It is through the application of the Law of Allowance that the greatest progress will be made with regard to the invocation for manifesting the new paradigm of experience. This is the most difficult of all the Laws to apply, for it requires the letting go of detailing the desired outcome. It is extremely difficult for the limited mind to focus on the outcome without feeling sure that it is necessary to also envision the process by which that outcome will come into being. It cannot be emphasized too much that it is the outcome that it is necessary to focus upon. The question then arises within the mind as to what indeed it should “look” like. The fact is, the most important aspect to “envision” is what it will feel like. Therefore, it is necessary to coin a new expression (such as “enfeel”) in order to place the proper focus on this aspect of manifesting. What is called manifesting is indeed coming into the understanding and the application of the four Universal Laws. These have been simplified in concept and renamed to words that bring forward greater applicability, for they fit within your normally spoken vernacular. Focus, intend and release with “enfeeling” to experience “harmony & balance” is as simple as it is possible to place these wondrous Laws into your conscious awareness.

It is the intent of these messages to be focused at the planetary level for the greatest healing possible. However, that does not indicate that the individual cannot use these Laws for their own experience. Remember, it would be easy for humans to become so caught up within their own “life drama” that the greater purpose for the planet as a whole becomes lost and “falls through the cracks.” The point to remember is that without the healing of the whole, the individual applications of the Law will do little to bring about the freedom of Humanity from the planned scenario of control. Therefore, it is imperative that any personal application of the Laws be focused “within” the greater planetary focus. Thoughts regarding this are most productive if all is “seen and felt” within a holographic picture of all applications contributing to the success of the planet as a whole. Within that focus, each individual success in applying the Laws then contributes to and strengthens the greater focus. Furthermore, the individual then draws a greater contributing focus of energy from the planetary whole into their process, a wondrously helpful boost toward their desired goal. Again, each are reminded to include the statement “for the highest and best good for all.” This releases the “thought thinking” aspect of the action of the Laws in order to utilize energies that otherwise would not be available to contribute to the whole (holographic) pattern.

When properly invoked, the Universal Laws can bring about wondrous changes in situations that otherwise would remain stuck within their current motion and momentum. This remarkable process results in complete re-arrangement of the energetic forces that are in motion. This produces a period of chaotic energy-shifting, but can happen quickly if it is released (allowed) to complete the process without the input of imposed restrictions to its motion by the “intender” by continually adding thoughts to the process on how the Laws must bring about the desired focus. It is this necessary release/allowance that is the key. The educational process has brought Mankind many blessings, but it has also allowed for great limitations. The simple tribal experience associated with faith in guided rituals often brought about remarkable changes with success based on previous experience and allowance of “unknown” energies to bring forth the desired change. It was the allowance of that “wise” outside energy to accomplish the feat that allowed it to happen. How much better it is to understand that the “outside something” is but the naturally existing Laws that underpin all of existence acting through the focus and cooperation of the mind's involved.

It is also important to mention again the added impetus that is gained when more than one mind agrees in basic concept on a desired focus. It is possible to “know” that the agreed-upon desire for a new paradigm of experience can be the encompassing focus. It is possible for it to contain a myriad of individual foci, with each contributing to the success and fulfillment of all when the “highest and best good of all concerned” is the releasing factor. The greatest success is accomplished when the foci is concerned with the outcome and not the how, why, when and ifs that the human mind is so good at conjuring up to contemplate. It is this unneeded contribution that “gums up the works and throws the monkey wrenches” into the process. This not only slows the process but can cause it to fail to manifest or worst of all bring forth a convoluted version of what was potentially possible. Thus, it is again stressed that the discipline of holding the focus on the desired outcome is of the utmost importance in allowing the process of the Laws once set into motion to bring into manifestation that which will serve the greatest number to their highest and best good.

This message will need to be read and reread in order to help each to keep in mind the exactness required in laying the foundation for the successful application of the basic Universal Laws. The habits of the undisciplined mind are deeply engrained. However, practice followed by success and holding to the simple repetition of the basics over and over again will bring about the desired new paradigm of experience. The holographic concept of all fitting together within a matrix that contains infinite variety within a whole can and will allow for the freedom that Mankind yearns to experience.

It will be necessary to incorporate these concepts within the mind and the heart in order that these become the new “god” that each finds necessary to fill the void within. In this way, Mankind can at long last come into the understanding that each is an expression of the Divine Order that is “God” knowing Him/Herself, All-ness in Self-contemplation. It is necessary to further let go of the need to “personify to identify” this greater concept of “God” and accept it as an ongoing process. Consider this carefully.



The empowerment of Humanity is of the utmost importance in the outcome of the entire scenario. This empowerment cannot come from the outside. This is an inside job that each individual human must accomplish on his/her own. This is not to say that there is not guidance available to trigger and assist. These messages are the perfect example, as are the comments, articles, books and all other triggering phenomena that are available to accomplish the awakening of each and all. The overload of media availability to many of the current world inhabitants serves the awakening purposes as much as it does as a mesmerizing tool. It takes constant reinforcement to keep the lid on conscious awareness. However, sudden discernment can cause all of the cleverly layered programming to fall away and understanding to instantly awaken when the proper triggers are activated. A simple statement that makes total logical sense within the thinking/nervous system connection causes a realization to register throughout the awareness and, in that moment, there is a change in the ability to receive a thought(s) that has (have) hitherto gone unheard and unnoticed. It is this process that is the purview of the “ground crew.”

The agreed-upon focus of the “ground crew” involves the awakening process as well as the primary focus of the desire for a new paradigm of experience through “outgrowing” the victim experience and accepting the responsibility for changing the human experience on this planet. All who respond to this challenge are capable of accomplishing it, or the goal would not have appealed to each in the first place. The “Johnny Appleseeds” who plant idea seeds are “heaven sent” to do this. Consider carefully this idiom of speech. Many common sayings, when heard in the new context of change, have been speaking to the consciousness of each for a long time. Those will henceforth have great meaning and will trigger consciousness changes as they are noticed. The awakening process is ongoing once it is begun. Like a good mystery story, one clue leads to another in an ever deepening commitment and synchronicities will become a way of life. Chance comments, a word, a story line, a news note, etc., all will fit into a different context than previously. Particular friendships will have greater meaning and others will diminish in importance as the focus of interest changes.

The work, or the focus of what is necessary to accomplish, will redefine the thoughts and the available time. A natural realignment to what is important will change with little direct attention as far as the personal life is concerned. When the focus and the intent is upon the outcome being for “the highest and best good for all concerned,” it will happen of its own accord. What will be accomplished depends upon the strength of the foundation set forth in the very beginning. The simple statements of intent such as “help for all humans becoming” and “for the highest and best good of all concerned” set that foundation upon a firm and level beginning, for it broadens the focal point beyond the personal scope while yet including it. The globalization of interaction and activity by Humanity at this time no longer allows for experiential change to be limited to a country, a continent or a hemisphere. In order to accomplish the transcendence of Humanity on this planet as a whole, it was necessary for there to be an inclusive global consciousness. Until this was possible, change was only piecemeal and easily destroyed from within as well as through direct intervention by those who plan to continue their control.

In considering the picture from the observational mode of a linear event, timing seems inordinately important. Within the understanding that a picture of wholeness can be filled in by events and circumstances that do not appear to be happening in a sequential mode, it is difficult for those participating to ascertain and comprehend the larger picture. Without understanding accomplishments as they fit within the bigger picture, it requires great self-discipline to hold the desired outcome firmly in one's intentional focus. This is because the increasing inflow of newly awakening awareness requires those of greater understanding to constantly redefine the purpose and the intent. This, in turn, refreshes and renews their own focus. From an energetic-pattern point of view, this provides for a spiraling of greater available dynamism. It is the entry of more and new awakening awareness that provides this important momentum and allows for a continued increase of available energy that offsets the inevitable fallout of those without the ability to maintain their commitment. Many of these will be drawn back into the activity and again provide the addition of needed impetus. As the focused pattern begins to clarify and increase in momentum, its drawing magnetism will begin to be felt within the planetary mass consciousness.

It is when the pattern begins its clarification and its energy begins to draw from the negative focus that the greatest difficulty will be encountered. The assumed superiority of that group is unquestioned in their minds, thus they feel little if any concern about the attempts being made by organized groups to change the perceived future of Earth and its population. It is through the lack of organization and the emphasis on individual change and participation that is now and will continue to allow the transcendence of consciousness to reach the momentum and pattern clarity necessary to change the synthesis of the mass consciousness. Once this point is reached, then the methodology as employed by them to control large segments of the mind of Humanity will erode quickly, provided the momentum can be maintained.

Indeed, critical points will be reached and must be moved through. It is then, in answer to focused and deliberate requests, that outside help can intercede in subtle ways that will assist in moving through those crises moments. “Help to become” will be answered. Thought thinking will provide the exact needed assistance. It will not come as intervention, but as assistance. There is a very important nuance in the different meanings of those words to be contemplated and understood. There will be no mass invasion of extraterrestrial ships to rescue Humanity. That would not allow Mankind to work out their own solution to the dilemma in which it is now embroiled. At all times, Humanity must create its own solution to invoking a new destiny story. There must be no misunderstanding of that fact. Victimhood and galactic citizenship are two opposite poles of experience to be understood and deliberately chosen. This is done by way of myriads of small decisions and actions as experienced on a daily basis by individuals in their own life experiences. These experiences then gather their own energy-pattern, reflecting a larger experience by an intentionally focused group of Humanity. That is what will bring about the changes so greatly desired, prayed and begged for by suffering Humanity through this long and difficult period of its history.



This is the sequential period of time that is the leading edge of the chaos that has been mentioned many times in these messages. The breakdown of the pattern of existence as it has been known on the planet in recent millennium has begun to disintegrate. As in all cases of disintegration, portions of the coagulated (manifested) energy do not dissolve, but tend to break into pieces that become destructive to the portion that remains intact. In order to understand this, think of energy in a formation that resembles a lovely snowflake. Picture it as made of a sturdy material and see in your mind’ s eye portions of it breaking into pieces and being tossed about and causing other portions of the pattern to break down from the impact. Since all manifestation consists of solidified energy, this is a reasonable comparison. Once energy is solidified, it does not return to its origin (light/thought) without being broken down by the same creational process in reverse. However, that process is not an assignment for the "ground crew". The larger picture that encompasses the totality of Earth and its inhabitants transcending the currently planned future contains many separate foci in order to bring the new paradigm of experience into being. It is only necessary that as much understanding of the process as it is possible to explain and is helpful be included. It is more important that each segment of the whole focus on the portion that is their agreed-upon assignment.

While all are curious about what the “big” picture looks like, it would indeed be impossible to explain. It is to be remembered that as “thought thinks,” nuances of change can cause major differences in outcomes. Since freewill is a major component in the process of creation and allows for diversity within wholeness, the mediating factor within the working of the Laws of the Universe is the ability for thought to think within the whole. In other words, “thought thinking” can consider all nuances of change throughout the whole and compensate for those effects that the finite mind has no way of considering. It is the wisdom that evolving consciousness strives to emulate. The Laws of the Universe are totally compatible and cooperative. When the Laws are invoked, and intent and purpose are in cooperation with them, there are never disagreements or discussions as to what, how, or which method or approach is right. It is simply done in the most advantageous way! There is no ego involvement as is present in situations of lesser-evolved thought processes. It is these ideals that are sought in the dimensional progress of evolving consciousness. As these are mastered, each progressive life experience provides for new and different challenges to be lived into wisdom.

One's presence on planet Earth in these times is not, and will not be, lacking in challenges. The opportunity to live challenging experiences into wisdom will abound. Those who can focus their intent and purpose to take advantage of these opportunities will benefit greatly. That is indeed a glib statement that in the moment has little meaning. However, when others are in panic, if one can “keep his/her head clear” and listen to the “knowingness” that is available to all that will listen within, decisive action will prevail in the moment. It is a matter of taking that second or two to listen/feel what is the appropriate thing to do. It is a skill that is acquired by practice. Applying it now in the small decisions that are made each day can provide practice. Much is done by mere habit. As the situation changes, those habitual actions/reactions may no longer be appropriate. It is important to begin to pay attention to the thoughts and feelings, especially those that reflect apprehension or concern. It is time to begin reprogramming the conscious awareness to be more and more active in moment-to-moment decisions. “To do or not to do?” That is the question to be asked within each conscious awareness. It is of utmost importance that these questions are asked of the individual self-awareness rather than asking others for their opinion. Only the individual is experiencing the decision and is in the situation, and the decision may require action in brief moments. Through practice, confidence and trust with that inner knowing part of self will be built.

Becoming involved through commitment to the “ground crew” requires focus of intent and purpose. It also carries with it the advantage of connection to a flow of energy that is purposefully aligned with the Universal Laws and the flow of intelligent thought that supports creative expansion of thought into matter. This connection involves a balance of responsibility and compensation in direct proportion to contribution. It does not reward foolish input that endangers the outcome. Development of the “feeling” of appropriate words and actions are prerequisites to wise participation. The major portion of the process will be accomplished by individual awareness and changes in consciousness, along with dedicated intent and purpose to create the desired new paradigm of experience. It is the focus on the intended outcome through “knowing” that the desired outcome can manifest when participants are in harmony with the Laws and truly desire “the highest and best good for all Humanity on planet Earth”.

It is to be expected that, as the influence of this focus of intent to change the planned destiny of Mankind begins to effect circumstances and situations, the usual method of destruction will be employed (that is, to infiltrate and destroy from within the organization). However, there will be no organization to destroy. No doubt, some individuals will be “removed” from the focus, but there will be few, if any, records to indicate what individuals are responsible for the change taking place. Once the triggers alter the conscious thinking process of those participating, this will be the only connection that can be made, on a one-by-one basis. Meanwhile, the spread of each individual's change in consciousness will continue along, with its own inevitable results.

Therefore, the purposeful intent to structure the change within the individual consciousness serves a dual purpose. It increases the opportunity for individual evolvement and provides the vehicle for the advancement and transcendence of the planetary whole, without the danger to life and limb that would be associated with the usual rebellion scenarios that have been repeated over and over, to little or no avail. The advantages are many, most of which are yet beyond the limited human mind to comprehend. That, too, will change. With the acceptance of self and planetary responsibility, the brain/mind will activate itself to a greater and greater degree. Though purposefully imposed, the limited brain capacity was held in place by the victim consciousness. That, in turn, was held in place by the desire to be rescued by a source outside the self and Humanity as a whole. This further provides the understanding for the weekly programming lessons that stress the need to ask for outside help in all areas of life, to turn over one's life to outside greater wisdom and the media depiction of the constant stream of victim situations. All is carefully coordinated to keep the victim consciousness firmly anchored within the mass consciousness. It is our purpose to change the mass consciousness to that of personal and planetary responsibility, where it belongs!



Within the blessing of education, the proliferation of broadcast communication, and the printed word for the distribution of knowledge lies the problem of discerning what is of value and what is deliberately placed within these sources to mislead and misinform. Herein is the next level of understanding that discernment as to what is appropriate and true must be applied to all input. Within each is the source of such guidance. The ability to tap into this wisdom is present within all and latent within most. The lessons in learning to discern what is appropriate and what is not are many and frustrating. For most, these are trial and error with difficulty in figuring out what purpose experience serves in life. Once the concept of discernment is understood, it is learning to use this important tool that is at the basis of many of life’s trials. It then becomes a useful tool that enhances experiencing knowledge into wisdom.

It is to be understood that discernment is a tool that replaces what has been called judgment. Each can then release the self-deprecation that comes from “judging” self and others as being right or wrong. Discernment is an internal process that eliminates looking outside of one’s self for the cause of the seemingly difficult experiences that plague the human life. The dictionary lists “insight” as an appropriate synonym. Discernment can be applied in a before or after mode. It is wise to consult one’s inner feelings carefully before undertaking an experience. It can be further applied in retrospect to understand what lesson can be gleaned from an experience that is happening or has happened. Unless a lesson is learned, it is likely to be repeated until it is “discerned.” Then a realization of what the intended lesson is/was happens within the understanding of the individual or group.

The practice of discernment is part of the application of the Law of Allowance. In order to adequately consider the appropriateness of an undertaking in either the before, during or after mode, you are required to “let go” of the emotions involved in the experience so that the logic of it can be considered. This may be an ongoing process of consideration before the totality of the lesson is gained. Even partial understanding and realization of its purpose in the totality of the life experience allows for greater knowledge to become wisdom which, in turn, allows the individual to apply this and change their pattern of expression to include different possibilities. In order to consider the situation and its circumstances, there is a “letting go” that is necessary in order to allow the mind to consider the possibilities of the who, what, why and how of the total picture. If there is considerable open mindedness, possible scenarios can be played out in order to determine the greatest number of possibilities. Through this process, the more logical meanings become clear. Through this release, needed solutions often become accessible because the mind has been allowed to reach inward in order to access the available wisdom from within. Each has a storehouse of available wisdom that is obtainable through the practice of discernment. There must be a desire to lift personal experience out of the daily morass of pointless repetition, judgment and blame.

In order to shed the victim consciousness, the individual must be willing to turn their view of life from looking outside for the cause of situations and circumstances to looking inside for the causes that invoke what the Law of Attraction has brought into experience. These causes are to be found within attitudes, opinions and self-talk, for the mind is speaking within each individual in a constant flow of chatter. Within this internal dialogue or conversation are the keys to many of the patterns of thought and behavior that set up the situations and circumstances that are being experienced. Changing these patterns that are the basis for the creation of the life pattern is not a simple task, but a good beginning can be made with the awareness that it all begins with discernment. The world does not just happen to anyone. It is invited through the Law of Attraction, for like attracts like. A victim attitude not only draws fellow victims into ones life, but also abusers to provide the victim experience. As each begins to accept the responsibility that the cause is within their own pattern of experience, and are willing to accept this idea, then the practice of discernment is possible.

The discerning individual will find it necessary to logically assess their attitudes and opinions. Are they judgmental and blaming of others? Are there always reasons that the self is not responsible for what is going on in the life experience? If so, then denial of personal responsibility is blocking all progress and the cycle of victimhood is established. Until such time as this can be looked at with logic and the pattern discerned, it remains locked into the experience. It is necessary to desire to change these basic controlling factors, look and listen to what is thought and said and purposefully change the basic pattern. The results will take time and diligent correction in order to see the changing pattern in experience. However, the pattern must change if the intent and purpose are held in focus and thought and words are changed. Statements made can be restated in a positive mode, this then changes the first statement. Thoughts can be “re-thought.”

Simple as this message content is, there are few, if any, who cannot find application of these ideas in their daily experience. The practice of discernment is an ongoing focus through many levels of experience. Looking within at attitudes, opinions, statements and thoughts often reveals interesting and applicable causes. Each is encouraged to apply these suggestions in an ongoing fashion.

Discernment is further practiced in considering and choosing what information is true. It is a wise practice to set up the discernment process by stating in thought that one wishes to discern truth before listening, watching or reading. In that way the mind discards what is not true and retains what, if anything contained, is true. What is truth for one is not always truth for another. Each pattern of experience sets up a different ability to glean what is necessary to know. It is encouraged that this suggestion be used when reading these messages.



As the sequence of events seem to accelerate and lineal time to pass more quickly, the chaos will grow. Each individual will experience their own sequence of events that are only a small portion of the total picture. The controlled media will report only segments of the true picture. When viewed from the perspective of the planetary whole, there is a far greater degree of chaos now present than can be perceived by Humanity. Those yet in zones of calm have little frame of reference for the experiences of those who are in the midst of war, geological or weather phenomena. Although greater global awareness is present, there is yet little exchange of actual experiential trauma between these separate experiences. It would not serve the planetary wholeness if there were such a connection so that all were experiencing the trauma of those within the distressed areas. Those that appear to be uninvolved serve to hold the equilibrium of the planet steady as the chaos is experienced elsewhere. There is a balancing that takes place.

It is planned by those in power to increase the experience of chaos in order that this balance may be forfeited. This plan to deliberately upset the balance by increasing the chaos beyond the planet’s ability to retain its balance is based upon the theory that once the imbalance reaches a certain point, it can be pushed into a negative vibration that will change its access by positive energy foci. In other words, the planet would then be wholly owned by those of negative energy vibration and would then no longer be accessible by those of balanced or positive energy vibrations.

In order to accomplish this, it has been thought that it was necessary to lower the vibrational fields of the inhabitants to a point that survival of some would be possible when the conversion to pure negative energy is completed. The installations of massive energy converters in order to bombard the ionosphere have been planned for this purpose. The testing of these converters appears to be for reasons other than what is planned. Indeed they are to “protect” the planet from positive foci and appear to the planners to be accomplishing their intended purpose.

The question remains as to whether the theory on which all of this is predicated is one that will produce the desired change of polarity, and if it were applicable, what are the implications that would accompany the result. When change is undertaken within the Laws of the Universe, the “thought thinking” principle can and does work through all the possibilities and probabilities and reaches a conclusion as to feasibility. When change is attempted without this inclusive aspect of wisdom, there is the inherent danger that unknown factors are disregarded and the outcome is likely to be unstable at some point in the process. This then brings the situation to the consideration as to how far freewill can be allowed to operate if the use of it involves massive risk to whole segments of Creation.

Freewill with regard to individual experience is inviolate. However, when “will” is focused into a situation that is for the deprivation and destruction of not only the freewill choice of evolving consciousness, but to the point of destruction of the soul energy at the basis of life expression, then careful consideration must take place as to how this situation may be handled. The situation not only demands consideration and decisions, but also involves the decision of what intelligent foci may be involved in making that decision. In other words, a stacked deck cannot exist either for or against the continuation of the experience. This creates a considerable dilemma in coming up with a consortium of qualified and empowered “beings” willing to become involved in such a situation, for serving in this capacity puts their own evolution at risk. Evolution is, in reality, a growing participation in responsibility. It is not a movement to a Utopian existence of lesser involvement or fewer responsibilities. Just as maturation into earthly experience naturally involves greater participation and responsibility, so also does evolvement into the higher dimensional realms.

A great “talent” search was initiated in order to find a cohesive group willing to consider the dilemma that the situation upon this small planet contains. To say that it covered a great deal of manifested reality is an understatement. The vested interests in the future of this planet are varied, well established and of intensely determined purpose. At the irrefutable basis of any solution is the will of the human population on the planet involved. It is then self-evident that those who would retain their control of the planet would make every effort to make sure the inhabitants “decide” that change is undesirable. Herein lies the purpose of the massive release of communication devices and the focus on the retention of the victim consciousness. The foundation of victim consciousness has been carefully laid within the religious foci from the very beginning. It has allowed for control of the progress of Mankind not only in the discovery of the “god-like” qualities that are inherent to all, as well as access to the understanding and application of the Universal Laws, but also to the understanding and ability to relate to the “creator mind” that is available within the outflow of undifferentiated energy at the basis of all Creation.

The key to the entry of the gathered wisdom foci is held within the collective mass consciousness of Humanity. Unless the individual and collective desire of Humanity for freedom from the oppressive outside intervention that has been present on this planet for thousands of years is focused toward an end to this situation, it cannot and will not change. The only possible help that can be given at the moment is to focus energies into the available thought realms surrounding the planet in the hope that individuals will accept these subtle suggestions in order to augment the desires that are already there to bring forth a change within the collective thinking of Mankind as a whole. This seems like drops into an ocean of misery, but in accordance with the freewill principle, nothing further can be done.

The presence of craft from positive origins (what are called extraterrestrial visitors) among those of negative and earthly origin, as well as visible energy patterns imprinted on the surface of the planet, has been increased. It is hoped that these will stimulate curiosity and trigger into greater awareness some of the volunteers that now risk their level of evolvement in service to their fellow humans. These messages are received and circulated by individuals that are responding to this plan. Those of you that hear of these, read and respond to them are, in reality, coming into greater harmony with the energy of concern and the desire to assist that is being generously focused into the atmosphere surrounding Earth. The electrical charges that are being forced into the energy-fields encircling Earth are being placed there in an effort to block all positive support for the planet and its inhabitants. Fortunately, all efforts in harmony with the Laws of the Universe are supported by the intelligence of “thought thinking” which finds ways to circumvent such plans. If Mankind can indeed be triggered to desire its freedom, despite the plans to block any such assistance, then the Universal Laws can and will support them. However, the focus is to be held on that which is desired, instead of retaliation and resorting to the old methods that have failed to bring Mankind any manifestation of their desire for change in the past. In other words, the focus must not resemble that which it is desired to leave behind.

The human population that desires to experience the opportunity to evolve in freedom from oppression must focus on what is desired and let go of the experiences of the past. These have led them in a continuous circle of repeating what has been taught to them by the example of their oppressors. The same blood/DNA of those oppressors flows in the blood of Humanity. The question remains as to whether there are enough humans on this planet that have evolved beyond those genetic aberrations that do not serve their advancement. Can they focus on the desire for freedom from the repetitious pattern of life as they know it, and transcend it into a new paradigm of experience? Can they now live those experiences into wisdom?



When each individual being incarnates on this planet, it is with the explicit intention of blessing all experiences into wisdom, not only for themselves, but also for the planetary whole. It would seem that each individual life expression can hardly be a blessing to the planet and its inhabitants as a unit, but that is very much the case. Each has the opportunity to focus her/his life experience for the “good of all concerned.” That inclusion is far reaching indeed! When this intention can be coupled with harmonious application of the Universal Laws, a great contribution to the planetary consciousness is made. Fame or fortune need not accompany this contribution. Most often, the greatest contributions are made in obscurity and often without the conscious knowledge of the person doing so. These individuals simply experience life as a pleasant and harmonious sojourn. These are often recognized as being an “old soul.” A term applied to those who seem to create for themselves an experience of simplicity and contentment and no recognition is given to them as accomplishing any thing in particular. However, from a larger perspective, their contributions are a major balancing factor.

This does not in anyway take away from those that do place themselves in the forefront of activity and contribute greatly to the focus of attention to not only great “good,” but also to great “evil.” It is difficult to consider that those that focus evil into recognition are of service to the planetary whole. It can be considered that they draw to them the evil that is present in the mass consciousness as a boil draws the infection present within a body to a crisis point so that it may burst or be incised and removed, and healing may take place. It is the tendency of Humanity to judge and blame individuals and situations from their individual point of view, rather than from the larger picture of planetary wholeness. Each has their own particular purpose for reincarnating and, through the Law of Attraction, bringing into experience what is needed to complete the purpose for the lifetime. As mentioned previously, each lifetime is a contribution to a greater totality of experiencing into wisdom. There exists a holograph of experience that requires the completion of various segments of experience in order that completion may be experienced.

Therefore, it is unwise for individuals to decide what is good or bad with regard to the behavior of others, as well as their choice of lifestyle. Each is to strive to accomplish what seems important in the moment and to listen to the inner guidance that is available to all. It is difficult to do this in an environment of coercion at all levels and periods of life experience. Fortunately, there are those that do hear and/or feel strongly what is appropriate for them and consistently move toward their unknown goal/s. Frustrating as it is, it is one of the requirements that the goal/s are either forgotten or are influenced out of the awareness by the parent/religion/government influences present from birth until death.

As each moves through their sequential life experience, it is impossible for them to ascertain their success or failure with regard to attaining the intended goal. Each must follow their guidance and “keep on keeping on”. A life filled with synchronicities, as well as one that answers inner urgings to undertake what seem to be appropriate actions and that appear to accomplish the desired goals, may well be on “track.” This is especially true when the ultimate purpose is for “the highest and best good of all concerned.” This may be stated in other ways such as “creating a win-win situation in all ways possible,” etc. It is the intention that is measured! Through ethical intention, the first two Universal Laws are invoked.

If “ethical” is a prerequisite, then why indeed does evil seem to succeed? It is because the Laws work regardless of whom employs them. It is the outcome that is measured by the ethical intention of the “highest and best good of all concerned.” The intended manifestation process that is contrary to the “good of all” must reach a crossover point where unknown instability destroys what is not harmonious in the larger picture, for there are no individual minds capable of interpreting all possibilities. It is the clarity and duration of the intended focus that does hold an “evil” situation in manifestation beyond the normal point of destruction. Knowledge of the Universal Laws is not normally an unknown. Therefore, those who plan to hold onto Earth as a colony know and understand their application well. It is the human population that has been denied the knowledge and understanding of them so that they cannot use them to help free themselves from the plan to continue their enslavement. It can therefore be understood why the knowledge of these important laws is a prerequisite to those humans calling forth the freedom of Earth’s inhabitants.

These messages have, from the beginning, been leading the readers toward the acceptance of the Truth that they contain. It has been necessary to slowly and carefully lay a foundation of understanding that moves beyond blame for the condition in which Humanity finds itself. It is important than Mankind accept the responsibility that they have allowed themselves to be duped and mislead over thousands of years to be the slaves and toys of those who would control them. The plan to hold them in this deplorable condition has been carefully implemented since Man has been allowed to “rule himself.” That these human rulers were/are carefully controlled is absolutely true. By absenting themselves, the true rulers have hidden their influence behind blind faith, augmented by cruel punishment for disobedience meted out by “a God of love.” The paradox of this claim has kept Mankind in a constant turmoil, and exactly where it was planned that they be. It is the hope of those waiting patiently for evolved humans to see through the ruse and to declare among themselves the intention of ending this practice once and for all. It is the key to all hope for creating a new paradigm of experience.



It is essential for the ground crew to understand that their commitment is to assist Humanity to take advantage of their assistance, as well as the opportunity to assist in the completion of the various cycles that are reaching their culmination. Beyond that, the actual outcome is to be allowed. Indeed, those members of the ground crew that participate will ultimately 'sink or swim' with the human population on the planet. However, in lifetimes that are yet to be experienced, the rewards for this work will be directly experienced if the effort to free those on this planet fails. Those members of the ground crew that do not answer the call to complete their mission will indeed become part of the destiny of the human population. It is the risk that was known to them in the beginning of this process. The degree of the opportunity available depends upon the participation of each individual. In no way is this intended to be a threat, but instead as encouragement to look carefully into one's inner awareness as to the validity of these messages, and to “feel” what is the appropriate response. Participation within this phase of the plan is not appropriate for every human. To become aware that there is a plan that can lead to greater freedom to evolve can then motivate those individuals that do not fit into this particular focus to diligently search for their proper place within the overall efforts involved in birthing the new paradigm.

Humanity stands upon the brink of opportunity or disaster. Those are blunt words, but it is not to the advantage of an entire planet to mince words and walk softy. The process is proceeding according to both plans and a convergence point is looming in the not too far distant future, as it is experienced in sequential time. Those in awareness must focus and direct their intent to participate, and to involve as many as possible within their focus of intent. Tomorrow is not soon enough to begin.

What has been known and experienced is what is expected to continue in at least a somewhat familiar format. This will not birth the new paradigm. Atlantis, whether believed as real or as a myth, is an example of this. The story that is known is of a continent containing a greatly advanced civilization with a well-developed scientific community and a very strong religious priesthood that controlled the development of all phases of the civilization. Though there were survivors, most of these were reduced to what is termed “caveman” status, for their tools of advancement were lost under the sea. The stories of “how it was” became mythology within a generation. After the passage of several thousand years, what now exists in comparison? Again, a well-developed scientific community that is controlled behind the scenes by religious and supposedly “esoteric” brotherhoods. Behind these, in reality, are the extraterrestrial true rulers who are making sure that their colony stays under their control. The reduction of Mankind to utter poverty of physical and religious experience failed to allow them to maintain a destiny of continuous enslavement.

Unless a focused portion of the population is willing to take on the responsibility of deliberately intending to change the repeating cycle of “apparent advancement followed by the return to poverty of body, mind and spirit”, nothing will change. The age-old question of “Why does God allow this if He truly loves his beings?” rises to the minds of Humanity over and over again. The answer is always the same, freewill! If self-aware beings choose victim consciousness, the Law of Attraction will provide them with fellow victims and abusers in order to maintain the experience. The desire to move through the victim experience, thereby experiencing it into wisdom with the intention of creating a new paradigm of experience for the whole of Mankind and this planet, is the purposeful intent that is necessary. This must be held in the forefront of all thought regarding this process. Will this salvage the planet and all of the human awareness units on the planet? Only those who are willing to participate. Who these will be will be decided within the soul matrix of each individual.

Participating in life experience at the 3rd dimensional level blocks an individual's understanding of the activity of Creation that occurs in the higher dimensions of experience, which underlay or support those of the lower vibrational levels of existence. Life is often thought of as becoming more focused and rising up to a point of completion resembling a pyramidal experience. Using this example, it is necessary to understand that the pyramidal experience is supported by focused thought that may be understood to be its energetic counterpart, thus creating a double-pointed structure. That which is seen or experienced is supported by an energetic format of focused thought, and these interact in an ongoing basis. If this thought format were to be withdrawn, the manifested portion would cease to exist. Each human life is supported by an energetic focus that holds it in format. Each mountain and grain of sand is held in focus by its energetic counterpart. To illustrate this principle within the life experience, a business or organization is held in experience by the thoughts of those who participate by their focused thought. If that is withdrawn, it no longer continues to exist. It continues or it fails, based upon the factors required and whether or not these were included in the focus of attention and intention.

The information contained above can be carried over into the previous discussion of placing attention and intention within the application of the basic Laws of the Universe. By releasing them in harmony through proper intent, the action of the “thought thinking” function of the Laws can and does supply the factors required for true manifestation of the desired outcome to the highest and best good of all concerned. If the intent is held firmly in mind and heart and at the same time released and allowed to manifest through the action of the Laws, the outcome will assuredly be harmonious.

While the information contained herein is often repetitious, it is written so that each may be convinced that there is a way out of the ongoing repetitious cycle of experience into a different adventure. Life fully embraced leads to wondrous adventures.



When the time arrives for each individual to make the decision as to whether these messages are in fact guidance indicating what their mission in this life may be on this planet at this time, a resonance with this greater objective will fill the void that has been felt within. Recognized or not, until each identifies what their particular dominant purpose is, there is a need to search and find it. This leads to physical changes in location, career changes and frequent visitations to various churches as well as other community and athletic endeavors. Often times, it necessitates fervent participation within a focus that does not satisfy the empty need in hopes that more of the same will eventually be fulfilling. Mankind has been denied the understanding of how to commune with the greater aspects of that part of him/herself that has placed their awareness into this life experience. This aspect is alluded to in religious literature but with little meaningful guidance. Meditation is taught, but the overload of media input along with the stressful lifestyle of “modern” life seldom allows most to reach a point at which the mind is able to free itself to reach the quiet point required to commune with the focusing aspect. It is as though the brain cells are stimulated to an operating mode that cannot slow down to a resting point of awareness. In this state of stimulation, the thought processes do not function normally. The thoughts are not comprehended and considered and are instead, simply processed through. This then accounts for what is often referred to as the “dumbing down” of the modern day mind.

This frantic mode is further displayed in life styles that reflect constant busyness through hurrying from one task to another. Relaxation is musical noise, TV, movies or videos. Sleep is induced with alcohol, sex, drugs, or late night eating, resulting in exhaustion of the body’s functions. Simple quiet time such as sitting to observe a sunset and contemplating the joy of being alive, of counting ones multitude of blessings is seldom done, even by the older members of the current culture. The learned busyness is continued until disease or infirmity demands a slowdown. The point to be made here is that those who choose to participate in this focus of intention to create a new paradigm of experience must realign their priorities. In order to create something new, a separation from the attachments to the old must be eventually severed. That does not mean that participation must be given up, but that their importance must be allowed to diminish. In order to contemplate what is new, there must be quiet space within the awareness to do this. Priorities must change to allow for slowing down the participation in meaningless endeavors and a greater peace sought through choice. Quietness must be redefined from boredom to peacefulness.

Seeking peace in proximity to urban noise, airwaves filled with unseen but very present vibrations, and living amid crowded visual surroundings is challenging. Artificial light prevents the ability to observe and enjoy the evening twilight and the view of the star-filled heavens. What countryside is close by is also filled with exterior lights. Work schedules continue day and night. The planet itself has extensive areas of constant activity that further exhausts the wholeness of the global entirety. Is this purposeful? Indeed, for it separates humanity from its connection to the planet that nurtures it and prevents Mankind from reciprocating in any way. Humanity at large is on a “taking binge” with little understanding of the necessity of a return flow of energy to the planet through appreciation and honoring the provisions that maintain life.

How then do those who accept this change of focus come into balance and harmony with the global whole in order to enhance and magnify their presence into a focus that will augment the necessary transition? The way is through applying the Laws of the Universe within their own experience. It can be done through intention and attention to what choices can be made to bring as many peaceful moments into each day as possible. The Law of Attraction will work when the attention and intention is clear. Time off from frantic activity, even a small space of quiet time, can have a “grounding” or quieting effect. Positive prayer that centers on appreciation and blessing of the self and others rather than on what appears to be lacking in life will change the experience. Who one thanks is of little importance, for this again is the need to personify and identify. “The power that Is” is sufficient identification. It is the thankful “heart” (feelings) that is important. One cannot expect to create a more abundant experience if one is not appreciative of what is already within the current experience. By honoring what is, the Law of Attraction is invoked.

Thus, it is important to find positive attributes in the current experience to appreciate and honor even as a new paradigm of experience is desired. This is the paradox that is found throughout Creation. In order to have what is new, it is necessary to honor aspects of what is present as a stepping stone on which to stand before creating a new stepping stone to continue the progress. To honor something does not make it necessary to carry it on into the next phase. Again, it is necessary to point out that the grateful heart reflects a feeling aspect that resonates with the Law of Attraction that brings into experience more for which to be grateful. It is the way it works.



As the sequence of events begins to accelerate, it is time for those who are committed to the change of experience for Humanity on this planet to seriously focus on the idea of the realization of the new paradigm. In order for it to manifest into the reality of experience, it must first become real in the minds of those who identify with this idea. It is rather like pulling the proverbial rabbit from the hat. The event as seen requires focused intent “behind the scene” and a great deal of practice in focusing on this desire in order for it to appear. The event itself is a manifestation of the intent that precedes it. What appears as a magical event to the observers involves instead focused practice and the intent to mystify and surprise. There is a direct correlation to the birthing of the planned new paradigm of experience. The new paradigm will arise out of the “grass roots” desire of Humanity to end the current descent into slavery. Under what appears as complacency and ignorance of what is going in the life of the “average” person is the feeling that “things are not quite right.” Beneath that awareness is a cognition that is sending forth a signal calling for balance and harmony within the planetary experience. This psychic signal is the platform that provides for the creation of the new paradigm. It is upon this critical foundation that those who read and identify with these messages have permission to dream/imagine the framework that will begin manifesting into reality the desired new experiences.

The key to the survival of this focus lies in its lack of organization. There is nothing to infiltrate and nothing of substance that appears to support its existence. But exist it does! It exists in the minds of growing numbers of individuals and answers untold uttered and unuttered prayers to countless ideas of Divine power that are believed to possess the ability to intervene. In truth, it is the manifestation of these prayers and the underlying desire for balance and harmony that is coming forth as the “messages” and the focusing of these through individual minds into the mass consciousness. This, then, is the answer to these “prayers” and desires. The Divine intervention is manifesting through those who desire it. The invocation is made through thought and is being answered in like manner. Since thought is the impetus for all creation, the invocation and the answer are in the most powerful and yet subtle form. It is also the most defensible when it is firmly held and emotionally powered. No amount of subliminal influence can alter the emotionally held conviction that is focused upon a desired manifestation. Desire, firmly held in mind with emotional knowingness that the possibility of its actuation is feasible, can and will manifest. It matters only that the perception that is held by many is generally identifiable through statements of purpose.

Those who are now actively involved within their own focus, with or without a small group, have now reached a quorum to allow the invocation of more help from outside sources. Meditations/prayers and simple thought requests are encouraged to be directed to request help in order to assist Humanity to focus on a different experience as a solution rather than on the problematic situation that surrounds them. Greater awareness of the problems serves to promote an awakening from ignorance, but in no way provides for a solution to those problematic situations that are enumerated. Indeed, that which is hidden behind the problems and that which invokes them is organized with intentions that are deeper and darker than can possibly be ascertained from the currently known situations. The hoped for return to prior known experiences would in no way hold these dark intentions in check. It must be clearly understood that all hope must be focused toward the invocation of a new paradigm of experience. The past must be allowed to become the past. The future must be imbued with the hopes, plans and dreams of harmony and balance within the application of the basic Laws of Universal experience. It is the shift into this tried and true method of manifestation that will provide the solution to Mankind’s dilemma. It is through focus on what is unknown and yet to be discovered that the present is let go to become the past and that which the future can offer is discovered.

What is unknown conjures up either excitement or fear. It is important that the ground crew builds upon the emotion of excitement and anticipation in order to provide greater potential for manifesting the new paradigm into realized experience. That which begins as the nucleus of the intention will then draw to it what is necessary in order to bring about the maturation of the original idea, and allow for what might be compared to cellular growth and expansion of this idea into manifested reality. What begins as a small focus of intent then expands from within and can be promoted further by help from without. The available help can offer protection which further enables the natural expansion to continue rather than be contained by those who would prefer that this intentional focus be aborted or die in its infancy. It is this kind of help that it would be wise to invoke during prayer or meditation or focused thought. It is “help to help yourselves” so to speak. It is requests for help to open up the path of Mankind before them so that it can be seen and understood as it is experienced into reality. That kind of help fits within the Laws of Galactic Citizenship to be exchanged between its members, freely asked for and freely given. “Help us to help ourselves!” It invokes no indebtedness between members. It is the way of advancement in which all that can, help all that ask, but those must be willing to help themselves in the process. It cannot be done for them. The means of help is left to the helpers, for often generally worded requests for help are filled from a greater understanding that brings forth results undreamed of by those requesting it. Greater thought-thinking is always available to answer requests formatted within the basic Universal Laws. Thus, requests that include “for the highest and best good of all concerned” will invoke this greater wisdom with extraordinary results guaranteed.

It is hoped that those who identify with these messages and intentionally change their objective to bringing forth the new paradigm of experience for Mankind on this planet will remember to hold this focus in the forefront of their attention. The principles contained are, of course, available for application within personal experience. It is strongly suggested that dedication toward the planetary whole is the basis upon which the individual experience is focused. To change only the individual experience will not change the planetary experience. However, changing the planetary experience is guaranteed to change the individual experience. Both can and may be coordinated by those who truly desire to take advantage of a time that is ripe with opportunity for rapid evolvement. There is much to be understood, and the choice involved is momentous for Mankind as a whole and each individual that chooses to be consciously involved. “Pray” (think and ask clearly) that enough individuals make the correct choices and purposeful application of focused intention that the highest good is manifested for all concerned. (To what or who this request is directed matters not.) What is the highest and best good for both individuals and Mankind is an unknown. Judgment withheld allows the 3rd Universal Law to wield its powerful influence. The coordinated action of the first three manifests the 4th, harmony and balance, which is the essence of the goal of the new paradigm Humanity desires to experience.

All begins with the consideration of possibilities, then choice. Choose carefully!



Circumstances, situations and events are perceived through the sequential experience pattern of the earth plane by way of a reformatting of a greater experiential matrix. It compares somewhat to unraveling a knitted sweater into a long thread that only retains the individual kinks that made up the stitches. It is impossible to ascertain what the sweater looked like from the pile of kinky yarn that is then observed. Thus, each event in the sequential chain of events is all that can be perceived of an existing prototype that is whole and complete. Once the experiential chain of sequential events has reached a completion point of its cycle and a reality is experienced as complete, a perspective of the entire event can be glimpsed. However, it is only one perspective of a holographic whole.

The concept of time that is the basis for perceiving sequential events exists and is experienced differently within each level of manifested reality. With the ability to perceive a greater and greater perspective of a whole, the importance of minute-by-minute time calculation becomes less relevant. What becomes important is the encompassing process that contains the situation or event as it is completed into a whole experience. It is like watching the sweater being knitted as a whole from freshly spun yarn. As it is knitted, it becomes the background for the embroidery of individual experiences. The same sweater background is perceived and embroidered by each individual who is living within its influence. Each sees their version of the sequence of events, situations and circumstances that then makes up a larger and larger group experience as perceived by all from a myriad of perspectives. The consensus of the group perspective then becomes the “mass consciousness” experience. Out of that generalized agreement, laws, rules and regulations govern what is generally acceptable behavior. It is this consensus of acceptable group behavior that is so important to the oppressors to influence. The more uniform and regimented the world population is, the easier it is to influence and control through identity in a “global” perception rather than within cultural, ethnic or national allegiances.

At the same time as the globalists are attempting to standardize the human life experience into a robotic and more easily controllable worldwide situation, the human psyche is longing to individualize. The larger view of this intense struggle between containment and creative expression is beginning to clarify into groups of varying experiences. A large percentage are being slowed and standardized into a hypnotic zombie like existence. Others are caught up in frenzied-like accomplishment of various extremes of life experiences. Some are lost in various group foci that exploit their fellow humans, etc. Underlying the whole chaotic scene are the mind manipulators that carry out their influencing experiments on their human sacrificial guinea pigs. Mind programming, medical experiments in the form of prescription drugs and vaccines, illegal hard drugs, food additives, food combinations, unseen vibratory waves from commonly used communication devices, appliances, etc., all influence the human body and the vibratory/electrical spark of life that animates it. These conveniences provide seeming comfort and ease, and are thus difficult to even conceive of giving up. It is not the concept of them that is counter-productive to human experience, it is that they have been designed in a planned format that is intended to accomplish very specific negative goals for mind manipulation and control of body functions. In other words, all these beneficial items can be made within a format that would support the life forms on this planet. It is important to understand that these were designed purposefully to slow and confuse the vibratory life force that inhabits all living forms on this planet with the direct objective of eliminating all but the most resistant that these may then breed the most adaptive future slave stereotype. Mankind must come to realize that just as they have thought nothing of doing genetic breeding of life forms that they considered “lesser,” so also are they considered a lesser life form by those who direct these human lackeys to misuse their fellow humans. Those who allow themselves to be used in this way are given no more, and probably even less, appreciation than the average human. If these will betray their own kind, then they are truly untrustworthy, and that is not a desirable characteristic for a slave archetype.

It is important that as many open-minded humans as possible come into the understanding of just what their true status is insofar as those who consider this planet their colony are concerned. This is not meant to cause any re-evaluation of the worth of Humanity to a lesser value. Indeed not! Humanity has running through its veins the blood, the DNA, the potential of all self-aware beings to evolve within the plan of Creation. What is important to grasp is that Humanity faces the enviable challenge of throwing off the yoke of outside influence and facing up to taking responsibility for creating its own future. It will be through growing to accept this challenge and creating a way through this experience that the true autonomous qualities that have been deliberately forced into a latent state must now be called forth and brought into focused application. These are not the warlike tendencies of competition that have been cultivated and encouraged, but those of responsibility, courage and cooperation that will bring about the spiraling of evolvement into galactic citizenship. These will lift the human consciousness out of the seemingly hopeless struggle that surrounds it, and allow the planet and those inhabitants who change their perspective to transcend this present situation. Those who identify with this new paradigm of experience will move into it. Those who do not, will be allowed more experience until another opportunity is created individually or collectively to choose again. Advancement is available to those that choose carefully and decidedly. Again, each is encouraged to consider thoughtfully.