The time to prepare for the adversities to come is now. What can be done? It is imperative that each begins not with the outer concerns, but with that which is within. By that, it is meant that each must come into the realization that the attitude and opinions about who and what each one is must be the basis. It must be fully understood that time and consent are the two necessary ingredients to be contributed by each. The time is now and the consent is to accept a total change in the understanding of who and what each of you are. Each is to begin by opening themselves to the idea that virtually all that has been taught with regard to the past, present and future of all of Humanity on this planet has been a deception. It is also necessary to accept as true reality that which has been written or spoken as myth, that which has been denied, and what has been predicted/prophesied as the inevitable future. A new foundation must be laid as a basis for the new conception of Humanity as wholistic, self-contained beings whose inner awareness is the source of their identity.

The process of changing the reality from that of gaining permission to exist from an outside source to that of personal responsibility is not an easy transition. It requires rethinking most awareness processes. The training process, designed for Humanity to ask permission to literally exist, is begun at the earliest stages of development, and is presently programmed into virtually every facet of ongoing life experience. Once the truth of the deception is accepted, then the change of belief is confronted in each day’s myriad number of small decisions. Each momentary choice must be examined in the beginning in order to determine whether it is influenced by personal inner knowingness regarding its appropriateness in light of the new foundation for understanding. The right to make a personal decision as to what to do also carries with it a choice not only as to the appropriateness with regard to the person making it, but also with regard to how the decision will affect those to whom the effects will ripple outward and touch. This requires the acceptance of responsibility with regard to a larger picture. The effects can no longer be transferred to the “power” that was formerly responsible for granting the desire, but must be accepted by the individual making the decision. The effects of the decision must be accepted and carried forth by the decision-maker. Thus, the acceptance to participate in the creation of a new picture of human experience entails the process of maturation into galactic citizenship, rather than subordination to an overseeing entity. Through the careful consideration of this concept, it can be seen that any acceptance of the disadvantages of “slavery” has also provided the advantage of "ducking" the responsibilities that taking control of one’s own experience carries with it.

Just as the settlers/pioneers, who followed the discovery of the North American continent by the European countries, sailed across unknown waters into unknown situations, so also will the “new awareness pioneers” find adversities to encounter and resolve on a moment-to-moment basis. The most important will be found within their own conscious awareness, for it will be there that the decisions will be made that determine the outcome of Humanity’s future for a very long time to come. The coordination of cosmic cycles that are available to assist in this epic consciousness change will not be available to assist again for a long time in linear counting. The focus of awareness by the cosmic/galactic forces will allow the mass conscious decision by Humanity to rule its future, and turn their attention elsewhere. Earth’s human population has this opportunity to mature and grow into greater evolvement, but it will not be forced upon them. The opportunity is just that, an opportunity offered. It must be accepted and acted upon in order to bring about the changes that are available. It cannot be accomplished by only a few, but those few must spread their understandings with concerted effort and zeal in order that the necessary quotient can be reached. It will not be easy. It cannot be put off any longer or left for someone else to accomplish. The window of opportunity will remain open for a mathematically exact time and when it closes, it simply closes. If it does, the future of Earth’s inhabitants and the planet is bleak indeed. Both will continue to be exploited without mercy. The influence of forces from outside this planet and this solar system underlie all that is happening on this planet. This is a positive given. These forces are legion and are vying among themselves for control. This is also obvious and yet sleeping Humanity sees it only in terms of their own small personal experience. The conflicting stories of worldwide activity that reflect these forces at odds with each other are plainly reported, even in the controlled media stories. But this goes undetected because the larger picture is obscured by deception from the awareness of the most educated and supposedly informed.

The lack of the ability to put all of the puzzle-pieces together into a coherent and logical picture holds confusion as the only available conclusion to all but a few. The necessity to continue to enlarge the picture beyond what even the most informed and analytical minds is true beyond understanding. The picture is very, very large indeed. As has been said, “truth is stranger than fiction.” Even the most imaginative science fiction writers have not grasped the reality of what is the true picture. It is important that this large picture become known, and it can only become known when Earth’s people, one by one, accept the truth that victim consciousness is the first layer of the foundation that must be removed and replaced. It must be replaced with the understanding that humans on this planet are not second class citizens. Claiming both the ownership and the governing of their planet is their rightful inheritance. It is their duty and their responsibility.

The planet rightfully belongs to its citizens, not to those of another planet or solar system. In order to control their own planet, Earth’s citizens must control their own attitude and thoughts about themselves. They must know themselves to be worthy of self decision without permission from other beings or imaginary “god or gods.” This requires courage and the ability to respond to challenges. It is in the blood, the mind and the heart to do this, so long as the programming and the attacks upon the health of the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of human existence can be transcended before these do any further damage. The results of the decisions to be made by the readers of these messages are critical, not only for those doing the reading, but for the future generations of Humanity on this planet for a long time to come and indeed, if there are to be any future generations. This will depend upon which of the vying forces may indeed win, if Humanity drops the ball.



There are areas of focus that the human mind is totally unaware of that would serve him in the change of direction from subservience to freedom of choice. Where the mind is focused determines where the totality of experience will arrive. When the awareness is bombarded with a confusion of ideas and experiences, the holding of a single or singularly-coordinated group of ideas, thought, opinions and desires becomes difficult indeed. It does not require the effort of concentration, but it does require the broader and more easily managed process of focus. Focus allows for a more perimeter awareness of events and information that can be noticed and allowed for short-term inclusion, without diluting or taking away from the intended direction of the intent of the overall focus. It allows participation within the currently-perceived reality while yet holding within the awareness the intended direction of desire, of intended purpose.

Humanity must first allow itself to accept the possibility that it is their birthright to steward this planet and manage their own evolvement without interference or direction from outsiders. Once that possibility is allowed to take root, the desire for this experience will grow within the awareness, for it is well established within the psyche. It is latent, or buried under the mind-control programming that has been layered within the social and religious structures on a worldwide basis for literally thousands of years. This entire program of control literally surrounds (like a tough skin) Mankind’s understanding of itself. It is necessary to literally squirm within this "skin of deceptive understanding" and shed all of it in order to perceive and create a new experience. If this were not possible, then there would be no necessity to place so many layers of false information into the minds and to hold it there through intimidation and fear. This need for control at all cost is the clue that the armor is fragile, and that the fear of the controllers is far greater than your own. If Mankind discovers its power and its true heritage, there is no answer for them but to destroy all but a few, and to begin (through intimidation) to rebuild the population, based on the same deception and fear program. Try as these beings have, it is not possible for them to change the necessary DNA programs to reverse the evolvement and return Mankind to a more animal-like being.

In reality, Mankind’s saving grace at this moment is the number of outside influences that are vying for control of this planet. Indeed, there is more than one. Is Earth that valuable? It is the competition for supremacy that is the important point insofar as the outside interests are concerned. Each has their influenced faction among the deceived. And deceive you they must with clever and deceptive techniques. For those awake and aware human beings, it is possible to perceive these as factions vying for control. Even within the controlled media and religious dogmas, there is much confusion. Stories are reported, then either changed or withdrawn. There is conflict and competition between various warring factions so that if discernment is practiced, then the contention and factions are obvious. Many of the visions and esoteric prophetic experiences being reported are nothing more than another form of mind control. When these prophesies include future Utopian life without responsibility, beware. What is important to these factions is which one can win the prize, regardless of the condition of the prize at the end of another phase of history. Meanwhile, Mankind has the opportunity to sleep on amid this virtual reality game or to awaken, stand forth in their own awareness and claim the prize, the planet, right out from under the warring factions noses. They need only to come forth into personal and group awareness of their birthright and collectively stand forth in declaration and ask for help from that point of consciousness and it will be given!

The key is that Mankind must evolve to a point of maturity that indicates its ability to accept galactic citizenship. To be a planet of full-fledged citizenship, Earth must be self-governed. Otherwise, this planet is considered a colony that is available to be owned and ruled by outsiders. Until Humanity is ready to be responsible for itself and its planet, it cannot participate in the galactic family. Then it must decide between being a positive or negative expression. Both experiences exist. Difficult as that is to accept, that is how it is. Help is available, but only on a consulting basis. Citizenship hinges upon, and results in, total self-responsibility. It is not a case of aggression versus regression. It is aggression versus progression. Earth has been caught up in the process of rule and control by negative, "stuck" expressions of the expansive energies of potentiality. If this opportunity to change the situation is taken advantage of, then the decision must be made between simply continuing that which has been the victim side of the coin by expressing the other side through aggression and abuse (as you have been used), or to indeed create a new paradigm of experience.

As has been mentioned before, when citizenship becomes a reality through a quorum of humans standing forth and declaring their independence and self-responsibility, then the opportunity to observe and receive further consultation on what the other expressions of positive experience are currently in practice, will become available. The space in sequential time to synthesize the new paradigm will be given, and protection will be provided. Only a framework need be idealized. The proof of the pudding will be in the individual personal changes demonstrated by those humans that are able to shed the "skin of manipulation and deception". These must walk their talk, so to speak, and live their conviction of personal and group self-responsibility. It goes beyond a change of mind to living the conviction.

When there is no capricious "god" to direct one’s wishes, desires and fears to, then where does one go? Can that empty place that was once filled by the “God” perceived (to give and take, answer or not answer, hear or not hear, depending on whim) ever be filled again. Indeed! Now is the time to remember the Laws of the Universe, and to read them again and practice them. Each must become the god in their own lives, for the Laws are the premise of life expression. The messages are written so that each time they are read a different perception is received, more is understood and the desire to experience real freedom is kindled. There is no freedom without responsibility. As responsibility is relinquished, freedom dissolves into slavery, no matter what clever face is painted over it. The choice between these realities, the fork in the road, has been reached. It is indeed decision time.



True to the predictions written into the Christian bible, the false “Christs” abound. They do not appear in the form of people claiming to be “the Christ,” but are usually found among those that are giving forth all kinds of “higher” information. Most of this information contains certain elements of truth. These are people who are most sincere, and have no idea that this information is arriving in forms of thought manipulation. The elements of truth give credence to that part of each that must have verification in order that the messages are accepted. Much is known as to the way the human psyche functions. The art of manipulation of the mind/brain/body-coordinated functions is well understood. Those that are concerned with perfecting these technologies have much experience in this art, for it has long been practiced on beings of lesser evolvement. Due to the free will element and the adaptability of the DNA of humans on this planet, this branch of Mankind has proven to be a frustrating challenge to those intent upon restricting and reversing the natural evolvement process. The frustration is two-fold. Not only does this make Humanity difficult to control, but these beings discover that there are elements of evolvement present that they also desire to incorporate into their own life expression. However, thus far, most have not been able to accept the desired changes within their own strands of DNA. Some changes have been accepted, but not the ones most desired by them.

It is a major understatement to indicate that the true total picture of the situation in which planet Earth is the focal point is both complicated and confusing. Within the larger picture, all players but one have had control of the planet at one time or another. The only player that has not had control is Humanity itself. All the others want to have complete control of the planet and its inhabitants now. The actual winning of the competition between them is as important as the prize. Unfortunately, the physical resources of this planet are of more importance than are the inhabitants. Therefore, in the final confrontations, if the population cannot be controlled, and in order to gain the prize it is necessary to destroy them, then it would be done. Furthermore, considering the technological development of those game players, what chance does Humanity have to survive this scenario?

To answer that question, it is necessary to return to the basic fundamentals as given at the beginning of these messages. The four Laws of the Universe govern all potentiality in expression. Thus, it can be observed that those that vie for the control of this planet have attracted to themselves others that also vie for the same thing. The inhabitants of Earth, at this moment, are not involved in that same focus. When and if the inhabitants of Earth focus cooperatively and decide to take ownership of their own planet for the purpose of creating a new paradigm of experience, they are removed from the scenario. If they chose to change their perception from victim to self-responsibility for the use of the expansive energies of potentiality, then the picture changes. Each Law builds upon the others, and when thought is incorporated within the Laws, it thinks independently, releasing coordinated complimentary actions in ways that that cannot be planned by the mind/brain of individuals. For example, the human body was created within the Universal Laws and continues to think for itself, allowing for adaptation that frustrates those with other plans for it.

While Humanity is enmeshed in the games of others and refuses to see itself as a prize in a giant game of one-upmanship, it cannot free itself. It is of primary concern that this picture be given to them in order to perceive the illusion that has been "spoonfed" to them for the purpose of maintaining control over them while the players continue to vie for overall ownership. The power players are evenly matched; thus, each move is so decisive that sequential time is of no importance. The lifespans of these players range from virtual immortality to generational changes in which the focus is locked in so that the length of their lifespan makes no difference to the final outcome. It would be easy for those humans who do awaken and accept the truth of the bigger picture to feel themselves so insignificant as to have little, if any, power to change the situation. In truth, they are the only ones in the scenario that do have the power to change it. The other players are so locked into their side of the victim/abuser expression that the chances of their changing that perspective are slim to nothing. Humanity has been calling for help, begging the very “gods” who have perpetrated this situation upon them, to get them out of it. What chance is there that these beings will do that? None!

The human beings becoming on this planet, if they are to become now, must do this for themselves. They must accept who and what they are, learn of the existence of the basic Laws of the Universe that have been denied them, put them into practice and create their own new expression of potentiality. That is their inherent birthright. There is no other way out of this dilemma that totally surrounds them and, in truth, threatens their possible extinction.



As the time for the closing of the cycles draws closer, an impetus is being felt within those who are energetically compatible. Due to the flow of energies that are now focused within the magnetic field of the Earth (and those thought energies that are available), a mental and emotional discomfort is being experienced by many. These feelings and understandings that something is out of the ordinary are motivating these people to search for a cause and an end to this uncomfortable state. It might be said that cosmic burrs are being planted so as to get the attention of those who are energetically yet outside the level of submissive indoctrination. These are the ones who will find and read these messages and identify with the content and its purpose. The search for the cause and the solution will end with the reading. Then will begin the commitment to a purpose that calls for fulfillment in a way that is difficult to ignore. Once the seeds of a purpose are ingrained within the awareness, it takes root and becomes aware of opportunities to express and participate within its expression.

This illustrates how the Law of Attraction functions. While those who are already committed and are focusing intention to manifest a new paradigm of experience, the Law of Attraction begins to draw more and more into this shared focus. As the intentional focus gathers more that share this cooperative agreed-upon desire, this activates the second Law of the Universe, that of Intention to manifest a shared focus. That focus begins to clarify and to intensify, thereby adding more attraction energy. This building of a momentum then multiplies exponentially. It is the shared general point of agreement that is the organizing impetus for the successful manifestation of the intended focus. As the Laws begin to act upon and interact with and within each other, the process of thought thinking commences, thus opportunities and synchronicities begin to be incorporated into the experience of those holding the intended focus in their consciousness. It is critical that those in the beginning phases hold the general intention of creating change through their own desire to do so. Out of this intention will blossom the birth of this new experience. Mankind has been held in bondage and ignorance long enough. There are a sufficient number of evolved humans now present on this planet who desire to take responsibility for the present and future of Earth in order to focus this intention into a new reality. It is a matter of getting the truth of the situation into their awareness and offering them a solution that does not require them to sacrifice their life experience to the intentions of other detrimental plans for Humanity. It merely requires that they change their attitudes and understanding that they are the rightful owners of their own planet, provided they are willing to be responsible citizens of it and of the galaxy of which it is a part.

It is necessary that each and all understand that planned manipulation has been foisted upon Humanity at every turn, through every institution, be it government, media, societal mores, religious doctrines and the “ground-in”, indoctrinated understanding that violence and competition is the answer to all problems. Indeed, a calm, resolute and unbending intention that underlies all form of decision, actions and thoughts will bring about more positive changes in one lifespan than thousands of years of aggressive misuse of each other. Furthermore, it is time to end the allowance of outsiders to misuse the mineral resources and the human/animal resources so generously provided by this planetary home. It might be said that Humanity’s mining claims have been literally stolen from them through the misuse of these resources on the planet, and through the export of them by those who have already misused and mistreated their own planetary home. Now they despoil yours in order to continue their same pattern.

Careful study of all documented information and studied conclusions that are now available in printed form, leads the discerning individual/group to the inevitable conclusion that indeed something is very wrong. It is time to change the scenario for the sake of Humanity, and to end the literal rape of this earthly domain that is the heritage and birthright of those who’s home it is by birth and by adoption.

This planetary home is Humanity’s to retrieve and to own, but first the false mining claims must be refuted and correct ownership established. Since the power of the contesting entities for continued colonization of this planet is totally overwhelming, then the action of the Laws of the Universe (when properly understood and applied) are the powerful resolution to the problematic situation that seems so direful when its full picture is comprehended. Through the Law of Attraction, those of singular intent will gather their focus. By cooperatively intending to create a new experiential paradigm of experience, the next layer of power through the 2nd Law will be added and those will then interact and integrate, thereby bringing forth a discernable intensification and the continued expanding attraction of others to the process.

The 3rd Law of the Universe is the most difficult to access, and to practice. It is the Law of Allowance. The process must be allowed to construct itself within the focused and agreed-upon intent. This Law is most perfectly applied through the confidence in (and acknowledgement of) every nuance of manifestation as they begin to be experienced not only as a group, but especially within the daily experience of each individual’s personal life happenings. The new paradigm of experience is a coalescence of all the individual experiences that conform within the agreed-upon focus of intent. These become locked in as they are noticed, acknowledged and appreciated. It is the small occurrences that instill the confidence that is at the center of the application of the Law of Allowance. Doubt is a normal human trap, but when the desire for change is deeply felt and held in one's mental and emotional confidence, it must manifest. This will not be an easy phase, therefore, the encouragement of small group interaction with the sharing of both knowledge and “happenings” that support the actual reality of experience will strengthen this necessary application. There are those individuals that will accomplish this phase very much on their own. All are appreciated!

Through the coordinated and integrated action of the first three Laws of the Universe, the 4th Law of Harmony and Balance will manifest into reality. This is not to say that there are no polarity experiences within the Law of Balance and Harmony. Indeed there are, however, there is not the extremes of experience leading to great imbalance. These are merely lessons of discernment that demonstrate knowledge lived into wisdom.

Learning to rely upon the self-awareness in order to perceive where each is within the application and understanding of these Laws that underlie all of manifested reality will, in effect, replace the programmed need to look outside to some power greater than the Self for permission to do something, or to fulfill a desire. It is up to each to attain that desire through the application of those Laws for the self, and in cooperation with others. Thought properly intended thinks and acts through to completion, if properly supported within a mental and emotional focus for positive change. Focus is “lightly” held by the mind. If you intend for your body to move from one room to the other, it simply does by acting upon your intentional motivation for it to do so. It acts entirely within the Universal Law of Intention into manifested action. It is not even a conscious thought, it is an intended action, and it happens. The subtlety of this example demonstrates the power of intention that is “lightly held” but is yet confidently expected to happen. It would be well for this example to be contemplated and carefully understood.



It is necessary for those who choose to become involved in this process to make a firm commitment to change the perspective through which their life experience is viewed. Remember that the perspective chosen must be in accordance with the type of viewpoint that is available within each individual's personal attitude. This view is either observed stubbornly through a singular, one-way-only focal point that rules out all other possible choices, or it can allow for realizing that other points of view are available. Think in terms of that which is true being located at the center of a circle, and 360 degrees of possibilities existing around it. Beyond that lies the ability to expand further into a holographic conceptual understanding in which truth is at the center of a sphere and nearly immeasurable possible viewpoints exist as well. Through this change in attitude, what is known as judgment becomes choices. It allows for others to observe and choose, and it encourages the self to search for more perspectives and a more broadened experience. The allowance for other possibilities to exist expands the life experience, and brings the being into the flow of expansive energy that is the source of “All That Is”, as it understands Itself through knowledge acquired and lived into wisdom through individual experience.

It is difficult to comprehend that each life experience contributes to the composite that differentiates itself, so that it can then gather those scattered experiences back into itself in a meaningful way. It can only be interpreted through intelligent beings observing their experiences and drawing conclusions, which is another way of saying "experiencing knowledge acquired into the wisdom of understanding". This occurs within both separated, individual experience and conclusions, as well as in group and mass group experience data that is gathered and processed. The “mind” intelligence that is capable of doing this, is beyond the finite awareness to comprehend. It is only necessary to be aware that the process is part of whom and what each is. Infinite possibility is constantly being contemplated and investigated. Each and all individuals are the instruments through which this process is ongoing. Thus, it is important to understand that there is no “sin” or error, only experience to be lived into the wisdom of understanding, and infinity in which to do it.

When there are those (through wisdom gained) who wish to bring an experience to its conclusion, as do the humans on this planet, then it is possible for knowledge to be made known to those asking, so that new choices are available. It is through knowledge gained that the process of asking for assistance is brought forth. However, the request must be accomplished within the applicable Laws that underlay the existence of all manifested experience. There must be an understanding and application of those Laws by the requesting group before it is possible to give the assistance.

When considering these messages, it is possible to see the tight circle of circumstance within which Humanity on this planet finds itself enmeshed. It is possible to see it as a "wheel of existence" from which there has been no escape, and to understand why those who prefer this planet to remain as a colony (rather than as independent self determining unit) have employed all possible means to arrange this. Since the actions of these beings are under scrutiny now, it has been necessary to manipulate the population to perpetrate (on the surface) control measures upon themselves, so to speak. Therefore, you come to understand the power structures and reward systems that have been fabricated in order to entice those who would apply these control techniques upon their fellow beings, as well as instigate further destructive functions to the planet for their own apparent gain. How long they enjoy this advantage over their fellow humans remains to be observed. It is noticed how often those who have “outlived” their usefulness, and who have knowledge of the inner workings of the conspiracy to control, seem to come to interesting ends.

It is this ability to observe that allows for choice as to what each would intend to have for a life experience. It is this choice process that will enable Mankind to change the planned destiny, and remove themselves from the control and influence of those who would possess and maintain this planet as their own, rather than allow for its populace to evolve into galactic citizenship. The solution lies in the ability of Earth’s evolved human residents to lay claim to their planet by their own recognizance, for unknown to them, theirs is the first right of refusal. Colonization by outsiders is only possible through their permission, in this case by default through ignorance of their own ability to claim it and, for the most part, ignorance that they are a colony at all. Considering the carefully documented historical evidence of alien presence on this planet for millennia that is now available in print, and the myriad number of “UFO” sightings, how this foreign presence goes unnoticed by the inhabitants without their understanding of it is illogical and beyond comprehension by all outside observers. It is as though earthlings are totally fixated on continuing to accept slavery and control, except for those few upon which the hope of the survival of Humanity and the planet now depends. “May the force be with you!”



Although the intent and purpose of Humanity as a whole cannot be focused as a cohesive unit, a representative group with clear intent and purpose of representing the whole can set a process into motion. It is the components of intent and purpose that are clearly identified as representing a whole (and focused upon a defined outcome) that attracts to it the power to manifest into reality. It is the contribution of the many into the focus of a unit of definite intent that draws to it the power of subtle creative energies. It matters not whether the wording of each contributing focus is exact; it is the intent of the final outcome that is the cohesive factor.

For example, suppose the final outcome desired involves the reclaiming of the ownership of this planet. Suppose a group of those who have evolved on this planet decide that the governing and destiny of this planet is theirs to control, without the interference of any outside interested parties. This would be a definition of intent and purpose that would be clear enough to draw to it the energies associated with the Law of Attraction. This would result in those of "like" desire joining in this expression of intent and purpose in thought. Through the thought focus of this desire, and the intent for this to become a reality for the good of the true citizens of this planet (and the physical planet itself), then the Universal Laws would begin to operate. The thought and emotional desire would begin to attract a greater thought-process, and energies would begin to coagulate into events and circumstances that would support this process.

The key is not in acting out any resistance to the current apparent situation, circumstances and events, but instead focusing on the desired outcome. The act of holding this outcome within the idea and the emotions of desire for the outcome is the application of the Law of Allowance. This is the most difficult of all of the Laws to apply, for the events that are happening will still reflect the expression of the established process until the focus of the desired outcome is beginning to influence the total picture. The process of the two situations must evolve into a chaotic dissolution of the established process before the desired new process can begin to manifest into reality. Herein lies the difficulty, for the focusing group of Humanity that is now instrumental in initiating this change into reality is also accustomed to what is referred to as “instant gratification.” The ability to hold this intent and purpose firmly in the mind and heart through the chaos and into its manifestation into reality is extremely difficult for even those of well-disciplined mental capabilities.

It is because of the desperate situation that is facing the “humans becoming” on this planet, and the prospect of the loss of all progress made over these past thousands of years, that will be the impetus to do this. To indicate that the above statement is true, it is only necessary to avail oneself of the now abundant material available in books, on the Internet, talk radio and many published revelations of conspiracies that subjugate the citizens of all countries through drugs, intimidation and war, as well as physical, mental and emotional abuse. The deliberate attacks on the moral, familial and religious beliefs at the basis of human experience are now beyond the logical acceptance of a mind that is not already separated from its ability to use logic and analyze data clearly. Fortunately, there remain in the mind and heart of all humans certain keys or triggers that can yet be activated that causes them to click into an awareness state that throws off the carefully-programmed acceptance state for the propaganda that has been force-fed into their minds. The continued attack on the health of the bodies by the altered foods, drugs and the medical “health” care system has created a further complication for Humanity to overcome. The adaptability of the human body has amazed even the perpetrators of this entire scenario of control. However, the capability to absorb much more abuse has been reached for many.

It must be remembered that all of the above are part of not only the planners of the control scenario, but that it also plays into the necessary chaos that will allow for the birthing of the new paradigm of experience. Unfortunately, Nature uses the “survival of the fittest" or, to put it another way, the "survival of the adaptable” as a rule. Thus, it is the wise who begin to assist themselves through choice to assist Nature in surviving by carefully deciding what foods and other products are allowed into and on their body and furthermore, what programming is allowed into their awareness. Almost all media is programmed to be contrary to the highest and best good of those who regularly expose themselves to it. It does help to be aware of its purpose and decide to take from it only that which serves the highest and best good. It is wise to remember, excessive media input overwhelms even the most adept at choosing what serves and does not serve them. Media includes music as well as spoken and pictured presentations.

Those who will bring about this phenomenal reversal of the planned scenario for the future of this planet and its remaining inhabitants must learn and properly apply the four primary Laws of the Universe. These Laws will become the “god” of their lives, and upon the wisdom of these Laws will rest the future. They are the foundation of the new paradigm of existence. All building blocks will be shaped by their application. Their simplicity, and the energies and intelligence that their interaction with focused minds (that hold clearly their intent for the highest and best good of all) will bring forth changes for the good of this planet and Humanity that are beyond anything the present human mind can ever imagine. It is the clear and present desire for this incredible experience that must call forth and hold the minds of all that read and resonate with this information. Upon your "mental" shoulders rests the future of this planet. The question remains as to whether there is enough commitment and focus to bring about the desire to own and shepherd this planet, and your continued progress. A galaxy of fellow god beings awaits your decision and your follow through.



What will the others be doing while those who are committed to birthing the new paradigm of experience are focused within that process? Except for those who are committed to the agenda of the negative forces, these will be creating the necessary chaos that will allow for change. Therefore, it is necessary that those who contribute to that aspect of the change be released from any judgment on the part of the creative group, and allowed to make the contribution that is within their ability to do. Since many of those who are unable to allow themselves to join in the creative focus will be friends and family, this will make it difficult for the “ground crew” to stay focused and to “allow” them to contribute to the chaos. If it can be known and accepted that these may yet be drawn into the new paradigm further along into the process, then it will be easier to allow them the opportunity to make their contribution freely.

It is important that those who choose to take part actively in focusing their intent and purpose toward bringing into manifestation a new paradigm of experience clearly understand that making a commitment lightly is not recommended. The material within this series of messages has attempted to educate (step-by-step) a change in how each perceives the world around them as it is at the moment. It attempts to point out a logical and understandable method by which change can be initiated, but also to state plainly that taking part in changing the intended future of this planet and its inhabitants contains more "cacti" than "roses" on the path through the process. The exchange of "cacti" for "roses" happens near the ending of the scenario, and indeed is well worth the experience. Each is encouraged to remember that once the focus on the desire for a new paradigm begins to coagulate within the mass consciousness (not in quantity of those doing so, but in agreement with both mental and emotional commitment), then the Universal Laws of Attraction and Intentional Creation begin to change the total situation. What is happening will be difficult to ascertain in the beginning, and will appear in synchronistic occurrences that will not always be recognized. Furthermore, once the momentum of people reading and resonating with the messages and the desire for a new human experience begins to multiply, allowable contributions by galactic neighbors can begin to manifest in further help. There will be those who simply begin to attune to the concept as it becomes subtly available within the mass consciousness, and begin to add their desire for a new experience without knowing about the messages. Many will have the books given to them, or they will find copies that were not utilized by those who did receive them, and then a demonstration of synchronistic events will occur through the Law of Attraction as it subtly works.

The thought vibrations that are generated, as those committed to the project read, reread and discuss the concepts with like-minded individuals, contribute greatly to the invocation of the Law of Attraction. The power of their intention and commitment then invokes the Law of Intentional Creation, and it is further fueled into creative action by the emotions that accompany the desire for this new experience. At this point, the person involved has initialized two of the Laws into motion. Holding the commitment and resolve to experience into wisdom this opportunity, then leads to the difficult invocation of the Law of Allowance. This requires what has been called “faith” through “knowing” that the Laws are real, that they do function (and are functioning) in the midst of the continued apparent success of that which needs to be changed, as well as while confusion breaks down what must change. The heroes (both sung and unsung) of the new paradigm will be those who can commit to (and then grasp) the understanding of applying the basic Universal Laws, and then allow them to bring forth the desired goal through the breakdown and formation process. There will be no instant gratification. It will not happen overnight. The plan to dehumanize the population of this planet is too well-established to be changed quickly. However, focused desire and purposeful intent can change it! It can only be accomplished by living, breathing citizens who know that they are powerful beings aligned with the Laws of the Universe and the creative flow of Divine Intent, and that Humanity be allowed to choose its own destiny (and is deserving of its inherent right to do this). Humanity must, however, choose its path of self-choice, or bow to the overseers who await that choice and do all in their power to influence Humanity’s decision. The decision can only be made by each individual, and those individual choices will then meld together into a rising tide of intent and purpose.

It does not matter how much mind control via multiple processes has been forced upon Mankind. There will always remain triggers within the mind and heart that can be activated that bring about “changes of the mind” and thereby undo all the programmed responses in a moment. These awakenings are happening with greater and greater rapidity now as a result of many unique coincidences. As the awareness spreads that a new experience is available for the taking by committed individuals, these will increase exponentially. The wave of desire for not only changes, but for reversal of the current trend toward slavery is beginning to manifest. Take heart, and do not falter in desire or commitment. The time for the "ground crew" to redouble its effort and continue on is now. Hold the desire clearly in mind and sense the movement of the Universal Laws as they support Humanity, and be aware that there are many galactic fellow citizens that are awaiting the time to be of greater help when it is allowable.

There are many cooperative facets that support this thrust for Humanity to regain the right to determine its own destiny that are unknown. The "ground crews" are unaware of each other. Nevertheless, what each does supports the others and the plan as a whole. There is a plan, of that you can be sure! Just as the oppressors have a plan, there is a plan that does not oppose it, but that transcends it. This is a very important difference that is significant to comprehend. What good would it do to simply oppose and block a planned negative experience? It is necessary to transcend it and create that which is new. Consider that concept carefully and remember it in discouraging moments!



It is to be understood that the time of realization by Humanity that it has come to a crossroads is happening now. A decision must be made as to whether to continue on under the influence of those who would continue to control them, or to accept the responsibility of choosing their own future. Under the influence of the methods of control being applied now, the consideration of taking such responsibility by a large portion of Humanity is not possible. When taking into consideration the number of humans who are even vaguely aware of the situation that confronts the planet and its inhabitants, then the chances of ever attracting the interest of a considerable portion of humans is next to impossible. However, when those who are aware (no matter how few by comparison to the number inhabiting the planet) come together in agreement as to this choice, the balance of power is changed. This is even more powerful when these concerted focal points are aligned within the action of the Laws of the Universe.

When the action of one group involves directly interfering with the freedom of another group to evolve, this is in conflict with the natural flow of the creative expansion of the galactic/universal environment. A plan that is in conflict with the creative flow requires constant attention and management in order to maintain itself, for there is no interactive creative thought to correlate the facets of activity into a naturally cohesive thrust into manifestation. Once the decision is made by a group in agreement to return a deceived Humanity back into the flow of expansive evolvement, “heaven and earth” join together in a flow toward accomplishing that goal. The Laws of the Universe are invoked, and “thought thinking’’ becomes interactive with results that are beyond the comprehension of the originating focused group. The momentum grows exponentially, and manifestation occurs spontaneously.

Considering the bigger picture in a condensed version allows for those contemplating its possibility of accomplishment to see the sense of its possibility, and allows them to grasp a knowingness of how the process works in essence. However, it is necessary that each and all understand that the process does not work by itself. If it did, the situation as it now exists would never have come into being. There must be carefully laid groundwork in order for the process to begin and continue to a point to which it will then complete itself. There is indeed such a point. The originating group will have no way to ascertain this point and so must initiate and continue to hold the desire and intention in place through the greater portion of the process, lest they withdraw in over-confidence before that unknowable point is reached.

Desire and intention have been stressed many times, however, action is also required. Physical resistance to the overwhelming forces of those who intend to intensify their overseer roles is pointless and futile. Those that intend to change the destiny of this planet and its inhabitants must direct their action toward the spread of the concepts of manifesting the new paradigm. This new paradigm of experience will be accomplished through the understanding and application of the basic Laws of the Universe—focus, intention and allowance bringing forth the end-result of balance and harmony. When considered in its basic conceptual understanding, this would appear to be quite simple. However, to apply these principles in the midst of coercion, chaos and confusion in a firm trust and knowingness that the Laws are working, even when there is no physical proof to justify that all-important belief, is not a simple task. When the five senses cannot be trusted to inform each committed individual of what is happening, then the process is not simple or easy in its application.

If Humanity cannot produce a group of focused individuals to hold this desire and intention for a new experience in a committed fashion, then the planet itself will begin a cleansing in order to enable itself to avoid extinction. This process is already beginning. The degree to which commitment is made and held as the subsequent events unfold will determine greatly to what extent the planet will need to cleanse itself. This commitment involves the shedding of the victim stance and a willingness to claim Earth citizenship, including the responsibilities that this will involve. There can be no looking back, no blaming for the past and present experience, and decisions will have to be made with regard to repairing the damage to the planet. Greed and abuse patterns must be transcended, with the highest and best good for each and all always as the controlling factor. Those who cannot accept these guidelines will not be allowed to influence any decision-making situations. Discernment and disclosure of intentions will be the hallmark of all discussions.

If the Earth proceeds to cleanse itself, then of what good are these messages and the desire and intention of those who are attracted to this process? Who indeed will survive as a remnant to repopulate the planet? Will it be those who have misused the planet, or those who would heal the inhabitants and the planet with loving intent? Since all that exists as manifested reality is vibrational in form, then those that exist in a vibratory rate that is harmonious with the planet will find themselves in safe places. Those safe places will exist where these individuals are. There are no “safe places” as designated on the planet despite any and all predictions. There will be safe places in the midst of any and all disaster experiences. It is the consciousness of the individuals themselves that will create those places. Those that respond to the call to planetary/galactic citizenship and are able to transcend the victim stance and take on the mantel of responsibility to create a new experience will come through the days ahead to guide this planet to a new level of experience. The Law of Attraction will bring about its inevitable evening into balance and harmony. Whether any of Humanity presently on this planet will come through this experience is entirely up to the choices that each makes. It is the responsibility of the "ground crew" to offer this choice to as many as possible, as well as to make that choice for themselves, and to stick to it as the process continues through to completion.

The cycles are coming to their inevitable completions, and the opportunity window is beginning to close. Those beings that have evolved will respond. Those that choose otherwise are to be blessed and allowed to follow their own path. This is most difficult to allow for those connected by family ties and friendship, but there is too much important work to be done to dwell on their chosen future. Seeds planted do grow. Trust the process and keep on keeping on. The future of all depends upon the ability to make the difficult decisions of each moment. The emotional strength to do what is necessary is available to all who are committed and who hold the highest and best good of all as their guiding principle. Each is asked to do only that which is the best they can do in the moment, and to hold no regrets as to the decisions that are made and the actions that are taken. To learn to trust oneself within each moment-to-moment experience is to mature into responsibility; a necessary process for sharing the birth of a new paradigm. As each move through the levels of experiencing into wisdom what is chosen, there is never a lack of the need to exercise courage, vigilance and perseverance. They are the hallmarks of maturity, and the signal that completion of a cycle of experience is at hand. Each must decide what point of maturity they have reached, and if they are ready to take on a new level of challenge. This is not a project for the faint of heart, the lacking in courage and those without stick-to-ability. Do you know where you are in relationship to this opportunity?



Within the flow of events that humans experience as linear sequence or time, the progression of maturation has reached a level of experience internalized into wisdom that allows for a shift in the pattern of experience. However, this shift is accessed through the freewill choice that is innate within each evolving human. When viewed through the more accurate holographic picture of experience, what is experienced as linear progression appears as piecemeal contributions to a dimensional whole. Linear observation reflects a flatter, less dimensional picture of progress gained through manifested occurrences experienced into wisdom. In order to comprehend how multiple lifetimes of experience can contribute to the wholeness of their contributions toward harmony and balance within the combined collection of these, it is important to gather them into a comprehensive unit. As the gathering of a unit of experiences nears completion, certain absences of experiential requirements become apparent. Thus, certain missing accomplishments are assigned to complete the experiential unit.

A great number of beings present on this planet now are focused on fulfilling their individual requirements for completion or, as you might consider it, graduation. This allows the indigenous population the advantage of the infusion of exceptionally-talented individuals from various levels of advanced experience to assist their process of attaining the freedom to evolve independently. Who are these exceptional beings? There is no way to know, for they themselves do not know. Are those who read these messages one of these exceptional beings? Maybe! The point is, there is available a reservoir of talent with exceptional abilities. These have specific issues to experience into wisdom and there is no accident that these beings are present on this planet now. Within their knowingness are the need and the desire to complete these experiences. These specific assignments are of value in the birthing of the new paradigm. It is suggested that each reader of these messages search their own heart and mind as to whether their life experience now is a satisfying one. If not, then perhaps within these messages there may be a resonance that allows them to awaken to the desire to fill an inner void that has heretofore been overshadowed by lifestyle, media programming and the general malaise of disharmonious confusion that is proliferating now. It is worth considering the possibility carefully.

The question arises within those who give this thoughtful consideration as to whether those of the other persuasion are aware of the presence of these gifted entities? Indeed this is possible and, in many cases, probable. Many have had their life ended purposefully by the opposing forces. Infiltration is a method used by those involved with both purposes. There is a natural curiosity to know what is going on within the other camp. This is often undertaken by individual choice rather than design, thus one that might appear to be involved with the other side, so to speak, is discovered and eliminated. Therefore, it is unwise to judge all participants as being what they appear to be. Those that have special talent often find themselves within romantic entanglements that lead them far from their specifically-assigned experience. These often find there are difficult choices to be made in order to satisfy the inner urge to be elsewhere doing other things. It is to be recognized that the spiritual aspect of Self has little to do with the standard religious affiliation that is currently forced upon the average person. What little satisfaction is found by most has more to do with the victim stance (requiring a promise of a rescue connection) than in actually finding spiritual fulfillment within the religious dogma programmed into their consciousness. The search for more understanding of the empty feelings within them are stuffed with more dogma and misunderstood information, and few ever find true satisfaction except by intuiting beyond the available concepts.

This is not to say that these messages are put forth as a new “bible.” This information is for the education of all those on this planet receiving it that can let go of their current literal acceptance of media, religious and familial teachings, as well as subliminal programming. This allows them to consider the possibility that there are other concepts and information available that can lead them to fulfill the inner urges that populate their own psyche. There is a greater plan that has been carefully laid in place in order to answer the long continuing outcry (through prayer and thought for release) from the stifling hold on this planet and all of its inhabitants, inclusive of human and all other life-forms. Each and every human on this planet is a part of that plan. How many will answer the inner call is yet to be known. Freewill choice is the basic rule that can and will be exercised by all. The freewill of those who do answer also includes the measure of commitment and action to spread the information that each allows themselves to accomplish.

The birthing of a new paradigm of experience upon this planet is an exercise in cooperation rather than competition in order to determine which is the stronger force. Cooperation through focus and intent within the underlying Laws of the Universe has power to manifest that is incomprehensible to the average mind on this planet. The functional brain of humans has purposefully had its activity lowered to prevent the movement toward freedom that these messages are designed to initiate. It is important that those who take this information seriously and intend to become part of the cooperative creative focus also intentionally begin to exercise their mental capacities. This can be done through games, experiential learning and any other method that will separate them from the influence of the media and other “dumbing down” activities that are everywhere in the “modem environment.” The brain, like the body, deteriorates if it is not exercised. In order to focus and hold to a commitment, mental and emotional clarity is of the utmost importance. Reading information that is contrary to the promoted dogma, and focusing thought for the purpose of discerning its validity and the possible intention of the writer is also recommended, including these messages. Much can be ascertained from them by intuiting the purpose of them. Each will, without doubt, intuit different reasons through this exercise.



Humanity will continue to evolve through the process of experiencing the changes that are coming through their current experience. By learning of the existence of the Universal Laws and how to act and interact within their concepts, the opportunity for rapid progress is present and flowing through the experiences of all who have begun to apply them. When a greater and greater number come to “know” that these Laws are true and accurate, then the proper application of these Laws brings to them the results they desire, and then the manifestation of the new paradigm of experience will begin in earnest. It is through their application and understanding with the “knowledge” that they indeed do work, along with the understanding of “thought thinking” as they move from focus and intent into real experience, that the application of them will become natural. It will take no more concentrated effort to apply them on a continuing basis than it does to decide to get up from a chair and move to the door or wherever else that you intend without actually applying concentrated thought. It is through intention that it is accomplished just as easily as breathing or any other act that is accomplished in the “knowingness” that it just happens easily.

The key to the application is in knowing that the intent must be in harmony with the flow of expansive creative energies that move and carry the manifestation of galaxies, solar systems, planets and individuals through to experience Creation in the observation mode. It is necessary to understand that all that is considered reality first begins within the imagination in the mind of the conceiver. The focus of intent moves the process through the various stages of conception to energy-conversion, resulting in coagulation of that energy by slowing down the vibration until it manifests into observable, touchable matter, or what is called manifested reality. What is considered reality is focused intent condensed through application of the Universal Laws by holding the intent firmly and “knowing” that the process works until it does. The slower the vibration of the focusing mind and the surrounding environment, the longer the process takes and the more difficult it is to hold the intent long enough. Through application and learning to hold the intent “lightly” without attempting to force its creation but again in “knowing” the validity of the process allows for “practice makes perfect.”

There is a great difference in the application and concepts of wanting, believing and knowing. Wanting only creates more wanting, believing only says that one thinks the process will work, while “knowing” accomplishes the intention. It is the degree of difference that the actual experience of “seeing” the application work that allows for the “knowing” to become accepted and applied with ease. The first attempts at application must be reasonable and believable in order to reach the “knowable” level of acceptance. The nuances of these concepts are important to contemplate. It is important to understand that deliberately applying the concepts of these Laws may not be an easy task in the beginning. Therefore, choosing a single application with which to test the theories is of primary importance. It is the habit of Mankind to want everything at once and to fail to take a new process slowly and deliberately. The learning of the application of the Laws is much like stringing beads, one at a time. What is challenging is to hold the concept to be manifested clearly in mind without adding nuances to it that complicate and slow or, in fact, halt the entire process because of unnecessary detail. Again, thought thinks and often creates a far more grand application than the finite mind can conceive.

The energies of the individual begin to change as intention and the ability to hold an intention clearly strengthens and holds firm. It would be expected that one or more successes in manifesting a desired outcome would firmly integrate the process into the experience. However, that does not seem to be the case. Most find that old habits and assumptions do not disappear from the experience easily. It takes many successes to elevate the acceptance level to create a habit level for natural manifestation. There also are the instances when casual thought manifests, as the sub-conscious applies the Laws to these casual thoughts. It is possible to bring into experience those instances that apply to others that were never intended. Therefore the statement “of highest and best good for all concerned” is the best possible safety insurance and should be wisely added to all intentions in order to manifest a desire. A consistent sprinkling of this statement within the continual mind-chatter that fills the void between meaningfully aware thoughts is also wise.

In order to meaningfully apply the Laws of Attraction, Focused Intent and Allowance requires purposeful desire to bring something new into real experience. The simple experience (unhampered by any unnecessary add-on details) is possible to manifest quite quickly, depending upon the degree of clarity, the ability to focus the intention, and the emotional energy that adds impetus to the creational process. The degree of “knowing” is the final ingredient in the mix. It is difficult to determine the difference between believing and knowing. It is an easy, almost effortless application of the desire, just as you know you can move from the chair to the door. There is an application of the accomplishment of it that is totally without doubt and a knowing of exactly where one is going, but no thought as to exactly what are the muscular and other bodily efforts that are involved, or what may happen during the process of arriving at the door. It is also necessary to continue to “know” one is going to the door all the way to getting there. Losing the focus may allow one to end up in the kitchen and wonder why they are there. In the same way, it is not necessary to delineate what is necessary in order for the desire to manifest. It is only necessary to know what the desire is and to add the minimal amount of focused cooperation that is necessary to set the process in motion while holding the intention of experiencing the desire. It is often mentioned that one needs to be sure one really wants what one thinks is wanted. Most can remember casual thoughts or statements that have brought experiences with consequences that were unexpected. The creative aspect that is built into all of us (i.e., the fifteen billion neurons in the brain) is listening and takes those thoughts and statements literally, especially if the momentary intention is sincere and supported by emotional impetus.

While the explanation seems complicated, the application is quite simple. It is a matter of "simply doing it simply". The complicated part is when doubt slows or destroys the effort entirely. To begin by choosing a desire that is totally contrary to the current experience is to set up a formula for failure. To attempt to move from poverty to affluence with one desire is sure to fail. It is best to begin with something small and simple. It adds to the process to act as if the desire is already happening. Place an empty hanger in the closet for the new coat. Make space in the cupboard for a new dish or pot, etc. Then be patient and wait expectantly.