There is a personal decision that must be reached by each individual that chooses to become involved in this project. It must be understood that once the commitment is made, it will change their perspective, particularly the way in which the experience of situations and relationships are comprehended. If the commitment is real, it will be as if you are observing from a greater perspective. It will be as if there is a split-reality. The daily experience will be the same, yet an observational dimension will seem to be added. The observation mode will be experienced as an ability to understand how various forms of past and present knowledge and experience interlock into a fluid puzzle-picture. There will be a realization that reality, as is known, has changed. It will be further observed that the pieces of the puzzle are not firm, and do not come together into a recognizable static picture. Instead, the pieces are of a gelatinous nature, and are moving and flowing in constantly-changing patterns. During the perception of this process, it is then possible to conceive that certain rigid insertions cause the ebb-and-flow to be influenced in order to form rigid dam-like structures that further restrict the freedom of the natural flow. If maintained within the human individual flow of changing patterns, this brings about the end of the experience, as the life-force must continue to express itself in a free-flowing manner, or it is withdrawn. This is also true within a larger group concept.

When it is possible to encompass this concept of the elementary need to express (which is at the very essence of Creation), it can then be understood that the halting of this flow of progress, and any plan to reverse it, causes chaos. Within the mind’s eye, it is like a flow of multiple artists’ colors flowing together and yet staying separate and spreading out. At one place, the colors are moving in a slow swirl and beginning to coagulate and intermingle in a darkening manner that is not consistent. As the watcher observes from the over-view position, it is apparent that this dark coagulated point cannot stop the flow that is moving all around it. The flow will continue to move around it and then leave it behind. If the consistency of this coagulated energy can be softened, it can again rejoin the flow.

The job of softening and dissolving this dark and coagulated energy is the object and purpose of these messages. If the beliefs of the mass consciousness of this planet can be changed, and a new paradigm of experience conceived and accepted, then the dark and coagulated energies will dissolve, and the expansive flow of Creation will be restored.

Within the flow of Creation, the knowledge that is lived into wisdom moves through stages of what is truth within the vibrational/dimensional realms of experience. As knowledge becomes wisdom, then these conceptual lines of delineation are surpassed, and the old concepts are outdated and no longer applicable. As transplanted Humanity became aware that something must curb their over-stimulated aggressive tendencies, religion was conceptualized. With the genetic balance returned, now it is time for those humans to leave this concept behind and begin to conceptualize the causative factors that brought them into manifested experience. They must conceive on a larger scale what it is that maintains not only their individual focus, but also the larger focus concerning the galactic environment of their life. It is time to return to citizenship on a grander scale. All of this must be bitten off, chewed and digested in a very large bite. Why so quickly? Two reasons: first, all previous opportunities to do this were refused. Secondly, sometimes the medicine in one large bitter pill is more effective than all the small ones.



When the transition begins to take place within each individual consciousness, there will be a literal rebirth as the awareness is released into a new sphere. The acceptance of the reality of multiple layers of endeavor that are operating simultaneously with multiple agendas, is the first step of entering greater dimensional living. The personal reality is enveloped within local, regional, state, national and global realities that are each focused upon greater agendas, and are each a more encompassing reality. It is the intent of the purposeful negative planners to encompass and blend these multiple realities into one blended focus with only one agenda, theirs. Mankind can avoid participation in the experience of a collapsing dimensional reality by creating its own new experience within the negative plan. It is possible to do this through participation in the creation of the new paradigm. Each may participate in bringing forth its unknown (and yet to be created) layers of encompassing new realities. Without the knowledge of the magnitude and power of this project, the negative planners cannot prevent it, especially if the desire, commitment and resolve to bring it forth is present and active in the necessary number of humans. There is no way they can control a human’s ability to focus on the creation of a new reality, unless that human allows their thought process to be overwhelmed. Granted, it will take commitment and resolve, but the potentiality to do this is present in all, except those with advanced brain deterioration.

These beings would include those with advanced Alzheimer’s (It is interesting to note the honoring of a dis-ease by capitalization.), those that have "fried" their brain cells with excessive drug abuse, and those with particular birth defects. Again, it is noted that the freewill choices regarding one's lifestyle will create end-results that must be accepted. How these choices play out remain unknown to others. Each must answer to, or be rewarded for, these choice within their own lifetime review. The choice to transcend experience into wisdom is always available, but it must be a true realization accompanied by a shift in attitude and deed. It must be remembered that the Universal Law of Attraction works. The clarification and understanding of the nuances of these Laws will encompass much understanding. The opportunity to know of, and understand, the application of these could be greatly enhanced by the teachings of enlightened beings, who would walk among you, if invited, and when it is safe for them to do so. There is a spiritual law book available, but the study of it must not interfere with the focus on the manifestation of the new paradigm. Without the framework of a new paradigm within which to experience the understanding and use of these laws in practical reality, it would be difficult for Earth’s inhabitants as a whole to experience these truths. It is necessary to start this process at a practical beginning point.

It is within the realm of possibility for those who are reading these messages to begin contemplating the action of the first two Laws of the Universe within their life-experience at this time. The Law of "like drawing like" sometimes appears as opposites attracting, as in the case of personal relationships. However, upon deeper understanding, when reviewed in wisdom further along in the duration of the experience, more similarity than difference is usually discovered. The ability to deliberately attract the experience (or a lack of the experience) of material manifestation into being through purposeful thought and endeavor supports the awareness of the second Law. The Law of Allowance is more difficult to perceive, due to the degree of control exercised individually and by outside psychological (including religious) and technological mind manipulations. It is indeed difficult for most of Mankind to actually have and/or maintain a sovereign attitude. The opportunity to live life with freedom of choice, and be allowed to observe and learn from the results of those choices, is rare. To declare the desire to do so is incorporated within the desire for a new paradigm of experience.

The choice to participate in the creation of the new paradigm must not involve any more commitment to enslavement by another set of rules and regulations that simply control in a different way. That would not be a new paradigm. Herein lies the difficulty of transcending what exists, and then conceptualizing an entirely different framework of experience. It is only the "statement of purpose" that is necessary. It must then be followed by a slim, concise outline. Fleshing it out will be the adventure of the new future. A very basic outline will not appear to be sufficient, but if more is attempted, it will be contaminated with the concepts of the present. Surely Mankind has had enough of the 'same old, same old' that is simply repackaged, and that always has produced physical and spiritual indigestion.

Repetitions again! These are included in order to maintain the focus where it is intended. First, focus on the individual consciousness transition from victim to victor. It is the victor that writes the history. This time, do not bother to write the history of the past, for it is what it is, and there will be no time to care. It is time to move on. This time, it is the victor that will write the history of the future. These messages and this project are gifts to Earth’s humankind, from their galactic brothers and sisters, in order to help ensure that it is they that write their own future, and not the enslavers. The question is, will the gifts be accepted and acted upon by enough of Humanity to change the unpleasant future that is planned to manifest in the very near future? Your decision is awaited with great love and caring. All the help possible is given at all times for the asking. Only when you are able to ask from the greater perspective for the victory of control over your own consciousness can physical help be given, not on an individual basis, but to the planet and its inhabitants as a whole.



With each sequential chapter of the experience of the transplanted humans on this planet, the results of every effort to counteract the genetic variation has appeared to end in futility. However, that is the perception from "inside the forest", so to speak. The introduction of a normal human DNA/RNA structure into Earth’s human gene-pool allowed a correction to spread by random selection through the subsequent generations. Hundreds of years have gone by as this effective genetic process has gone through its natural sequence. What appears to be a long time in your counting within creations, orderly process is merely the blinking of an eye in the larger picture. Those indigenous groups that have been included in the intermixing process, by choice or otherwise, have received both genetic alterations, causing uninvited changes in their archetypal evolutionary pattern. This emphasizes the consequences that ripple outward when the will of one group is forced upon another. Even though an individual may make a freewill choice, the effects for the generations that follow are influenced in ways that are not perceived at the time of the initial decision. The intentional changing of the genetic structure of a large group is a slow process, but as the change begins to manifest, it then expands outward at an exponential rate.

It must be acknowledged that the return to the genetic norm has not manifested in an even pattern throughout the planetary inhabitants. Not all groups with the altered genetic pattern have accepted the introduced gene resource at the same rate. Social and religious bias has influenced this because of the prevention of intermarriage with other groups, thereby locking out the introduced positive genetic change. This has allowed a considerable number of beings to remain locked in the more aggressive pattern. Many of these are deeply involved in the negative enslavement focus. It must be pointed out here very strongly that this does not indicate that there are superior and inferior groups. Within Creation, many diverse experiences of evolvement are allowed. If that type of "judgment" existed, then where indeed would Earth’s population be within the total scale of evolvement? Certainly not in an enviable place! Any feelings of superiority can be put in their place by raising the question for the necessity of the whole of the Galaxy to be concerned with the plight of this planet because of the consciousness of its inhabitants! Be very, very careful in understanding these particular explanations. No judgment is intended, only brief overview lessons in understanding the situation of all the people of the planet.

Certainly among all the groups there are what can be termed progressive and regressive genes. Through the random process of available gene combinations at conception, it is possible for the most aggressive being, with the appropriate partner, to procreate a genetic opposite in the next generation. It has been happening since the project was started. It is how the situation has changed, and how it has reached the present point with a now possible influence of the planetary future. Had the genetic selection process been apparent at the conscious level, then the introduced genes necessary to modify the aggressive tendencies would have been promptly bred out for the purposes of warfare, and further continuation within the confines of aggression for the transplanted human group would have been assured.

The complexity of the Universal Laws increase, as they are understood. Moving through the understanding of the Laws of Attraction and focused Intentional manifestation to the Law of Allowance adds complexity at each level, for all are interactive. Application of the Law of Allowance opens the door to experience the flow of creative energy. It might be said that it is "love in action." What is called patience is allowance. Here, a nuance must be understood. There is a difference between tolerance and patience. The difference can best be described by the emotion that is felt. This is an especially fruitful opportunity for self-contemplation. Tolerance carries an emotional charge of resentment, while patience is usually accompanied by heartfelt anticipation, even amusement, by the observer. There is a very profoundly observable difference between tolerance and patience. This is a difference that can be observed and intentionally changed in mid-stream, so to speak. It is this type of conscious decision that promotes the transcendence of knowledge into wisdom through the conscious choice to rise above one emotion into the other by giving up an attitude and an opinion. Without releasing what is causing the resentment, no transition of attitude can be made. In the human experience, it is noted that release of tolerance into patience is often accompanied by physical smiling. An indication of just how good it feels to allow the creational flow to express through human experience.

It is hoped that those who disseminate these messages remember to be patient with their fellow humans, for there will be much rejection in the beginning. The comfort zone of deeply-ingrained programming is difficult to soften. A great deal of seeding must be done. Even though rejected, the seed ideas will remain and await the triggering that will cause them to sprout and grow. What the triggers are will be unknown, for all are unique to each conscious awareness. The seeds need not be full explanations, but for many, only what appear to be chance remarks can be accepted in the moment. Just that much is doing your job well, for it is critical to sense what is and is not appropriate. Too much force will lock the door before it opens even a crack.

The Christian religion has employed the most aggressive proselytizing program in the history of the planet. If the founding teacher of the distorted Christian faith had been allowed to complete his teaching to its potential, and had it been disseminated with the zeal of the Christian focus, then marvelous progress would have been made. Nonetheless, the members have applied the first two Universal Laws relentlessly without understanding them. Through contemplation of this point, much about the use and misuse of these two Laws can be learned. With discernment, "a few" of these applications could be applied to the advancement of the new paradigm; certainly the "never give up" aspect of their approach.



It is appropriate to mention again the fact that there is among Earth’s population those who have volunteered to pause in their personal evolvement process and place their progress in jeopardy. This has been purposefully done in order to assist Earth’s inhabitants in making the long overdue transition out of isolation and back into greater evolvement and involvement with their galactic brothers, sisters and cousins. These volunteers have also assumed the same bodies with the same random genetic physical expressions that each conscious awareness on Earth assumes at birth. Their motivations for doing this are as varied as the experiences that allowed them their personal evolvement. In general, it may be assumed that the benefits to Earth and her inhabitants was considered to be worth the risk of the loss of their progress should the opportunity again be rejected. If Earth’s inhabitants choose to remain stuck in their current pattern of experience, these beings will remain within that destiny. The risk is also a great motivator.

There are two reasons for these messages. The first is to awaken the volunteers and answer any invocations for help. The second is to provide the focus for the birth of this new paradigm of human experience, for which these evolved beings were willing to take such great risk. It is for you to know that successful deeds of valor do not go unrewarded. It is not at all "egotistical" for each one that reads this material to give careful consideration as to whether or not they are one of the "visiting" volunteers. To ponder this possibility is wise indeed. Knowingness within will govern their awareness of the truth of this possibility, and allow consideration about the risk of ignoring it, insofar as what that could mean within the larger picture. Whether or not this is a person’s truth, to assist in offering the opportunity for Humanity to change its future and return to its rightful place within the creative flow of evolvement, is reason enough to volunteer now as a member of the "ground crew". Creative thought is not limited to any one group, but is inherent within all self-aware consciousness. It is called becoming!

Certainly, the volunteers do not place their earned progress in jeopardy in order to simply acknowledge it. Instead, they volunteer to assist their fellow humans to move beyond this present mode of experience. Each brings with them their own special successful experiencing techniques as a contribution to the birth and launching of the new paradigm of experience. The logical way to help Humanity conceive of this new mode of experience is to participate within the present one so that it can be understood. In the midst of the chaos of imbalance, all volunteers have the ability to purposefully remember aspects of recent balanced experience, and then give guidance with regard to these aspects in terms of the conception of the purpose and outline for the new experience desired by Earth’s inhabitants. These initial volunteers comprise one part of the answer to the prayers and supplications for help that have been focused to "god". The new volunteers attracted to this process (and joining with equal commitment) are the return flow of invested energy, reflecting the exchange that is the dynamic operative quality of Creation. It is the Law of Attraction in action. As the Law of Intentional Creation, through the two steps of birthing the new paradigm, is added to the attraction process, vibratory intensity increases, and transformation toward manifestation into perceivable reality begins.

It is necessary for all volunteers to consider, contemplate and decide to accept the truth of who and what each one is, and then move on into the fuller completion of each assigned segment. The first step is to disseminate the knowledge of the opportunity to create a new paradigm of experience, keeping the concept simple, simple, simple!!! Gently inform and encourage many to change their consciousness from victim to victor through the knowledge that thought has the ultimate power to change manifested creation. Creation expresses in all experience, situations and circumstances as well as "things". Each thought, word and deed, through attitudes and beliefs, will create structures for everyone’s experience.

Every day, each person is surrounded by many opportunities to offer a different perspective or a word of encouragement that assists the knowledge and understanding of this basic concept. This is planting the seeds for changes in the mass consciousness. This may seem like a small way to begin this extraordinary change, but once begun in this people-to-people manner, it will accelerate at an exponential rate. Many are ready and waiting to respond positively now, and to carry and spread the change. These will be most receptive because the present mode of life-expression just doesn’t seem right, but no ideas resonate within them for what to do about this knowingness. There is only a sense of being overwhelmed by the immensity of their situation and the presence of these discordant inner feelings. These moments are the opportunities to begin to walk the path of your impending new future. Plant seeds at every opportunity. As you do, you will attract more opportunities to do so. Now is the sequential moment to stand in the reality of who and what you are, and begin to experience the reason for being in this body on this planet at this moment. The alarm clock is ringing. It is time to wake up and begin living in the joy of creating the new future.



It is well known among the people on the planet that the time of chaos that has long been predicted appears to be manifesting into reality. These predictions were purposefully implanted in some of the religious teachings. However, the indigenous tribes long ago taught similar predictions that clearly defined this time-frame. That appears to make both coincide. The difference is that some of these predictions were promulgated for a purpose, and those of the indigenous people are genuine prophecies. Their prophecies contain identifiable time-frame predictions (For example, the Mayan calendar calculates/prophesying the end of the current 26,000 year cycle as ending on December 12, 2012.), while those of deliberate intent to induce fear assured those that heard them that the exact time cannot be known. This enables them to use various sets of conditions as indications of their possible manifestation, and through the years to manipulate the believers over and over again. American Indian prophecies tell of a time of chaos to be followed by the time of the "Rainbow Man". Zuni Indian art contains depictions of a "Rainbow Man" in anticipation of that future event. It is the purpose of these messages to bring that prophecy to fruition.

That which has been, and is, judged as "pagan", often contains portions of truth when the analogies are understood through wisdom. There is no one perfect way to the truth for all of Mankind, for each must create his or her own path. This does not indicate that wisdom through knowledge applied is not available within a group approach, as long as the focus is open and searching. When a group focus becomes locked in rigid dogma, it becomes a whirlpool and not a flow within the expansive creative focus. It is to be remembered that other than the Universal Laws, what appears to be absolutely true often must be transcended as the knowledge experienced becomes wisdom. At that point, new applicable knowledge becomes available to experience into wisdom, and the old concepts no longer apply. The first time this is experienced in a lifetime, it can be traumatic. The individual is faced with the decision of whether to stay with what has brought him/her to the familiar point of understanding and remain in the whirlpool, or let go and move on in the process of evolvement. Many of those who have sincerely searched in this lifetime have often experienced wisdom gained, followed by boredom, and soon they begin new quests for knowledge. Those who have grown from early childhood into maturity within the indoctrination of a single religious focus may find an opening to a wider perspective through these messages as a form of emancipation, or find themselves in shocked dismay. Each of those who allow time to ponder both points of view in their hearts will come to a knowing of what is true for them, and then act accordingly. It is hoped that those of both points of view will practice allowance. It is certainly to be practiced by the volunteers. All are humans becoming. "Help us to become!"

The vision of the "Rainbow Man", and the anticipation of his coming, can be interpreted two ways. Those of the Christian viewpoint could assume it means the return of Jmmanuel (Jesus), or it could indicate the advent of a wiser and more emancipated human population on Earth. Certainly, it will require a wiser group to bring forth the new paradigm of human experience, thus the prophecy would seem quite clear. However, it could also indicate both to be true. It would require an open-minded and far less aggressive human focus for Jmmanuel to walk again among his human brothers and sisters in safety. The distortions of his teachings would make it impossible for those indoctrinated in the current beliefs to recognize and accept him for who and what he is because of their current understandings and expectations.

The picture of the "Rainbow Man/Woman" is an easy visualization to hold in mind for a depiction of the anticipated personal experience within the new paradigm. It is important that meaningful symbology be adopted in order that the new paradigm become real in the minds of the those who desire this transcendence process to become a reality. It could represent the consciousness change from victim to victor through attitude and thought adjustment, and a resting point in the midst of the confusion of change. This transition about how Life is experienced will not come about without bringing about some internal chaos within personal experience. This will be preparation for that which will manifest on a larger scale as this concept takes root and grows within the mass consciousness, for it is a reversal in the direction of the journey of Mankind. It might be compared to walking down a long flight of stairs with a large group of people, changing your mind half way down, turning around, and then going back up through them. When enough people also change their minds and start going back up, it won’t be as difficult. However, for the "ground crew", who are the first to begin this process, it will take purposeful intent combined with resolve in order to accomplish this feat. Picturing this process in the mind’s eye allows for the understanding that volunteering for this mission requires much dedicated involvement to plan, organize and arrive at the picnic for the Rainbow People..

As you listen to the media presentations, the theme of resistance towards any perceived wrong-doers and evil manifestations of disease, etc., is spelled out as the "war on poverty, the war on drugs or the war on "?" It is amazing to observers that citizens have not realized that there is yet to be one stance against these "wars" that has produced effective results. However, It does provide a way to extort money out of your pockets directly, as well as from your national treasury. Among your common sayings are many truisms. "What you resist, persists." It is encouraged that the volunteers observe this truism at work within their own personal (and the national) experience. It is preparation for a basic consciousness transition.



The Law of Allowance is the most difficult of the three active or dynamic Universal Laws to accept as necessary, and to practice. It is essential to understand the Law of Attraction in order to apply the Law of Allowance. The composite of thoughts, opinions and attitudes of each individual generate the experience-patterns of living. Through the flow of daily experiences, these are filtered through this composite of each one’s total collective experience. In this way, the pattern or matrix is in a dynamic and fluid process. When attitudes and opinions are deliberately programmed within a limited set of rigid guidelines, the activity level of the total pattern of experience begins to slow. The key is the word "deliberately". This means that the guidelines are imposed, not by the individual through knowledge experienced into wisdom, but by the beliefs imposed upon the individual by those he/she considers to be outside authorities. The pattern of each individual as a whole attracts to itself life experiences that resonate in harmony with that pattern. If a person desires some thing or some experience that does not resonate with that pattern, it is difficult, if not impossible, to attract it. Two divergent patterns cannot blend cohesively.

For example, there are few within the "modern societal norm" that do not know at least one man or woman that, within the scenario of several marriages, repeats the same pattern of abused/abuser relationships. The pattern of the victim draws the abuser, whether physical or verbal, no matter how many times a new partner enters the picture. This is especially true if the relationships quickly follow each other. The pattern of experience is held in place by the thoughts, attitudes and opinions that are at the basis of self-awareness. The victim desires to be rescued. Someone or some event must come and change their life. If however, there is time taken to consider and contemplate the elements of the situation, thereby resulting in changes of attitude and opinion (knowledge to wisdom), the pattern of experience can change.

The tragedy of religious teachings that promote an outside primal source as a personified rescuer is that it not only instills a victim consciousness, but also feeds it. A victimized personified deity hanging on a cross as a status of veneration draws to those believers what they venerate, the victim experience. If poverty is venerated, poverty is attracted. If hard work is venerated, then life will be filled with hard work. If killing is venerated, then death is attracted. Whatever the dominant focus of thought, attitude, and opinion is, will influence the overall matrix and dominate the attraction of experience.

A child is born into its family situation (or lack of one) in innocence, except for inherited genetic coding. It is totally influenced in its experience by the same thoughts, attitudes and opinions of its parents until it is old enough to begin to attract some of its own experiences. Eventually, it graduates (gravitates) to its own field of attraction, but the pattern of its matrix is already present. The direct influence of the family is present to the degree of acceptance of those thoughts, attitudes and opinions by the maturing individual. The physical attributes that are present also contribute to the attitudes that develop during the maturation process. Parental, teacher and peer influences all play their part. More layers of influence are present. The thoughts, attitudes and opinions of groups input directly into the individual matrix. Identities within ethnic, neighborhood, city, region, state, nation, etc, add their influence. Next, add the conscious and subconscious programming by radio, TV, movies, newspapers, magazines, and on-line information. Each of these composite patterns is received and filtered through thought, opinion and attitude to create the individual resonating matrix.

As the overall life experience for a major portion of the inhabitants of the planet becomes measurably more complex, the matrix designs have become less defined. The resulting confusion and sense of overwhelm being experienced has become more intense, thereby reflecting this lack of matrix definition. This appears as self-absorption, as each attempts to stay focused within the vagueness of their indefinite pattern. The resulting feelings of overwhelm and lack of definition allows for the planners of dark deeds to tighten the noose of creeping enslavement literally before the eyes of the victims without their notice. Those awake and awakening are incredulous that the situation has reached this ludicrous degree.

Through understanding this overview of the combined and individual experience of Mankind on planet Earth, it would appear that the solution of this deteriorating human experience would logically be to give it up in its present form and replace the complexity with simplicity. How can this be accomplished? Refer to the "Handbook For A New Paradigm" for directions. "When all else fails, read the directions." An apropos truism!



The Universal Laws, although appearing simple in concept, contain many nuances that manifest as paradoxes. A paradox is "a statement that seems contradictory, etc., but may be true in fact; a statement that is self-contradictory, and, hence, false" as quoted from Webster’s New World Dictionary. For example, the Law of Allowance is not a law unless upheld by the Laws of Attraction and Intentional Creation. In this case, then, the Law of Allowance is a paradox. It is (and it is not) a law. Inasmuch as the underlying basis of Creation is conceptual thought, these Laws are concepts to be interpreted or applied within the parameters of each, and the combination of all. In the simplest terms possible, this means that as each is understood, it must also be understood that all act in cooperation to bring forth the result of harmony and balance. The 4th Law depends upon the interaction of the previous three as a prerequisite. Personal and group awareness acts as a form of clearinghouse for these fundamental components of Creation. Without firm guidelines for expression, Creation would express only as incomprehensible chaos. Attempting to comprehend the underlying Laws of Creation within their continuous interacting flow as they delineate, Creation is something like wondering which came first, the chicken or the egg. The Creation simply is! It is to be comprehended and joined cooperatively at the point of realization to the best of each one’s ability to do so. Whatever that is, is "good enough!"

It is logical, then, to come to the understanding that evolvement within Creation is a constantly exchanging cooperative process of knowledge and experience toward wisdom. Those three words can be exchanged for those of attraction, intention and allowance. The inclusion of new information within one's belief-system allows for changes in thoughts, opinions and attitudes. This then begins the process of "becoming through knowledge applied", because the matrix or pattern of the individual or group changes and attracts different experiences. Through the trial-and-error process, experience sooner or later becomes understanding, and the cycle repeats. Creation and its processes are all logical. "Thought thinking" could function in no other mode that would manifest and maintain form. Emotion is an important ingredient within the process. However, when it "runs the show" in the individual or group experience, emotion then becomes a trap, and indicates a correctable imbalance. It indicates the necessity for setting aside time for self-contemplation and "pondering in the heart" in order to determine the truth of the information, situation or circumstance that triggers the emotional reaction. It is important to determine what indeed is the reason for the emotion. When the comfort zone must be defended, it may be too rigidly maintained. Perhaps it is the time to consider letting go and getting back into the flow. That which assaults the comfort zone of the belief system can often times contain the elements for moving to the next level of evolvement, and definitely deserves consideration. Considering and looking for the logic within the whole of the issue or situation is your way of participating within the 3 steps of basic Creation, leading to the 4th.

Inertia is not an energetic element; therefore, it results in either termination of the focus, or causes a void that will be filled with something. It is best if it is filled intentionally. The object is to become charismatic within the process of participating in Creation. Each is a focused point of self-awareness within the entirety of Creation. This is not an insignificant status. There is no such thing as being "just a human being"! Underlying all of Creation, including the Universal Laws, is pure potentiality. As a focused, self-aware component of the whole, the potentiality of that whole belongs to each and every component. Each is "entitled" to equal access to that potentiality by simply applying it, indeed by becoming it. What that potentiality is for each individual or group, is a matter of choice governed only by current genetic limitations and thoughts, opinions and attitudes. Therefore, thoughts, attitudes and opinions govern how much advantage is taken of the absolute potentiality that is rightfully yours because of who and what you are. Those that have progressed beyond the Earth experience by availing themselves of this opportunity to become, have been called "gods". That which they "have done, you can do also, and more." It is your already owned entitlement. It is time to stop listening to the falsehoods of the need to wait until after-death to claim your heritage. It Is yours now, and always has been. The knowledge of who and what you are allows you to apply the Laws by which you were birthed into the creational flow, and to become your dreams. It is your right to live life abundantly.

Among the nuances involved in the application of these Laws is the requirement that it is necessary to live "within" the Laws. It is within the Law of Allowance that it is appropriate to discuss abundance and luxury. A dictionary often contains much wisdom, and is most helpful in reaching greater understanding. According to Webster’s New World Dictionary, abundance is "great plenty, more than enough." Luxury is "the enjoyment of the best and most costly things, anything contributing to such enjoyment, usually something not necessary." Therefore, abundance is living within the Law of Allowance, for it allows all others to also live in abundance. Luxury encompasses living in a state of extraordinary abundance. It is also very important to emphasize that abundance is not necessarily the same thing to each becoming focus of awareness! It is the responsibility of each one in the process of becoming to manifest their life experience within their own ability to function within the Laws. However, it is not contained within the Laws to take another’s abundance to add to your own. Cooperation is the keynote, and competition is the "death knell" of progress. Does that mean its unfitting to win a race, or participate in athletic events, or to be better at something than others? Of course not, it is just that the perspective is required to fit "within" the application of the Universal Laws. This is an example of the paradox principle that can easily become a trap.

The path of becoming is like your game of golf, not at all predictable in every aspect, or the ability to always repeat it successfully. Therein lies the challenge and the fascination of the game. In the game of Life, there is no dropping out. Once focused into awareness, the game is ongoing. It may change playing fields, but it keeps on keeping-on. It is much easier to play if that concept is firmly held in mind. The more playful the attitude and the greater the sense of humor that is brought into the process, the easier the passage through becomes. Indeed, those who have trod the path before you laugh well and frequently. Try it, you will like it.



The focal point for the change in mass consciousness becomes more focused by the acceptance of the material contained in these messages. The new paradigm of human experience is based upon a multi-faceted campaign in order to assist Mankind to bring about the much-needed completion of this phase of experience. If, indeed, what is called reincarnation, is true, and if the aboriginal tribe in Australia can request to be reincarnated on another planet, why isn’t it possible for the genetically-corrected portion of the transplanted segment of Humanity to do this? The answer lies in the degree of "knowledge lived into wisdom". Those particular people are well aware of their connection to Creation, and have learned to live in harmony with Nature. They are watching their young people being seduced by modern technology, by what they consider to be beliefs not lived into wisdom, and see their progress earned slipping away. Their own beliefs, and what is judged as a meager existence in the judgment of modern societies, is to them wholeness and abundance lived in peace and harmony. It is a matter of perspective.

The point is, where, within these "religion-driven societies", is there any progress in applying the basic Universal Laws? Where is harmony with Nature and living in peace with one another in the modern technological society? Is it possible to ever learn those important lessons within the focus of the centuries-upon-centuries of ongoing genetic and learned behavior? It does not appear to be so to those charged with the task of observing the process. So again, your brothers/sisters offer helping hands, for they truly care about you and desire to see you return to the family of evolving Humanity. It is truly said of Mankind on Earth, if something doesn’t work, they just seem to do more of it.

Indeed, it is true that there are some of what you call aliens that are instigating your situation and fully cooperating with the dark planners on your planet. But they are also closely related to the basic group of planners through genetic addition. Is Earth the only planet out of balance? No, as it has been mentioned before, this segment of Creation, this Galaxy (that is the realm of focus included in these messages), experiences the expansiveness of the creative flow through the energetics of positive and negative experiences. Like disease in your bodies, a level of great imbalance can spread, and thus a cure is sought. In the case of Earth, surgery is not the recommended cure. It is preferred that the holistic method of changing thoughts, attitudes and opinions create a renewal and a new paradigm of experience. This would allow Mankind to rejoin the creative flow through transcending this experience, rather than stubbornly continuing along on the "wheel of repetition" (mental/emotional treadmill) until they do complete the transition individually and collectively farther down the sequential time-frame.

The situation on this planet, as confusing as it is to comprehend, is as it is. It is important to grasp the reality and the seriousness of the consequences of its continuation, but the focus of importance must be directed towards creating the change. It will not be found through continued observation of the imbalance, but instead by placing the focus on what is desired to replace it. There is no other way to move through it, and into what is desired. Again, it is important to stress the need to accept that the belief-systems now present within the mass awareness of the planet have not led Humanity out of its dilemma. Instead, these belief-systems have mired it more deeply than ever in terms of the situation that now leads it into the lowest ebb yet experienced in this human experience. If it hasn’t worked in the past, and it doesn’t work now, then it is time to accept that and open the belief-system to different ideas, and then ponder their truth, rather than reject them without consideration.

When enough individuals are reached, and the truth of the above analysis is accepted, then the expansion of the change to move out of victim consciousness will begin in earnest. At a particular exponential rate, the mass consciousness will accept this understanding and, at that point, the simple "bare bones" outline of the project will be brought forth. The pivotal point is reached when the critical group for this focused thought is in harmony with the surrounding galactic environment, when it conforms to (and within) the Universal Laws, and then becomes the intent of Humanity. It is then that the victory is won, and the victors will write the new scenario and, upon request, advice is available to accomplish the manifestation of the new experience. Again, free will is the controlling factor. The "advisors" currently possess available technology that surpasses any that is present on Earth. These can (and will) be shared, and abundant life will not mean 'tramping' barefoot in the desert, unless the victors steadfastly choose that scenario. If Mankind chooses to stubbornly remain within the present belief-system and continue the current scenario, "tramping barefoot in the desert" will seem abundant indeed.

Is the above meant as a threat? No indeed! It is simply how it is!



It is the responsibility of those accepting the information/knowledge contained within these messages to integrate it into the structure of their own belief-system. Simply put, that means to "live it into wisdom" by "delivering the message to Garcia". The metaphor "Garcia" is everyone who can and will receive the messages and, in turn, deliver the message of the new paradigm to more people that will accept the mission (sort of like a "spiritual chain letter"). In this way, the expansive flow of Creation is then at work, laying the foundation for the new paradigm. Once the simple "statement of purpose" is conceptualized, it will rapidly reinforce the network that will then already be initialized. When the victim consciousness is transcended, the "statement of purpose" will lead both individual and group awareness to the next level; thus, it must be as simple as the statement of "I/we/they am/are (a) human(s) becoming, help me/us/them to become!" What logically is the next level of awareness to be encompassed in order to arrive at the ability to conceptualize the skeletal format of the new paradigm? What words would empower the human consciousness to lift its lethargic self-awareness in order to resolutely desire to determine its own present and future individually and in unity? This simple powerful call to the infinite potentiality of Creation that resides at the magnetic center of the self-awareness of each human, is waiting to be tapped. (Ask the level of awareness that focuses Creation through awareness at the level of the solar system, or even the Galaxy. These do exist. Ask from a point of awareness beyond the victim consciousness and there will be an answer.)

Once awakened to itself, self-awareness desires and searches for channels through which to express. This potentiality has been perceived and exploited through techniques of manipulation by governmental and religious leaders of the past and present. A new paradigm must transcend this in order to be a new paradigm. It is not necessary to conceptualize the new paradigm in completeness in order to understand its purpose. Clearly delineating the purpose is the next logical step in the process. The mind filled with clutter doubts its ability to conceptualize something new amid the confusion that reigns. However, once the cause and intent of the confusion is perceived and the decision to release the victim stance is made, the clutter moves into the background. The awareness becomes intrigued, as latent triggers are activated that intuitively bring to the conscious mind the desire for freedom to live a self-determined existence.

It is important to comprehend that the center of self-awareness, that aspect of Self that knows it exists, is the magnetic focus that attracts the body and all experience. It is a holographic "microchip" of Creation. A holograph can be replicated from a tiny cell of the original. As the Creation is to be venerated, respected and held in the highest honor, so is the self-awareness to be held in equal veneration, honor and respect. This magnet of energy is focused at conception and clothes itself in a body in order to experience, and when withdrawn, death of the body results. It is up to each to contemplate the Creation, and to shine the light of the understanding of it through this microchip of self-awareness outward by living life’s experiences into wisdom. As this is done within the Universal Laws that do govern this process, the holograph of the Creation is gradually expressed through each one to a greater and greater degree. It is Creation thinking, and through projected thought, expanding and knowing itself. Creation is self-aware through its focused microchips mimicking its own process. As each self-aware living being grows through wisdom acquired, the experiences change in dimensional magnitude. To those who acquire great wisdom, much more is required in order to continue the exponential growth. Living the creational adventure is much like reading a good mystery book. Once involved in the scenario, it is difficult to stop reading, and it is difficult to stop desiring to evolve. Once sidetracked, the urge to continue on in the process keeps pushing the awareness onward down the same path. Because of this impetus to keep on keeping-on, there are those who volunteer to aid and assist their fellow aspects of Creation to again find the open-ended track of experience. Creation is maintained, and expands through, volunteerism. That is how it is!



The evolvement of each focused self-awareness is dependent upon its ability to process the knowledge available into (and through) its flow of experience. The influence of those entities around it, that believe certain truths and experiences are the truth or ultimate experience, leads to entrapment and endless dead-end ventures. The ability to experience knowledge acquired and experienced into wisdom is like laying stepping stones on a path. When an understanding is complete, then it is necessary to acquire the proper material in order to complete the next stepping stone. It cannot be done with exactly the same knowledge as the last one. It must include new material/knowledge. There may or may not be a bridge between what has been learned and the subsequent new information. New concepts may contain essences of more than one stepping stone. It is this apt analogy that has led to the idea that evolvement equates to a "spiritual path". The significant perception of the visualization of this path is the understanding that the stones must be present and laid one by one before there can be a path. Furthermore, and most important, is the concept that the path lies not before each traveler, but behind him/her.

It is rare that the path behind any evolving awareness is a smooth, upward spiral. The acquisition of knowledge and experiencing it into understanding and releasing it as complete, and then opening to begin the process again, does not usually lead easily to the ultimate goal. The conceptualization of that goal is literally too incomprehensible to be able to limit it into words. However, the magnetism of that goal draws all ultimately to return to it. There is no escaping its allure, no matter how crooked the path of wisdom is laid in the process of the return. The view of the path of Humanity on this planet as a whole over the past several thousands of years would find it curling abruptly into a circle. Mankind has continued to march around and around that circle with few able to intuit their way out of it, and to continue their evolvement.

That circle is now a spiral downward, as the recent human experience is being led into the lower vibrational activities of greater and greater violence and denigration of the body and awareness. The foundations of family and personal integrity are visually and audibly assaulted with dogma of truly evil intent. It must be remembered that the genetically-altered humans conceived religion for the worthwhile purpose of preventing self-annihilation. Its original intent and purpose was not to provide the path to evolvement. It did, however, contain (and retain) some of the teachings of the benevolent visitors. There have also been not-so-benevolent visitors who have observed the religious process as a field of opportunity in order to promote their own agenda of retaliation and revenge. By infiltrating and slowly developing their strategies, the true teachings have been deliberately adulterated and used to promote the circle brought about by the genetic alteration, and to turn it into a downward spiral.

It is the purpose of these messages to set forth the truth of the dilemma that currently faces Humanity, and to put forth some of the essentials of its knowable cosmology. The messages contain the elements of a workable plan to allow Mankind to create for itself the opportunity to leave the downward spiral path that has resulted from not only the genetic alteration, but from their stubborn refusals to accept the proffered help. This stubborn refusal to let go of the old and continue their victim stance has allowed them to fall prey to those who take advantage of that level of consciousness. That portion of the population that was drawn to, and has intermingled with, the not-so-benevolent interplanetary visitors has the upper hand at the present moment.

First and foremost, a sufficient number of humans must awaken to the situation that is set in place in order to overwhelm them. Second, sufficient numbers must consider the possibility of the truths offered within these messages. Third, enough must have the courage to discern these truths and follow the suggestions. These shall then guide their fellow humans through this dangerous situation to the new paradigm, and the return to the galactic family. Then Earth’s people shall be welcomed throughout Creation to walk and learn among their friends, and to gather the material for the "stones" of their individual paths. The limited and frustrating existence that has been experienced has not been a total loss. The advantages that await shall be greatly appreciated.

Each step as outlined is critical. Each requires courage, both individually and as a combined focus. What is most challenging to accept is the concept that there will not be an "army" gathered together physically to encourage one another. Instead, this will be accomplished by individuals that, within their own focus, faithfully commit and follow through daily by delineating their intentional desire for and resolve to move through the chaos to come. These will know in their hearts, at an emotional level that does not waver, that what is desired exists and is manifesting even now as the desire for it is embraced and being conceptualized. The miracle of the new paradigm will be reflected through the gathering of individual focal points as they place their intentional creation upon the same purposeful symbolic agreement. This cooperative focus will, through the Law of Attraction, acting through application of the Law of Intentional Creation, bring forth the intended new experience. Those with faith and confidence will trust the process, and allow it to happen. Then balance and harmony will reign. The truth of the presence and power of the Universal Laws, stimulated by the cooperative combined focal points, will be demonstrated. Through this demonstration, much will be experienced into wisdom earned and wisdom learned. Humanity will then stand on the stepping stone leading out of the downward spiral, and find themselves facing the opportunity of creating new stones of wisdom for their paths within the new paradigm.