As each reader moves through the various stages of encompassing the reality of the greater picture of Humanity and its plight of the moment, the process of accepting changing perceptions becomes a familiar experience. The material has thus far begun at a simple level and progressed through levels of understanding. We are now at a place to begin encompassing the understanding of those that would continue holding Humanity in captivity. Just as they have attempted to know Humanity's capabilities for their own purposes, it is also necessary that they be understood. Although their understanding of Humanity has failed to include the “divine” connection which they have claimed exclusively as their own, Humanity's other attributes are well understood. In order for those that have contemplated the information within these messages to have a clear and balanced understanding of the entire picture, it is important to know more about their counterparts.

The expansive flow of Creation extends itself not only in the manifestation of more planets, stars, galaxies, etc., it also allows for limitless expansion of the awareness. It is difficult for the mind/brain that is not operating at its full capacity to contemplate the concept of what limitless and timeless could mean. Within this concept, there is allowance for numerous forays into both positive and negative expression that "feed" back into the wholeness of knowledge and wisdom within a collective composite. In the consideration of the wholeness, then each individual awareness seems like a grain of sand on the beach, which causes each to then wonder as to the importance of their personal experience. Is it of such little value that pain and suffering are meaningless to this composite awareness? Is it even aware of all of its parts? Here again, the mind/brain that has been focused only upon itself and its personal experience has cut itself off from this wholeness of which it is a part. It is in the contemplation of the wholeness and its meaning that allows for participation within it. It is in expanding the awareness to purposefully include itself within the composite that its importance to that composite becomes known.

Having come forth through the auspices of a group awareness that is focused only upon its own importance, that attribute has been accepted and assimilated by Humanity. In contemplating a new paradigm of experience, it is this key of including itself within the composite wholeness, rather than focusing only upon itself that will bring forth the freedom that Humanity has, that acts as the impetus for change. To put this into less auspices terms, it is the desire to become participating members of the galactic family, and to extend their perception that the purpose of life experience is greater than each individual experience and each planetary experience, that this will come forth. When it is realized that harmony of experience is found by expressing within the immutable Laws of the Universe and not in ignoring them, then experience can be shaped into progress and joyful expression. Recognizing these Laws as the basis within which all manifestation is expressed, it becomes possible to recognize imbalance for what it is and to transcend it.

Technological progress is not a true measure for evolvement within the creative expansion of potentiality. Those who have focused primarily on this one purpose often destroy their creation through the misuse of that focus. It has sometimes caused the distortion of the progress of others, a situation with which Humanity on this planet can certainly identify. In this way, those who are again attempting to play at their control and destruction games have placed this planet and its inhabitants in danger of destruction.

Imbalance as projected through failure to recognize the potentiality of self-aware beings to pursue their inherent evolvement processes has brought both the givers and the receivers of this policy to a point where the significant decisions each will make will influence their progress. Each will reap the results of these decisions. Each has the potential power to change the path of their evolvement by the actions they take through the next few sequential events, which are to be shaped by the decisions made, both individually and collectively.

It is important to grasp that the individual does influence the collective decision, both directly and indirectly. What that means is that even though the individual is bound by the group decision through composite agreement, it also allows for that individual to free itself from the group decision by forming or becoming a part of a smaller group with a different focused purpose. This smaller focused group, by invoking the second Law of the Universe, the focus of intentional manifestation, then separates themselves from the greater group and does change the path or experience of their evolvement. It is for this reason that the messages have encouraged the formation of smaller groups with the intended purpose of creating a New Paradigm of experience. Those who have evolved beyond the need to participate in the victim consciousness that holds them within the grasp of the controlling civilization (and locks the two groups into this situation as it now exists), have the opportunity to salvage this planet and its inhabitants. They may at least create an opportunity for a sizeable group to free itself from this situation. It must be stressed that a quorum must be met in order for this to occur.

It is suggested that this information be contemplated with serious consideration for the opportunity that is within it.



What is considered to be a major drama to the inhabitants of Earth is indeed an important pivotal point in the continuing evolution of conscious manifested awareness. In the totality of the galactic expression that constitutes the known reality, it is wondered how, this small beautiful planet at the outer reaches of this defined area can carry such importance. It is in the transition through the taking back of personal power/control of individual and collective destiny that is the central issue. Just as the consciousness of the leader of a country, either self-appointed or elected, expresses the composite consciousness of the people within that country, the planetary scenario that is being played out is also the collective representation of the consciousness of those extraterrestrial beings on that planet. This then is carried out into a further composite of consciousness in an expanding composite. We might say that Earth is the collection-point of victim consciousness, a point within a larger collective of this unhappy experience within this area of the Galaxy. The solving of this situation by Humanity on this planet will bring forth a clearing of this experience in the form of an expansive rippling effect that will reach to the far corners of the Galaxy. When visualized in a holographic context, it is indeed a “big deal.”

Due to the freewill aspect of Universal Law, it becomes clear that the burden of accomplishment that is carried by Mankind at this moment is one of great importance. While it is understood by the counterparts who intend to hold onto Humanity as their own in order to do as they please with them, there is much interest in their attitude and treatment of those on this planet. There is no apparent intention to redirect this continuing pattern of enslavement. This presents the dilemma of how to assist Humanity and answer their calls for freedom from this experience. It also accounts for the concentrated effort on the part of the self-appointed colonizers of this planet to maintain their claimed ownership through members of the human race that are willing to be pawns. In this way, it may be portrayed that the control is not from outside, but indeed by Humanity enslaving itself. As the saying goes, “saying something is true, does not make it true!”

Since the belief-patterns of Humanity (through governments, religions, education and the media) have apparently so successfully shut down the minds of the greater portion of the people, it is the opinion of the controllers that the game is won. Even though they are quite sure of this, they yet are cautious to keep all aspects in careful review. However, within the group of pawns there are factions of competition for the favor of the controllers. It is within these contests that there are many opportunities to unravel the carefully devised plans that lead to closing the apparent “trap” of Humanity. The pawns do report in the end to one focus of consciousness. Referred to as the “anti-Christ” in literature, he is expected to be born into a human body that is like those of Humanity. Unfortunately, that is not true. This “anti-Christ” has existed throughout the history of this planet, and has been the controlling entity by appointment for eons of time. He exists in a form that does not have a short period of existence and might be thought of as immortal. Though painted in literature in various formats of evil, his is a human format, but one of long duration. His intelligence is incomprehensible to the average human mind. However, the character flaw of power is also comparable to his intelligence. Fortunately, he is not the final “word” with regard to the future of this planet. There is a council that has influence beyond his. It is to this council that an appeal must be made. Although he has great influence and, through eloquence, has kept his controlling influence alive over a long duration of time, it is this council in which greater authority rests.

The question then arises as to how to make this all-important appeal. One or even a few cannot do it. It must be through the combined and focused appointment/election of an eloquent and powerful emissary by a quorum of Humanity. How can a divided, submissive and victimized Humanity ever arrive at such an agreement? Where will this idyllic emissary be found? Indeed, those are the questions! Further, how does this emissary contact and appear before this heretofore-unknown council? It would appear that help is certainly going to be needed to accomplish this. There is help available when the quorum is gathered and the appointment/election is made. First the impossible must be accomplished, and then help will be available to assist. This is something that Humanity must do on faith. Certainly, there is belief in theories more illogical than this that are firmly held by large groups of Humanity. These presently-accepted concepts offer far less than freedom from bondage and acceptance of the right to continue on the path of evolvement.

The timing of all these coinciding forces of chance, as has been introduced in previous information, has brought all of this to a pivotal point in the order and process of expansive expression. All possible focus of intent is at work within the factions that are present. At the center of these focal points are the dazed and incredulous human beings that hold not only their own future, but the ability to influence the entire Galaxy with their decision process. What will you/they do?



While Mankind seems to confront accomplishments that are of monumental proportions for a divided and quarreling group that, from one perspective is more animal-like than divine, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The ability to continue on the current path is now reaching a point at which the path must divide. There are those who innately know that the time has come to make a decision. They must either continue on the path that is leading to a vibrational decline toward destruction or stop where they are and look for a way to change directions. Herein lies the awakening process. The current choice that is offered by what has been called the “esoteric or new age” alternative lacks grounding in application of its principles within daily life. It requires ignoring investigating and understanding the plan of the planetary controllers, for “fear” of supporting them by recognizing their presence and actions. This “head in the sands” approach fails to appeal to the general population, for it lacks the appeal of practical application. Most people are unable to separate their focus in order to ignore the world around them and replace it with one that they cannot perceive through their 5 senses. This is particularly true because the sources for participation are derived from information that is perceived to be from beings whose teachings recommend disconnection from the apparent real world. Their teachings often are so idealistic as to leave their readers/followers feeling guilty and frustrated for they are unable to attain such levels within their current living situations. In the end, the ideals are abandoned.

It is hoped that these messages contain information that guides its readers to those concepts that contain practical challenges that will uplift their desire for continued evolvement. It must be understood that this has to be accomplished within the practicality of the experience that is going on within what their 5 senses reflect as their present reality. The difficulty lies in accepting the fact that the inhabitants of Earth are not alone in an inconceivably large Galaxy. Thousands of visits have been made to this planet, and they have been plainly visible to extraordinarily large numbers of people for literally thousands of years. It is totally amazing that this has been literally programmed out of the present mass conscious awareness. Aggressive action has long been focused by the self-appointed controllers to block friendly, benevolent beings from direct interaction with Humanity at large. This has been stepped up with the placement of powerful military capability into the hands of the human pawns. Again it is important to understand the concept that this is for the purpose of “having Humanity enslave itself.”

As these messages circulate. a distillation process goes on continuously. The information is read, then put aside, and then reread again. Those that begin and complete it in a flow are few and far between. Reaching this point in assimilating the information has been accomplished by a very few. However, participating in the process in a more leisurely way does not indicate that this type of contribution is less effective. It is accomplishment that is appropriate within the total pattern. Many will never read all the messages. Many will do so in a longer, on and off pattern of participation. It is the overall composite of understanding, that will bring about the necessary changes in the totality of understanding by the whole of Humanity, that is important.

The entire process of reaching the minds, hearts and spirits of those humans who have evolved, despite the longstanding programs of control, has been an ongoing focus of those of greater understanding among your galactic brothers, sisters and cousins for a long time in your sequential counting. It has required much effort on their part to create opportunities (within the Laws that they observe with care) in order to assist whenever and wherever possible. The question arises as to why, if others blatantly disregard those Laws, are these beings so careful to observe them? Always remember that the basic Law of Attraction works in its own inimitable way. These beings know this, and have no desire to allow their well-earned progress to be eroded in any way by forgetting this Law. It may appear that those who ignore or break the Universal Laws that underlay the expression of potentiality into manifested experience gain much by doing so. However, in the totality of a it all, the piper will have to be paid. For those of Humanity that follow through on their desire to bring forth this change for this planet and themselves, much will be forgiven through the gift of “grace.” This is an opportunity that is to be taken advantage of by those who are wise. The added difficulty of evolvement within such difficult circumstances is also being taken into consideration and value added for doing so.

It has been the purpose of these messages to both encourage and lay out carefully a picture that is comprehensible, and that contains as much truth as possible so that it might be accepted by those minds that have been mislead and taught to misperceive. That it contains some information that might be less than the total truth is plainly admitted. It was designed to bring its readers forward in an ongoing process of learning various concepts, and then leading each forward to accept others that opened new vistas of understanding. In rereading the material, contradictions will be found. It is hoped that those that do this will be able to understand the process and realize the purpose and methodology that was employed. The re-education of an entire population is not an easy process when the basic understandings are purposefully contradictory in a planned and ongoing effort to cause conflict and separation between large numbers of people with incredibly diverse cultural differences.

To conceptualize the problem is to understand its probable impossibility, but that is exactly what the “controllers” are counting on. Let us make every effort to surprise them.



As the world situation evolves into greater and greater confusion and chaos, what is happening in the larger picture is impossible for the individual to perceive. Each can perceive only that portion of the whole through their own personal observation, and through whatever truthful media information is available. This is further complicated by the filter of opinion, experience and feelings through which each attains their own conclusions. Any single person or any group rarely knows the truth of any situation, no matter how carefully the known information is analyzed and checked. As those who would control increase their surveillance through computerized analysis by satellite, scrutiny of communication exchanges, and photographs taken in stores, banks and in street intersections, individual lives become documented to the point of infinite detail.

For what purpose is this being done, if the abundance of “chemical weapons” would allow for the annihilation of all (or any portion) of Humanity at any time? If the human body is being deliberately debilitated through genetic food alterations, additives that are abrasive and destructive, diseases that are deliberately induced through vaccinations, destructive medical practices, etc., to what end is all of this leading? It would appear that Humanity is no different than the animals that are demonically used as test subjects for the “good of Mankind.” What then is to be the recipient of the “good” of the tests in which humans are the focus? In the larger picture, are humans benefiting from the animal testing? Following that thought pattern, would anything of good be likely to result from the testing that is being carried out on human bodies? We again come back to the conclusion that this planet and its human population are but a virtual reality game for those who consider themselves to be superior and in an “ownership” position. We return to the conclusion that someone (or some group) is misusing their greater intelligence in order to perpetrate an injustice of great magnitude. The victim/abuser consciousness is being played out on a massive scale.

Surely, it is time that outside intervention by the powers of “good” can intercede. Unfortunately, that is not possible within the Universal Laws that uphold all that has manifested from potentiality into Creation for the purpose of potentiality knowing itself. All is held in continuity through the immutable Laws that govern without deviation. If deviation would occur, all would end in chaos. How then is chaos of any kind allowed? It is here that we must return to a concept that is found within the Creation process. Within your life-expression, each of you experiences it as "breathing". Your physical expression depends upon it. Without breath, your body can retain life for only a very short amount of time. Within the expression of potentiality into manifested expression (for the purpose of experiencing thought into wisdom), there is the necessity for investigating this process within self-awareness by various degrees of knowledge and wisdom. When an experience is complete (or attains a degree of imbalance), then it is necessary that it be dissolved. The energy is then made available to be reused or recycled. This recycling process of dissolving and reusing this energy is called chaos and takes place within the larger reality in what might be compared to breathing. What is manifested, literally comes apart into confusion and returns to energy that is available for reuse. There are as many patterns for this process as there are happenstances of Creation; in other words, it is unique each time it happens. The degree of chaos required in order for the energy to be reused is also unique to each circumstance.

How much chaos is necessary in order for Humanity to recreate its opportunity to evolve within a positive situation? That remains to be determined by Humanity itself. It is obvious that the current situation has no way to progress without a return to chaos. Those who have evolved, and those who have chosen to incarnate on this planet for the purpose of changing the paradigm of experience on this planet, hold the key within their conscious determination to play a leading role within this drama that is playing itself out now. The determination of who writes the final scenes for this current theatre production is very much up to those present right now. It will not wait for another generation to pick up the task from another one that has ignored the responsibility and left it to the happenstance of “someone else” to do it.

How much help from the galactic community that can be contributed must be dependent upon the ability of a sufficient number of human beings to rise above their victim consciousness and accept personal responsibility. This is their only recompense.



As the situation progresses, the intensity of the changes that will be experienced by each individual, and by those of each culture, will begin to become more apparent. Thus far, the changes have affected particular group experiences. However, as the warring factions become more widespread, individual experiences of chaos will expand correspondingly. Eventually, there will be more areas of war (and the aftermath of war) than areas of apparent peace. In other words, this experience will spread like a skin disease across the surface of the planet. In using the word war, that includes the usage of biological agents as well as the usual destructive kinds of weaponry. It is difficult to understand what purpose all of this pain, misery and destruction of a beautiful planet can possibly serve. Upon entering the observation mode of the larger picture, the true insanity that underlies the plan of the controllers becomes obvious.

By contemplating the freewill aspect of the Laws of the Universe, it would appear to be an element that could return "all that is" back to potentiality. Indeed it is a possibility! It could be the cause of the end of an experiment birthed from potentiality that would be just another idea that didn’t work. It is something to contemplate. However, it is also possible that there is a counter-balance for this type of freewill action that, upon reaching a certain level of imbalance, an offsetting action is brought into play as a natural effect. If we continue to consider this from the perspective of the virtual reality game, there are always elements of surprise written into the game, not by the players, but by those that formulate the game in the first place. It may safely be assumed that the players in this game did not write the rules. That they are attempting to write new rules is apparent, but those do not supersede the rules that came with the game as it was brought into being in the first place.

What are these surprises that cannot be overridden by new rules? Those can only be learned by playing the game. That is the point of all of these messages. All the players must play the game and search for the strategies that will allow them to succeed and continue on in the game. The experiences of manifested life are never boring for those who search for challenge by not allowing themselves to settle for what is given them, but strive to create what they desire. However, the Universal Laws must be observed in order that the progress made in the game is continuous in the long run. That does not mean that there will not be temporary setbacks through errors in choices, or that these choices will not be repeated until wisdom is gained through these repetitions.

Thus, we find that Humanity has placed its progress in the game of evolution in trusting that these controllers are their “gods’’, and that “gods’’ are always benevolent and have their best interest at heart, or else they are fearsome and cruel, and there is no recompense that will appease their wrath. It is time that Humanity realize that, in order to save themselves and their planetary home, it is time to take up the mantel of responsibility and stand forth in their own power. In order to do this, fear must be put aside. Fear cannot be conquered. Those are words that tie Humanity to what has held them in bondage. The very verbiage of the language contains programmed intimidation. Words of war such as conquer, vanquish, threaten, superior, force, intimidate, capitulate etc., etc. keep the focus on competition rather than co-operation. Mankind on planet Earth will only transcend through this situation when co-operation becomes the by-word of all interaction. Many experiences of a competitive nature can be experienced within the spirit of co-operation, like sporting events, for they promote skills that are of use in other applications, as well as in learning to appreciate the capabilities of the human body.

It is contemplating how humans can stand forth in their own power that is the question. This is particularly true when considering the overwhelming organization and power that is being wielded by the controllers and their pawns. However, it is at the basis of this entire situation that the key is found. Humanity has allowed itself to be placed in a position in which it cannot match the chosen focus of power by the opposing forces . It must now find a totally different approach. The one thing that a human possesses that cannot be taken away is the thought process, even though methodology is currently being developed in order to attempt to do this. Even those that have experienced mind-control techniques involving some incredible experiences, are often able to regain their autonomy of thought. It is through the combined, co-operative focus on a simple concept that can and will place Humanity beyond the situation that now surrounds them and threatens to overwhelm them. This power is available to Mankind within the conscious choice to acknowledge the situation, leave victimhood behind and co-operatively focus on an ideal of experience. When a consensus can arrive at this point, then a direct appeal can be made that will bring forth assistance, and there will be an end to the current control of this planet. However, the victim/abuser consciousness must be transcended or the process will be repeated until that knowledge becomes wisdom. Releasing victim consciousness will not be an easy transition, for it is deeply ingrained within the population of this planet. It is an important element to be held in the forefront of future considerations.



It has been ingrained deeply within the consciousness of Mankind that they are the servants of their “god” of the moment. Over the long space of time since Humanity has been elevated into self-awareness, those on this planet have been held in servitude, and have been subject to the whims of the controller’s interactions between themselves. Furthermore, as the manipulated progeny of these same beings, these attributes of contention and competition are a part of Mankind's heritage. In truth and reality, these deep-seated tendencies of competition and the use of violence to resolve the inevitable friction that results from this focus has served neither the controllers nor the enslaved. Over eons of sequential time, both have remained stuck within the victim/abuser mode that has blocked both from evolving.

Failing to live in harmony within the Universal Laws, which includes living in harmony with the natural environment of each home planet, ultimately leads to the waste of its natural resources and the eventual exhaustion of the ability to maintain life on it. The natural conclusion of that focus of experience is to look outside for another source to plunder. Earth is the source for those who have set that parameter at the basis of their pattern of experience. It is natural, then, for this same parameter to be the attitude promoted on its perceived colony.

As these messages continue to contribute to greater understanding of the foundation upon which Mankind has developed itself within a controlled and manipulated situation, it is hoped that those reading the information will come to understand their situation, as well as their "learned" attitudes and understandings. In order to change one's deeply-entrenched beliefs and experience, it is necessary to see a clear picture of the present situation. Only then can a true decision be made as to whether this is the path that is desired to be continued, or if it is time to stand forth within personal decision and change the course of human history by writing each one's own history, and therefore the history of Humanity. For eons of time, each generation has accepted the parameters of experience that has been thrust upon them, and then waited to be led out of bondage.

It has been said, “when the people lead, the leaders will follow.” This has not proved to be true, as each time it has been an isolated group that has attempted rebellion, only to be devastated by weaponry that instilled even greater fear within them. This end-result occurred because they attempted to stand forth using the same competitive, war techniques that had been taught them by example. There purpose was to create an improved version of the life they were leading, with again another “leader” to guide them to another Utopian societal experience. In truth, this would have been simply a better version of the usual victim/abuser experience, at least temporarily. Even if a benevolent leader were chosen, the history of the influence of power in the following familial generations through the competition of the offspring has inevitably lead to despotism.

Thus, there has been the hopeful expectation that better leadership would be provided by the short-term election of leaders from among the people. In this way, it was thought that the inheritance of power and the competition between heirs would be eliminated. It should be obvious that this method of choosing leaders has not provided a better solution. The people have continually abdicated their individual power through desiring leadership/government to act as their shepherd or parent. What was desired was a larger experience of the family. A benevolent super being, a benevolent leader, and a benevolent parent, with the power vested in the masculine gender. What has been lost is the self-reliance that is found within the balance of both the masculine and feminine unique characteristics.

Mankind has little, if any, faith in their unique distribution of characteristics and talents that, if allowed to be exhibited individually, would bring forth a composite that would birth the desired Utopian experience. At the basis of this experience would lie the spirit of co-operation. The question that arises immediately is how this could possibly even begin to occur within the present situation of separation, hate, distrust, etc., etc. Herein lies the wisdom of the breakdown and chaos that is inevitable whenever circumstances reach a level at which the current situation can no longer maintain itself. An apple that is rotten at the core must disintegrate. Thus, the comparison is obvious. In the midst of chaos, groups will come together in the spirit of co-operation for the purpose of survival. If there are enlightened ones among these groups with understanding and foresight, these can begin a new experiment that suits the members and the group focus. They must not lead, but only advise and promote the new experiment. If there are sufficient numbers of these groups that are all focused upon this new concept of human existence, with all of them understanding the history and the need to leave the past in the past, then there is hope for a new paradigm of experience for this planet.

Difficult as it is to accept, not all of Humanity will be able to participate within the bringing forth of this concept. All of those that incarnate on this planet understand this before doing so. To all, the opportunity to experience manifested reality is worth the experience of it. Much wisdom is gained and, despite the limited understanding now held by the mass consciousness, it is worth the experience. Although Humanity dreams of attaining immortality within the physical body, that also carries with it responsibilities that will counterbalance any perceived advantages. That known as self-awareness is immortal. To add to it a body that is immortal includes dimensions beyond the ability to understand by mind/brains that are not fully active. It is a situation of first things first.



As the situation continues to develop, the picture becomes more confusing from the perspective of Humanity. However, from the greater perspective, it appears as movement or change. It is through what appears to be ominous events that this change begins it motion and in reality reflects the fact that this long-awaited momentum is building. This is not to say that these ominous situations should be greeted with anticipation, but it is important that the observer mode be maintained while also experiencing these events. None of you are asked to be anything but human in your reactions other than to know the truth of what the bigger picture indicates. It is by moving through situations, rather than resisting or ignoring them ,that experience becomes wisdom. If experience is denied, then the opportunity to gain wisdom is lost.

The knowledge pertaining to the history of Humanity’s birth into self-aware beings, along with the addition of other families of humans to the mix, and the constant interference and prevention of evolvement by the controllers, has contributed to the confusion and frustration of those of you who are present now. Without the understanding of who and what you are, there is little hope for change. This is the reason that this information has been deliberately destroyed, withheld, or misinterpreted. The available historical information is presented in various ways because of different interpretations of the many documents and artifacts. This has happened partly through deliberate intent, and sometimes because of bias or ignorance. Therefore, it is important that more than one source be researched in order that each individual can discern those aspects of truth that are contained within each. Again, the conclusions may vary, but enough of the truth will be discerned by each individual in order for them to attain far more intelligent understandings of the total situation.

What seemed incredulous in the beginning begins to make sense, and then allows for acceptance of a reality that has been purposefully hidden in order to continue the ownership of this planet. Among legitimate inhabitants with a level of self-awareness to govern themselves, colonization for the purpose of stripping a planet of its resources is unconscionable. The fact that the colonizers knowingly gave this ability to the beings that were already present upon their arrival makes the situation even more objectionable on a moral and ethical basis. To further complicate matters, it is the responsibility of the inhabitants to prove that they have the ability to govern themselves and to steward their planet by changing the situation through their own freewill decision. They must discern how to accomplish this within the Universal Laws and, in this case, despite largely not knowing what these specifically are. Most know that the system that surrounds them is orderly and must remain so in order to continue, but what supports that orderliness is an unknown. Searches for this orderliness are convoluted into theories of origin that are of little or no importance in understanding how it operates.

The simplicity of the Universal Laws even escapes the understanding of scientists, who thrive on complications. Simple as they are, the diversity and interactions within the application of them cause confusion when the search is only for the cause behind the effects. It is so much more efficient to begin with the cause (or the Laws) in their simplest form, and then follow their effects forward into experience. The written/spoken enumeration of the Laws is fully supported mathematically. It is important to begin at the beginning. The "big bang theory" does not allow for understanding to be elicited from a holographic process, for it is again a search from manifestation back to cause. The diversity available within holographic parameters is so encompassing that, in order to find the cause within its available infinite variety, it is to be compared with finding the proverbial "needle in the haystack".

The process of layering information adds to a greater understanding of the whole in which Mankind on this planet finds itself. It builds a holographic understanding that enables those who study this material to change their ability to perceive and discern more of who and what they are and to know more about the controllers. There are many more incredible facts that are available to be known. The question is, “how much is essential in order to bring forth the necessary decisions that will free this planet from the situation in which it is mired?” There is a point at which further information becomes more detrimental than helpful. It is the search for this point that brings forth these messages. It is hoped that commitment and action in the application of the suggestions included will signal the end of the need for more information. At the basis of all action is the transition of consciousness and the decision to answer the call to responsibility that has been ignored and refused for so long by the composite group on this planet.



The knowledge available to Mankind that has been hidden and, in many cases, buried for thousands of years is rapidly becoming available. The ability to decipher the languages of old and the availability of this information through willing publishers that place it into books, videos and lectures, is bringing this awareness to more and more people. The distortions in the translations do create lessons in discernment, but even the distorted information will open minds to the understandings that Mankind’s history of civilization is much longer than indicated. The evidence by scientists of thousands of years of habitation and the contrast of religious sources maintaining that man has only been on the planet a few hundreds of years has brought forth enough conflict of information to bring any thinking person to wonder about the real truth.

When the information available is considered from the largest perspective possible, the evidence of the presence of the controllers on this planet and their influence upon the history of Mankind is glaringly evident. The further evidence that their presence has been deliberately ignored and purposefully withheld from Humanity is obvious. It is further supported by the “sightings” of craft capable of interplanetary travel that have not only been experienced and reported by people now, but reports of these sightings happening all through recorded history have been found by those researchers that have chosen to investigate this area. Personal memorabilia and newspaper reports offer conclusive support. There are too many reports from the past to be considered hoaxes because there was too little exchange of communication to allow for a wave of suggestion that would produce imagined encounters.

What puzzles and confuses the average person who experiences the multi-media programmed information that is being force-fed to them is why, on the one hand, “alien presence’’ is promoted and denied at the same time. Because it accomplishes its exact purpose, that of confusion. The mind wonders at its possibility, and yet is supported in its denial because such presence threatens all that has been taught over the millennia. The presence of this influence that has totally affected the lives of Humanity since before their self-awareness was given to them, has always been the cause of great trauma and mass annihilation of segments of the population. The deception and violence of not only the controllers, but also the inherited and genetically-induced tendencies for this within Humanity itself, has contributed to a slow evolvement. In all truth, without outside influence such as cosmic cycle completions and information such as these messages, the desire to leave these conditions behind and move forward into creating the opportunity of a new paradigm of experience would not be available for a long time in your sequential counting. In answer to those who have asked within their prayers and supplications, the concern and support of Humanity by cosmic/galactic fellow citizens has been a primary focus for a longer period of time than most people realize. As has been mentioned over and over again in these messages, only a certain amount of help can be given, for those who have progressed beyond the level of Earth’s consciousness cannot give direct assistance without involving themselves within the rescuer/victim/abuser experience. Only those volunteers who are willing to place themselves at risk for the sake of Humanity have made this decision.

Within the confusion of the conflicting information regarding the outside presence and its influence upon the ongoing history of this planet, is found the opportunity for the seeds of truth to be planted (and to grow into acceptance) of the long-denied truth of Humanity's real history. The information is available now to be gleaned, and to open the eyes of enough to the hidden truth, and for this truth to spread. Once discerned and believed, it can spread quickly and then, as you put it, the jig will be up. The pieces of the puzzle are present, however, few have put them all together into a discernable whole. It seems that each is able to focus upon their part of the puzzle, but are unable to look beyond and collect enough of the other pieces to put it together. When those who do attempt to share their glimpse of the picture, there is not enough knowledge of the true history to provide a background or frame of reference for the picture to be believable or meaningful. Furthermore, there are few that have the skill or desire to look beyond the media-provided information, and to do the necessary research. It is a matter of whether the information as presented here is believable, and whether it will inspire those who question it to look beyond its claims to find out the truth. The valid, documented information with logical conclusions is available!

As repeated “ad nauseum”, the ball is in Humanity’s court. Mankind must be instrumental in the decision and determination of events that will break forever the hold that has been placed upon them. The evolvement that is necessary has been reached by a sufficient quotient in order to make such a change possible. The cosmic cycle processes are present in order to support and boost the possibility of success. The information that will assist in the process is being made available within the currently available communication flow in order to awaken and motivate all those that have the opportunity to receive it. How many (and who these are) is dependent upon the continued spread of the information by those that receive it. Is this the only source? Indeed not, however, it is what has been made available to each one that receives it. It is your particular source, and it is a personal decision as to whether to accept it as truth, and also whether to make a decision as to its value. Each individual determines, whether or not a decision is made, to accept an active role and continue its expansive spread. The future of life on this planet depends upon these individual decisions.



The dynamics of interaction between the focal points present on planet Earth are becoming more, shall we say, interesting as the puzzle-pieces move into place. Inasmuch as what is actually happening within the holistic interaction that is observed in a sequential fashion by those of you that are within the experience, it is difficult for you to comprehend the true progression of this process. This is further complicated, for what is known of the true happenings is given only in part, and in a distorted fashion. Thus, Humanity is left to grope its way through the experience. Only through the decision to create a new experience, and the further decision to keep the attention focused on the desired outcome rather than the unknowable current situation, an increasing amount of energy will be directed into the manifestation of the new paradigm. As the chaos accelerates, those who have the desire for this new “dream” of existence as an ideal or archetype will find that it will provide a focus of stability that will become more and more attractive within their thought processes. Their thoughts will migrate toward the pleasant feelings and visualizations that will accompany their desire for this new state of existence. It will provide them with pleasant diversion from the apparent reality that will grow more intense as the chaos progresses toward the point of the release of energy that can then be redirected into manifesting the new paradigm.

The desire to be organized (or to get organized) in order to make this change happen will be both an assistance and a hindrance in the process. It will be reinforcing insofar as promoting the discussion and awareness of the necessity and desire for changing Humanity's longstanding status with regard to the perceived outside ownership of their planet. It will also carry with it the seeds for moving forward those tendencies that have in the past prevented true transcendence from the learned pattern of ownership and exploitation of the planet and fellow inhabitants. The desire to organize around a leader rather than around a concept or principle is strongly embedded within the earthly human psyche. The need to have concepts and principle analyzed by breaking them down into minute details diverts the energy of them, and allows for divergent trips into dead-end ventures. The wasted effort these adventures involve can be limited and often avoided altogether by intuiting the proper direction a focus can follow in order to reach the intended goal. The process of literally "feeling out" the direction that is appropriate through imagery also allows for each to ascertain the appropriate group that each feels offers greater growth opportunities.

Within the practice of the freedom of choice, much progress is available to the individual, and this then flows outward into the group and to the totality of the whole. It is possible to understand this by remembering the observation of a lake or pond. Bubbles rise from the bottom, with each creating their own small rippling effect, yet not disturbing the equilibrium of the totality, yet contributing to the oxygenation and enlivening of the whole. Like bubbles, ideas and feelings about what may contribute to the process leading to the creation of the new matrix or pattern further add to its birthing process. Many of these ideas and feelings will be considered to be the proper pieces that will contribute to a balanced and harmonious whole, and then they will be accepted. Those individuals will then be changed, and they will evolve through participation within the creational expansive advancement of potentiality into manifested experience for the purpose of understanding itself. Through potentiality expressing outward, by observing and returning knowledge experienced into wisdom or self-understanding, the diversity of the number of opportunities to pursue within this process is mathematically beyond calculation. Thus, the mind is further expanded during the consideration of this concept and its possibilities of expression. It then becomes conceivable to realize that Mankind has been limited to an incredibly narrow and controlled pattern of experience within a Universe of unlimited possibility.

As this pattern of experience is purposefully compressed into an even more confined and restricted ability to express, the freedom to evolve becomes even more remote. This greater restriction produces an energy-crisis, both individually and collectively. This causes the restrictive boundaries to necessarily become more and more heavily controlled. When the number of beings on the planet is considered, it is understandable that plans are presently in place to reduce that number, and that the choices of the intended survivors have very selective profiles. In order to choose these survivors, a great deal must not only be known about the ideal, but also about which groups offer the most prototypical candidates. Since the tiniest of details can expand into problems in the future, the genetics are most important in these selections. It is difficult, if not impossible, for most humans on the planet to comprehend the detail of genetic information that is available now for this selection process. The limited brain/mind cannot comprehend the amount of knowledge that is accessible to the processes of the fully active brain/mind. The potentiality of the brain/mind is in direct proportion to the mathematical odds for the possibilities that are latent within the galactic matrix. In other words, there is virtually no way to calculate the number of possibilities.

When considering this as a starting point, those that read this material can begin to understand the limitations that have been accepted by Humanity at this point, and realize that it is time to end this enslavement and to claim the heritage that is available to every self-aware conscious entity within Creation. Our awareness is the immortal, undeniable focus that is free to search for its ultimate expression within the incalculable potential available. That is its birthright. However, how it sets forth to do this is within its own freewill choices. There are holistic levels of self-awareness that are not known to the human mind, and that is emphatically acknowledged here and now. The understanding of this wholeness of the self-aware unit of which the human is a part has been hinted at, but requires an expansion of the brain/mind function in order for it to be assimilated. The ability to access the necessary understanding that exists within the greater aspects of human experience hinges directly upon transcending through the victim consciousness into personal responsibility. Again, this is a repeat of the theme of lifting the consciousness from the degradation brought about by dependence upon dogmatic leadership. It requires the acceptance of standing forth, individually and collectively, within one's own personal competence, and demonstrating the capability for bringing the current situation through the necessary chaos into a positive group focus that will move Humanity forward. The potential for this transition is present, and is pressing to be expressed.



While Mankind is continually enmeshed in the delusion of servitude within the belief that the real rewards for obedience are withheld until the end of the lifetime and are to be experienced in another realm, his personal power is totally compromised. He/she lives in a state of belief that control rests outside of any real personal control. “God’’ is the ultimate source of all good, and they themselves are the cause of all that is “bad’’, because of disobedience to some known or unknown laws, rules or regulations that they have broken. Obedience and service are the watchwords of “goodness’’, which is the “ideal of life.’’ To further add to the ambiguity of the situation, commitment to obedience and service allow for cruel and inhumane treatment of fellow humans at the discretion of both religion and government. Within this system, there is no true freedom for mankind to determine who and what they are. There is no freedom to understand that the “God’’ concept, as taught, is one perpetrated for one purpose only, to enslave and control beings that have the potential of becoming totally equal to (and surpassing) the evolvement of those who are foisting this enslaving situation on the humans now residing on this planet.

Until the humans on this planet are willing to awaken to the illogical data that is presented, and to further understand that it has an underlying purpose, and to accept that it is done for the purpose of control and for no other reason, then no real progress toward true freedom can be attained. Life for Humanity will continue on, as it has for thousands of years. The games of manipulation that are in progress now are but a prelude to the events to come. The aptitudes and adaptabilities of the human body and psyche are being thoroughly studied in order to ascertain the future uses to which the most adaptable will be expected to withstand. A minimum criterion is being established, and only those that meet these will be kept alive and allowed to procreate. All others are expendable by whatever means are chosen; all of which will be part of the “survival of the adaptable’’ experiments. As unbelievable as this information may seem, it is the real truth of what underlies the chaotic activities that are happening on this planet. What appears to be chaotic to the participants is a well-planned strategy to keep the inhabitants in a state of confusion so that there will be no organization by them in order to exchange information in a real way toward an understanding of what is their intended future.

It is imperative that a portion of Mankind thinks carefully through these messages and comes to see the logic and sense of them. These who are awake and aware must then begin to actively share this information with all that have the ability to expand their awareness in order to understand and accept these concepts through logical thinking, and to begin to become aware that the potential of personal power far exceeds their victim reticence. Furthermore, they must understand that this personal power need not and must not be measured in aggressive tendencies, but in the measure of mental, emotional and spiritual focus. It is also important to understand that the spiritual focus is not that of the traditional “religions” toward a benevolent or malevolent “God’’ outside of the Self. Each must come to understand that their power rests in the recognition that each has the opportunity to participate within the consciousness of galactic citizenship that contributes to the composite of how the creative expansive energies of potentiality are directed either toward positive or negative group experience. Unfortunately, this sector of this galaxy has long been caught up within the negative victim and abuser/aggressor experience.

It will take true commitment and focused desire to break free of this well-established pattern of experience. It is important to note that the matrix of this pattern has now reached a level of vibratory expression that is currently at its limits. It is at a point of vulnerability that will allow it to disintegrate into its own chaotic destruction if a new consciousness among its victims were to become well-established. It is this goal that underlies the purpose of these messages. It is this change in consciousness that can become the catalyst that can bring about change and an end to the extremely negative experience that has held this planet and others within its web. These messages are but part of an organized effort to awaken Humanity on this planet. By opening to the possibility that the information contains Truth with a capital “T”, it is possible to begin to find verification of it through other published material. It must be remembered that available information is published through the perception and prejudice of the personal interpretation of the authors. Thus, contradictions will be found. Truth can be perceived as existing at the center of a circle, with opinion and interpretation focused on it from 360 degrees of observation. It does exist, and the more degrees from which it is observed, the clearer the perception of it becomes. It is the openness to its existence that allows for the clarity and understanding of what is the Truth that is grasped.

That Mankind was purposefully pushed along its path of evolvement for reasons of servitude are at the basis of understanding the situation that the inhabitants of this planet find themselves in at this moment. What must be further understood is that the gift of self-awareness allows Mankind to understand they are not limited to this servitude. It allows them to lift themselves beyond this experience into full galactic citizenship with equal opportunity for continued evolvement and participation in the expansion of potentiality. There is no permission from some unknowable super being required. It is your already inherited gift. However, each must accept the gift and move into the available citizenship, and further accept not only its benefits, but its responsibilities by first realizing and accepting the true situation that surrounds them, and then deciding that it is time to change it now, and not sometime in the future. There are now available shifts in cycles and other coincidental phenomena to support the necessary change in consciousness. These will assist Humanity, but only if the wisdom to take advantage of this perfect time for change is utilized.