or events by employing only their focused awareness/spirit, and then they can (and do) report their findings about these activities to those of the dark intent. Just as the physical body can be trained through gymnastics and other exacting physical sports to accomplish impressive feats, so also can the awareness be exercised and trained to do what most would consider unbelievable. In this way, each can begin to grasp that the "average human" on this planet is grossly unaware of its potential. The limitations of each individual are either self-imposed through acquired thought and belief-patterns,or through physical or mental limitations caused by genetic alteration/mutations. They are further limited by the failure to maintain the physical body with proper exercise, breathing, whole foods and pure water.

When properly applied, technology becomes a blessing to Mankind. However, when technology is guided by competition that is intended to create excessive profit (or plunder) at the expense of one’s fellow Man, the result is greed. Through the Law of Attraction, this intentional exploitation attracts to those who participate in this activity an opportunity to receive their own "just due", or what might be called "equal compensation". It is the realizations of the truth of what they are involved in that result in a change of intention and action, which also allows for a change in the degree of experience that is attracted in accordance with the degree of change. It is important that it is clearly understood, the Laws of the Universe work perfectly, whether one is aware of them or not. They simply are! To live in harmony within them is "heaven on Earth". Let us strive in a cooperative manner to anchor the truth purposefully within the mass consciousness of Mankind, and birth the new paradigm into the human experience on this planet.



After the initial reading of these messages, the concepts contained within this information will begin to change the perception of those that resonate with its intended solutions. It is apparent that the opposition’s wars on poverty, crime, cancer and drugs have produced few, if any, positive results whatsoever. The conceptual purpose of war is to provide greater control over another group of humans, including their possessions. When this concept is applied to the wars on poverty, crime, cancer and drugs, it is possible to see how these align themselves perfectly with the evil plans in order to manipulate and control from within more easily by gaining the consent of those that are the intended victims. These "intended" "good" intentions act as a magic trick in order to expand the focus of their intended purpose, simply because they apply the Law of Attraction. When resisting these situations and circumstances by placing emphasis on fearful thoughts and actions, large groups of Humanity are drawn into the planned experience.

It can be concluded that this warring approach would not birth the new paradigm into reality. It is necessary to understand that a 90-degree shift, or any other degree of turn short of a 180-degree shift to the opposite approach, will not work. Those that make the decision to commit to birthing the new paradigm must make it their primary focus. What the opposing faction is focusing on, must be held in the peripheral vision. When their plans and actions are confronted fully and embraced with fear, it gives them the desired energetic support and aids them greatly in accomplishing their goals. It is important to be aware, but to remain focused on the plan that fits like a hand into the glove of Creation. The glove is simply awaiting Mankind to place their hand within it.

Symbology will play an important part in the ability to hold a positive focus. These have been used for eons of time as a focal point that allows for individual understandings and interpretations within a basic concept. This calls forth freewill commitment, rather than the resistance that comes forth when ideologies and dogmas are strictly structured. Self-awareness desires freedom, and is drawn to a simple framework that allows for freedom within it. It was the simplistic framework of the USA that drew immigrants from the world over, for it offered freedoms that had only been dreamed of. The value of the opportunity within this framework, however, was not honored by succeeding generations. This golden opportunity has been "bricked and barred in" through laws and regulations that have, one-by-one, weakened it. Greed and deceit are the mortar that holds these bricks and bars in place, and its citizens in bondage. While slowly and cleverly accomplished, the majority of citizens adapt (and barely notice) as each generation accepts what is, as well as all the creeping changes that are introduced during each span of time.

The opposition is clever and insidious, patient and well organized, and has advisors with great technology. The situation is serious indeed. Those who can comprehend the puzzle-picture and its seriousness have the opportunity to choose the eventual outcome. The timing now is such that the occasion to even change the obvious outcome is long past. The sequence of events has reached the point of it being impossible to return to the previous opportunity by repairing the damage done. With widespread, purposeful and focused commitment, the plan within these messages can (and will) accomplish the desired goal. It will require transcending old belief-systems, and then leaving them in the "bag" to be left in the hands of the evil planners. These beliefs were designed by them to serve them. The sooner all committed messengers realize and face this truth, the sooner the end of their planned scenario will come. The new paradigm will bring into being a new set of belief-systems that serve Humanity, not the enslavers. The tools of the current limited concept of government, along with religion and war, must be left behind in their "bag of tricks". The magicians must be left to 'ply their trade' among themselves, somewhere else.

The above underlined phrase provides a clue as to what has been part of Earth’s past and present. It has been, and is yet, one of the "somewhere else" places. Has all of Humanity been sent here because of past misbehavior? Not necessarily, many risk incarnations here for the opportunity to rise above (transcend) the negative behavior-patterns, and do succeed. Many do not, and find themselves enmeshed in the circumstances of Earth’s current crisis. The successful manifestation of the new paradigm will change not only the future for most of Earth’s inhabitants, but also release the planet from this assignment.

It is necessary that each individual gives this choice serious consideration, and makes their decision based upon a careful logical and emotional basis. Both modes of experience will be actively required, both in tandem, and synergistically. Each will support the other in times of doubt and frustration when all does not happen quickly enough, or when expectations exceed apparent results. The desire to rescue the suffering will be great, and numerous examples of victims will be paraded before you through the media with every means available for the purpose of keeping everyone locked firmly within victim consciousness. When the new paradigm focus begins to manifest, and brings the ultimate solution to their plight, then the observer mode of allowance must be held securely at the forefront of your conscious awareness. If dropped, it must be quickly regained. Either looking at or recalling in your mind a meaningful symbol, is the easiest way to regain the focus.

Will all those that resonate and commit be able to retain their focus? The success of the project will depend upon the consistent and the persistent. Each must look within themselves in order to determine whether their evolvement and genetic adaptation is such that a commitment of this magnitude is possible, plausible and noble enough, or if the necessary character traits are available or not. It is certain that each one that commits will find out!



Although these messages appear to require apparent super-human accomplishment, and even though few ever attain the true potential of the physical body, even less few ever explore the capabilities of the mental focus. The human becoming has the potential for expression in its physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. It is, and has been, the tendency of humans to pursue one or two of these aspects at a time. It is possible to accomplish a balanced development of all four within one lifetime. In this way, each aspect supports the other within a balance that provides for a harmonious experience. This begins with a growing understanding and application of the Universal Laws, along with recognizing the various opportunities in order to insert variations of the statement "I am a human becoming, help me to become!" Inserting this statement into every applicable situation allows for greater experience in the use of one's mental focus in order to bring about a shift in the energies of a situation. This experience, which involves the power of mental focus and its resultant use, will allow each to experience "knowledge into wisdom" through actual self-empowerment. The use of this simple statement demonstrates that one's self-awareness is taking charge of itself. Through changing the perspective within the self-awareness, its perspective of the situation will change at the moment that it is happening. When the situation is then perceived in a different way, it is changed. Each situation is as it is perceived. What appears to be a single situation, is to all those who participate in perceiving it that way. However, in reality, multiple situations are occurring in a simultaneous moment.

The concept of time is, in reality, a 'no thing'. It is an invention of the mind (or ego-recorder) so that the events of experience can be perceived, analyzed and recorded. Inasmuch as the energy vibrates at such a slow rate at the 3rd dimensional level, this process appears to be in sequential order, so that chaos is not experienced within the recording process. It is necessary that this be understood, so that the concept of the new paradigm coming into existence is understood at the moment it is perceived. When a sufficient number of mental focal points desire to create this experience for themselves, it begins its manifestation process within the flow of creational thought-energy. Literally speaking, it already exists. It is just that the energy-flow is so slow that it is not perceived or brought into the experience at the 3rd dimensional level until the sum of vibratory oscillations reaches the total necessary for it to manifest into realized experience. As each understands the density of Earth’s surrounding space and the slow rate of the humans experiencing in that space, it is possible to grasp the understanding of why it appears to be a time-oriented process. In extremely simple terms, the thought-process travels outward into the aqueous (fluid-like) energy of the creational flow at a much more rapid pace than it does when it returns as manifested reality. When fueled by emotion, the focused thought-process moves quickly through creational energy. As it leaves the dense field of energy, it becomes finer or vibrates more rapidly. It is the return trip, so to speak, that reduces its rate of oscillation during the manifestation process . The Law of Attraction magnetizes the object of the focused thought that was "sent out into the creational field of energy", and it is returned to the point of origin. When the point of origin is vibrating at the slower rate, it appears to manifest very slowly within the sequential time-orientation. If the focus is withdrawn or sufficiently weakened during this sequential experience, then the magnetic attraction process is aborted.

The concept of how the birthing of the new paradigm is entirely possible can be understood in rudimentary terms. It can also be understood that, once the planners of the next "dark age of Mankind" know of this plan and see it happening, the onslaught to stop it will become intense. It will require dedicated individuals and small, rotating support groups to keep the necessary focus intact in order to bring the manifestation into being. There will be no success if the focus becomes resistance instead. As difficult as it will be, allowance must be practiced and the focus maintained, with the knowledge that the new paradigm exists in the moment, not somewhere in the distant future. To know this, without having it yet manifest in the current experience, will require sincere dedication. Experiencing this truth into wisdom will gift those humans who are able to do it into "becoming", and at a vibratory rate unknown in the annals of evolving awareness.

Through the support of the changing of the cycles and those benevolent awareness points that not only know and understand the situation, but also offer all possible support, this project is guaranteed, provided the necessary human quotient can be attained. The "ground crew" is in place, and the opportunity is certainly available. Let us proceed.



The change in perspective that each acquires as these messages are read and contemplated involves a process of exchanging old perceptions for new ones, and climbing to the top of the rock so that each becomes discerning from a new and different viewpoint. With each new reading and contemplation, the viewpoint will change again. The belief-system changes, and allows the same printed words to stimulate a different recognition of the reality that each creates for him/herself. This is the natural flow of evolving life experience. The planners of containment continuously attempt to thwart this natural inclination through every control method possible. Government and media programming are their primary agents of control at the mental level. Fear is their primary tool at the emotional level. War and induced disease, that goes hand-in-hand with destructive medical treatment, are the control mechanisms at the physical level. That which controls the spiritual level of experience, and interacts within the other three levels, is religion.

The purpose of religion is to contain and prevent the developing human awareness from reaching the goal of evolvement, because its methodology is designed to hold the goal always beyond the reach of present-time. Humanity has been fooled into believing a total contradiction. What is called reincarnation is denied, yet reward for a life of suffering and sacrifice is to be attained after death or possibly by future generations. Where is there logic to be found in this concept? The cosmos positively could not exist if it was not logical! The Universal Laws that underpin all that is manifest are absolutely logical! Therefore, the understanding of the cosmology of Humanity must be logical in order that Mankind may progress within it, right now! The planners of enslavement have it so easy, when humans desiring evolvement are contained within the house of religion with its illogical and contradicting edicts that are sold into belief on "faith". Buying illogical concepts can be likened to padlocking the doors and windows of the prison on the inside and sliding the keys out under the door to the jailers. It’s like asking the wolf to guard the sheep. Are all concepts within religion wrong? Certainly not! Much truth is contained within the tenets of all religions, but many distortions and outright fabrications are carefully included within each and every religion. These have been deliberately placed there to deceive and control.

At the beginning of these messages, it was stated that the "God thing" was not a hoax. This is so; it is just that the perception of what "God" truly is has hopefully changed through these messages. Humanity has been deliberately guided towards the concept of "personify to identify". In reality, that which it has been led to 'personify' is potentiality expressing into Creation. The personality of this process is within each self-awareness, not an all-powerful outside being. The outward expression of potentiality through the creational process is designed to expand or separate the energy into self-aware units, and all that is necessary is for it to recognize and revere its own potentiality and discover how to empower itself. At that point, the return trip becomes the opposite of that process. It is a gathering process. The Law of Attraction draws these separate self-aware units into groups of awareness that "enjoy" the pursuit of 'like', or a common focus that reveres the Creation as a wholeness. These then become larger units of focus, while yet maintaining their individual awareness. Evolvement becomes a joyful gathering of momentum, for there is agreement and cooperation, not competition or friction.

It can now be made apparent that the victim consciousness does not conform with the above criteria necessary for the return trip. The enslaving consciousness does not conform to the above criteria either. Both vibrate at the lowest rate of human existence. Those within the "upper echelons" of the enslaving consciousness have found the humans on Earth to be a most vexing group with which to cope. They have since "manufactured" a more satisfactory slave-pattern. The emotions were left out of the design; it is easily programmed; the vibratory rate is below the possibility of consciousness evolvement; the rudimentary thought-process is slow, as is the ability to adapt. The cost in resources to maintain them is very low, as there is no reproduction to control. Cloning reproduces them when conveniently needed. Humanity does offer something the new slave does not. Challenging entertainment!

Does that please you to know that your victim consciousness rates as challenging entertainment? I would think not. It is time to bring an end to this scenario, and to write the script that will bring freedom and the conclusion to the "long suffering" that this branch of Humanity has allowed itself to endure. It is time to become the winning team. It is time to claim the hoped-for "dangling carrot" offered by the devised religions of the enslavers. It is appropriate to birth the new paradigm now. It has been more than earned.



The approaching period of chaos has been mentioned in the previous messages. What this process might look like in detail has not been discussed. It is difficult to do this, since what will manifest, and to what degree, will be determined by the acceptance or rejection of the new paradigm concept, and by who and how many. In order to delve into this area, it is necessary to consider that these messages are for the express purpose of empowering Humanity to transcend, and move through the current and approaching events to a new level of existence. This cannot be done if the attention is focused upon the events that are now, and will increasingly, surround each and all. Fear is so engrained in the psyche of Earth’s inhabitants that it takes little to trigger it. It is not the purpose of these messages to engender fear, as it is a mighty tool for dis-empowerment.

Understanding why "god allows this branch of Humanity to suffer" is impossible to understand without encompassing the workings of the Law of Attraction. Victim/oppressor consciousness incorporates two sides of the same coin. While existing at the lower scale of the vibratory range of manifested life experience, the magnetic attraction of the two is extremely strong. As the evolving consciousness strives to experience 'knowledge into wisdom', it returns again and again in order to achieve freedom from this particular trap. The range of experience traverses between the two modes of expression. Each has experienced both within various levels. The planetary mass consciousness not only contains this mode of experience, but also indeed attracts it from other solar systems within the galactic whole. Thus, Earth indeed has "outsiders" that are contributing to this current era of experience. When observed within a sequential scenario, the time-span associated with this outside involvement of extraterrestrials has been thousands of years. This involvement (or interference) has extended over such a long period of time that some of those extraterrestrials have evolved beyond that mode of experience, and are now committed to correcting the results of their previous involvement with the people of Earth. Inasmuch as they have transcended the victim/oppressor mode, it is within their wisdom to aid Humanity, if only Humanity will accept the help that is currently available.

It is, therefore, with much trepidation that the planned scenarios of the remaining oppressors/enslavers are mentioned within this focus. Since much material is available on these subjects, it is up to individuals to review the information that is presently available on radio talk shows, web sites, books, magazines, newspapers and various ongoing conferences or conventions. It is extremely important that this shocking information from these sources be processed through the individual’s awareness. However, to remain stuck in the trauma of this knowledge will be fatal, not only to the individual, but to the new paradigm project. The new paradigm is the only available pathway that possesses greater, and more successful, possibilities that will allow you to make it through this dilemma. Making suitable preparations, such as are appropriate for these possibilities, is the most logical approach, rather than simply continuing to process the information from the standpoint of panic and trauma. Promptly making simple appropriate plans and preparations through logical thought (by listing and completing the suitable steps to be accomplished) will not only relieve the trauma, but will bring forth the empowerment that transcends the feelings of victimhood that these events were designed to engender.

The Law of Attraction works! The fact that the USA and other countries have supported the attacks upon the Moslem countries of the Arabs and others, attracts the likelihood for the similar experience of being attacked. The media has given all forms of illogical reasons for these attacks that were not officially sanctioned by the elected representatives, but were allowed to occur with their consent, and the foolish consent of the people as a whole. Discernment was left to those elected representatives whose influence is peddled and coerced into compliance. To cry, "I/we didn’t know," means nothing to the dead, dying and miserable people directly experiencing the situation that has been 'foisted' upon them. They are the victims and "you foolish ones" are the perpetrators by default, and must (by the Law of Attraction) receive your just due. It will not be pleasant. What can you do to change it? Change your mind, and withdraw your consent to these actions within your own consciousness. Open your eyes and ears to the deceptions that surround you, and vow to create a new experience for all living on this planet.

There is only one race on this planet, the human race. The varieties, in terms of appearance and belief-systems, are "no things." The extraterrestrials are visitors who have no desire to live here, only to enjoy the adventure of continuing your enslavement. They are fully aware that the planet cannot long endure the overpopulation that they have encouraged so that they could play at their war games and perfect their tools of annihilation. To them, Humanity and Earth are like the virtual reality games that your children (both in large and small bodies) play each day. It is long past the time to wake up (and grow up), in terms of your responsibility to end their game. Welcome to the real world that now surrounds you, and that is about to overwhelm you unless you act now.



The clarion call of these messages is formulated to reach into the very center of each heart and mind in order for to resonate there. It is intended to be an internal process that will enable each one who embraces the possibilities contained within them to establish a vantage point from which to gauge their progressing personal transition. If each will consider the changes in their views of the world events as they are reported now, and as they were perceived a few weeks ago, a considerable difference in the ability to discern the "magician" at work should be possible. The understanding of the meaning of self-empowerment within one's own personal experience and relationships should also be apparent. The consideration of this might be approached as the difference between submissive, assertive and aggressive. It is the through application of the Universal Laws that balance and harmony is achieved, a middle ground of experience. Once this is experienced, it becomes easier to know when one moves away from this balance toward one or the other of the polarities. It is taught in the current media/religious focal points that "goodness" is the ideal. Balance is not found within the extreme of either polarity. It is through learning to discern where in the process each experience is (or is leading) in the play between the polarities, that allows for wisdom to be attained.

The new paradigm will come into manifestation when a sufficient quota of humans on the planet identifies with its tenets. These will focus (and thereby create) its arrival, without the aggressiveness of an enslaver that would force its ideals on his/her fellow humans, or the submissive victim that would purposefully refrain from participation by assuming that others will accomplish it for them. The ideal participant will employ the Universal Laws of Attraction through purposeful intent in order to manifest the new paradigm, while actively sharing the concepts and allowing the process to unfold by holding the intent assertively within their consciousness. The focus will remain steadfastly within their awareness as the world and personal events move through their chaotic process of dismantling what now exists, in order to allow the new to manifest. Unfortunately, the new cannot superimpose itself over the top of the present firmly-held belief-systems. The combined present belief-systems hold the current disastrous stream of events in place. The belief in the repetitions of past experience of war, pestilence, disease and painful deaths as the proper end to a lifetime of "victim/sacrifice for a future reward" is rigidly held and constantly supported by the planners in order to perpetuate another round of their virtual reality games.

It is through these simple messages that those of genuine concern are reaching out to counter the focus of literally thousands of years of deliberately-ingrained manipulative programming into the individual and collective psyche of Humanity. It is a very large expectation that is being placed in these messages in order for this endeavor to reach those who are at a state of evolvement that resonates with the truths contained within them. The realization of the futility of continuing along in the age-old pattern of allowing others to write all the rules of the game, is the trigger that brings forth the emotion and commitment to become a part of the momentum for moving on through to a new goal.

Just as several individuals can participate in a single event, and each perceive and experience it differently, so also can a multitude of perceptions of what the new paradigm experience will be for each individual, will also encompass the same definitive goal and accomplish that purpose. When the new paradigm is birthed, indeed each will experience it uniquely. If it were to be a totally-defined picture, it would again become encapsulated and enslaving. Within the Laws of the Universe, what you term 'ethics' and 'morality' are only limited understandings. Within the higher dimensions, which is the purpose for leaving the current lesser vibratory experience through the new paradigm, it is possible for each to perceive the purposeful intent of all. This is not necessarily perceived in detail at the lesser vibratory levels. Therefore, dishonesty and aggressive intent is known, and those with that level of intent attract only those of similar intent to interact with. If there are no victims and only a group of aggressors to interact with, there is no game. It is to be expected that those ingrained thought-patterns will manifest in the beginning, however, they will soon fade away as they are recognized. Do the upper-level dimensions lack challenge? No indeed! The challenges become subtler and even more rigorous to discern. Experience in the higher dimensions is not a boring "heavenly" evenness. The adventure of self-contemplation and growth becomes more and more interesting, and the rewards are more desirable. There will be no regrets for giving up the current belief-systems and mode of experience, of that each can be absolutely sure.

The call is now for study, contemplation, commitment and follow-through by defining the purpose and broadening the concept that is now unfolding before each reader. It is doubted that any who are not seriously contemplating the process, and anticipating the possibilities of the future of this new experience, will have reached this point in the messages. Both the logical and the emotional aspects resonate, and the shift in consciousness is happening. Even those few that do turn away will not be able to return to their previous perspective of the current situation as it progresses toward the planned dark and dramatic shift. Those who do not choose to actively participate can yet share in it by simply holding the idea for the possibility of the time when the reign of the "Rainbow Man" arrives. Legend has it that the first people on the planet climbed up out of the Earth through a trapdoor. The "Rainbow Man" archetype is presently loosening the 'latch of the trapdoor' that will allow his/her entry into the next level of manifested experience. It is time for this to happen!



The power of subtle thought, when focused through the converging point of mutual agreement by a group that is purposefully representing a whole (for the highest and best "good" of that whole), is quite beyond the ability of the limited 3rd dimensional mind to comprehend. There is now documented evidence of the power of prayer in terms of recovery from illness when it is intentionally focused by doctors, nurses, friends and families for the "good" of the patient. The dynamic potential that is tapped contains the agreement that is maintained within the focusing group’s desire to bring forth the highest and best good for the person. This desire is usually limited to assisting the person in returning to an apparently "healthy" state. However, that is not always the true highest and best "good" for that person, since the purpose for their lifetime is usually unknown, both to the person themselves and to those attending them, so it is best to leave the focus open-ended. Furthermore, the person themselves may have already formulated their own decision, as to their future into the flow of Creation. Again, this brings us back to the concept of thought thinking. The flow of creative energy that initially focuses each individual into manifestation and then maintains them in focus, is intelligent thought thinking, which is totally aware of what the highest and best good is (in every instance) whenever it is directed to think within that concept.

Self-aware consciousness consists of manifested thought that is aware of itself within its manifested surroundings. It is Creation checking itself out for the purpose of knowing not only itself, but also to investigate its abilities to manipulate its own 'potential to experience', and to know itself to a greater extent. Each of you are creational thought engaged in this marvelous experiment. You are intelligent thought that is further surrounded by the potential of intelligent thought. The only way you can be controlled is to allow yourselves to believe that you are something you are not. You must be convinced to believe that you are something you are not. You must be convinced that you are powerless and subject to the will of others, thus a victim.

The intelligent thought that surrounds you is subject to your intentional will to direct it. If you fail to give it direction, it merely supports whatever direction someone else gives it regarding you. Thus, through induced ignorance, Humanity has given consent to being manipulated. The most effective method for literally stealing your power has been through the diversion of the use of that power, by convincing you to direct it outside yourselves to an unknown and little understood source, called "God". All power is vested in this vague unknowable entity that may or may not redirect the energy that is given to it back again to the worshipping requester. This is further diluted when the energy must first be directed through a "priest"-like entity, who then directs it to the "God" and requests it to be returned to you. The point being, it is your power to direct as you see fit. You are the singular focus of Creation experiencing as you. The bible contains a quoted question that reads something like "know you not that you are gods?" Indeed, you know it now!

Learning to direct this power in harmony with the Laws that underlie or support the wholeness of the flow of Creation is the lesson to be accomplished. This cannot be effectively achieved unless the concept is known and accepted, so that it may be practiced through 'experience into wisdom'. Humanity on this planet is experiencing what occurs when the power of this energy is purposefully misused in order to restrict the evolvement of others for the purpose of distorted experimentation. These entities are only learning how (and to what extent) others can be limited and manipulated into sacrifice and suffering. Observing is not 'experiencing into wisdom'. Humanity is learning that sacrifice and suffering only brings more of the same. It is time to awaken and realize that by continuing along the same path will only continue the pattern. In order to change this experience, the current pattern must be acknowledged, and a new pattern conceived in order to replace it.

It may be difficult to accept that what has been taught for generations upon generations has been deliberately corrupted and given to you as truth in order to deceive and manipulate the entire population of a planet. It is more difficult to conceptualize a group focus that is so distorted within itself as to spend eons of sequential time in the game of doing this dastardly deed. It is only necessary to accept it for what it is, and then resolve to withdraw your permission to be one of their plastic play-pieces that bends and twists to accomodate their desires. It is the time now to take back your right to self-determination for creating your own present and future. This process leaves you not with less, but with more. You know, in truth, who and what you are. You now have a new process in which to acquaint yourself with--your inherent right and power to determine your own path. Leave the future of those who would enslave to the Law of Attraction. The key to their future is contained within your withdrawal of approval and cooperation. During the moment in which their intense control focus is broken, the energy shifts for them also. Knowing this is sufficient. Do not spend time even considering their future. Be only concerned with creating your own. It is a task that is sufficient enough to occupy each and all of you for some time to come.

Now is an excellent time to begin. Does a new future require that every aspect of your current experience be left behind? Not necessarily, but each must be considered carefully, so that it aligns itself within the wholeness that serves the evolvement of all. It is best to begin with the "statement of purpose", then a simple framework that can be "painted" in with what is appropriate, while remembering that what is appropriate for one is not necessarily what may be appropriate for all. The application of the Universal Laws allows for diversity in harmony, which is a worthwhile goal for all Humanity to remember. If each person is responsible for their own individual intentions and actions, then all will come together in amazing coordinated cooperation. Within the true realization of time, there is only now. The past is over, and the future is yet to manifest, as "the nows" move into the past. The dream of the new paradigm begins now and continues now!