Since the beginning of the time that this planet was inhabited with warm-blooded mammals, the process of evolvement toward self-awareness was the goal. This is a normal and natural process. What is measured as time by this self-awareness as it progresses and is refined appears as short segments in what appears as a long process. Again, we refer to the holographic picture of the whole process. The linear sequential observation of the self-aware ego has no inkling of the larger picture until such time as explanations of “how it really is” can be placed within his/her perception and is accepted as truth. The convenience of the light and darkness cycles as a measure of time determines the perception. However, there are other means of measuring time that can be adopted. The longer the cycle measured, the longer the life experience of the individual. Though it might seem impossible, were another measurement adopted, then the life span in actuality could be either lengthened or shortened depending on the content of the cycle. How could this “content” be compared? Not easily by the participants. The point being that the experience is conditional on the criteria for measurement used by the observing egos. These are agreed upon through the generalization of the input of the many opinions of the total group.

This is a powerful tool to control insofar as manipulating a large group is concerned, and explains the grouping of people in cities and the efforts of using mass media methods to shape the generalizations of opinions. Some of those now shaping the generalizations are:

Power and permission are in the hands of an outside deity.

Violence is the way to resolve differences.

Humans are more different than they are similar.

Being right is more important than understanding.

The past controls the future.

Pleasure and luxury are the necessities of happiness.

Complexity is more satisfying than simplicity.

Might makes right.

Service and sacrifice are the ultimate gifts one can make to the future of Mankind.

There is not enough and those that have must take it away from others.

If it isn’t “right,” laws and regulations can fix it or more control is the answer.

The list could go on and on.

What is it then that the messages found in these small books would replace as currently held beliefs:

Responsibility and freedom are interchangeable terms.

Power and permission are retained or given away by choice.

Purposeful focused intention is an all-powerful tool.

What is believable must be logical.

Responsibility negates victim/abuser attitudes.

Where the attention is, is where the intention is.

Like attracts both sides of the “likeness experience.”

There is an important distinction between indifference and allowance.

Humanity has a choice about its future experiences.

Rescue without participation is not an available option.

The new is invoked in kind before the end of the old.

Chaos is a necessary stage in the process of change.

Commitment to a goal attracts assistance to aid its completion.

Through the reading and the rereading of these messages, these and other principles toward the choice of choosing the destiny of Mankind on this planet will become a deeply rooted focus of intent by all those who choose to be a part of this process. It is logical, and it is one focus that can be participated in by those with many divergent views without the necessity to defend or attack the diverse thoughts the new paradigm invokes. The “desire for a new paradigm of experience” is all-inclusive. The intent focused for the “highest and best good for all concerned” allows for thought-thinking to bring forth an organizing agreement that will profoundly include all rational possibilities into an encompassing plan that will be readily acceptable. Humans becoming will indeed become. It is a focus of energy that is all-inclusive and yet extremely discriminating as to choice for participation. It offers the long-awaited opportunity for Mankind to transcend its colonial status for sovereignty and participation within its galactic community.

The question arises now as to how long before those who desire this planet to remain as a colony will allow this series of books to go on providing the humans of Earth with the ability to free themselves through declaring their sovereign ownership of this planet? That is a part of the plan that is well encompassed. It is first and foremost the job of Humanity to make its choice and to declare their intent within their own awareness and commit to assuming the necessary responsibility to focus their purposeful intent into the Universal Laws and allow the picture to clarify. Thought-thinking is wise indeed! Some things are better left to resolve themselves through allowance. However, remember that allowance is not indifference, it is watchful observance with emotional expectation anticipating the outcome of purposeful intent. It is change through conscious participation in expressing the principle of Life that is known through the gift of self-awareness. It is found by perceiving what is known and felt within the feeling aspect of awareness through logical consideration of questions asked within the thinking process. It is thought-thinking within the individual consciousness and testing its conclusions through the feeling aspect as to their validity in quiet contemplation, knowing there is no need to compare the conclusions to any one else’s process of decision. With no need to defend the conclusions, true contemplation is available. The consensus is important only to the contemplator. Think about it!



Through the process of broadening the perspective of the human experience, it becomes easier to identify with the task of changing the intended future experience by returning the controlling focus to the beings evolving originally on this planet. Each unit of awareness that incarnates (experiences in a body) on this planet identifies with the past genetic history of that body as passed on by all the previous progenitors. This then carries with it the right of sovereign ownership of this planet, not as an individual, but as an individual part of the family of Humanity. It takes little review of the past history of “royal families” to see the pattern of behavior that is present within that segment of the mass conscious memory. The review of history in light of the influence of those governing directly, or in manipulating the members of Humanity that were chosen to fulfill that role, points vividly to greed, deceit and treachery as standard operating procedure. Indeed, there is little of enduring value to be gained in repeating the experience of Humanity in this past chapter of planetary history other than to create a deep and abiding desire to transcend it into a totally new pattern of evolvement. This is not to indicate that there has not been a great deal of progress and much experienced into wisdom. It is meant to indicate that all that is practically possible to learn has been gleaned, and it is prudent to release the need to continue, and to move on to a more rewarding pattern of experience.

As the consciousness shifts to allow a more encompassing view of the human experience, a different way of perceiving the content of the mass consciousness allows the observer to more easily perceive and acknowledge the influences at work that are deliberately programming the overall attitudes and opinions that shape it. The observer begins to separate from those influences, and to recognize them as being forced upon those that would not knowingly choose them by outsiders of another nature with a different pattern and focus. This recognition then leads to a choice as to whether to purposely continue within this pattern or to separate from it in purposeful intention to bring about a change for the whole of the planetary experience. To attempt to separate and maintain an individual focus accomplishes little of value whereas joining a larger focus of intent to change the planetary experience offers a solution of enough value to incite a commitment. As has been mentioned before, a change of individual expression does little to change the experience of others, while a planetary change will effect all individual experiences within its scope.

These messages continue to follow a theme of clarifying the current situation with its probable continuity for Humanity in a downward spiral of experience into abject slavery and the intended destruction of the soul energy that is the focus that places and holds the spark of life within each body. That spark is experienced as individual self-awareness. Stripping this aspect of life from the human expression would return it to the animal state and to what is thought to be an ideal slave archetype. That is the simplest explanation of the planned future. The greatest problem is the desire of the controllers to retain a percentage of intelligence that is linked to the self-aware state. Thus, experiments and continual testing goes on to determine what techniques of mind control and physical adaptability can bring about this ideal prototype. It is hoped that this planned scenario that awaits those who continue to accept the indoctrination, the vaccinations, the regimentation and the subordination of their will to powers outside themselves is now vividly envisioned by those who read and accept the possibility that the content of these messages contains truth. It is hoped that the logical sense of bringing about change by a method not anticipated by those that intend to control this planet and its population is clear. It is possible to change the experience by conscious choice and by deliberate intention through aligning that intention with the basic Laws of the Universe. These bring about deliberate empowerment by allowing the Law of Attraction to release requested help to assist rather than to rescue. At the basis of this plan is the essential change in the perception of the situation at hand and the change in consciousness from victim to responsible creator of a new paradigm of experience. Releasing all of this into the flow of creative expression is the desire that all happen for the highest and best good of all concerned! It must be understood that this is not to be intended for beleaguered Mankind only, but all that are involved in the entire scenario, whether they appear to be of positive or negative intent. Within that desire to encompass the greatest possible change in experience lies the greatest possible empowerment for transformation in the galactic experience. It is a moment in this segment of galactic history that is unprecedented! It carries with it unparalleled opportunities for evolvement to those who have the desire and the commitment to become an active participant in this shift in consciousness. It is hoped that many will be able to change their perspective and to encompass the possibilities that are available to contemplate. To knowingly be an active participant in this opportunity is even more phenomenal. Consider this opportunity carefully.



The process of lifting the mass consciousness out of its long-standing morass of controlled attitudes and thoughts concerning what it is necessary to experience as a human is now progressing toward a shift in focus. It is necessary that there be formed what might be called an enlightened or knowledgeable nucleus. These messages are intended to serve that purpose. As these are read and reread, those that resonate with the information contained within them form a pivotal core for the attraction of greater numbers to join the growing momentum toward the creation of the new paradigm of experience. To desire change is one level of involvement, but to desire change within a feasible format that is based upon a logical sequence that allows for a group consensus of agreement brings about a momentum that has within it the promise of success. As the momentum begins to build within this focused core of belief in the success of the process that is now well initiated, it is not experienced by these same individuals seeing the actual results, for those are and will continue to be unknown from a practical sense. It will be experienced instead as an inner knowingness that all is working exactly according to plan. Although Mankind has long sought to observe and control as many aspects as is possible within their life experience, in this case it is known from the beginning that it is necessary to “trust the process.” That permits the Law of Allowance with the scope to manifest what is invoked through the Law of Purposeful Intention (deliberate intention to create.) It is necessary to understand that in order for an intended creation to manifest, it must be allowed to manifest. This happens through holding the intention firmly in intellective view in the full faith and anticipation that it is already an energetic thought-form and deliberately drawing to itself the molecular experiential format that will allow it to come into perceivable reality.

Embracing the Laws of the Universe as a viable method of bringing a new paradigm of experience to this planet and it inhabitants requires focusing committed intention through the understanding and application of the interacting sequence of the principles involved. These laws have been introduced in their most basic formats, along with simple explanations of both the sequential and interacting processes that allow them to serve as a purposeful vehicle of Creation. The Laws are responsive to intention and thus are often, if not most of the time, operating from a perspective of default, meaning that they are manifesting whatever is being held in focus by any and all thought held in place. Thus, those who’s thoughts are on poverty and lack are creating within their experience more poverty and lack. Thoughts on victimhood are drawing more experiences of victimhood. Thoughts of hatred and revenge bring experiences of being hated and of vengeance. Focus on “wanting” particular experiences or things, brings more “wanting,” not the manifestation of the objects of the wanting. Thoughts of appreciation of abundance, happiness and joy bring more of those. It all depends upon the perspective of the focusing conscious awareness.

The Laws are real and the results they bring forth when properly applied are real. The doubt that arises during the linear sequence of time that is experienced between the invocation of purposeful intent and the manifestation into realized experience is the trap. Manifestation between energetic thought formation of the matrix to the realizable experience varies with the quality of purposeful thought that is held in place during this interim. The quality is influenced greatly by the emotional excitement that is contained in the anticipation with which the event is awaited. Though emotional support is experienced periodically, it is difficult to maintain the necessary level of anticipation through “knowing” the matrix is indeed drawing to it the required condensing energy to bring about completion. Thus, it serves the process to have multiple foci contributing to the thought pool that is holding the pattern in place. Here again, it is the generally understood desire for a new paradigm of experience that is the organizing force fueled by the input of contributory data to support this desire from myriad points of view. The focused energy input within a delineated pattern that is defined within a process in harmony with the outflow of Universal expression moves through manifestation with a maximum of efficiency. By funneling the thought energies through an agreed upon organizing focus, a dynamic is established that elicits an attractive force that brings to the process more thought energies that, in turn, adds further empowerment to all phases. Thus, it is seen to build upon itself because it is acting in harmony with the creative outflow of potentiality, which can be understood to be energy that is yet without purpose or form. This unformatted energy is more quickly imprinted with the desired expression. It is not necessary to break down or reformat energy already imprinted. Since the Law of Allowance is free to ascertain the most appropriate combination of available essential elements that will benefit the whole, manifestation is within a harmonious flow.

It is to be remembered that all manifestation that is attempted that is contrary to the creative flow that maintains the whole must, of necessity, by held tightly in focus within carefully delineated guidelines. All elements must be contained within the preset guidelines, and error factors must be reviewed and corrections carefully made for any deviations. A monumental difference is experienced between the release of a free-flow of energy set into motion within universal harmonious guidelines and the focus required to direct those that deviate from that flow. The Laws working together freely have available self-direction within the process utilizing wisdom that is beyond comprehension. That is a decided advantage in the birthing of the new paradigm.



Each and all are surrounded by the energy that focuses the awareness that each knows as him or herself. It is the consciousness that allows choices and observation of the self within those choices. The variation and the extent that this selection involved varies with the willingness to confront the situations and circumstances that are present, and to make decisions that encompass the range of greatest to the least effect upon the status quo that each is experiencing. This begins during childhood. It is then that parents wield great influence through their approval or disapproval of the choices that each child makes. Until about the age of 12, parents are the “gods” of each child’s life experience. The relationship established between the child and its parents influences the pattern of decision-making that will be lived out during the rest of that lifetime. The child may decide to follow the pattern as set, or they may choose to use it as a guide for change. Again, it is the conscious awareness making a decisive choice that will influence the pattern of the life experience. The confidence or lack of it that is acquired during childhood influences the courage and adventurousness that each applies during the life experience. It is further influenced not only by the input of other interactions and experiences, but also by the genetic inclinations that are inherited through cellular memory passed on through previous experiences of prior generations. All of these influences are continuously interacting within the consciousness, as well as those attachments that are made to objects, circumstances, situations and relationships with others. As the ability to interact with more and more influences in what is deemed the “modern world” with its global travel and global media exchanges, it is easily understood that life is anything but simple in this time and place.

It is considered progress to find the awareness surrounded by complexity. If that is true, then Mankind should be extremely content and experiencing both mental and spiritual evolvement. A few are able to “put it all together,” but certainly not a sufficient number to lift the conscious experience of the many. It then becomes necessary, if evolvement is to become a step forward, for a sufficient number to prioritize their life choices in order to bring this purpose into a meaningful focus. It has been the intent of these messages to assist in bringing the understanding of the necessity of doing just that in order that a shift in the planned future of Mankind on this planet take place. It has been pointed out many times that it can only happen through the concerted efforts of enough individual humans by their own choice to do what is appropriate to cause this to happen. It must first begin within each individual self-awareness with the desire for it to happen on a planetary level. This is the foundation for all else to build upon. Each must understand that it is their rightful inheritance to take dominion over the direction of their evolvement. Until that choice of personal responsibility is made, some other unit of awareness will be happy to do it. The inheritance of the DNA used to introduce the original genetic enhancement that pushed the evolvement rapidly into self-awareness for those originally inhabiting this planet causes the natural group tendency to inevitably lead to competition and power struggles rather than cooperation. It therefore becomes clear that a purposeful choice must be made between competition and cooperation. This would lead to a major shift in the overall group experience. It would lead the human experience on a totally new path of expression. It seems such a simple choice in light of the profound change that would result. As is the case in all life experience, the simple choices are often the most profound and life changing.

While the messages are dealing with the simple truths that lie at the basis of evolving experience, the masters of control continue to complicate and confuse by causing chaos at points all over the planet. It is their plan to cause enough chaos and confusion to overwhelm their overly independent (in their opinion) workers into giving up any thoughts of freedom in order to have order and peace. As the confusion and chaos grows, all memories of the past seem to have had more of the order and peace that is desired. This is what is planned and presented through subtle suggestion. The more complex the experience surrounding Humanity, the more easily it is believed it can be herded into asking for outside control to reorder their existence. Then it can be said, “Humanity asked for their help!” It is in understanding their methodology that it can be clearly seen that in order to free itself, Humanity must make exactly the opposite decision. It must decide that control by outsiders in the guise of “government,” especially as “a single world government” will not bring about the desired Utopia. There must be a nucleus of informed and purposefully intending people that are committed to initiating an independent and free experience for this planet and its inhabitants. It must be clearly understood that this planet and its abundant resources rightfully belong to its human inhabitants to use for their own benefit in order to create an independent member of the galactic family. Help is available to initiate this opportunity. Advice to assist is available to be accepted or not, as chosen by those who take advantage of this opportunity.

These messages return again and again to the underlying theme of choice and responsibility. It is hoped that this understanding and this attitude are becoming a premise for the choices that are made by each individual. These individuals are now forming a growing nucleus of informed thought that is focused on the purposeful intent to claim the inheritance that belongs to the human population of this planet from this day forward in sequential timing. It can only be claimed by knowing it as truth and declaring it as the basis for every act of choice. Through purposefully desiring a new paradigm of experience, with cooperation as its focus of empowerment for “the highest and best good for all concerned,” the energetic framework is put in place. The pattern then begins filling in as the harmony of agreement corresponds with the action of the Laws of the Universe. The ripples of added conscious agreement continues to build as the messages reach more and more people and the pattern strengthens. As the “ground crew” continues in their committed focus, so also does the anticipation that fuels the purposeful intent. Help in various forms of interventional formats begins to assist. These will not create the new paradigm, but will stand forth to allow the new pattern to formulate.

The term “ground crew” has never been meant to indicate that it is acting under the specific directions of outside help. It is meant to be understood that it is a cooperating group that is now receiving informational help to support them in completing the assignment that was agreed upon before incarnating in human bodies to assist in bringing this planet out of bondage and into the full opportunity to evolve. These have taken on the human limitations of their earthly genetic parent’s histories, but have brought with them strengths to blend into the mix of evolutionary advancements made by those humans that have evolved or have been abandoned on this planet. These ask for nothing but the commitment and cooperative help of all who will understand the opportunity that is being offered. It matters not what the reason is that each individual volunteers. All are necessary contributors to a worthy and vastly rich opportunity at the individual and planetary level that will ripple outward to an extent that is beyond imagination. It is hoped that once the dream is birthed within each imagination, it will take root and grow into an unshakable commitment that will fuel its purposeful focus through the chaos that is planned. This commitment will assist each to keep their equilibrium. Their example of courage and stability will, in turn, attract many to the cause of the liberation of Humanity.



The understanding of time, space and reality present a great mystery to limited consciousness. The vibratory rate of manifested experience and observable matter or objects to be experienced in 3rd dimensional reality requires the concept of time to be comprehended within a sequential format. This requirement separates simultaneous events and manifestations into identifiable segments, thus dividing multiple coactive happenings into recognizable units. It is then difficult to discern a reasonable and essentially accurate picture of complex situations using only the known pieces. Arriving at a bigger picture by assembling information from a stream of passing information requires a process necessitating the activation of a portion of the brain that is latent in most earthbound humans. The known factors may not contribute enough information to indicate the integral picture, but certainly the parts considered separately in no way indicate the combined elements forming what is true. In other words, the 3rd dimensional experience is extremely limiting. This is the reason it is so difficult to transcend it through individual effort. The addition of multiple forms of media providing mass amounts of information has been instructive in allowing the realization that situations that are larger and more inclusive exist than are being revealed. The amount of conflicting and deliberately misleading data included in the available information makes accurate conclusions difficult to formulate. Situations change, the available information changes and the end result is overwhelm and confusion.

It is important to understand that the deliberate confusion that is being foisted upon Humanity by the use of both ends of the information continuum is purposeful. Too much information along with too little truthful and pertinent information is presented simultaneously. This purposefully prohibits thoughtful and intelligent humans from deriving accurate conclusions and reasonably true pictures from the ongoing flow of information about events and situations. The frustrating search for needed information leads concerned members of Humanity either to acquiesce or continue to search futilely in order to intuit at least an indication of the true scenario that is going on around them. Knowing there is no way to ascertain all the information, each draws conclusions in the best way possible and experiences confusion and distrust.

Is there a solution to this dilemma? Consider that it may be best to accept the situation as it appears. It is possible that the confusion and chaos that is planned for Humanity to experience and accept is exactly the experience needed. It is expected that Mankind will resist and condemn the chaotic conditions and desire an end. If instead these conditions are accepted as a part of the process of the eradication of the very chaos and confusion that is being experienced so that these can be replaced with a totally new experience, then a shift in the total scenario is inevitable. Indeed, it can be considered that what is going on is inevitable. The current system must breakdown in order that a new one can be put in place. It provides the opportunity for Mankind to intercede and create for itself what it desires.

The question at this time is what is it that Mankind desires to create? It will be either a continuation of the colonization of this planet by outsiders or the declaration of sovereignty and ownership by asserting that the true ownership of this planet belongs to the evolving human population. To this end, these messages are dedicated to educating all humans who can be contacted, all those that will take up the gauntlet and recognize their true identity as citizens rather than owned slaves. These must dedicate their life focus to the purpose of declaring the freedom of the entire planet. The scope of thought must be toward recreating the whole. From this perspective, it can be seen that the push for a global identity serves this purpose well. Indeed, there are no accidents. The impetus of the desire for the “highest and best good for all concerned” can and will use all facets of existing experience for the greater good when it is released and allowed to do so through focused and encompassing purposeful intent.

It requires mature and intelligent beings to thoughtfully consider an unprecedented plan of cooperation for a purpose of the highest possible intention for an entire civilization. This sets forth an opportunity that can, if considered, call forth the memory of the reason why each has incarnated at this time on this planet. All the experiences that have happened thus far in this lifetime pale when compared to the prospect of providing assistance to a beleaguered planet and its numerous inhabitants that are now denied their rightful freedom to evolve in a positive and supportive environment. This assistance would end the rape and pillage of a richly endowed planet and solar system that are now being used to support civilizations that have failed to care for their own planetary homes.

The change of consciousness from victim to sovereign responsibility is the necessary foundation for the fundamental change of the planetary experience. Commitment to a cooperative focus that clearly delineates the benefits available to be experienced is an impetus for joining a worthwhile cause. The individual as well as group benefits available for participation have been enumerated in past messages. The simple and yet incredibly effective factors to be contributed have also been listed. The opportunity to experience into wisdom through cooperating within the basic Laws of the Universe offers evolution possibilities that are rarely available in one lifetime. Seldom is such a “sales pitch” given to entice mesmerized units of consciousness to awaken and to activate their previously intended participation. However, this is a well orchestrated and longstanding situation that is finally ripe for transition into a different manifestation of human experience. Full participation is welcome indeed.



The information as presented so far has brought forth for each individual a greater understanding of the reason each is present and what each has come forth to accomplish. There have been transitions to contemplate through considering possibilities of the origin and evolvement of Mankind on this planet that are far different than those presented by mainstream religion and the organized scientific community. It is interesting to note that definite and thoroughly researched available artifacts found at many different sites around the planet support the theory of the forced evolution of the original life forms for the purpose of serving outside ownership interests. These facts logically fill in the gaps that the mainstream anthropologists are unable to explain and, in doing so, discredit their historical conjectures. Through the willingness to consider all the possibilities, including the two commonly debated conflicting origin theories, the thought process has been enhanced. Once “possibility thinking” has been incorporated into the mind/brain process, it changes the way all incoming information is considered. It is rather like breaking down a shell that has been artificially placed around each conscious awareness to protect it from considering anything other than the standard approved thought diet that is constantly fed to modern societies. This, of course, is purposeful in order to shape the collective/mass consciousness of the planetary whole to fit within the plan to control and re-engineer the human worker down the evolutionary scale rather than to allow it to spiral upward normally.

Once this understanding is firmly established in the minds of the readers of these messages, it naturally focuses the intent toward thwarting this plan by outsiders that is clearly only for their benefit. No intelligent conscious awareness desires devolution rather than evolution. It also becomes quite clear that in order to change the future experience, it is not possible to use methodology that has been purposefully introduced and encouraged by the outside influence that obviously has psychologically planned every human experience to fit within their overall strategy of control. It becomes necessary to understand that in order to outmaneuver these planners, it is necessary to move to a strategy that is at least one step above their model program procedures. Their methods of operation involve using the Universal Laws in a focus that is not in harmony with the flow of energy generated by the expression of pure potentiality into greater self-contemplation. The plan of devolution of the humans on this planet is in direct opposition to this flow. It is then obvious that the intent to create a different experience is established by purposefully invoking the Universal Laws to act within the flow that moves expansively through evolution of species.

There is no manifestation of experience or object without thought first conceiving and then projecting the desired design into the limitless field of undifferentiated energy that is available and waiting to fill the mold created by the intended design. When the Laws are invoked in harmony with their purpose and released to fill in the details of the basic pattern, wondrous results happen. In contrast, as has been stated previously, to use the Laws in a contrary flow, every detail must be delineated and held firmly in concentrated focus not only to create the design, but also to hold it in place. Consequently, as the pattern becomes more and more detailed, it also becomes more and more fragile. If the focus is released, the natural “thought-thinking” process would recognize the disharmony with its original purpose and begin a self-destruction process. The overview provided by this discussion allows for the reader to comprehend a larger picture/understanding of the situation in which the planet Earth and its inhabitants find themselves at this moment in its history. The word “transcend” means to “rise above, transform, excel.” In order to continue on their path of evolution, Humanity must “transcend” this current experience. To do that, it must “rise above” those that would thwart that natural progress. Because thought is the basis of Creation, it then becomes apparent that Mankind must “think” in a way that is “above and beyond” their jailers, using a “transformative” conceptual pattern as their basis of intent. This could be further assisted if variations appear in Humanity’s behavior pattern that is inconsistent with what is “expected” to be their reaction to the programmed plan of control. Variations in Humanity’s projected stereotype behavior cause attention to shift away from the concentration needed to hold their expanding pattern in place. This, then, would weaken their ability to hold their fragile model in form.

The question comes to mind as to how this all important “pattern of control” is held in place by the varied groups that make up the support focus provided by the members of Humanity that are in league with those that are now in control of the planet. The answer is very simple! Ritual! At the basis of all ritual (religious or fraternal, public or secret), either similar wording or similar intent is present. All of these are purposefully mind controlling, and limit the behavior of those that take part in them even after these may have left the group and no longer practice the rituals. The concepts imparted continue to exert influence. The impact of participation in ritualistic routine designed to limit and control is thorough and often difficult to transcend. This is so because the patterns of limitation at the basis of its purpose tend to permeate many areas of thought and influence decisions that limit “possibility thinking.” Are all rituals devolutional? That depends upon the basic purpose and whether or not those practicing the ritual remain free of any desire to control or use the ritual for any devious purpose. It is difficult to invoke and hold a ritual to its original intent for any length of use. Consequently, it is suggested that spontaneity in meditation/prayer is strongly urged.

It may seem that just about all components of current life on the planet are tainted in some way with purposeful harm in mind. Certainly far-reaching efforts are being made to control every possible attitude and opinion. The human psyche has been examined extensively for the purpose of limiting and reversing the progress that has been made by the human beings either of origin or those transplanted here. In actuality, because of the push to limit progress, the push to advance has been stronger than it would otherwise have been. It is difficult to limit any further what has progressed, despite great effort to prevent or lessen it. The only method employed by the self-appointed governors of the planet/solar system has been to do more of the same methods that have not stopped progress, but only slowed it down. It appears to be working with the a large mass of individuals, however, as most of those reading these messages can testify, it took a brief encounter with a logical presentation of triggering ideas to introduce “possibility thinking” right through all the programming for limitation. That in itself should indicate the tenuous success of the plan that is being foisted on Humanity. It is time to begin thinking independently, including as many possibilities “as possible” about what is being provided as guidance from all sources meant to influence experiencing the gift of life. Consider the source and what might be the purposeful intent. Does it intend to promote opportunities to evolve or is it intended to limit, control and lead to the eventual lessening of possibilities to make purposeful independent choices for the highest and best good of all concerned? Intention is the measuring quality to carefully ascertain. However, the best intention based on (ritual) information designed to influence negatively, cannot but accomplish the original purpose or at the least, cause confusion. There are many opportunities for lessons in discernment. Observe and consider carefully rather than come to conclusions too quickly. If each one has clear and purposeful intent to be aligned with what is truly for the highest and best good for all concerned, the observation mode will provide a true sense of what are the appropriate determinations to be made.



The situation as it now exists as perceived reality is viewed by each individual through the screen of previous influences. These messages are literally sifted through the belief systems of each individual in a format that is acceptable to each as reality. As what is acceptable is incorporated within the current belief system, this then creates a new reality format. This is a constant and ongoing process with regard to all information received from all sources. How much change happens within each reality format depends upon the flexibility of the individual psyche. What is gleaned from the messages as acceptable information varies with each individual. What segments seem especially important to one individual will not necessarily seem important to another. This is the reason that each are encouraged to read and reread the information. As the reader accepts portions of the information as possibly true, the accepted reality format of that moment changes. Different perspectives of what is indicated through the wording are perceived and either accepted as possibilities or rejected with each reading. With repeated readings, different information stands forth as especially meaningful and, in turn, stimulates new understandings as the mind/brain process is activated through consideration of different possibilities. It is a program designed to awaken and enhance the natural latent abilities yet to be tapped, and to reawaken those that have been shut down by the mind control procedures all have been experiencing in increasing degrees for far longer than this century.

The process that is begun by reading and assimilating those facets of information that are accepted into the belief system causes a shift in the thought process that reaches into other areas of the life experience. While it is focused toward birthing a new paradigm of experience for the human experience on this planet, it brings with it other changes that will benefit those choosing to incorporate greater flexibility into their concept of experience within a body. Experiencing an active role in the Creation process at the present density of Earth’s vibratory level requires the ability to acknowledge, internalize, analyze, and express emotions within the purposeful intention of living within the “highest and best good of all concerned.” This is setting up interaction that ripples outwardly in far reaching effects beyond the finite mind’s ability to comprehend. It is the release of the format of experience that must limit in order to control that has its basis in fear. Control is believed to offset fear in order that change can be slowed and a modicum of “peaceful existence” can be experienced. However, the control mode requires more control measures to support the original limits and is a self-perpetuating negatively expanding cycle. It is the mode that has been adopted by those who would own and “control” this planet and its inhabitants. The intention to create within the Universal Laws that are focused for the “highest and best good for all concerned” deliberately invokes change. It is through the release of this intention into the Laws that change flows within a coordinated cycle that is logical and effortless. It is within this context that “freedom” is experienced. When all are included, then abundance is experienced in a myriad of different modes. Freedom encourages and allows diversity of expression whereas control demands conformity and limitation. Both of these are contrary to the natural desires of self-aware consciousness. This is because those that attained this higher state of awareness have done so by aligning themselves with the flow of greater self-contemplation that is at the basis of potentiality knowing itself through the expression of thought into experience into wisdom. It is through wisdom; knowledge acquired by living actual realized experience, that greater freedom is realized. This is the rationale that life on a 3rd dimensional planet is honored and desired by units of self awareness. To “know” greatly accelerates the evolution of the greater soul matrix, of which each is an intricate interactive part. Through this process, a greater understanding of who and what each one is becomes gradually acknowledged and realized. This carefully discovered self-realization is the foundation of all progress. Each recognition adds to the basic understanding, the knowing that each are an essential aspect of the essence of the whole. This whole is incomplete until the totality of it is gathered into the awareness of the true nature of whatever adventure is the focus to be thoroughly investigated and understood in this grand cycle.

Forever is incomprehensible. “Now” is the only segment of power available to the conscious awareness. Third-dimensional awareness continues to focus on the past and the future, which removes the consciousness from participation in the only available point of influence. Past memory is meant to serve as an informational source in order to prevent the repetition of previous inappropriate experience. The future is an unknowable point that is available to receive the experience that will manifest based on intentions and actions made in the “now” of the current moment. This unknown future cannot be different than what is being experienced in the current circumstances if there is no one present in the proactive moment, acting in the creative intentional thought mode. It has been pointed out that if all the past and future thought was subtracted from the total human focused thought on this planet at any given second, there would be very few people actually present. It is something to contemplate carefully.

The question then arises as to what is the difference between being absent in future thought and in intending a change to manifest in the future. When a conscious awareness is intending a creative thought, that awareness is experiencing it as if it were actually present in the midst of the intended creation. In other words, the future intention is being pulled into the present moment as if it already exists. The imagination has that individual either pictorially or emotionally (or in both modes), experiencing what is intended as if it already exists in the present moment. How is that possible if only the basic framework is known? The answer is to pretend that it is known and play with what it might actually be like. Even if only one tiny segment of the whole is examined in the exercise of imagination and enough are simulating this, then a whole will formulate. The thought-thinking segment will coordinate and revise the complexities into a balanced and harmonious format that will exceed all expectations. The birth of the new paradigm of experience will begin the change by reorganizing Mankind’s daily happenings. Those that are the instruments of this change will desire big changes to happen quickly. However, small changes in many places and in many different occurrences will begin the shift. It is more difficult to plug many small holes in a wall of plans than a few large ones. Subtle energy at work in many places leads to profound change. Trust the process!



It is as though the planet itself is drawing a deep breath before it begins to literally shudder and shake in a effort to focus its energies toward saving itself from the abuse it is yet absorbing. Within its collectivized thought process, it seems to be coming to the conclusion that enough is enough and that it is time to begin a retaliating process in order to release itself from the relentless onslaught of destructive activities that its boarders are deliberately engaging in at “her” expense. As all manifestations are a balance of energies, it may be considered that the Earth is a “womb” or receiver/receptacle of the creative energies that are focused through the star (sun) energy that is the center of this planetary system. At the moment, it is the only planet in this solar system supporting 3rd dimensional evolving humans on its surface.

While currently known history of this planet seems like a long time in the human reality system, planetary history covers what seems like measureless time periods when considered in a sequential time mode. Difficult as it is to encompass, there are other logical systems of perceiving the evolutionary process. When the brain/mind is fully activated, the ability to transcend the need to observe in a linear mode is shifted to a process that relegates the resultant time factor from the controlling influence in observation to a variable of little importance. The process itself becomes the governing focus allowing the mind to become absorbed and to encompass the flow of multifaceted interaction within the “whole-graphic” scenario that is being played out. The ability to change the mode of observation through greater ability to observe the many parts of a whole interacting simultaneously changes the awareness of the self within this view of the unlimited movement of energies. As the perception expands to encompass the greater energetic picture, the self-awareness changes in correlation to this expansion of comprehension abilities. Through the expanded ability to perceive a situation from a more inclusive viewpoint, it is understood in a different dimensional point of view. In this way, it can be said that life is being experienced within a greater or higher dimensional plane of observation. This does not indicate an “easier” level of experience, but one that is more inclusive of causes and details that went unnoticed within prior available abilities. Acuity of thought, along with the desire to know more in order to express more, precede dimensional changes. In other words, the ability must be developed and practiced before it is possible to move into the higher dimensions of experience. The move does not come before the development of the skills to experience and maintain the necessary focus needed to remain at that dimensional level.

The shift to higher dimensions is earned (or remembered) by practicing now. At the basis of dimensional shifts is an appreciation of the gift of self-awareness. This is not accomplished through or in tandem with self-deprecation. The “self” always does the best it can within the environment that is provided by its own surrounding thoughts. As it is immersed in self-appreciation, it grows in expression. However, if surrounded by criticism and thoughts that be-little it, it shrinks and is robbed of the ability to express its Life energy effectively. The difference between self-appreciation and self-aggrandizement must be thoroughly understood. The important factor is whether or not the process is based on comparison to/with others. What is considered within the self without the necessity of measuring/comparing the self to others is the key. Each rises within its own world of self-awareness. What others think or what self thinks it has accomplished compared to others is of no value in the overall journey through 3rd dimensional experience. Each journey is self-contained.

Others are present as mirrors in which to observe the self. What is seen in others is the reflection of what the self is unable to see by looking within. It is said that, “each is alone in a hall of mirrors.” Until the self is willing to recognize “itself” in these mirrors, there is no way to find the door out of the hall. Finding the door already open is always a surprise, for it is impossible to determine when one has reached the ability to embody the facets of self-awareness necessary to integrate into the next dimensional experience. Much hype is circulating about the shift in the earth’s vibrations that will “carry” its inhabitants to a higher dimension. It is firmly stated here and now that Humanity’s capability to exist at the next higher level of dimensional experience will determine whether or not individuals will make that change. The Earth can and will make such a shift. How many will accompany Her in that shift will be determined by those individuals themselves, based on their personal abilities earned through appreciation of the “personal self” and their ability to allow an expansion of their thought processes into new possibilities of experiencing what surrounds them here and now.

The ability to release old familiar comfort zones and allow participation in creating a new paradigm of experience is far more challenging than is imagined when it is first considered. Adventure sounds intriguing; however, stepping off the cliff into unknowable new experiences without any familiar frame of reference requires commitment and a large measure of courage. If it were not for the horror of “knowing” the truth of the genocide and enslavement that is planned; few would have the necessary incentive or courage to make the choice. It is simply an “either-or” choice. There is no in-between place to go. Looking at it from that perspective, certainly creating a new experience based on self-appreciation that transcends the victim experience is far more appealing than riding the descending spiral into a long-standing greater victimhood. There are no rescuers in sight that care to become involved with those with too few “guts” to help themselves. The opportunity to continue this current experience of learning how to pull the self up by its own bootstraps through self-appreciation and possibility thinking is waiting elsewhere for the stubborn and the faint-hearted. The choice to be part of this scenario on this planet at this time is not/was not an accident. You are here by choice to make a further choice. It is suggested that you do it and do it with style and enthusiasm!



The copies of the "Handbook for the New Paradigm" now circulating can be counted in the thousands, and "Embracing the Rainbow" in the hundreds. Each one is causing a ripple of change in the consciousness of the reader and, in turn, within the mass consciousness. The books are now traveling to many countries so that the change can begin to be worldwide. It is hoped that translations will be made and copies of these circulated. It is necessary that the focus of cooperation in creating a different experience become a global influence. Countries where the population has little or no access to communications other than government propaganda will require intervention of another kind. Trust that this problem is being given very special attention. Also, remember the "hundredth money" theory. In this case, include a request for special methods of reaching these fellow humans in prayer and meditations. Help can be given for the highest and best good of those segments of Humanity when it is requested for them. In reality, it is in support of what they are already asking for themselves. The tighter the oppressive situation, the greater the silent outcry of those experiencing it. Freedom to evolve is innately desired by all from the deepest levels of awareness. What may not be spoken, can be thought with great emotion.

Although emphasized frequently throughout the messages, the power of thought as the prerequisite for the spoken word is powerful indeed. When thoughts and words are focused by many in agreement with passion and enthusiasm, a momentum is built to manifest the desired intention. As more contribute added momentum, the ripples become waves. When agreement and cooperation focus a positive desire for the highest and best good possible, there is little that can prevent the manifestation of what is intended. What is crucial to understand is that in the process of the creation of the new, the old must cease to exist, for both cannot share the same space, except as one is declining and the new is coming into reality. As this process is being experienced, it is critical that the focus be held firmly in place because it would be easy to interpret the necessary period of chaos and confusion as failure rather than to see it as the beginning stages of success. It is extremely important that all members of the “ground crew” have a firm understanding of the purpose of the period of chaos. It must happen in order to clear away the old and make space for the new. It also provides added available energies to be siphoned from the chaos and reformatted into the new intended pattern.

It will be very challenging to acknowledge the breaking down of personal life patterns when they happen to each one, as well as many others, and know it is absolutely necessary in order to manifest a vastly improved way of life. This is the reason that the messages began with admonitions to prepare for change in the best ways possible. This is extremely challenging in view of the urban lifestyle the majority of “modern” Humanity lives, depending on the availability of food from stores and restaurants that require supplies to be delivered daily from far away sources. Jobs depend on utilities and lines of communications, for few produce actual products that would aid in survival. Fifty years ago, in times of stress, most people had family living on farms that could assist in providing basic food necessities for at least a period of time. Even in what is called 3rd world countries, the small farmers have been pushed off their land to make way for “factory Farming operations.” Humanity has allowed itself to be placed in dire straits indeed, for basic survival needs are controlled and in short supply worldwide. This information is not for the purpose of promoting fear, but so that each may consider carefully what is not only possible, but also probable in the near future. Those that have given little concern for the plight of the farmer/rancher in the past should now understand and rethink their concerns. The push is on to eliminate those that have survived. These are a tenacious and efficient group that have constantly devised ways to stay on the land. There are too few of them left to feed the urban multitudes outside the established import system. This is a true picture worldwide.

When there is necessity, humans can be amazingly creative. But could the modern urban dweller survive if all the modern conveniences were to disappear? Those who have spent their lives in an urban environment would do well to research and plan some “what if” scenarios with their families. What would be true necessities if there were only crickets for entertainment? Basic survival necessities are seldom found in the modern urban household. If the faucets don’t provide water, where would it be found and how could it be made drinkable? It is time to consider this basic issue with logic and planning. The answers will not be found on TV, in videos or the movies. There are excellent “homesteading” information sources available—magazines and books. There are military survival handbooks, etc. Some are out of print and difficult, but not impossible to find. It would be wise to consider priorities and perhaps consider different choices with regard to what can be acquired and stored to satisfy possible future requirements.



The greatest understanding that enables the limited mind to connect with the totality of Universal existence is through mathematics. Energy exists within precise cycles that can be read as mathematical equations. In order for Universal existence to continue, all the pieces of the puzzle must fit together. Since life expressing is not a static existence, that indicates that changes are going on within the totality of the puzzle on a continuing basis. Variations are constantly being recalculated in order to continue their inclusion within the whole, which is far greater than can be imagined by finite minds. Thus, it is that catastrophic events cause chaos and recalculation down to intricate details, and these ripple outward influencing the Universal whole. The greater the catastrophe, the greater the chaos during the period of restoring unanimity. Knowing this, great focus is concentrated on areas to prevent such happenings if possible, or at least to lessen the causative factors. This is not always possible for the “free will” factor of those intent on causing such episodes cannot be denied. If all the individuals within the area of disharmony are not in agreement with the disruptive focus, then there can be intervening action to counterbalance the intended disruptive action if those in disagreement specifically ask for help to offset the intended plans. Agreement with the disruptive plans does not need to be informed agreement. In other words, the plans need not be generally known or understood. Passive agreement through ignorance is still agreement.

This is the reason that so much effort has been put forth by various individuals and organizations to alert and inform the people of this planet that there is indeed a subversive plan moving toward completion. This plan, if allowed to reach completion, will deny natural evolvement of life on this planet and will allow survival and enslavement of only chosen ideal candidates. Those who do become aware of, and choose not to agree with, these plans must then come together in agreement in order to focus on a plan of their own to create a different scenario for the populace, and ask for what is called Divine intervention. However, this cannot be asked of an unknowable God that may capriciously choose whether to answer or not, depending on His mood that day. Such a God does not exist. Pure potentiality exists with multiple levels of awareness within its expression all the way “down” to 3rd dimensional awareness and even below that level. All these multiple levels of awareness combined may indeed be considered “God.” There are levels within this composite of awareness that are very great indeed. Consequently, certain levels of this “God Awareness” can and do hear and answer prayers that are addressed to them correctly, either accidentally or through the understanding and application of the Basic Laws that all manifested awareness exists within.

To ask is the first important step. To continue to ask never allows the process to move beyond the asking stage. First ask, assume the answer is on its way and then continue to express appreciation that it is happening in its own perfect wisdom and timing. That “wisdom and timing” is greatly influenced by the one asking and how well that awareness is able to follow through with the two remaining steps after the initial asking. This is often called prayer. Nothing can happen until there is first asking. Then the next two steps, assuming it is happening (continued focus of intent) and expression of appreciation (allowance) controls the manifestation. It is that simple! A few additional details are helpful. Ask within a framework that allows what might be called “Divine Intelligence” or thought-thinking to fill in the details. Doubt destroys results; trust insures them. It seems that these simple rules cannot be repeated too often, for habits formed through misinformation are difficult to overcome. It would be wise to reread this message frequently to remember these essential steps.

“Divine Intelligence” encompasses the benevolent galactic brothers, sisters and androgynous beings that have evolved beyond your level. It is true that there are those who live in harmony within the “God Energies” that promote evolvement at all levels of potentiality expressing itself. This is the composite of all accumulated wisdom knowing itself and continuing its expansive experience. All awareness is a part of that magnificent pool of intelligence. It is also true that through freewill, there are those that are experiencing in disharmony with expansive intent. It is important to understand that self-awareness can purposefully destroy itself by continuing its negative experience to the point of destruction, because the negative focus lessens (literally pinches off) the focusing energies of the soul. However, destruction by this method of weakening the connection to the soul is very difficult to do. Awareness can “muck around” in negative experiences for the learning that can be gained, and then return to harmonious experience.

Many of those that might be considered to have great wisdom and experience have pursued both paths. To have a body destroyed by those experiencing within what is considered negative experience does not destroy the self-awareness. In other words, unless deliberately chosen, there is no real death, just the need to digest the learning available from the victim experience, then acquire a new body to continue the next experiencing opportunity into wisdom and evolve within the field of potentiality. The availability of bodies is sometimes limited and thus, it is suggested to use the present one to the greatest advantage possible while you have it. Honor it and care for it. It is intended that a radiant “being” express love and caring for all “life” through it by thoughts, words and deeds. Align the overall individual intention with that framework and positive results happen.



Although often a topic of discussion, the number of humans that this planet can provide for comfortably within its ecosystem is not the real determining factor in the overall “health” of the planet. The deciding capability is determined by how the resources are shared and for what intent these are used by the inhabitants. If the intent is for the “highest and best good” of all the inhabitants, and these are shared in ways that provide for an abundant life experience for all, then the carrying capacity of inhabitants on the planet is considerably greater. It is obvious that that does not describe the current situation. It is also patently obvious that the current situation cannot continue if the planet is to sustain itself in its present form. The current storyline can only end in disaster for both the inhabitants and the planet itself. Observation of the other planets in the solar system with no apparent life on their surfaces is the stark reality and a possible end to the continuation of the push for luxury for the privileged at the expense of the remainder of Humanity and the planet’s natural environment.

The ability of the planet itself to absorb the escalating misuse of its resources while the majority of its inhabitants are in suffering and misery is causing a shift in the energy that constitutes what can be called its “harmony quotient.” In other words, the totality of the planetary awareness, which it definitely does possess, is becoming unstable or troubled. It too is aware that a progressive disharmony is being experienced in an increasing momentum that is continuously stimulated by deliberate intent. It might be said that the alarm bell has been ringing within that awareness for sometime now causing the planet to now know that it is time to begin survival maneuvers, or its current mode of expression will end. Because of the awesome power of the weaponry of both the planetary inhabitants and those vying to “own” this planet, its total destruction is not outside the realm of possibility. This precarious plight is now known to the totality of awareness that governs the action/reaction of the planetary processes that are what is called “Nature.” The sum total of mining, tremendous weights of water held within dams, surface and underground construction and weapons testing has caused internal pressure anomalies within the planet that are causing the various natural fracture lines to become extremely unstable. These fracture lines remain from previous pressure anomalies and as natural “zippers” to allow for normal shifts and changes in surface features. Add to this the contents of the mass consciousness that includes pain, starvation, disease and an enormous outcry for change and relief. This exists along with the opposite intent to compress the human awareness into a weaker and weaker embodiment. The planetary awareness takes all these factors into account and must find a way to relieve all this pressure in the only way it can, which is what is currently termed “earth changes.” These amount to changes in weather, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Each are, in truth, messages from the planet asking for the stress to be reduced by removing the causes of the stress. Unless this happens, these messages will become more and more urgent, that is, more and more powerful. Unfortunately, many of the humans present within areas receiving the messages are caught up in the phenomena and the aftermath of the messages. The planetary choices are made in the areas where the greatest weakness is found in the Earth’s surface areas. Often, phenomena return to the same areas because these still contain the weakest points. A shift of great enough proportion has not taken place for there to be a weaker point elsewhere on the planetary surface. Other factors enter into the greater picture. The focus of consciousness with regard to concern for the planet and its inhabitants helps to balance that area and relieve the planetary stress. It is a form of protection for that area. In this way, often the timetable of factual predictions of future happenings is slowed or prevented. The mass consciousness of Humanity is a powerful component of the planetary whole. That is the reason that such an intense effort has been made to instill involuntary endorsement to the plan for continued outside ownership by the majority of human inhabitants. Deliberate misinformation and mind control from multiple sources has controlled the basis of human experience for generations in preparation for the favorable shift in multiple cosmic cycles that are happening now and in the near future. With the unsuspecting consent of a large segment of the mass consciousness, it can be said that Earth’s citizens do not want a change and are cooperating with the outside influences. This is an effort to prevent “Divine intervention.” Humanity, on the one hand, is asking for help and an end to the wars designed to keep them quarreling among themselves and unaware of the influence being exerted on their thought processes. The human race is being divided so that it can be conquered with the least effort.

It is appropriate to note here again that there is just “one human race” regardless of its diversity of appearance. All experience the “life force” identically. Only the outside appearances are different. These differences have been exploited along with cultural and religious variations in order to promote separation. All bodily, cultural and religious differences are responsibilities to learn of human "unity within diversity". There is no advancement to higher dimensions until that truth is experienced into wisdom. Each has experienced within the different cultures in order to experience this reality into wisdom. It is important to the goals of the controllers that you forget those experiences and focus on the differences rather than the similarities. The similarities far outnumber the differences! It is to be noted that many of those experiencing in the higher dimensional realms are far different in appearance than those the human race sees within itself. Your “space” movies are quite accurate in imagining possible variations of species. Think about how that might be dealt with in the future, if it is possible to come together as a single human race, celebrate and maintain the diversity within it and create a new experience.



Those that read and study these three instructional manuals now view the current life experience on planet Earth from an entirely new point of view. This point of view is one that shifts daily as new information is absorbed, considered and incorporated into the belief system. As a foundation is built from which to view the experiences of life, it is constantly shifting. What seemed absolutely true in the recent past, often must be discarded, for the holistic picture changes in order to incorporate new information and revisions made by the choices of those that share the planetary whole. Through this understanding, it becomes obvious that rigid and dogmatic doctrines obstruct the evolutionary progress of those that choose to allow themselves to become trapped in those belief structures. This constantly changing flow of opportunities to choose presents lessons in discernment with respect to the truth and applicability of new information. Each must consider how the new information might alter their perspective and decide if incorporating this change will allow the new viewpoint to represent what is believable truth. In other words, it is necessary to “try the new information on for size” and then decide whether or not to accept it. While logic is an important testing tool, it is how the new picture feels that determines whether it is accepted or not.

When first encountering the new concepts that may be included in these messages, many will have put the books aside for a period of time. These will return to reread and study them, for the daily situations that are observed from a new viewpoint will cause the truth of the messages to become clear. Some will reject them entirely, but will pass the book on to others that will resonate with the truth of them. In this way, these will have fulfilled their contribution to creating the new paradigm of experience. As each reacts appropriately to this information, the purposeful intention to create a new experience for the planet and its inhabitants comes more clearly into manifestation. Already the energies are gathering as the concentration of intention attracts more participants. Responsive enthusiasm grows as it is realized that it is possible to transcend the current circumstances and create an entirely new situation that Humanity has longed to experience by utilizing the Universal Laws that govern the progression of life’s natural process.

Whether Humanity remains stuck within its current reality or chooses to lift itself out by its own volition remains to be determined. Only through discarding the “poor us” syndrome and realizing that the power to bring about change lies within their own attitude and choices will the circumstances be reconstructed positively. Mankind must grow itself into true Hu-mans (god-men/women). Natural evolutionary progress, despite all attempts to prevent it, has made this potentiality for this change available now. It is hoped that Mankind will take full advantage of this significant opportunity.